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Virgo is ruled by a very unusual color-Scintillating, Opalesque. It only comes to show Virgo is one of the most unusual and misunderstood signs, equal in quirkiness and mystery to no other!

Virgo Color. Opal Color Therapy

Virgo Color. Opal Color Therapy
What is scintillating color? Well it is actually caused by, shimmering, light reflecting surfaces, like some crystals, pearls or to put it in modern terms like a disco ball! One would think that Leo was the King of bling! But the Virgo bling is more delicate and pearly which reflects the purity of Virgo. If you surround your self in such environment you will surely stimulate the energy of Virgo in your life and particularly of your Mercury, because Virgo energizes the planet Mercury. Mercury rules the rational mind, so if you find your self getting sluggish with calculations, wit, repartee, analytical skills and especially if you miss details a lot then you need some opalesque decoration in your life, or get your self an opalesque crystal and hold it for a bit, within a few minutes you will feel your mind get more active, organized and discriminative.Or just always wear such a ring!

Ring Opal Gem

For example I have a really poor Mercury in my horoscope: Saturn, the Great Malefic aspects it, and it is in a poor sign where it cannot do its job properly, so I constantly make spelling mistakes, have problems with managing my daily routines efficiently and running a business smoothly, I also follow no order and rules even in the way I write articles or arrange my flat: all of these things are the domain of Mercury which Virgo energizes, so I need some Virgo energy in my life! I choose to have an opalesque crystal and more mirrors in my living room, having a disco ball will clash with the interior ;). Scintilating or opalesque (not transparent) crystals or furniture pieces or curtains can be very helpful for people who have problems with order and purity. Virgo is the sign of purification, so poeple who are trying to detox, incorporate healthier lifestyle regimes, lessen poisonous elements in their body and mind and relationships, stop addictions, acquire order and cleanliness, healthier habits and routines and less clutter: Scintillating environment is the answer. You can have furtinute with such reflective surface. You probably have noticed that many "clean freaks" have such sleek furnishings which reflect light and are minimalist(like Virgo is)

Dining table Mother of Pearls

Or you might have a friend who is living in her/his own world, detached from any practicality and concern with reality. Someone who keep retreating into self made fantasy or hell, who have trouble staying in the present moment, being aware of their environment or even what is being told to them. I know many children and adults me including who do not hear what others tell them, whose senses and perceptions are as if moved to another inner world or different dimension! They also need the energy of grounding Virgo which stimulates awareness of the material world and ability to deal with it, to solve problems, manage practical affairs and to focus on the the physical world: health of the body, order of your house and business, organization of debts, your work and service to others.

Pearl Mosaique Living Room

Virgo is indeed the pill which brings you back to the real world! It brings back the purity of your mind and unadulterated state of your perceptions so you can make better judgements, focus on what is in front of you and be of most use to your environment and close ones. Opalesque or Scintillating can re-balance Virgo qualities gone extreme too: like maniacal cleaning, worry with material issues, mental overload, to just the right and healthy levels. Virgo is the sign in which Venus is weakest, so all negative qualities of Venus can be undermined by wearing opalesque, shimmering clothes or incorporating such color in your life: powerful desire and sensual nature, strong appetite and love for rich or sweet foods, laziness and over-indulgence, preference for the easy life, impure thoughts of sexual nature, basically Virgos colors will decrease strong passions of any sorts and help one overcome strong attachments to these. But in case you are lacking a healthy desire for physical pleasures or warmth of heart, or ability to connect to people on emotional and social level, then stay away from Virgo colors, unless you want to achieve spiritual purity and full detachment from passions. In that case, Virgo will purify your senses, and leave you with a clean and discriminative mind-the first step for the initiate esoteric student.

Opal Dress Silk Dress

Virgo color can also help those of you who have problems with discerning the right people or environments and are permissive of everyone and everything, knowing no boundaries, so allowing, excusing and tolerating anything, anyone or any kind of behaviour! Sounds familiar? (it certainly does for me) Then again you need to strengthen your critical qualities and discernment, don on an opalesque dress or ring! :) Mercury the planet Virgo energizes and re-balances, also shows the human made rules of life- from following the law(paying your taxes, working for sustenance etc), to keeping to the rules of a game! If you are having problems with sticking to these, again get your self some scintillating objects! I am off to pain my whole flat in Opalesque.... If you would like to learn in-depth astrology secrets and the ancient art of star reading, you can study astrology online with my teacher Ernst Wilhelm at

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