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Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is associated with one color. Ancient seers could see that each fragment of 30 degrees of the sky was emanating different length vibrations which psychic eyes registered like colors.In a series of 12 articles we will examine all the 12 colors and signs and how you can use this knowledge to affect instant and gradual changes in your character, moods, health and states. Now let us look at Taurus and its color White.

Taurus Color. White Color Therapy

Taurus Color. White Color Therapy
Each sign: Sooths and calms down its ruling planet. (Venus for Taurus) Brings the best qualities out of its exaltation planet. (Moon for Taurus) You will not be surprised to hear that the ancient seers gave Taurus the color white, of course Taurus is known as the most peaceful, uncomplicated and relaxed sign of all and white really suits it. Many people with strong planets in Taurus like Sun or Ascendant but especially Venus or Moon, give off a very calming and soothing energy. The planet Venus rules Taurus which means that the color white of Taurus will be very soothing for an inflamed Venus: An overstimulated planet Venus in a horoscope usually manifests as too many sensual desires and strong appetites, sometimes reaching to over-indulgence and gluttony. Inordinate craving for food, drink or sex is healed and calmed down through wearing, watching or visualizing the color white. Venus also rules sugar so craving for sweet foods can be diminished by making your primary room of residence mostly white: walls and furniture.


You can use the same color if you are trying to quit a bad habit like drinking or smoking. Eating natural white foods like oats, potatoes, coliflower, probiotic unsweetened yoghurt, leeks, rice, garlic, onion, white fish (no, white cholocate does not count) will also sooth most inordinate cravings. Venus rules the whole digestive system as well, hence all these foods can really help calm an upset digestion and lower unhealthy overgrowth of sugar loving bacterias like candida.

That is one of the reason why white is the color of purification and cleansing: as it sooths the red hot carnal desire nature of humans and produces a loving and peaceful environment within. Brides wear white to represent their innocence and pure state unspoiled by lower lusts(if only) and hopefully to trigger this kind of higher love rather than the more physical passion in the male. If you have a precocious teenager at home or an overly eager husband/wife, you can calm them through the same medium of primary white environment. It might take some time, but little by little their energy will be purified and the lower passions will rebalance and subside.


The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, meaning that Taurus stimulates the best possible qualities of the Moon, which are calmness and emotional balance. The Moon rules our perception of the world, the lens through which we see the surrounding reality, so having the Moon stimulated to its best behavior means that one will be more positive, happy and emotionally satisfied, hence wearing white clothes, white stones(Moon stone, pearls), taking care of white flowers, will raise your mood barometer.

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If you are feeling overly anxious, emotional, stressed (all due to a misbalanced Moon in the horoscope) white is again the answer!White will calm down your senses and nervous overload and put you in a peaceful, calm, balanced and gently positive state of mind.

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