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Ancient seers ascribed to Sagittarius the orange color. What are the qualities of Orange and how can you use it and transform your life with it? Let us find out!

Sagittarius Color. Orange Color Therapy

Sagittarius Color. Orange Color Therapy
Orange is the color of Sagittarius. Wearing it or incorporating it in your life will increase the Sagittarius qualities in a person.

Sagittarius is one of the fire signs which increases excitement, enthusiam and the fun of life, so if you are short on these, bring in some orange into your life by eating natural orange foods like oranges, papayas, carrots, peppers etc or dressing in orange. If your child or loved ones are not particularly excited about gaining new knowledge, expanding their mind or exploring the world around them, then Sagittarius is the energy they need, because Sagittarius is the sign which gives enthusiam for all these activities which come from keen interest in understanding and paricipating in life(especially love of knowledge and discovery).

If you or someone you know have lost your sense of purpose, meaning and faith in life, then the Orange of Sagittarius will help you regain these. Depressed and apathatic people need the rejuvenating and hope infusing energy of the color orange. Find an orange screen saver and look at it for a few minutes each day, you will feel remarkable improvement of your negativity and mood! Or just watch the sunrise/sunset which is full of these hues. Sagittarius is the sign of the Guru, the spiritual teacher, Higher knowledge and one's faith that is the reason that Buddist monks wear orange robes, it helps maintain their spirituality and love for Divine knowledge strong. Not to mention that orange improves the sense of joy and happiness! Most children's auras have predominant Orange and Yellow colors, so if you want to regain some of this child like wonder and joy from life, infuse your day with pure orange colors!

Sagittarius is one of these signs which can grant great sense of humous and optimism, because Sagittarius sees the bigger picture and how life is just a part of a bigger infinite realiy, so they can laugh at themselves and others without judging sarcasm. If you want your sense of humour and outlook to improve, get a bit of Sag energy in you with orange!

Sagittarius is the sign which energizes Jupiter the planet of luck, money and growth, so orange colors will increase these as well by improving your attitude to abundance, money, opportunities! All in all, Orange is one of the most powerful and quickly acting colors, which can bring joy, fun, happiness, expansion and more luck to a person!

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