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Green color: the healer, the balancer, the harmonizer! Green has libra written all over it! Read on to find out the mystery of Green and how to use it to magically tranform your self and life!

Libra Color. Green Color Therapy

Libra Color. Green Color Therapy
Ancient seers ascribed the green color to Libra. The most soothing and balanced color! How appropriate! Green is a exactly in the middle of the natural rainbow gamut between the cold and the warm colors. Green is a balancer, just like Libra divides the 12 signs in two-southern and northern hemispheres.

Tropical Conservatory

So what will wearing, watching or surrounding ourselves with the nuances of green create? Well Libra qualities: it will help you rebalance your state, sooth extremes like overeating, eating unhealthy, over-drinking, not being able to relax and appreciate rest and peace, waisting sexual energy, etc . All these extremes are due to a weak or afflicted Venus in the horoscope-it shows how we comfort, pamper and nurse ourselves and when it is weak we do it through bad things: like alcohol, too much sex, sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, shopping--all the usual indulgences of our civilization which harm us. Libra is the sign which energizes Venus and can rebalance it, hence Green is one of the ways to increase Good Libra energy and help heal our afflicted Venuses which cause all unhealthy addictions.


Talking about healing, we all know that Green is the color of medicine and healing. Gabriel, the healing Archangel is always depicted in the color green, and He brings the knowlege of medicine and energy of healing to Humanity according to Christian mythology. So when you have a health or addiction problem, call on Archangel Gabriel and visualize how green light is passing through your body and wrapping it up.

Archangel Raphael

It is not by chance that people with weaker health or in an unbalanced emotional state, are drawn to spending time in nature just sitting or strolling: the green vibration of the foliage triggers and increases the healing processes powerfully. After a stressful day in the office, the most natural and healthy remedy is to go sit or walk in the park, not in the bar like we most do! It is very helpful if you have green spaces you can see from your working place window, because every time you are vexed, under pressure, disagreeable or any other unhappy state , you can quickly rest your eyes on this green for a minute or two and charge up with the balancing vibration of Libra.


Another very good way to incorporate green in your life is by gardening! For city dwellers, just having a few potted plans at home and taking care of these will bring more balance, health and agreeableness in your energy field.


Incorporating green in your clothes or ennvironment will not only balance you and calm your senses, but make you more agreeable, respectful of others, willing to compromise and share. If you or a loved one is more selfish, uncooperative or wilful, or have problems dealing with people kindly, start making fresh green salads: spinach, lettuce and other greenery which will increase the harmonious Libra energy in you and heal you from inner contradictions, spend more time resting your eyes on green areas which will gently socialize and Libralize you! Or just incorporate more greens in your wardrobe!

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Charm and kindness is another Libra quality, so if you want to make a good impression on someone ( business client, love partner, etc) charge your energy field up with the vibes of green before your go out: walk in nature, meditate by watching a tree or grass (even on your computer) wear a green tumble stone in your pocket or like an accessory. Most powerful green stones are Jade, Malachite, Adevturine, Emerald, Chrysoprase.


Green is also the color of the 5th chakra which is the heart chakra of love, self love, appreciation, relationships. Funnily Libra also rules relationships in astrology! It is close to mind then that green colors will help improve relationships by bringing more appreciation and desire for co-operation between both sides. Visualizing green and calling on archangel Gabriel will help you heal not only from substance addictions but also from toxic relationships and obsessive love tendencies and heal your heart. Green helps you also find your inner point of balance and self-love, melting away weight obsessions, self and appearance critical thoughts.

archangel raphael

I hope you are able to use and apply this new information in a wise way and improve your life!

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