Virgo Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

Your everyday life is getting more busy and busy, but also effective. There may be sudden and unplanned tasks that need to be dealt with, but they would unexpectedly reveal new prospects for development before you. However, most of the trends move more in inertia, so it's a time during which you can look around for all your supportive factors in your professional career so you can take advantage of them. In this process you can rearrange your priorities, you can abruptly opt out of some habits at the expense of others that would have a healing effect, or they could get you back something that you missed out on before, you left it in the past, and so on.

Another leading topic is your home and family - you are given good opportunities to improve your backdrop of existence through an important event, and maybe a solution, getting out of trouble, including through investment, relocation, dealing with property matters, good news, making your family bigger by having a child, if this is a topic that excites you... Whatever it is, the variations are many and all of them would have a positive effect and would make you happy. It's good to take advantage of the aspects of the stars, so as not to miss out on a chance in this sector of influence in your life.

It is advisable to be more attentive to your partner if you have one. They would probably need more than your usual attention. In another case, it is possible that you have some sort of misunderstanding, something unspoken, in a more unpleasant form - something wrong, which you can now solve. Constructive conversations help you find the right and positive direction...

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January 14th to 20th 

As early as the beginning of the week, you might conduct conversations with your personal or business partners, grown up children, if you have them, and these would be constructive dialogues that might clear your relationship from any misunderstandings that have accumulated lately. Some development prospects might come up and you might make big decisions. Whatever it is - now is the time to influence this sphere of your life and to target it in an optimally positive direction for you, you would have such a chance.

If this is not possible, then you might suddenly give up on your original desires, intentions, change the direction, sometimes in a surprising way during the second part of the period and mostly in the last days. Everything that is happening, won't be by accident, but as a consequence of already accumulated trends, related outcomes, etc.

You are analytical and practical people - these qualities would be more prominent and would not allow you to lose healthy soil under your feet; on the contrary - your words would have influence, probably also because of your explicitness, firmness in an established opinion, etc. Stay true to facts, and then you would surely meet understanding from the other side.

There might be some time of holiday in your home, an occasion for celebration. In another option - you are dealing with property cases, you might invest in your home and this is considered to be a positive circumstance...

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January 7th to 13th 

Issues relating to family and home are developing well this week, for example, you could successfully deal with repairs, moving, real estate settlement, buying things that would have a refreshing effect. In another scenario, if there is tension in your home, it could now be minimized or completely eliminated as a result of benevolence or empathy by your relatives.

In your relationships, you might try to present things not exactly as they are or to not pay attention to something that bothers you or you find to be unclear. This process may escalate by January 20th, it may be helpful to overcome some difficulties, to stop some kind of distance, but if certain limits are crossed, then you would enter into a highly sobering period by the end of January and by mid-February with the corresponding consequences. You are, as a rule, practical people, realists, so most of you would not allow losing healthy soil under their feet.

At the end of this and the beginning of next week, an important event might escalates which would relate to people close to your heart - from grown children, if you have any, to partners. You must feel out the situations, guide the events as much as possible, some of what's happening is already encoded in the past.

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December 31th to January 6th

During this and next week there may be an important event that would concern your relationships with loved ones - from children to partners. This may relate to a greater freedom, an independence that would build up your relationships, and you may need to act more effectively to work steadily and constructively in this sector. If there are accumulated misunderstandings, they would appear in brighter colors so you can take adequate measures.

The period is quite sobering, it may be accompanied by rethinking and analyzes of what is happening, changes in future plans, most of you would seem to be, in the eyes of others, an important and defining factor, but you may also seem to be quite demanding, requiring, sometimes uncompromising, and probably, not without reason.

If you have your own business, if you deal with a hobby, which is your job, then the increased engagements would also lead to an increase in your authority. You must notice possible weak links in order to overcome them using the "tidal wave" and the New Moon after January 6th.

There is a new trend that would require redistribution of resources - mostly financial - in order to protect your interests. You must think about the situation you are in, who you can rely on and who might destabilize you.

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December 24th to 30th

Most of you are focused on people close to their hearts - from partners to children. During this period, you might have conversations, hear some news that would transform your relationship in a more positive direction.

Despite everything - the accumulated trends over the past year tend to have an outcome, guide you into analyzing and rethinking. Any misunderstandings, if there are any, any kinds of confusion, would stand in front of you, would stand in your way and you would need to take action and deal with them.

You tend to look at your personal priorities from a cooler and more practical angle. This may be a reason to deal with weaker links that concern your love life. You would mobilize, build a strategy and that way you would be helpful for your beloved ones.

In another scenario, you understand in brighter colors any future prospects of development that concern you and your surroundings, what you have to deal with and overcome in 2019, but that would also be a cause for pride and stabilization.

Still, everything happening may be a reason to "cool down" your emotional experiences, the way you look at things, you perceive others in a more extreme form - your sense of attachment is divided to "before" and "after" and then next week you would split up with illusions, remove your "pink glasses", you might find out of some secrets, if any - and those would be particularly prominent.

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December 17th to 23rd 

During this week, some events might escalate that will change your background of existence, including the one that concerns home, family, real estate. You can make long-term decisions that will last for a long time and grow throughout the whole year, these may be ideas, suggestions, news that will enrich your environment, harmonize it, and increase family members. It is also possible to have a small party at home as a result of the above-described options.

There is an escalating tension between you and your partners - personal or business, potential competition, and even bad people around you - you can now turn advantage of that, clear misunderstandings, and so on.

You have very constructive, useful conversations and you might head something that touches your heart. You have a particular influence on the surroundings and you should make the most of the support of the stars.

However, if there is something that bothers you and you have to focus in a more positive direction, it might affect children or partners - in the last days of the period it this would be shown to you, you should evaluate it in order to take adequate measures, as you know itis always easier to influence the trends in the beginning.

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December 10th to 16th

Mercury is already in a direct movement, it is accelerating its movement this week, and at the same time you do the same - you are taking more and more rapid and decisive measures, first - ones that are related to your home and family as a priority and then ones relating to partners /personal or business/. Mercury will help you act more decisively, especially during the second part of the week, this can become a reason for discussion but also deal with unresolved and controversial issues of the recent past. The trend is particularly strong on Friday and Saturday when you would have the chance to smooth out any possible misunderstandings, if there are any unclarities between you and people important to you, you would need to sort them out. If there is something inaccurate, even wrong, it will become more prominent in order for you to deal with it.
In any case, the stars will support you to make some positive changes to your home and family, handle any case relating real estate, and so on.
Your words are being heard and are particularly influential, and you can probably overturn any challenge to your advantage. During the current period, this may become a cause for pleasant news that will touch your heart, you may receive some happy news, including ones relating to your children if you have them. Possible explanatory conversations would prove to be pretty constructive...
You should think about what you want and guide the events in that direction, your initiatives might lead to basic, cardinal transformations.

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