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21st September to 27th


Your financial situation is becoming an increasingly important topic for you and the reasons are different, for example - right now you are required to take more initiative to increase your income, gain something important for you, or at least to protect yourself from losses. In another case - a conflict of interest may escalate or some expenses may increase, in the optimal case - they will be useful investments in a business, loved ones, something important, and of priority to you. However, it is advisable not to take too many risks, not to get into debt, especially in the second part of the week. If you have any debts, you will be reminded of them and will require revaluations or repayment.


The period is excellent for a type of revaluation - who harms you, what connections you need to end to avoid losses, etc. During this time, some hidden or additional opportunity is escalating that will positively affect what you have in general. These can be parallel sources of profit or unexpected, secret support from people you will consider as benefactors. In another case - actions and intentions that you do not advertise give good results ...


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14th September to 20th

On September 14th, Jupiter turns direct, so it will quickly begin to unfold plots that are related to your dreams. By the end of the year, you will have a chance to reach your full potential with the respective positives. Issues related to your own business will be updated if you are interested in it and you can achieve success or include transformations that will accompany you in the coming years, so it is useful to be as proactive as possible in this direction. If this is not a subject of interest to you, then you will focus on priorities like partners, grown children, if you have any. Topics that relate to them and lead to change will also gain momentum. There is enough reason to believe that the direction is positive, at least in most cases... and will be an occasion for heartfelt joy, pride, etc.


There is a New Moon this week, which is in your zodiac sign and for this reason, it might be one of the most significant for you throughout the year. Channel his energy into a goal that will achieve and transform your life. Part of the chances that mean "renewal" will stand in your way and not for nothing, but as a result of previous efforts, personal qualities, etc. What can spoil your mood are increased expenses, they can be useful or unavoidable investments. In a more unpleasant form, you will have conversations that will show you who you can rely on and who you should beware of or - purely material issues may arise between you and loved ones ...   


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7th September to 13th

This week, the stars give you a chance to achieve what you most want and often - a consequence of support from people who are close to your heart, your partners, children, etc. The good news is that your impact on others is significant, you can also count on a dose of luck in your endeavors. The stars also give you a chance to increase your income, otherwise - you can now find a parallel, additional sources of profit. You can also rely on secret or unexpected support that you will receive, especially if you are looking for it, but not only. You have the ability to make your dreams come true, including those that you have not advertised so far.

Against this background, increased costs are not excluded. Optimally, they will be useful investments in loved ones, business, etc. In that case, try to finish such cases by Tuesday. Then - it is advisable to be more careful in solving purely material priorities. This is especially true for those who have direct and enhanced interaction with foreign resources, also financial institutions. On various occasions, some of you will rethink your behavior, respectively - to whom and to what extent they are ready to help - materially and morally.

From November 9th to 14th, it is not advisable to settle inheritance issues, to borrow, to lend money, unless this is unavoidable. Optimally, you will return to the past to regain something lost, or this is a second chance to gain something important to you through the approval of people who affect your well-being. This will happen through a kind of adjustment in your own strategy, by eliminating possible weaknesses, by tracking causal relationships that may hinder your success.

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24th August to 30th


The Sun is already in your zodiac sign and this will increase your tone, your self-confidence, your ability to influence others, the course of events. Your social activity can be very high, original ideas arise, but similar proposals or a type of support that will expand the horizons of development in front of you are not excluded. You are in a period when you can and should build a plan, step by step, which you will realize and it will help you make your dream come true, it will be an occasion to get a kind of promotion, if you strive for one. In any case - during this and next week small actions will have a big, long-term impact, it is useful to be as proactive as possible, you will reach success more easily, then you will rely on it for a long time - next year or half a year at least.


Against this background and during the second part of the week, if there are any ambiguities, erosive processes between you and personal or business partners, they will manifest themselves. In another option, you identify a kind of insincerity in a relationship, where there is one. This will become an occasion to end relationships that do you more harm, literally or in a broader sense. There are a lot of friendly people around you that you can count on, your popularity will grow and your influence on others as well. But there will be those who can act against your interests. You will either have to remove them from your path or, if that is not possible, change your approach but not allow them to harm you, you will have to defend your interests more vigorously. Some misunderstandings with close people on purely financial issues are not excluded. You must analyze the situation, now is the time. There might be an event that will affect you until the end of the year and hopefully, it is for your own good...



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17th August to 23rd


On August 18th, there is a New Moon, which for you is associated more with resolutions, so that your deepest wish comes true, it will in most cases be associated with the support that you can get, and this support will also affect your financial situation or may be an occasion for transformations that are positive, form additional opportunities for development for you, which will also affect your well-being. Most of you consider options and manage to implement them in practice by relying on experience, authority, sometimes secret or unexpected help. You can catch up with cases for which you have not found an answer or solution in the past, it is useful to trust your inner voice, which will not let you down. However, the stars may require you to sacrifice one thing in order to gain another that is more valuable, you will decide for yourself whether it is worth it.


You may need to invest in your own business, sometimes loved ones - partners, grown children, you will still do the appropriate analysis. If you have differences, they will be more visible than usual. Try to stop them in a timely manner or build a longer-term strategy so that your efforts are valued, have a return, and are not reported as a loss. Do not allow purely material issues to stand between you and your loved ones, but it is also useful to defend your interests your positions... On August 20th, Mercury enters your zodiac sign, and the Sun also enters on August 23rd. This is a key astrological event for you, which will be felt as a beneficial effect, respectively, will increase your self-confidence, your ability to influence trends and events with the corresponding consequences.


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10th August to 16th


The stars give you a chance to increase your income or turn some challenges in favor of your financial situation - by seeking support from people and institutions that affect your well-being and the good news is that in the current period you really can get this support, sometimes in an unexpected way, by conducting secret negotiations, not announcing all your intentions. Associatively, you can now be like a "river that is quietest at its deepest point". Internal decisions, sometimes intuitively taken, will shape invisible chances in your path. If one door is closed, then another opens, development options are revealed to you, it is a matter of choice what you will prefer...


You can access and take advantage of confidential information. Through increased adaptability, many will make a dream come true or you will strive for more distant goals, which can still be realized, but will require more time. This is a good time to rest, to escape from the routine, to catch up with cases that are personal and you have dragged along for a while, etc. Increased spending on loved ones - partners, grown children - is not excluded. However, be careful that purely financial issues do not stand between you and your loved ones. It is possible that significant events will occur that will transform your relationships and let this be in a positive direction. You must find the root causes of what is happening and direct the events very carefully. If you have your own business, it will probably also need investment.


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