Virgo Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

The Full Moon of November 12th brings you a lot of information. You might get interesting, pleasant, useful news, you might have some explanatory conversations, hear suggestions that you can benefit from.

The more socially active you are, the more significant success you can achieve.

It is possible to go back, think about past decisions, things you've said, you might change your mind, intentions that relate to people close to your heart like partners, grown children, etc.

This week, you have the chance to smooth out any misunderstandings between you and them, and to strengthen your relationships through explanatory conversations. You can make long-term decisions about further development prospects.

In any case, this is a pretty positive period throughout which you can and should strengthen relationships, turn them to a higher level, through mutual assistance, planning for future development, etc.

The atmosphere in your home and your family is positive, it is possible to invest in your home, in real estate, to solve property cases, or to organize a family holiday that will further brighten the atmosphere at home.

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November 4th to 10th

Your protector, Mercury is retrograde, so you are more likely than usual to go back in time, rethink old decisions, or change something in your way of expression, the way you communicate, to strengthen relationships, whether personal or business and you will enjoy wider support...

Your social activity can have a positive effect at different levels, for example - you create and strengthen relationships that become a bridge to your successes, make it easier to achieve your goals, gain popularity if it interests you with the corresponding benefits…

Your words are being heard by others, the information flow is very intense - you hear interesting, pleasant or enriching suggestions and news…

So, it is good to consciously take advantage of the support of the stars and be more proactive, to negotiate your interests, you are more likely to achieve what you have set out.

Your home is your fortress, you can count on harmony at home or soon events in this sector will escalate, which will make you happy…

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October 28th to November 3rd

Your social activity is very high, you will actively negotiate your interests, make fruitful conversations, participate in similar meetings, and this will directly affect your social positions, can create and strengthen relationships that benefit you or bring you moral satisfaction.

It is not excluded that you might hear some news, make decisions or come to agreements that will have a broad impact and will affect you, will keep your attention for a long time, let's say in the next month.

You are under the influence of the New Moon so for this reason, and not only, it is appropriate now to be as proactive as possible, to channel what is happening in the most appropriate direction for you, so as to improve your environment. Strengthening relationships that are important to you will also affect your financial status, you can take new and more prestigious positions in a team, and you can also move, change the environment if the current one does not suit you. In any case, you will not lack attention and support, especially if you are looking for them. Mercury, your protector will turn retrograde on October 31st and force you to reconsider your relationships and contracts. Some of them will be consolidated by allowing for something new, filling in the gaps, fixing mistakes, but others will be ended, and mostly the ones that have no place in your future development. This will often happen in a sudden and even surprising way.

Throughout the week, there may be some complications with your financial status due to increased expenses, some are useful and inevitable investments, others may be triggered by misconduct, so you need to choose your company carefully... In any case, you may need to try and spend less money...

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October 21st to 27th

Throughout the week, you may need to take action to have a positive effect on your finances, increase your income or reduce your expenses, but you must be careful and try to avoid purely financial priorities coming between you and your loved ones.

Ideally, you may spend more money that usually but those expenses would be appropriate and well planned, perhaps an investment.

The information flow throughout the week is quite intense, sometimes giving you surprises that show you weak links in your relationship, but in other cases, they turn into sudden opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Throughout this period, your words will be heard, they would attract glances, you can more easily earn sympathy, approval, and support, have a chance to consolidate relationships that are important to you or create new ones.

Many of you will have explanatory conversations, meetings, or hear some news that will make them happy, tear them away from the busy everyday life, and relieve them of the tension that has been escalating lately...

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October 14th to 20th

A leading topic for you may be your financial stability due to increased expenses or the need to have a positive impact on your income, respectively increase and stabilize it. The positive outcome depends to a large extent on your own initiative, even if the desired results are not yet manifested at this stage, your actions will definitely have an impact by the end of October.

At this stage, you may spend more money on loved ones, partners or children, otherwise this may be related to useful investments in your own business if you are interested.

You may receive some compensation or moral and financial support from your family. In the other case, if you have directed your funds precisely in this area - improving well-being at home, then this will be considered a particularly favorable circumstance for a long time.

During the first part of the week, the information flow brings you many surprises that can suddenly or quickly change relationships with important people or contracts, and in another case, it is an indication that you can transform your line of behavior the way communicating, you may decide to change your environment. The effect of that it should reduce any tension and clear misunderstandings. During the second part of the week, you have a lot of constructive conversations, you are stabilizing your personal or business relationships, you will probably find a person to touch your heart and to make you happy... You may get good news or have some negotiations during this time that will be still so successful.

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October 7th to 13th

A leading topic for you is your financial status and now you can influence this field by showing maximum initiative so that you can increase your income, find new sources of profit, and if this is not possible according to working conditions, then during this week you will need to carefully balance your income and expenses, keep track of who and what you invest your money in so as to protect yourself from losses. Alternatively, you can rely on your family or make investments in your immediate environment (home and family), and this will have a beneficial effect on other levels of your life.

Throughout the week the information flow is very intense and brings you surprises, some of them might be in the form of sudden new opportunities to take advantage of ...

You might not like everything that you hear or it may cause an unexpected change in your personal or business relationships and perhaps some contracts might even be ended. In this case - some chances will be replaced by new ones, in the process, there will be people to support you ...

Your future plans may change permanently according to the information received, but also as a result of your high social activity, possible negotiations, explanatory conversations that can unlock quick, unexpected opportunities, as long as you have considered further development prospects and all consequences...

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September 30th to 6th October

During this week you can either upgrade your income or take important steps to contribute to your well-being and what you have in general. The trend is intensifying during the second part of the period and many will actually focus heavily on financial priorities, probably because there are opportunities that you should not miss out on, or there might be some increased expenses that have to be offset.

It is not excluded that you may have to invest in loved ones, grown-up children, partners, or if this is not an important subject for you, then you may decide to invest in a business, even a hobby, from which you may benefit.

The effort or difficulty that you overcome in the areas of influence listed above will then be encoded for a long time, which will grow in benefits and results over time.

However, it is useful not to take too many financial risks.

Changes with close to your heart people will be lasting, you should guide the events as much as possible and hopefully, the changes please you. If this is not always the case and purely material issues stand between you or you change your assessment of them, breaking some relationships, this will also be difficult to reverse, but this might have deeper reasons and in most cases might be for your own good.

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September 23rd to 29th

During this week, you can improve your living conditions by investing in your home and by harmonizing your family relationships, by resolving household and property cases, sometimes related to your place of residence, etc.

Alternatively, you find a way to consolidate the home environment through unifying and longer-term goals, practical assessments, etc.

However, it is not excluded that people close to your heart may be disturbing your soul, these may be partners, but they may also be grown children if you have any. The reasons may be the need to clear up long-standing misunderstandings between you or you may have to support them - morally or financially, to give them more money on various occasions. However, do not let purely material subjects stand between you and your loved ones, rely on communication and understanding, they can turn all challenges into benefits, minimize potential losses…

You are in a good profit period - literally or more generally, but there is a risk that you might receive some money and then give them away... If everything is well thought out, then it is okay. For example, it may be a useful investment in a business or loved ones. But it is useful to beware of hasty and extreme actions, emotional reactions that will have the exact opposite effect.

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September 16th to 22nd

By September 20th, you can set a new vector of development at different levels of your life voluntarily and purposefully, but you should prioritize topics that relate to loved ones - partners or grown children... You can steer your relationships in the right direction for you, and you can influence your loved ones with opinion and support… The opposite is also possible - they can influence you, mobilize you or change your future plans. Whatever it is, the events are indicative of trends in the longer term, in the coming months, or maybe longer /perhaps the next two years/.

If this is not something you're interested in, then your priority may be your own business, participation in projects through which you will be able to develop your creativity and realize yourself.

There are also good chances to win, get bonuses, raise your income. You might get some interesting news and offers that will still have an enriching impact on you...

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September 9th to 15th

By September 14th, 4 planets are transiting through your zodiac sign and sending you a powerful wave of energy that gives you many possibilities. At first, they can help you fulfill your dreams, you might feel a sense of satisfaction, or receive a great gift from Destiny.

You strongly influence priorities that relate to loved ones, grown-up children, if you have any. Or, if you are striving for your own business, participating in any projects that bring you benefit but also joy, then they will also develop in the optimal direction for you.

Some issues that relate to personal or business relationships may bother you with underlying transformations that affect your background, even topics related to home, family, and place of residence. The good news is that you are, to a great extent, determining the direction of what is happening, and even if one door is closed, another will open under the pressure of your own initiative.

However, if you have a family and face some misunderstandings, try to resolve them in a timely manner so that they do not escalate. In another case, the person next to you needs more attention.

If there is any insincerity or erosive processes, they will be more visible than usual on the days of the Full Moon around September 13th, so you should take action and direct the events, your stars will protect you strongly.

Your initiative will start delivering results, materializing your successes, especially after September 15th…

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