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18th January to 23rd


During the first part of the week, you are quite emotional, there is something that makes you happy and is on your mind. Optimally, you go through a kind of catharsis that will strengthen important or love relationships. What is happening is not accidental, but a kind of outcome for trends that have been set so far, because on January 18th we are under the influence of the Full Moon. You can count on a dose of luck in targeting such topics. In another option - changes occur involving loved ones, partners, or grown children, and you need to respond, support them, it will be highly valued and will have a positive effect at different levels ...


If you still notice any weak links - it is appropriate to remove them in a timely manner so as not to drag them in the future. During the second part of the week, your daily life becomes more and more busy with commitments or you concentrate more and more on topics that concern your professional realization. At this stage and in this sector of your life there may be some confusion, challenges. In this case, entering a stage during which you can take more radical measures to deal with these challenges, to direct them in a more appropriate direction ... Do not rush, analyze the past, choose a direction, most of you will react in a similar way and rightly so. It's good to be more careful about your health ...


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11th January to 17th


The stars point you to the need to pay more attention to loved ones, your partner, or grown children if you have any. In most cases, this will be a great time during which you will be able to heal your relationships, you will receive enough support from your loved ones. Nevertheless, Virgos who have families may experience some tension because they have to deal with domestic cases related to public works or possible disputes with the place of residence, etc. Then you may come into some conflict with family members, including your partner, but you can overcome this challenge with a more flexible approach to communication. In another case, your partner will simply need more attention on different occasions.


Against this background, the daily life of most of you is quite stressful, it is possible that permanent surprises will escalate, which will make you think about do you need to change something in your work, rhythm in everyday life so that you are healthier and happier. In fact, it's really nice to change something, perhaps some habits, tasks that you create every day, so that you are in shape so that your own health does not suffer. Mercury turns retrograde on January 14th and will be retrograde by February 4th, during which time you will be strongly rethinking these priorities - work and daily life. It is good not to overdo it, to react at the moment, so as not to miss out on any chances but to protect yourself from challenges.


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3rd January to 9th 2022


Your protector Mercury is already in the zodiac sign Aquarius, so you will be strongly attracted to something new, different, which can renew and change your life in a positive direction, as you have more freedom, literally and more broadly, you have a healing effect on your life and by rearranging your priorities, you focus on activities that may be more enjoyable and not burden you so much. Against this background, most of you can count on people close to your heart, partners, grown children, if you have any.


In fact, you are in an excellent period during which you can experience some kind of change in your relationship. This is an excellent time to clear up any misunderstandings if any. However, you may need to pay more attention to your loved ones, and issues related to household and property cases may bring some tension and misunderstandings between you and others, your partner. In another case, it will require more care on your part ... The options are different, but there may be some tension in your home, try to alleviate it with communication or some topics will gradually subside over time.


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


Most of you are quite emotional now because you find strong support from people close to your heart. You will find time for your beloved partner or grown children, if you have any, for rest or entertainment. However, there may be a kind of catharsis in your relationship. It will be accompanied by explanatory conversations, for example - you can say or hear some things that describe feelings, experiences, touch your heart, or that of the other party. Sometimes you may have the feeling that your loved ones are changing or it is about their attitude towards you. This will be an occasion to strengthen, improve reciprocity ... If this is not always the case - use the aspect of the stars to clear up possible misunderstandings, you will strongly influence others as long as certain boundaries are not crossed. You find support from your family or positive, stabilizing transformations escalate in this sector. You can make important decisions regarding real estate, place of residence, home, the comfort of living, including repairs and support if you need it. This is a good period to rearrange your priorities, literally in everyday life, and this to have a healing effect, literally and figuratively.


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20th to 26th December 


The inner self-confidence of most of you will grow because you will feel sufficiently supported by people, events, spontaneous circumstances. You will have a chance to make transformations that will change the "scenery" around you, can be basic, and affect all levels of your life, in most cases it will have a stabilizing effect. You can rely on your loved ones, family, loved ones, delegate responsibilities to them, or they may have some constructive impact on you. Now your time is divided between personal and work priorities relatively harmoniously. If you are interested in this - you are dealing with domestic and property cases, your increased involvement with family or home - there are long-term consequences... Now is the time to deal optimally well with such topics and contribute to your comfort of existence.


Partnerships - in most cases you can count on loyalty, understanding, etc. But if there are misunderstandings you will be reminded of them and let this be an occasion to resolve them. In another case, loved ones need more attention from you, transformations around them are escalating, and you support them ... Some of you may regain old love or a person from the past reminds of himself/herself... This is an appropriate period to take a break, do something you love, not just routine and responsibilities, you may have a strong need for it, and in some cases - to have to slow down, look at yourself, loved ones, etc. Good time to have a positive effect on your health...


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13th to 19th December


The leading topic for most of you is family, relationships at home, with your partner... He may need more attention on different occasions. Otherwise, if there are misunderstandings between you, then this is an excellent period during which you can or should clear them so that you do not drag them out in the future. In other cases – you might be reminded of old and unresolved issues, including those related to real estate, comfort of existence, even residence. Discussions in this direction are not excluded so that you make decisions that will transform your environment ... Act carefully, tolerantly, with a vision for the distant future and everything will be fine.


Your protector Mercury will move to Capricorn at the beginning of the week, so it will set you on a more practical wave, but also - you will express yourself and act more firmly, but I would say constructively, you will always stronger impact on your loved ones and with the corresponding positives. Some of you may just need to slow down, pay more attention to yourself, to personal priorities, you may feel that you are at a crossroads in life, and the choice you make will be influenced by your loved ones, who in most cases will support you or give you the right and appropriate advice. This is a good period during which you can rearrange your priorities so that you are more effective. Maybe you can get rid of cases that only burden you, but do not benefit you. In another case from this week until mid-February, it is appropriate to change something in the rhythm of your daily life to be more successful, I would even say healthier. What to emphasize and what to leave behind - you get clear clues about, they will intensify. It is always easier to influence the events in the beginning, so you should take advantage.


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7th to 12th December


Now you can find support from close people, this may be your partner or perhaps grown children if you have any. The period is excellent to heal, harmonize and improve your immediate environment, in the home and family, but not only. If some misunderstandings escalate in this process because this sector of your life is "illuminated", if in the past there are some differences between you and your partner, family member, if there is something left unsaid, in a more unpleasant form - erosive process, you should use the moment to clear this up and keep it behind you, you will have such an opportunity, as long as certain limits are not exceeded. Some changes in your workplace may escalate, such as increased demands, competition, the need to prove yourself above average, to lead debates in which to defend your interests, opinions, etc.


In this sense, some disputes in your workplace are not excluded, you can emerge victorious if you are more flexible in communication. Avoid conflicts that will have a wide impact. If this is not possible, then you can end contracts or business contacts that are past their time. Some of you will prefer to withdraw from active activities to pay more attention to yourself and your loved ones, you can take a break and sometimes this will be the right strategy. Others will discuss future plans with their families and this will help them a lot to make the right choice, which also affects their career development.


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29th November to 5th December


Throughout the week, you have quite constructive conversations with people who are close to your heart, have an emotional connection, and so on. This is a great time to strengthen important relationships with loved ones, partners, grown children if you have any. In another case, positive changes take place around them, which can also affect you. It is possible during the first part of the week to discuss important issues in your family that has a long-term and stabilizing impact, this may even affect your professional realization. Family support can be at various levels, including delegating responsibilities, etc. On December 4th there will be a New Moon which is with a Total Solar Eclipse. This New Moon can be a great new beginning that will affect your home, family, etc.


You can make some transformations in your home to harmonize and improve your living environment, you can take care of settling priorities that concern residence, dealing with household or property cases. It is possible that your partner needs more attention, and this will strengthen your relationship. If there are any misunderstandings between you and your partner, a member of your family. You should take advantage of the New Moon to clear them and leave them behind. It is always easier to influence events, in the beginning, the New Moon will show you - what is appropriate or you need to change, leave behind or multiply. I remind you that New Moons, which have eclipses, grow for a long time, over the next six months with the corresponding consequences. From this point of view, it is advisable to have conversations with your relatives, with a view to the more distant future ...


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23rd November to 28th


This week you will have the strongest influence on priorities that relate to home and family, or you will need to slow down, take a break or pay more attention to loved ones. You might be reminded of old and unresolved cases from the past, which affects your basic security and at different levels of life, but now you get a chance - to direct them in a more constructive and suitable direction for you, you will still be a matter of choice, desire, etc. However, this trend will intensify at the end of this and the beginning of next week. If this is not a subject of importance to you, then you may have decided to turn a new page in your life and now on various occasions, you will decide - what to keep in the past and what to move forward with.


The information flow is still quite strong, around most of you there are energetic people who stimulate you, help you if you need it. You are in a good period, during which your words are being heard and have a wide reflection, so you should make the most of it. You can heal relationships with your partners or grown children if you have any. Most of you enjoy the support of loved ones. If you are not in a relationship, you can find love, or a flirt could grow into something more.


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16th to 22nd November


You are still in a period in which you have to prove yourself to your closest environment, in the workplace as a priority, or in everyday life. You may have to argue, verbal battles to win to protect your interests, not to allow yourself to be replaced. The information flow brings you many surprises that can help you look into the distant future or that will determine your future environment. During this week you will strengthen some relationships, but you can suddenly end relationships or contracts that are already past their time or remove people and circumstances that are stressing you, destructive to you, etc. You will be required to build according to a strategy so that you can deal with competitors or ill-wishers, you can distance yourself from such people or try not to depend on them.


This can happen by strengthening other and more promising contacts, by defending your opinions, etc. As for relationships with your partners or grown children, then you are now in a good period during which you can heal them, most of you can count on them and the corresponding positives. If you are not in a relationship, you can meet love. Beware of overstrain, which can also affect your health. Be careful on the road, inspect your personal car, especially on the days of the Full Moon, which is on November 19th and 20th ...


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8th to 14th November


The information flow is very strong, it gives you enough clarity on whom and to what extent you can rely on. You may have to defend your ideas and opinion more aggressively, especially in your workplace or literally in everyday life. But it's also a good idea to avoid tension, which will affect your health, especially on Thursday and Friday.


If you terminate business contacts or contracts now, then they do not contribute to your future development, otherwise, you will have the opportunity to prove yourself. Most of you can count on loved ones, friends, grown children ... You are in a positive period during which you can heal your relationships... Some of you will spend pleasant or romantic moments during the weekend, no you will not lack company, attention, etc.


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1st to 8th November


Your social activity will be constantly increasing, because people appear in your close environment who stimulate you to share your ideas and defend them, so as not to allow them to harm your interests, replace you, etc. It is possible to hear important news this week, to have explanatory talks, which will be accompanied by an element of surprise and will show your opportunities for development in a more distant perspective. If all goes well, then you will be able to take more prestigious positions, strengthen relationships important to you, and so on. However, it is possible that part of your environment will strongly challenge you, and you will have to use words as a weapon as if you enter into battles when you can win, you can injure, the greatest force - will be your gift of speech, persuasion, and intellect. However, disputes are not ruled out, and some of them can escalate into conflicts, especially in your workplace.


A new moon is coming on November 4th, which can become a great new beginning for you, which will renew your positions among others. Mercury, your protector will enter Scorpio on November 6th and sharpen your senses of danger, your intuition will be strengthened, so it will be easier to follow causal relationships, you will build a winning strategy. If, after all, events do not develop as you want or expect, then you can change this environment of yours by ending relationships or contracts which are already past their time. On the days of the new moon and until the end of the week, it is appropriate to focus and go with the flow, figuratively speaking, to choose the right strategy, etc. You are entering a very long period during which you will be able to improve and heal your relationships. A person will appear in the life of some of you who can make you happy or stay there for a long time ...


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25th October to 31st


The information flow is intensifying, you can hear truths, increased demands r there might be some opportunities in front of you... You may also have to fight for your interests and use your word to win battles, to defend your interests. This rule applies as a priority to business contacts. In some cases it is a symbol that working conditions are changing, and you have to meet increased requirements, in another case - you may face certain authorities in your workplace, you may not agree with new or increased requirements. It is a matter of choice, how will you react, do not lose sight of more distant prospects of development, in order to be focused on an optimally suitable, correct strategy for you ...


If certain differences cannot be overcome, then you can end relationships and contracts that are past their time. Everyday life can be quite busy, it will be good not to neglect your physical health. Still, most of you can count on your family, in a good time you are to harmonize your immediate environment, and the home is your fortress. However, your partner may have an increased need for your attention, even your care. But if misunderstandings have accumulated between you, they will grow and will have a bad effect on you, with the corresponding consequences if you do not take timely measures. You should focus on the events, rely on your intuition to analyze what invisibly affects you at first glance, and direct it in a more positive and preferred direction for you.


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18th October to 24th


Your protector, Mercury starts being in a direct movement at the beginning of the week - on October 18th ... So most of you will make some important decisions that affect their financial situation. In most cases, this will have a positive or stabilizing effect at different levels. Actions and initiative in the direction - increasing well-being, establishing positions in the workplace - will be realized optimally well for you and you can get a kind of reward for all your efforts so far. It is important to be more proactive in this direction, and the stars will support you, the higher your ambitions, the further you can go.


At the same time, increased expenses are very likely, which in the optimal case will be useful or unavoidable investments in loved ones, in yourself or in your business, if you have one. In that case, you will be able to rely on your family if you need it ... You just have to be careful - purely financial issues to not stand between you and loved ones. Such a trend may escalate in the second part of the period, be careful, use the moment to shift the layers on which important relationships for you are built. During the second part of the week you will be more and more inclined to enter into verbal fights and this probably happen for a reason, but possible conflicts will act more like brakes, so a direct collision is not recommended, but rather finding different paths to your goals, especially ones related to your workplace, but not only ...


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