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January 27th to February 2nd

Your daily routine becomes more dynamic, loaded with commitment, and in many cases, it will turn into a buffer for the tension that escalates into your soul. The moment is right to prove yourself in the workplace and make a breakthrough, you can go as far as your dreams and at least take the first steps in a direction that will grow for a long time...

It is not excluded that you need to rearrange your schedule, rhythm in everyday life, in order to be more successful and so on. Against this background, there might be some misunderstandings in your home and your family. They may be triggered by misunderstandings between you and your partner, or it may require more attention, care, etc. You can rely on kindness in most cases so any differences can be smoothed out without forcing events, maybe everything just takes more time ...

Some of you may be undertaking renovations, resolving property cases, place of residence to improve your environment of existence.

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January 20th to 26th

Your daily routine is picking up pace, you are in an excellent time to prove yourself in the workplace, to consolidate your positions or to upgrade them so that you take a more prestigious position ...

You might feel more anxious in the process, because work commitments may be accompanied by surprises, and you need to be as flexible as possible in order to face them and turn them to your advantage. For example - there may be additional requirements that force you to enrich your knowledge, in other cases - you might have to take business trips, deal with paperwork or you may need to allocate your time between personal and professional engagements, with one affecting the other significantly.

Some of you will receive wider support from your loved ones and this will help them cope well with current tasks, excel in being professional and without distraction. Others, however, may be involved with misunderstandings with loved ones, partners who will mess up their preliminary plans.

Ideally, this is a great time to deal with any misunderstandings or erosion processes through clarification conversations, honesty, and compromise... It is a good time to refresh your home through renovation if you're interested in that. You can now deal with daily or real estate issues by being more flexible in your communication approach...

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January 13th to 19th

By the end of the week, top priorities are still people close to your heart /partners, grown children, if you have any/. Now is the optimal time to steer these relationships in a more positive direction for you, if you need to - by changing your approach, performing some kind of transformations that will give a better result than the present and you will have a positive impact on this sphere of your life.

Alternatively, people close to your heart mobilize you, make you more ambitious, perhaps because you need to help or guide them…

If some of your relationships are now ended, then it will be difficult for you to recover them or nothing will be the same again.

If you have your own business, then it may also be the center of attention, and you can make conversions that will have an impact for months to come or even longer.

Mercury, your protector passes into Aquarius on January 16th  and it will speed up the rhythm in your daily life, make you more free, creative. Your attention will be more and more attracted to your own professional realization, probably not for no reason, but because there are some surprises in commitments and they require reflection.

You will increasingly enjoy the kindness and support of others, entering a favorable period to meet love if you still have not, or to harmonize current relationships.

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December 30th to January 5th

Most of you are in a creative upsurge that will give you a chance to make your dreams come true, assert your authority and achieve your goals.

If your initiative is directed towards the things you want most, then you will succeed. You should not neglect your inner voice, the impulse for development, etc.

Your relationships are going through a change - you have a chance to strengthen your relationships through common projects, outlining further development horizons.

If you are alone, you may not be lacking attention and support, you may receive interesting, pleasant news that will make you happy or suggestions that will transform your life.

If you have grown-up children, then transformations can also escalate around them, in most cases they will be a source of pride, but it is not excluded that they require more attention and dedication on your part.

At your workplace or in your daily routine, you are excelling at ongoing commitments, you can count on more well-being and support from colleagues.

Home and family background is changing, it's always easier to influence the events in the beginning, act so that you manage events, determine your background at home, don't let anyone replace you and "dictate the rules of the game", it is possible to escalate an opposition...

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon on December 26th can transform your essence, your way of thinking, and accordingly your existing chances.

Your confidence or independence - in a broader sense, will grow, as will the ability to defend your interests, attract what you most desire, and materialize it in practice.

In this process, your relationships with people close to your heart - from adult children to partners - will be renewed in a natural way. A great new beginning is coming in this sector of your life, and as you know, it is always easier to make an impact at the beginning, so take advantage of this "tidal wave".

Perhaps all the efforts and care you have taken for your loved ones now strengthen your relationship. It is not excluded that old feelings can be reborn, or you might regain your lost love if this is something you're interested in.

In another case, transformations around people important to you are affecting you too, they may need more attention and you give it to them and this will have a long-term impact. Also, loved ones could turn into a reason for pride, happiness, etc.

However, this New Moon is also linked to the past, so if more negatives than positives have accumulated there, then you will change your approach decisively to turn the challenges into benefits, to protect your interests, you will get a better result. If this is not possible, then certain people will leave your environment and it will be for your own good, there will be more open space for more reliable, promising relationships.

If you have your own business or are involved in projects, you can still count on successes, even above average. However, this will require you to be more socially active, to create and strengthen relationships, and sometimes to change your environment.

You use your words as a weapon and you win victories.

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December 16th to 22nd

This week, you may have to fight for your interests, negotiate, have a conversation, and you are more likely to win a victory in the manner described above. Alternatively, people close to your heart like partners or grown-up children have a strong need for your support, guidance, and if there are any misunderstandings, you should try to clear them up, you will have such a chance, you will use words as a weapon, and that way you will be able to deal with the situation in a constructive, practical and appropriate way.

The end result and what is happening now can transform your relationship for a long time. You are already familiar with the trends, it is up to you to build a strategy, to act in such a way that you channel what is happening in a more positive direction for you. But you need to apply something different to get a different and better result. You should think about that…

Another leading topic is your home and your family, you might have to have some conversations, discussions on important topics, or you need to be of service to your loved ones again… There might be some kind of an upgrade in this sector - real estate, living conditions, you might invest or make positive transformations, this applies mainly to those born in the first decanate, but also to everyone else to a different degree ...

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December 9th to 15th

Most of you focus on your loved ones, grown children if you have any. During this week, some kind of transformations in your relationships are possible, it is possible that they may be positive, as a result of done calculations, analyzes, but also deep feelings that will conquer your heart.

You are in a strong period to influence people important to you, so you will be able to substantially manage these processes, making the most of them.

It is not excluded that there are some changes around your loved ones that will affect you too or you will be of help to them…

However, if some trends are not to your liking and are rather tense, this will be a clear sign that the root of the issue will be much deeper, take longer to resolve, or you need to turn over a new page.

Now is the time to channel these changes in the right direction for you, the trends will be permanently encoded in your map.

Home and family is another top priority, there may be some differences, even misunderstandings with your loved ones. Use creative, different ways to face this challenge, a direct collision is unlikely to be helpful.

If there is something secret or erosive that is affecting you, it will be more visible than usual, you should not neglect it so that it does not stay in the future.

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