Virgo Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 17th to 23rd

You are at an important stage regarding your social status - career development or relationships. The Full Moon at the beginning of the week would give you a lot of clarity for a lot of the opportunities that what you can get, what destabilizes you, and how you can use it to achieve your goals.

Throughout the week you will not lack support and attention, your life is full of personalities that give you interesting ideas, energize you, make you enthusiastic, etc.

Nonetheless, not everyone has your best interest in mind, you may be in an increasingly competitive environment, or people close to you, partners, children, if you have any, would require more attention, possibly to smooth out some controversial points of conflict or you must simply be more attentive to their needs. The good news is that during this week you can actually channel these processes in a direction better suited for you, as long as you want it or it's worth it.

If part of your relationship ends up in a "dead end," then you would probably have to take more radical measures to deal with that, you might even have to end some relationships that bring you more harm than anything else. Indicative days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. During these days you can best navigate and take advantage of the situations in an optimal way.

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June 10th to 16th

You are in an important period that concerns your public situation, this may be your career development, it may also be related to your relationships, which will actually have a very strong impact on you and will turn trends in one direction or another. Your success will directly depend on who you trust and to what extent, you should surround yourself with good people and you should try to remove people from your path who are trying to take advantage of you, in a more unpleasant form - they might deceive and manipulate you.

You have enough strong, sharpened senses and relevant analytics, so the probability of protecting yourself and turning the challenges to your advantage is more than great...

Most of you deal with increased competition, consolidate important relationships, especially those that matter, have become stronger over time, and gain your trust. You will do a lot or everything in this direction and it will give excellent results, I would say long-lasting ones.

However, if there is a kind of dishonesty around some of your contacts, it will be more prominent than usual and will help you separate yourself from such an impact...

Until June 15th there will be events that will determine your social status, you should guide the situations in that direction, you have this opportunity.

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June 3rd to 9th

The week begins with a New Moon, which would be one of the most important for you during the year, and can unlock new prospects for development on key issues such as career development and sometimes relationships. It is good to take advantage of the support of the stars and to set higher or longer-term goals and they would have a longer-term impact.

To a great extent, you can rely on your own competence, ambition, and initiative. This way you will be able to turn every challenge in your favor. At this stage, people around you /relationships - personal or business/, and others in general, may rather play the role of a "provocateur" and in a more unpleasant form - of a destabilizer. The reasons for this might be many and of a different nature, for example - there might be changes around them that affect you too, they need more understanding and help on your part, but it is possible - to encounter an incorrect behavior that will influence you... Again as an option  - you might have doubts on which path you take, you may need to balance more between personal or family priorities and those that concern your social situation and realization. The choice you make may be decisive, you must consider where compromises are possible, what lines should not be crossed in your relationship, and so on. The important thing is that you will have a choice...

During the second part of the period, there are people who might surprise you, you might negotiate with them, they might give interesting suggestions and ideas, and they form new, sudden and wider horizons ahead of you...

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May 27th to June 3rd

This week, you can have a positive impact on your relationships (personal or business), your popularity grows, the impact of most of you is expanding on different occasions. For example, you may decide to communicate with people outside your immediate environment, change your approach, and get a different, more positive result than the present one.

People away from you - literally or in a more general sense - may be the occasion for joy, pleasant news, and so on.

If you decide to travel, it will also bring you satisfaction, bright and memorable moments, and if you are not in a relationship, then you can find love on the road...

Another leading topic for you is your reputation, your social status, which is very much related to important people. The aspects of the stars are not unambiguous as well as your own sensations and intentions. Some of these individuals may be the occasion to make your wildest dreams come true, but others provoke the appearance of ambiguity, confusion of your future plans. In a more unpleasant form - they might have a destructive effect on you because of unfair behavior, some hidden processes which influence you. You will have enough hints in that direction, and this will help you make a decisive choice...

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May 20th to 26th

You are socially active, set high or distant goals - literally or in a more general sense that can actually expand your development horizons, can break the limits of what is possible for you, sometimes in a quick and unexpected way.

It is not out of the question for you to meet energetic personalities who strongly support you, stimulate you to develop, it can even be competitors that mobilize you and in most cases, you can overcome that.

You are doing excellently with negotiations, signing contracts and legal cases, if you are interested in doing that.

People away from you might make you happy, you might rethink, maybe decide to change your direction of development or travel... Whatever it is, it will be related to the sudden chances of transforming your life.

In another case, at this stage, you only receive the first signals for long-term transformation, but according to your personal wishes and goals, you set.

In the second part of the week, you come across a situation where it is important to prove yourself, you are under the "spotlight", you are entering a key stage in your career when small actions would have a wider impact.

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May 13th to 19th

This is one of the strongest moments for you when you can expand your horizons of development by making your dream come true, demonstrating creative potential, gained experience and authority, qualification, etc., traveling, communicating with people outside of your surroundings, negotiate your interests.

This week you are successful in dealing with documents, including legal ones, if you are interested in that; what is happening is "illuminating" the farther future, at the same time you can now influence it in the way described above.

 If you have your own business, you can now have a positive, stabilizing and expanding impact on it.

If you have grown-up children, important conversions may take place around them, which in most cases will be a reason for joy, pride, and so on. If any misunderstandings have escalated in the past, it is now very appropriate for them to be cleared and channeled in an optimally favorable direction.

In most cases, you are feeling stronger, you are capable of influencing trends, by May 16th you can achieve successes that will be permanently encoded and can transform what you have and you can develop it due to support /financial , moral/, with the help of influential personalities, partners, and so on.

A spike of indicative news, emotional conversations, opportunities you get in the last days of the period...

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May 6th to 12th

By May 21st, you are in a great time to improve working conditions, public positions you take by relying on support and approval by influential individuals, partners and other people in general.

Traveling, communicating with people outside of your surroundings, demonstrating high qualifications to influential people - is all becoming an occasion for success above average. And you may well be able to deal with the settlement of documents, including legal cases.

However, you might still feel restless, there might be spontaneous desires, thoughts, ideas that get your attention, they can be quite bright, profitable but also surprising for you and others. But the unifying rule is that the more open to the new, the different, the more unusual, the more chances will unfold before you, will transform your environment of life, sometimes due to personal desires, but this might also happen due to external reasons.

The week is favorable to improve your background existence by making some changes to your home, coping with property or home affairs, harmonizing family relationships, and so on. On the one hand, this can happen, on the other hand, it brings some tension because it costs you time, effort mobilizes you, requires you to redistribute your priorities, or you have to invest and you might spend more money... In an optimal version, there might be transformations around your loved ones and people close to the heart your people /partners, children, if you have any/ that affect you, but they are expanding the horizons of development - in a more general sense.

In another scenario, you can clear financial and property misunderstandings with more extreme measures and solutions in order to avoid it standing in the way between you important to you people.

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April 29th to May 5th

Most of the trends in your life are closely related to your close surroundings, which has a very strong impact on you. These may be personal or business partners, supporters, grown-up children if you have any. You may need to have some explanatory conversation where you can play a stabilizing unit by giving advice, or perhaps another type of help - moral or financial.

However, if there are any differences of opinion or interest, they will be more prominent than usual, and the time is right to defend your thesis so you do not lose control of the events...

In another scenario, your ambitions are growing and you are dealing with a competition that is not always correct, the chances of success that would be encoded steadily escalate in the second part of the period, and this may become a specific occasion for promotion if working conditions allow it, a bonus or a prize for the efforts made so far.

Your desire to expand the horizons in front of you can come true in a quick and unexpected way, especially if you interact with people outside your circle, influential people, demonstrate high professionalism, and you may decide to travel. Everything in this direction is developing optimally well if you do not have time or enough support, then you can update such initiatives after the New Moon on May 5th.

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