Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

by Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

March 4th to 10th

On March 6th, there will be a New Moon in the zodiac sign Pisces and, as most of you know, symbolically during that time seeds are planted, which then grow in the next two weeks, and the fruits can be enjoyed briefly or for a long time and we may be disappointed by the "harvest"... Anyway, this New Moon would plant "seeds" that can trigger spiritual awakening, great intuition, the ability to influence events in an almost magical way, sometimes with suggestions or self-suggestion, using strategies, different roads to our goals. We are looking for and we discover the root causes of what is happening and so we manage to direct the trends. But the impact of this New Moon may be different, it depends on already set trends and personal potential - it is very much possible for some of us to sink into doubts about our future path of development, probably not for no reason but because we learn secrets, other processes escalate that make us feel confused, sometimes even lost, without a clear direction... There are many reasons for this interpretation, and one of them is that during the New Moon Mercury would turn its course into a retrograde, and along with that we would experience hesitation, we would reflect on the decisions made. Mercury is retrograde from March 6th till March 28th during which time on different occasions we would go back to the past, try to fill any gaps, correct mistakes, we could get a second chance to direct the events in a direction more appropriate for us. Nevertheless, the period is extremely unfavorable when it comes to negotiating, signing contracts, our thinking is emotional and too subjective, it "feeds" off of our desires and fears rather than the objective reality. It is possible that the conversations we have don't go very smoothly, meaning, one person said one thing, another didn't get what they meant and so on. During this time we might also lose documents or have failed meetings... In an optimal way - our intuition leads us, we have strong hunches, diplomacy and healthy tricks which helps us to win something we couldn't before...

Mercury also has a reflection on time, usually, while Mercury is a retrograde the atmosphere is unstable, the weather is erratic and volatile, spring is likely to be delayed, and real and lasting warm weather would only happen after April 18th... Let's check together!

Another key astrological event is the passing of Uranus into Taurus – this would be a definitive event for the next seven years. Uranus' transition from Aries to Taurus would produce some important changes that are related to cash flows, what we have in general. This trend would be felt more and more in the coming months, we are now "moving on new rails", feeling a change in trends. In the coming years, money would have to have some real value rather than virtual value, everything would be revalued...

Venus already transits through Aquarius – the curiosity about the new, the unknown grows, we give more freedom to our feelings and desires, but these would not be exactly "strong passions", rather than a thirst for experiments, a desire to free ourselves from inhibitions and prejudices... The behavior of the ladies in the coming weeks would be very different from the one of the men, there would be differences at different levels that could give rise to tension and even separation. However, this would be felt most strongly wherever there is soil for it, which means that in some relationships the differences are a fact, and now this is becoming more obvious in March…

The period is totally positive for you, you are in a creative upswing, everything you are aiming for is happening in the most appropriate way for you, because you manage to find the optimal right approach or it all works out due to the circumstances, a dose of luck that helps you at this stage.

Many are very much focused on cases that are more related to loved ones, partners ... A certain person has a pronounced impact on you, but you also have almost a magical effect on people. This may be a reason to experience unforgettable feelings, the chance to consolidate relationships, to clear up any misunderstandings... Misunderstandings are more than likely, but here you can clear controversial issues, ambiguities, this is a process that takes time, but you can take advantage of the New Moon on March 6th and 7th so you can "sow the seeds" on more positive trends that would grow for a long time, and it is always easier to influence the trends in the beginning.

There is a person in your immediate surroundings who may sometimes seem less tolerant of you, but they may be useful for you, they could become a bridge to your success with their initiative and support that offers you.

It's not easy to focus on routine affairs unless your job does not involve your hobby. Otherwise, your energy would be scattered between "want" and "must", but your desires would prevail. However, if it may be the time to demonstrate what you are capable of, winning more freedom and so on.

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February 25th to March 3rd

The Sun is in Pisces, the Moon is declining, so most of the events are moving more in inertia, we continue to catch up with our past actions. At this stage, they concern key priorities such as relationships but also cash flows and what we consider to be valuable. Against this background, we can get back something lost from before, which is ours and we get it due to merits, whether it's about public positions, cash flows, or a certain personality we care for. But it is possible for the opposite to happen too, which means that if we are in debt - we would have to pay it off. In any case, our past catches up to so in the form of rethinking which is very useful at this stage. There are also explanatory conversations, we get important information that still affects something of value to us. We might witness a remarkable eloquence, through which everyone would struggle to hold on to or surpass what they want... The tone of communication in most cases is diplomatic but also creative, colorful, the expression is sometimes clever but capable of unraveling a complex knot of controversy, also to find ways to reach the intended goal.

The above-described tendency is gaining momentum, and in the second part of the period it escalates with rapid movement in the appropriate direction, it may be accompanied by pleasant surprises or turn-overs that lead to losses. It is good to evaluate the situation from the beginning in order to try to influence and fix as much as possible anything that we do not like. It is very likely that an important event would emerge that would change in a sudden or final way what we have, our material basis, stability, etc.

Mercury reduces its speed because it is preparing to turn into a retrograde movement, parallel with it we also slow down our decisions, everything is happening in slow-motion, as a reference - as if we were in a train that slows down. That way we reach our destination slower, but we protect ourselves from incidents, we can see the picture around us more clearly - we can enjoy it or notice any possible dangers...

Many are mainly focused on purely financial priorities, which could be optimally developed in such an environment if we act step by step, slowly, with great concentration, and sometimes it is indeed a sign of hard work that by the end of March help more ambitious, "earthly" and practical people to make more money or at least - to protect themselves from losses...

In the Pisces period, we cannot expect a high energy level, despite the good aspect of Mars with the Sun, we would be driven in different ways to save our resources (both physically and mentally), we could rely mainly on the persistence and perseverance that would lead us to our goals...

Happy new week!

The information flow is very intense this week, you could receive long-awaited news and get some kind of clarity, even if it's not always something positive, it would always be useful to make optimal decisions. Still, you have successful conversations, similar negotiations, your popularity grows, and in most of the times, with the help of your way of expression you transform the environment in which you exist, because you take on more prestigious positions, and you could also generally change the environment around you by moving and so on. It is not easy for you to make compromises, but even if you have to break contracts or relationships, especially in the second part of the period, you should not regret it, because it is not accidental. The trends have been accumulated for a long time, and if something leaves your life that means that there is no room for it in your future development, and it would very quickly be replaced by another and more reliable circumstance.

It is appropriate to be as socially active as possible so as not to miss out on chances that occur spontaneously in meetings, communication, and so on.

Most of you are in a romantic mood and not without reason, but because they are enjoying the attention, you hear something romantic that touches your heart.

Around you, there is an energetic person who strongly supports you. You must appreciate such a person, try to keep them, strengthen your relationship with them, and they would support you for a long time, they would also help your own success.

If you are not in a relationship, a small flirt could grow into a rather stormy love novel.

You take time for entertainment, hobbies and that is the right thing to do, you need a break and it is advisable not to be overload and you should watch out for accidents, especially in the second part of the period.

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February 18th to 24th 

On Monday, the sun is going to be in Aquarius for the last time, giving us air, understanding, and options... On Tuesday, the Sun passes into Pisces, this is the last zodiacal sign that symbolizes the end of the astrological year, it is thought that at that time we are obliged to look deeply within ourselves, in our own experience, gained experience, rethink everything, see the essence of everything, what is worth it and what deserves to stay with us in our new year of life, which would take place in the spring equinox on 22nd of March. It is no wonder that nostalgic feelings might now come to us, in a natural way we focus on past events, analyze love, what can contribute to our own prosperity, and in a broader sense what could help us win and make us happy... Everyone would think differently on such issues and this may be a starting point for a new way we see the reality around us, everything may seem different to us...

So, in the new week, under such an impact, we might get closer to the person next to us. Many would demonstrate their love in a special way - a willingness to commit, taking on higher responsibilities, ability to express and share feelings in an unforgettable way. In fact, a large number of people who have a serious relationship - would have conversations that would be unforgettable, would leave a trace in our heart and soul. If the mood in the relationship is not too romantic, then there would be conversations about longer-term prospects of development, they could be linked to purely material priorities, and they would be just as consolidating and constructive.

New love adventures this week promise to be reliable and long-lasting. This is also an appropriate time for marriage.

It is extremely unfavorable if during this week your attachment or trust to certain people breaks, this would be a sign of serious and long-held misunderstandings that you might not be able to overcome or still require a longer period to be cleared up.

Venus also manages the cash flow, throughout almost the whole new week Venus is in an Orb of conjunction with Saturn, so we may be more frugal but also find reliable, steady sources of income, we can stabilize our finances or find unexpected, additional, secret or unregulated, enriching resources.

Mercury is in Pisces - we have a very strong intuition, our thinking is colorful, creative, it is good to trust our inner voice, the stars are so aspected that we could reach incredible discoveries, insights, and truths...

In a more global perspective, decisions could be made that affect our income or are socially significant in an attempt to gain greater tolerance towards people.

Mars in Taurus still hasn't picked up speed, so we may feel a lack of strength, it's good to keep track of our tone and not to be overloaded if possible ...

This week, the information flow around you is still very intense. You are conducting interesting, useful, constructive conversations. You might hear some news that will touch your heart and change important relationships for you.

There are people who strongly support you, and in most cases, you have someone to rely on.

Your popularity is growing, your environment of existence is changing because of your own changed positions in a team or because you are actually changing your place of residence.

Your knowledge grows in parallel with your authority because you are consciously focused on expanding your knowledge, or it happens in another but natural way as a result of experience, its analysis, and so on.

A person appears who very strongly encourages you to develop in a certain direction, in another way - you are actually finding a partner who would become a leading factor, mediator, assistant - on the way to your own successes by the end of March.

At this stage, you are more interested in questions that are related to a hobby, which can become a professional realization, some creative approach, potential, especially in your communicative skills. The week is great to spend in the company of loved ones, to slow down, to find the time and to rest. Many would experience a strong need for it, and that could sharply change the rhythm in their daily lives by temporarily slowing down a bit or at least by delegating their responsibilities...

It is an appropriate time to consolidate your relationships or meet love...

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February 11th to 17th 

Until February 14th, Mars is in Aries and is in an aspect with Uranus. Translated from astrological symbolism, this could bring great impulse to our actions. It is difficult for us to be able to control our reactions, perhaps not without cause, but as a result of external provocations, causes that obsess our minds, get our attention and so on. Throughout the week, surprises are more than likely. This might relate to outcomes, a peak of events that can transform our lives, and not by accident, but because of the final straw, the "turning point" has come. If you fall into this category then you might end up in a storm of transformations that attract all...

In an optimal version, our will is so significant that nothing is able to stop us from having a breakthrough in the chosen direction. In another case, we must guard against incidents, escalation of tensions and conflicts, even aggression...

On February 15th, Mars passes into Taurus and would gradually simmer down the passion, but the situation would often resemble a "thunder" that awakens us, perhaps scares us, but in any case, urges us to take stabilizing measures - into a wider sense. Mars in Taurus would guide us in the coming months to act strongly in a direction that would stabilize our finances, it would be difficult to make decisions, but when that happens then the tenacity and persistence in the chosen direction would be almost invincible and would last till the intended goal has been achieved.

Mercury is in Pisces and during the first part of the week does not conclude significant aspects except some short-term ones with the Moon, so we would be more distracted than usual, emotions would prevail which would blur our realistic judgment, it would not be easy for you to focus in the second part of the period. Mercury is already more active - our intuition intensifies, as well as the clever, inventive, combinational way of thinking, but with a real opportunity to discover amazing opportunities, an outcome of tangled situations, even in cases where chances were invisible until now. The last days of the week are extremely favorable for us - to look beyond the visible, to learn some secrets, to part with illusions. It is useful to guard against manipulations and suggestions. Many would hear words that would be permanently sealed in our consciousness and touch our souls...

So, it is probably best to plan "at the moment" in order to protect ourselves from challenges, but not miss out on chances...

Uniting efforts is still a guarantee for success, so you should think about who to work with...

Happy and successful new week!

Leading changes for you may be related to your professional realization, possible key events that may lead to outcomes, transform your prospects of development. Achievements by February 15th, addressing potential increased competition, bringing you new and more prestigious positions, would contribute to your popularity.

However, the daily routine of most of you is out of the ordinary rhythm, it is nice to plan at the moment so you could react to challenges, sometimes surprises, but also to not miss out on chances.

It's good to be more attentive to your health, to watch out for accidents and to not be too overloaded...

By the end of the week, your home and family have a strong impact, they are guiding you, now is the time to harmonize your environment of existence...

Your words are being heard; throughout the week, the information flow is very intense, giving you opportunities, interesting, pleasant suggestions, especially after February 15th, something or someone would probably become a reason for your happiness.

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February 4th to 10th 

The week starts with a New Moon, which is in the zodiac sign Aquarius. The New Moon always gives a chance for a new beginning, and our actions at that time are seen as using the "right moment" so that our efforts to deliver good results in the coming weeks or maybe in the next a month and even longer, depending on how ambitious the plans are.

The New Moon in Aquarius would have a positive effect on our social activity, many would feel a spontaneous need to share their ideas, seek and find support from their surroundings, strive to expand their reach, strengthen old ones and create new connections... In fact, it is really a wonderful time when, through negotiations, meetings, strong exchange of information, if we find followers, we unite with groups of people of interest, we can get very far.

In the current period, with more ease we meet new people, we have people to rely on, we can achieve almost every goal if we turn to cooperate with appropriate persons, we share and we associate. Almost in every team would appear leaders who would strive to attract attention, to impose their will and authority. Anyone can take the lead with appropriate ideas if they have the qualities. It is otherwise appropriate or we would feel such an impulse - to be closer to people of authority... And that would be a good thing. During this season, there are usually no resources available - literally and in a more general sense, before the new year is born and the spring is blooming, we are the strongest when we unite and is now very suitable for that to happen... In a natural way, we shift the layers around us, we take our worthy place there, but we must be more proactive in this direction so that we are not replaced so that we demonstrate our best, attract those who are our soul mates, purely material priorities, and so on.

This week, we have the chance to meet personalities that are not accidental and can last for a long time in our lives, they could become our supporters, they might make us happy, reveal new and broader horizons for our development.

We tend to act cold, logical, visionary, unconventional, we do not take restrictions easily, and we can surprise with our reactions and decisions, both ourselves and others.

The positive moods prevail, the belief in our own opportunities is growing, and the desire to gain more freedom, to break the boundaries of what is known and possibly even by taking spontaneous risks.

In the last days of the week, this tendency is increasing, thanks to personal initiative, high adrenaline and enthusiasm, determination and will, an inner impulse which we cannot resist, or is a consequence of external and independent circumstances that move more inertia, but that's how they are produced by extreme moods - we are in a situation of speed transformations that would change the scenery around us and then nothing would be the same... The information flow is very intense, it brings surprises, twists, sudden opportunities. It is good to have a clear vision of our future to get where we want and not elsewhere. For this purpose, and as I have already said - we must carefully select those with whom we unite, in a sense this would guarantee us the achievement of our goals ...

Even at the beginning of the week, Venus passes into Capricorn, we might become more conservative in love, we would stick to very practical judgments, facts that would filter our feelings and under such influence could make us more distamt... But the adventurous spirit to the new, the unfamiliar, flirting, etc. - would decline sharply ...

There are excellent chances to make more money, this may be a consequence of your own professional skills, past trends that are now recovering as a payback.

You can also rely on your family if you need support from them, or you have the chance to harmonize your living environment by investing in your home, maybe even real estate.

Some of you will be focusing on fundamental transformations in your life and they will be considered positive, enriching - literally or in a more general sense.

The information flow is enhanced, it brings you a lot of clarity, which in a sense can be "sobering", especially on priorities that concern your love life, but not only. It is not excluded that you would have interesting, useful conversations in your home in regards to further prospects of development

Your everyday life will increase its rhythm, In your everyday life you will literally encounter permanent chances, but also challenges that you need to protect yourself from, to avoid risky situations even in terms of health.

However, if you have specific goals that are related to your professional realization and act in this direction, they can be realized in a quick and sudden way at the end of the period.

If you are going to have changes at work, then they have to happen at the end of this and the beginning of next week, during which you can set development prospects for the next two and a half years.

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January 28th to February 3rd

This week, you have a unique chance to raise your income but if working conditions do not allow it, then you get at least moral satisfaction or make important, long-term solutions, get a green light in the longer term for your - the next two months and then as a second chance - from August till November.

At this stage, you are prone to a great deal of initiative, your everyday life is very busy, and you have to deal with increased competition, as well as bad people. If conflicts and disputes with influential people with power are more serious, then in the current period you would break contracts and relationships, you can change your environment of existence, but this would be taken into account for a positive trend that would then open the door for something another and more promising for you... Chances would not be missed, and it is more likely that if some paths are closed, you should just focus on others.

The period predisposes to disputes, clarification of truths, looking at important people from a new angle, including relatives, if you have brothers or sisters, for example... There may be transformations around them that would also affect you, they need your support, and so on.

"Your home is your fortress", and you have to pay attention to this sector of your life, perhaps you should slow the pace, pay attention to your family, they would need that and remind you.

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January 21st to 27th 

You continue to be in a good time to make more money, get a promotion due to the efforts already made, the ability to deal with competitors, the high initiative you are having.

Despite the high-profit chances, the expenses of many still remain high. This might be because of useful investment in your loved ones or a business, but it is still worthwhile to be careful with misleading and spending money which would be considered to be a loss. Be careful that such topics do not affect your relationship.

At the beginning of the week, surprises are possible to encourage you to pay more attention to your home and family, perhaps priorities that relate to real estate or place of residence. At this point, it is more useful to observe trends, they move more in inertia and according to what happened before, at least in the past year. At this stage, you are given the chance to finish what you have already started, to move it in a more positive direction - by having conversations and not only, but also by reacting "at the moment" in order to be adequate to what is happening, it is still too early for new ventures in this sector...

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January 14th to 20th 

The information flow is very intense, you get a lot of clarity on the first days of the new week on topics that concern priorities with your loved ones, people important to you, your own business, if you have one.

You are having constructive conversations, you affirm an opinion that could raise your authority, strengthen relationships, clear misunderstandings, although in this process you may cut off a part of your contacts, at least look at some of them with other eyes. If you have brothers or sisters, your relationships are transformed or some changes escalate around them, which also affect you. Keep an eye on what's happening, focus as much as possible because it has a long-lasting impact.

You are in a wonderful time to earn something meaningful, make more money, get a promotion, work approval, often not freely, but through high initiative and dealing with competition.

If this is not possible, then you can look for another and more promising place for development, or at least you might take the first steps in that direction.

During the second part of the period, there are plenty of surprises and outcomes and hopefully, they would make you happy. You hear news about old and unexplained controversial issues, you might be reminded of a person from your past reminds. Whether this would please you or not depends a lot on what is accumulated as a trend already.

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