Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

by Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

The Full Moon on November 12th covers your zodiac sign, so it's one of the most important for you all year long. It shows with a lot of news and events - what your past actions have led to, what new prospects you have developed, for a long time, for the next six months, and maybe a year. The aspects of the stars are such that they encourage you to rethink any of your decisions, you can change your mind, your intentions, your behavior or expression. All of the above should have a beneficial effect on your authority, may be a reason to clear misunderstandings of the past, to fix mistakes, etc.

In most cases, your authority grows, you strengthen relationships, you manage to impose your opinions on others, and you receive financial and moral support from older and authority figures, especially if you consciously strive for it. In any case, you will not lack attention and support.

There are opportunities to improve your financial status by taking advantage of additional, unregulated, parallel sources of profit. Alternatively, this is secret support you get. Whatever it is, finding additional resources or the opportunity to increase your income can have a positive impact on you in the years to come…

At the same time, you may have to spend more money on perhaps entertainment, loved ones or investing in a business. If it is well thought out, then it will be fine. However, it is still useful to keep away from manipulations, fraud, inappropriate or unjustified spending.

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November 4th to 10th

You can often be the center of attention or debate, you yourself may be inclined to be more socially active and in the process you change your mind, you may think about past decisions, but all this will have a positive effect, it will give you a chance to strengthen the relationships that are important to you (personal or business), and you can create new ones, in which case they will be reliable, long-lasting.

In most cases, the things you say are deep, constructive, insightful, and this in a natural way will help increase your credibility in a team and take on more prestigious positions.

You can attract the care and approval of older and respected figures. I would like to remind you that the Sun is in your zodiac sign, a large part of the trends that are set now depend on you, as well as the degree of success, and the reflection will be long-term, at least in the next half-year, so you should be active and the stars will give you the green light. You are unlikely to receive any gifts from fate, but persistence and constructive behavior - will certainly be assessed with the corresponding positives I described above.

The chances of winning something, improving your financial situation are increasing, the trend is starting now, it is important to strengthen it, but there will be a lot of results through which you can get rich or get a lot of financial opportunities, if not immediately, by the end of November...

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October 28th to November 3rd

The week begins with the New Moon, which is in your zodiac sign and is accordingly one of the most important for you throughout the year. The New Moon is always associated with a new beginning, which will now largely depend on you, on what you want, what you will put your efforts into, so that the results you get will then grow for a long time in the coming months, maybe a year until your next birthday.

I remind you that you are now in a period where you can actively influence future trends. You get strong support from Venus, it acts as a magnet through which you more easily attract what you most want, make the most of it, you can count on your charm, your beautiful expression, and persuasiveness... Your words are being heard.

Your mindset will focus on practical goals or benefits, what you can earn in order to improve your lifestyle and comfort and to take on more prestigious positions.

You can manage to get what you set out for, but in the process, it is likely that you will rethink everything that is valuable to you and that it will take on a new value. Your opinion will be highly volatile and that would happen as a result of some surprising news or events related to people close to your heart or those who affect your well-being.

In the best-case scenario, you will have a second chance to get something you previously missed out on by changing your approach, thinking, developing a new strategy. You can reach deep insights, sometimes bitter truths, find out of some secrets, identify hidden processes that hinder your path to success at different levels. This tendency might end relationships and contracts, which do you more harm than good, but you can compensate with something else that has place in your future, as I said - the stars support you in that way.

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October 21st to 27th

On October 24th, the Sun passes into your zodiac sign and will positively affect your ability to influence and direct events that you previously thought were beyond your control. You may still lack enough energy or some of the work is actually moving inertia. Throughout the week, you will receive enough information about what is destructive and you need to leave behind - these may be tasks that are no longer relevant, but may be people who act more like obstacles, there might be circumstances that have changed and you need to adapt to them.

If there is something secret or something that is not in your best interest as described above, you will be able to identify it and take appropriate action. Still, if you part with something /end relationships or contracts/, it will act as a burden relief and would open up new opportunities for you.

Throughout the new week, you will be able to rely on your charm, communication skills, your words will be heard, you can be the center of attention or debate, through your persuasiveness you will strengthen connections, you will have your opinion and you will strengthen your authority. In the end - you can turn any difficulty into a benefit in the way described above.

Sometimes you may have the feeling that your surroundings surprise you with their behavior, this applies to everyone to varying degrees, but especially to those born during the first decanate. You should analyze what is happening and react so that you remove the weak links, you can now make a significant impact, and as you know it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning.

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October 14th to 20th

During this week, you can earn something material or in the form of moral gratification by accessing additional sources of income or secret support, including from people outside your immediate environment. These chances that get in your way are not accidental, but a consequence of your deliberate actions, including in the past, which by the end of this period will give a positive result and will be a reason to acquire something that is important to you, or if needed - this may turn into a permanent transfer to a new way of earning material wealth.

Against this background, it is possible to have intense conversations and negotiations, you can find out secrets, if there are hidden processes that affect and destabilize you, then during this period you will be able to identify them and take appropriate measures.

During the first part of the week, you may have the feeling that others are behaving too inconsistently, unreliably, surprise you with their behavior and provoke the consequences.

During the second part of the week, your charm and charisma prevail, through your own communication skills, some kind of initiative - you will become a conduit of positive news, winning better positions, establishing an opinion, achieving a goal. Venus is like a magnet through which we attract what we desire most strongly or from the heart, now it is probably of particular importance what you desire because it can come true ...

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October 7th to 13th

The Sun is in your 12th house, so weeks before it enters Scorpio you may feel that some of your life stories and future development projects are about to end and will soon require some kind of renewal.

It is possible to feel more tired, need a rest or slow down the pace and in solitude to reconsider your future plans. Against this background, you will receive valuable information that will show you the right path. If there are secret processes that affect you negatively, then during this period you will be able to identify them, have similar conversations, hear some news so you can make optimally good decisions...

In the process, you might end relationships that are past their time, but you also have the chance to consolidate those who are trustworthy and even contribute to your well-being, also to renew some of your relationships, to refresh them appropriately.

You will also have the opportunity to gain additional benefits, either purely financially or in the form of moral satisfaction, as described above, including by relying on unexpected, hidden support from people outside your immediate area.

There may be some surprises throughout the period, you may find yourself in the center of a debate that will dramatically change important relationships, partnerships with influential people, and so on. The direction is very much up to you, depending on what tone you set, what you really want, what is most valuable to you ...

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September 30th to 6th October

Most events are moving out of your control, but the information flow is very intense, if there are any secrets or something hidden, you will be able to identify it more clearly.

In the process, many will rethink their relationships and even contracts. The ones you consider to be past their time will be left behind.

At the same time, you can think of alternatives for development, there is no need to rush, at this stage it is appropriate to follow the natural course of events and to free yourself from what is burdening you, rather acting destructively to you.

An energy program is about to end, you will have enough tips to understand which one it is, you can think about how to upgrade it or what is something new you can deal with, what you can change - this may affect your professional career, but it can also be something else that is important to you.

It's always good to learn new things, and now you get new knowledge on topics that are important you, even if you don't like everything you hear, you can take advantage of it.

On October 3rd, Mercury will pass into your zodiac sign and strengthen the opportunity to attract more attention with your way of expression, probably more assertively defend your interests, influence others with your opinion, you can have a leading role while debating… Your high social activity, your ability to reasonably defend your thesis, which you have studied in depth beforehand, will give you better results and help you achieve your goals and intentions

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September 23rd to 29th

At the moment, you need more adaptability to deal with unresolved cases of the past, with external and independent circumstances, additional engagements which changes the usual rhythm of the daily life of many.

You may need to slow down the pace, stay more alone, make important choices, and choose your future direction. A big part of the trend is moving more by inertia rather than by your own will and desires.

In this process, spontaneous opportunities for profit arise, they can be accumulated as a chance in the past and now they escalate, and they can be unlocked as a parallel source for improving your material status through unexpected help, secret support, the making of a secret dream come true, etc.

The information flow is very strong, if there is something that creates obstacles for you, destabilizes you or is against your interests - you will now be able to identify it.

It is possible that you might experience a struggle for power (in a broader sense), the outcome will determine your positions in a team, relationships, contracts - whether you will strengthen them or end them. If you end a relationship - you should not regret your choice, in most cases, it will mean that you will be free from burdens and will clear your way for better prospects, etc.

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September 16th to 22nd

During this week you can have a lot of successful conversations, negotiations so that you attract energetic personalities, take leadership positions and deal with increased competition ...

You have the chance to enforce your will and gain more power — literally or more generally — you can enter into contracts that are of a long-term nature.

Right now, many are focused on further development prospects and are influenced by the method described above, and the successes achieved can determine your social status for a long time, in the coming months, or even in the next two and a half years. The key to your success is your own social activity, respectively the chance to enter into a partnership, to conclude contracts, to rely on the support of important people for you. Act and you will succeed.

Against this background, you tend to revise everything that is valuable to you, to give it new value, and you can also hide your feelings and intentions. If the status quo does not satisfy you, then you will focus yourself on alternatives, they will emerge more and more clearly in front of you, especially if you are looking for them.

In the second part of the week you can find out some secrets, if there are hidden processes and the influences behind you, they will also manifest themselves…

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September 9th to 15th

The social activity of most of you is very high and that is a good thing, because during this period your active interaction with others will win you new and more prestigious positions in the team, at least it will strengthen your positions, it will be an opportunity to cope with the increased competition or else - this is a chance to build important relationships for you, get support from influential personalities.

This is a good time to have explanatory conversations and make contracts. If you sign contracts or reach agreements by September 13th, they will prove to be long-term and reliable. During this time, the information flow is very intense, you learn a lot or something important for your future development - in terms of personal life or in your relationships. You can influence the people around, your words have a strong impact.

However, not all of them are all that benevolent, beware of direct confrontations, especially in the days of the Full Moon, which is September 13th, in order to avoid financial losses and more. Do not let purely financial misunderstandings come between you and your loved ones.

Also, risks that affect your financial status are not recommended unless they are well-considered.

Ideally, you should spend more on loved ones or invest in a private business. Just like a buffer or relief valve against loss, there are certain relationships that affect you and you need to strengthen, but also to remove others that destabilize you. You will have enough tips in this direction.

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