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21st September to 27th


Most of the trends are already moving in inertia. In this process, if there are unfinished cases from the past or unresolved controversial cases, you will be reminded of them. You may need to balance between the tasks listed above and new ones that appear in a natural way. Let this be an occasion to rearrange your priorities so that you are more successful and healthy. The information flow is quite intensive, you receive valuable information, if there are secrets, hidden processes, people who act behind your back - now you will be able to identify them and take action.


Many will enter into sharper debates to defend their interests and assert their authority. You can change your opinion about certain people or just end relationships, contracts that do you more harm than good. Significant, important, or revolutionary news and conversations are happening on Friday and Saturday... All the time you make a lot of effort to present yourself in the best light and you really succeed, so you turn challenges in your favor or come out as a kind of winners. This can cost you uncompromising behavior or assertion of ideas, intentions, sometimes - conflicts or even the ending of some contacts... But in most cases - all challenges will be turned in your favor, the leading interest will be preserved, and your initiative will is quite effective.


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14th September to 20th

Jupiter turns direct on September 14th and by the end of the year will help you renew your environment, respectively - to strengthen important relationships for you, to create new ones, including ones with influential people. All this will not happen for free, but as a result of increasing social activity, because you change your way of thinking, expressing, many expand their knowledge and, consequently, their consciousness, and this will naturally give you more worthy positions in the team. Everyone would be attracted to a person from whom they can learn something ... This will be true for you too. You will attract others, but you can be focused on certain people who are an example or even a challenge ... Sometimes we learn from those who create difficulties for us and this becomes a huge incentive, most great benefit.


So, during the current period, your public positions are changing, on various occasions, you will have to prove yourself more than usual. If not everything goes exactly the way you want or expect, then you will be able to update or restart this theme of your life through the New Moon on September 17th. This week you are presenting yourself in an optimally good light and this will naturally have a positive effect on your image and not only. However, you will find that part of your environment, including personal or business partners, do not behave consistently, they don’t always support your future plans and may even destabilize you.


Let this become an occasion to clear up the differences through common, unifying goals, such as changing, renewing important connections for you by balancing between different opinions, expectations, etc. As a last resort and if necessary - you will distance yourself abruptly or end contacts that harm you - in a broader sense. This week the information flow is very strong, it is possible to find out secrets, to identify processes that operate behind your back or are out of your control. Take advantage, knowledge is always power.


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7th September to 13th

During the current period, your self-esteem will increase as a result of the wider support you will receive from the team in which you exist, it can also be your friends, influential people, or benefactors who will support your ambitious plans, will contribute to your own prosperity. It is worth now to express your ideas publicly, to seek support and approval from people who affect your well-being. The probability of getting what you want is more than high. This can become an occasion to minimize possible stress literally in your daily life, to clear up any misunderstandings with colleagues, competitors, etc. Or at least to be given other and better opportunities, even if it is by changing the environment, it will still be a matter of choice.

You present yourself in the best light, and this will naturally reveal to you additional chances or invisible so far or you can get a secret, unexpected support, especially if you do not announce all your intentions in advance, and act strategically. However, it is possible that you will have to rethink some of your behavior in the workplace, maybe rearrange your priorities to be more effective, or you will have to deal with some gaps that affect you... Dealing with them will bring you relief, if not immediately in the second part of September and in full in the second part of November and December. It is also good to be more careful about your health, try to avoid people or circumstances that bring you tension, find a way to ignore them.

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24th August to 30th


It is very important for you now to be more socially active, to prove yourself in a team, to receive wider support from others - in general, and in particular from your personal or business partners. All of the above will become an occasion for sudden and additional chances that will stand before you, it will become an occasion for a better or predictable future, an opportunity to realize your plans. Many will feel this as an internal necessity, increased ambition, and in other cases - the trends will be caused by external factors. For example, this might be increased competition, tense relationships with some influential or powerful people, large or new requirements in the workplace, as well as many responsibilities that will require them to be delegated.


If this is not possible, then you can end relationships and contracts and change your environment so that you can find a new and more worthy place for you under the sun or a healthier one - literally and in a broader sense. Any conflicts in your workplace this week can have a wide impact, drag on until the end of the year, keep that in mind and try to avoid them. You could have a lot of emotional and explanatory conversations, which will still aim to transform your environment, even if it is only at the expense of your own changed point of view, way of thinking, etc. All of this is for your own good, will make you stronger and more resistant to external influences. If you travel, especially in the second part of the week - be careful, if possible – you should postpone it. Problems with your vehicle are not excluded...


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17th August to 23rd


On August 18th, there is a New Moon, which gives you the right to a second opportunity to direct in more positive direction priorities that relate to your career development. You can take steps in this direction, to show high initiative, fighting spirit, thanks to demonstrated qualities and abilities - to make a breakthrough in your chosen direction or at least - not to allow yourself to be replaced by competitors, in a more unpleasant form – bad people. Your efforts in this direction will give tender results and will not be without consequences, but now is the time to demonstrate the best of yourself and to have a clear direction for the development, which must correspond to your potential and a kind of destiny. If, however, a kind of difference in the workplace and with colleagues or differences between you prevails and all this does not bring you satisfaction, then some of you will end relationships and contracts that have no place in their future professional development and more.


In another case, forced business trips are possible or you can simply distance yourself from the adverse effects of your surroundings. In any case, your oratory skills, communication skills will be tested, so that you can defend your opinion, as well as your interests... It is useful to rely on experience and going back to the past, analyze what happened, and build a strategy. Broken relationships or contracts now - are unlikely to be restored. During this week you can get information, have conversations that will affect you at least until the end of the year, keep it in mind and look to the distant future so as not to lose direction. During this week there are chances to expand your influence, it is useful to communicate with people outside your close, traditional environment. You can renew or refresh your partnership if you want ...


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10th August to 16th


During this week, there may be changes in your workplace or in your daily routine that will be lasting. In the optimal version - you actively defend your interests, topics related to your career development are discussed and through your own initiative you manage to win more prestigious positions, make a breakthrough in your chosen direction, come out victorious in an objectively tense environment. Whether you can conquer higher peaks in your social status - you understand right now.


It is possible in this process to continue to escalate disputes, which are like a kind of struggle for supremacy or power, you may learn secrets. Optimally, you use words like weapons, you fight battles, but you also win, you use strategy, take advantage of information that will transform your relationships in a positive direction, and maybe contracts. If this is not possible - then you break contracts and relationships, you are focused on something else that is more prestigious. Most of you will have options, especially if you look for them, if you share ideas and intentions, demonstrate competence. People close to your heart are a conductor of happiness, you can strengthen or refresh your partnership. If you have not yet found love, then this can happen in a quick and even surprising way from the middle of this and next week.


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