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18th January to 23rd


During the first days of the new week, you can have important conversations or hear some things that will leave a deep imprint in your mind. You can learn secrets or get great clarity. During this time, your relationships or closest relationships may be transformed, prospective ones will become even stronger, others will break if they have no place in your future development. The information flow is very strong until January 19th, and knowledge is always strength ... This is a good time to defend your opinion, to impose your will, not to allow yourself to be replaced or deceived... On January 18th, there is a Full Moon, which will bring you a lot of knowledge regarding whom and to what extent you can count on, how feasible certain plans are, at the same time right now and through your way of expression, a kind of persuasiveness - you will be able to be successful.


It’s hard for you to compromise, to change your mind, but it is possible that the other party will react in the same way. During the second part of the week - an increasingly important topic is your home and family, explanatory talks during the last days of this and the beginning of next week are not excluded. Optimally, this will resolve old and controversial cases, if this is not always the case, then this will be a sign that they are deeper, and therefore more time will be needed to resolve them.


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11th January to 17th


You are still in a period when your living environment and your way of thinking are changing and, accordingly, how you perceive certain people around you. This week you can strengthen relationships, get enough support from people with whom you look in the same direction, you have similar interests. It is possible to have conversations, to hear words that make you happy or bring you a kind of satisfaction. The period is suitable to heal relationships or to turn them to an even higher and more positive level for you. You will have such an opportunity, including telling yourself some truths if there is something to be said. But communication will often become an occasion for chances at different levels, clearing up misunderstandings, successful negotiations, turning challenges in favor, as long as certain boundaries are not crossed. At the end of this and the beginning of the next week, conversations and information received can have a strong transformative meaning, keep it in mind and direct the events carefully.


Scorpios who have families can still be in a controversial situation with their partner and in terms of living conditions, for example - who and what commitments they make at home, in another case - these are controversial property cases or related to residence, etc... This week there might be an important event, which will be resolved only in February, but you will have time until then - to rethink your approach, decisions made so as to clear any tension, to get what is most good for you, not something else. In this sense, it is advisable to look at a more distant perspective of development. Increased costs are not excluded, in the optimal case they will be useful investments in yourself or in loved ones, but it is still useful to beware of manipulation, fraud, or deception, do not take unnecessary financial risks, be more careful about income and expenses.


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3rd January to 9th 2022


During this week you will be able to harmonize a lot of your relationships, mostly with people who are close to your heart but not only. You manage to have a strong impact on others, sometimes purely psychologically, but it is possible to have conversations that will leave a deep imprint in your mind. You continue to re-evaluate important for you connections, relationships with others - in general. In this process, you can relive some of the past that you do not have to end, or you can clear up any misunderstandings if necessary. In any case - communication, possible meetings become a conduit for many opportunities, a chance to be happy or get a kind of satisfaction... If, however, some contacts become complicated or reactivate old and unresolved cases in your home and family, then you will have a clear indication that you need to change something to get a different and better result than in the past. If all goes well - this will be a great sign, you can count on the same in the future. However, increased costs are possible, they will escalate at the end of this and the beginning of next week, in the optimal case - this will be a useful investment for yourself or for loved ones, but it is still useful to be more careful about income and expenses ...


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


During this week you can have a lot of emotional conversations, you will hear or you will say some things that will have a deep imprint in your heart, but also in that of people important to you from your immediate environment. Your personal or business relationships continue to be transformed, including family, siblings, if you have any. You can influence and guide through communication... In this process you can learn truths, if there is something unspoken or hidden, it will come to the surface and let this become an occasion for a kind of positive catharsis, a kind of rediscovery, where it is necessary. However, under the influence of what is happening, some contacts or contracts may be broken, especially those that have no place in your future development, but others will be strengthened in the manner described above.


You can expect a kind of renewal of your positions in the team, respectively of your personal or business relations, with the New Moon, which is on December 2nd. For most of you, this will be accompanied by pleasant surprises. Another priority topic may be your financial situation, now it can stabilize, you can win something you deserve, a kind of reward for your efforts. In another case, you rely on your relatives and family, clear up any misunderstandings, deal with real estate cases, and this still has a positive effect on what you have in common, on your security in a broader sense. Your relationships are developing well and this trend will grow.


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20th to 26th December 


During this week you can have a positive effect on your well-being because your actions are practical and effective or because you have someone to rely on. Positive changes or a kind of stabilization that concerns the home and the family are possible. Against this background - your soul is restless, you tend to constantly go back to the past, to analyze it, to do some thinking, etc. Your opinion is unstable, probably not without reason. You rethink how important it really is to you, your relationships take on a different value and a consequence of what you hear. Some of you will learn secrets or will try to peek beyond the visible in communication, close relationships and will succeed... So you will look at your surroundings with a different view from the past ... Your desire to "know", you have clarity - is significant. Connections, living environment are changing, because you present yourself differently, because you heal some contacts, but distance yourself from others or move... Communication and relationships with others will increasingly become a conduit for change in your life, but also a chance to prove yourself, to gain power, literally and in a broader sense...


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13th to 19th December


Purely financial priorities will become an increasingly important topic for you. If someone owes you something, this week you have a chance to get it back. But if you are in debt, then it will remind in a sharper form of itself. Against this background, you may need to make some revaluations that affect income and expenses, as well as whom and to what extent you can count on, because there will be people who will support you, will contribute to your well-being, but may there are also those that can destabilize you or cause you losses. Most of you will now be able to rely primarily on your family. This is an excellent period during which you can recover, improve the home environment by clearing up any misunderstandings between you and your loved ones, or invest in your home, find that your family supports you, but you also support them - morally and materially.


In any case, this can become an occasion to build a stable base, confidence on which to build all other priorities and respective successes. This can contribute to the comfort and existence in the coming months, and maybe longer, you can act purposefully in this direction and your efforts will have a wide impact. Some of you may have a small party at home or have a reason to do so during the last days of the week. If not everything goes exactly according to your individual maps, then differences have accumulated between you, which may be insurmountable. Increased costs are quite likely, but they can bring you pleasure, satisfy your whim or make your loved ones happy, but be careful that topics related to finances do not stand between you and your loved ones. At the end of the week, when a Full Moon is coming - you understand which of your dreams can materialize, some of you will receive a gift, literally and in a broader sense, a kind of approval that will enrich you.


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7th to 12th December


During this week it is appropriate to take the necessary steps that will improve, harmonize your immediate environment. This can happen by investing in your home and family, or by reaching important agreements where you find common and enriching goals that will contribute to your comfort of existence. It is possible that some of you also experience some tension or disagreement, which are related to household issues or those related to real estate, controversial topics with family members. You can influence above-average trends because Mars is still in your zodiac sign. This is a powerful energy that makes you bolder, but sometimes it can push you to cross certain boundaries, through which you are more likely to get a different result. From this point of view, you are required to be more moderate in expectations, certain reactions, etc.


What is happening now can have a wide impact and hopefully, it transform your living environment in a positive way. In your way of thinking, expressing, deep changes escalate, which will naturally change your environment. The reasons for this may be that you create and strengthen relationships that you value, and that can stay in your life for a long time. Otherwise, you will renew the way you perceive others so that you can distance yourself from certain people... Some of you will present yourself in a different light, and this will again be an occasion for new positions... Your mind can be overpowered by a topic, a goal that will have a positive impact on your authority, public positions, future prospects for development. For now, you can negotiate, discuss, and what has been planned will be significantly expanded in the coming months. You influence others more than usual because of Mars in Scorpio, it will be in this sector until December 15th, so you should make the most of...


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29th November to 5th December


This week you enjoy more kindness, support, and approval from those around you, so if you want to join forces with certain people so that your goals can be achieved more easily, then it is appropriate to do so now. Most of you enjoy good news, suggestions... Communication, in general, becomes a conduit for many opportunities, take advantage - express ideas, negotiate your interests and you will find that now you can much easier to implement them and as a result of this support and approval ... During the first part of the week, important events that affect home and family priorities may escalate. You will have the opportunity to stabilize or improve this area of ​​your life by clearing up possible misunderstandings, they may be related to financial priorities... Now you can discuss issues related to income and expenses, possible investments in real estate, or something else which concerns your comfort of existence. Most of you can rely on your loved ones - morally and financially ... However, it is advisable to avoid some exaggerated expectations that could have the opposite effect.


On December 4th, there will be a New Moon, which is with a Total Solar Eclipse, it can renew your material condition, set a great new beginning. You should focus on what is happening in order to go with the flow so that you can go far, figuratively speaking. In the case of eclipses, it is not recommended to go against the flow, because this way you can't get far. From this point of view, you highly value circumstances and people who support you and can contribute to your well-being, build a strategy and act ... However, some of the chances may stand in your way on their own.


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23rd November to 28th


Mars is still in your zodiac sign, strengthens your initiative or encourages you to channel it in a very positive and constructive direction for you, which will help you meet wider support from others, your words will be heard more than usual, you will meet a kind of approval, etc. All this can become an occasion to strengthen important relationships for you, you can conclude contracts that are long-term, you can attract wider support to your side or you can harmonize your immediate environment. You receive good news, have conversations that bring you satisfaction, have a positive effect on your sense of happiness, faith in future development, etc. It is advisable to make the most of this aspect so that to express desires, ideas, and intentions, the probability of their approval is more than high.


You should gradually clear up any misunderstandings in your home, put a complicated case, if there is one that also applies to real estate or residence, this trend will intensify at the end of this and the beginning of next week. An increasingly important topic for you is your financial situation, this week you may receive something that was taken away from you wrongfully or you may receive a corresponding reward for making efforts so far. But if you owe something, then the pressure to pay off will increase.


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16th to 22nd November


Your ambitions rise, this affects the support you can or should receive from your environment when you negotiate, defend your interests. There will definitely be people who help you, are a guide to the good news and the corresponding chances. Your words are being heard and with the corresponding positives. But all this is happening against the background of a tense atmosphere in which you can exist. It is possible to have the feeling that others are behaving too inconsistently, surprising you, showing unreliability. In this situation, you can influence such personal or business contacts, again through a persuasive, reasoned approach, many will clear up differences, tension, will turn some challenges in their favor. Thus, the period turns out to be important for your relationships, and as a consequence - for your future prospects of development at different levels of life.


If, after all, you cannot influence certain personalities, then you will distance yourself from them or you will simply stop interacting with those who rather destabilize you, who obviously have no place in your future development, you will have clear clues in this direction. Your relationship this week will surprisingly move to a new level, the direction will depend on all of the above, you can expect indicative or significant events in the days of the Full Moon, which is with a Lunar Eclipse on November 19th and 20th. During this time, try to strengthen those relationships that you care for by renewing them, if necessary - by allowing something new and different in them, in some cases - this will escalate as a trend due to external reasons ...


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8th to 14th November


You are in an excellent period during which you can take more prestigious positions, because your initiative is higher, and your words are being heard, your intentions are more widely supported, or there will always be someone to help you if you need it. The information flow is very strong, it brings you valuable knowledge, but it also gives you a chance to defend your interests, to attract what you most want. Most of you do not lack company, attention, so you should make the most of it ... However, you might feel restless due to unresolved issues from the past.


They can also affect your loved ones, family, priorities related to relationships at home, the need to pay more attention to a loved one, to deal with property cases, security in a broader sense... Now you have enough strength to deal with all this, but you are also required to act more flexibly, and in some cases to make a compromise. I remind you that you are in a period when small actions have a wide impact, so you should be careful... Your relationships are harmonious for most of you or at least you can clear up any misunderstandings if you wish, especially on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.


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1st to 8th November


You are in one of the most important periods for you of the year, when you create a new energy program for the whole coming year. Take advantage of the New Moon, which is on November 4th, to "sow seeds" that will grow for a long time in the coming weeks, months, and maybe next year. The good news is that you will have enough strength and energy to influence, direct current events and future trends. In a not-so-positive aspect, you will find that others do not behave too predictably, surprise you, etc. However, you may be more inclined than usual to take an unconventional approach to deal with all the challenges that affect the relationship, personal or business partnerships, and this will undoubtedly renew them and let it be in your preferred direction and by not losing more distant goals, end result, options, outcomes from view.


In any case, more flexibility and adaptability will be required in communication. Changes have been escalating in your home and family for some time and now you are entering a key phase, it will actually continue next week, and then everything will be channeled by inertia. On November 6th Mercury enters your zodiac sign, you will feel its influence as you attract more and more attention through your way of expression, tendency to defend your опинион more and more argumentatively, to express an opinion, etc. Thus, during the second part of the period, your words will be хеард, you can attract fans, protectors, hear good news ... To attract new people around you if you need it.


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25th October to 31st


During this week, some tension may escalate due to household chores that are not to your liking. In another case, you might be reminded of old and unresolved cases from the past, which concern the family, home, household, and property cases. Your reactions and decisions will definitely have a key impact, which means that you have a choice. You can act differently to get a different and better result than before. It is important to emphasize that you may need to show more understanding, even compromise with your loved ones, also that you are now outlining longer-term development prospects that will have a broad impact and let them be positive for you, as you want to accompany you in the coming months and longer… You can invest in your home so as to improve, refresh the atmosphere at home. Otherwise, you will be able to rely even financially on your loved ones. However, the costs can be increased, and sometimes you may have the feeling that the money is literally flowing between your fingers.


On October 29th, a significant astrological event is coming up, Mars will enter your zodiac sign and will remain there until December 13th, this happens once every two and a half years. As long as Mars is in your zodiac sign, your initiative will increase, even if it’s not completely up to you, otherwise it can cause tension. Mars from Scorpio will largely allow you to be captains of your own life ship, figuratively speaking, this is a force, but also a responsibility, because results, successes, resolutions will depend mainly on your own approach and in which direction you channel this powerful energy. Trends that you set now and until the middle of December, will have significance and impact for at least the next two and a half years... It is worth working out a strategy.


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18th October to 24th


A significant astrological event is coming up this week - on October 23rd the Sun will enter your zodiac sign and endow you with its solar energy so that you too can influence the course of events much more strongly. Until then - everything and to a significant extent moves by inertia... What is happening can give you a chance to harmonize your immediate environment, in the home and family, but not only. Most of you will be able to rely on your loved ones, you will be able to clear up any misunderstandings at home if any. It is more likely that you will receive a kind of reward for your efforts so far. If you need a kind of guardianship that will contribute to your well-being, many will find it. In front of you, there might be options for development that have a positive impact on your financial situation or what you have - in general. At the same time, costs will also increase permanently, especially during the second part of the period, and this trend may intensify.


It is always easier to influence the events in the beginning, analyze what is happening and build a strategy, rethink issues related to income and expenses, track causal relationships, and, accordingly, what can destabilize you financially now and in the future in order to take a timely measure. The information flow is very intense and this week you can learn secrets, if there are hidden and destructive processes that operate behind your back - now you will identify them to take action. Some of the news are able to literally transform your future plans, others - will encourage you to fight for your interests, others - will become an occasion to abruptly end relationships or contracts that have no place in your future development. But knowledge is always a force that allows us to make the right decisions ... What is happening around the Full Moon, which is on October 20th, is very indicative of what to leave in your future development and what to part with...


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