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January 27th to February 2nd

The leading focus may be on your home and your family, or it may be a good time to improve your background, and perhaps think of more basic transformations in your life that will further help you with your other goals, desires, opportunities.

You probably need to be more open to something new, creative, you may need to change your point of view, be more adaptable, you may eventually need to react just like that, and this will become an occasion to discover broader horizons of development, options, ways, even additional of your own qualities that are deeply encoded in your soul.

So another leading topic will be purely financial priorities, you will probably make a lot of efforts to improve your financial situation. You should focus on an idea, your own qualities, not so much investment, depending on external factors that will have the opposite effect. You should think of a profitable quality, an idea, a personal potential that you can work on and that could have an enriching effect.

However, it is also possible that you may have to spend more money. Ideally, they will be invested in loved ones, maybe even business, even entertainment that will help you relax and will have a good effect on your tone and physical condition. However, it is a good idea not to allow topics such as income and expenses to stand between you and loved ones. There might be some events that will force you to rethink everything that is valuable to you - people close to your heart, ways to acquire goods, etc. This should have a healing effect and it should eliminate inaccuracies in your worldview.

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January 20th to 26th

Your living environment in your home and family is changing or these are other basic transformations that will affect other areas of your life - partnerships, popularity among others, social status... The stars show you what you need to upgrade in your environment in order to refresh and improve it, not the other way around. The transformations will be provoked mainly by the people around you, by the people who are important to you ...

If surprises occur that you do not condone, then you will be able to see more clearly what cannot be stored as a status quo, it needs to be replaced by something in order to clear any tension, misunderstandings and to consolidate relationships... You might discuss a family budget, what to invest in your home, and this could have a positive healing effect...

Your attention is grabbed by people close to your heart, there may be people who will touch your soul with words or actions... Be careful not to go to extremes - to idealize love or to exaggerate any negatives, in the case that there are some discrepancies with your expectations. Also, do not let purely material issues stand between you and your loved ones; however, on different occasions, you will re-evaluate others according to how much you can rely on them, there will be enough reasons for you to do this.

You are very proactive in raising your income, improving your well-being, your initiatives will not go unnoticed, you will probably need to invest something before you get something else... However, it is useful to beware of fraud and deception or reckless spendings...

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January 13th to 19th

You continue to change something in your way of thinking, communication, relationships, positions that you hold in a team. The reasons may not be accidental, but a consequence of what is heard, sometimes new demands placed on you or a kind of struggle for supremacy.

In the process, you can or should prevail by standing your ground strategically, striving to forge relationships with influential or powerful individuals who have a significant influence on you on various occasions. You will have such a chance, and the ultimate outcome depends a lot on what you actually want, how much do contacts made correspond to your future development and personal predetermination.

Against this background, a personality appears during the week, and sometimes in a surprising way that supports you. This may be an occasion for you to be happy, to be able to more fully unleash your potential, this applies to everyone, but especially to those born in the first the decanate. If you are not in a relationship - you can meet love suddenly, or if you are committed - you could find a way out, a solution from complicated situations and you can harmonize your relationships ...

It is not excluded that a situation may arise in the last few days of the period that requires discussion and debate in the family or with your partner. The subjects are probably not related to something that has happened recently, but they are indicative of what changes are required, some type of update for a long time, in order to avoid possible tension, cooling of feelings, etc.

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December 30th to January 5th

The information flow is very intense, you can get suggestions, you might sign a contract or negotiate which will transform your life for a long time.

You have a lot of emotional conversations, you understand the truths that transform your worldview, your way of thinking.

Recently, you have been particularly bold when speaking your mind, fighting for your interests, and thus managing to win more prestigious positions in your team…

Your words are being heard more and more, your behavior is such that you make others pay attention to you.

You can attract influential people, draw on your side a powerful ally with corresponding consequences.

However, if there are people who are more likely to create obstacles for your development, then you will probably part with them, but you should not regret that, because they will be quickly replaced by new ones.

A project, an idea or an opportunity is about to end, this process now begins and will continue until mid-February. From now until then, you should look for alternatives, additional resources that will act as some kind of compensation.

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon on December 26th will change your way of thinking, expression, and this will in a natural way affect the positions you take in a team, your personal or business relationships, as well as contracts ...

It is likely that the expansion of your consciousness and some kind of analysis of the past will help you to expand your influence on others.

You will have a chance to take on more prestigious positions, attract more support and approval, including by older and reputable personalities, influential people and protectors.

After the New Moon and for the next two weeks, you can renew important contracts for you, negotiate, hear news or suggestions that can transform your life.

The more socially active you are, the broader your development prospects will be.

You should create or strengthen relationships - this is the key to your success.

Perhaps you won't like everything you hear, but knowledge is always useful, a force for one to make optimally right decisions.

Subjects from the past can resume, but now they can evolve to your advantage, you might get offers and suggestions you previously missed out on, etc.

It is not excluded that some circumstances around the people who are important to you may change and affect you, this may include your brothers and sisters if you have any.

Mars is still in your zodiac sign and will remain there until January 2nd, 2020. You should take advantage of it optimally, your initiative will develop later by inertia and in the coming months, it may increase your well-being or make your dreams come true in January.

Most of you find strong support from your family, and if there were misunderstandings, they can now be resolved.

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December 16th to 22nd

You have a lot of energy, willpower, high initiative, thanks to which you manage to replace more prestigious positions in a team.

Relationships important to you might change under the pressure of explanatory conversations, the negotiations you have, there is a huge chance that these transformations will be to your benefit and will lead to satisfaction.

You will not lack the attention and support, even if you sometimes have to argue, to stand your ground. You are evaluating people, changing your way of speaking, and in most cases, this is not accidental, but a consequence of what is happening and it has a positive effect on you.

The more socially active you are, the better results you can achieve.

You are still in an important period about your physical condition, and this is very much related to your own initiative. Most of the trends have already been set, but you can channel them in the best direction for you.

Still, increased expenses are not excluded, they can be useful investments in loved ones, business or it is for your personal satisfaction, you might make yourself happy by buying something for yourself, etc. However, beware of inappropriate expenses, in the more unpleasant form - misleading, abuse of trust, etc. Also, don't let purely financial matters get between you and your loved ones.

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December 9th to 15th

During this week you might hear some news, have conversations that could transform your daily life, the relationships that matter to you, the positions you occupy in a team.

You can meet people who have a similar reflection, and if you are not in a relationship, you can find love at first sight.

The more socially active you are, the more likely you will be to attract influential personalities to your side, sign contracts, reach significant agreements, and so on.

You change your attitude towards others, probably not for no reason, but as a consequence of what is happening and due to some analyzes… It is not excluded that there might be some transformations around these people, /brothers, sisters, but not only/, which will affect you too. In that case, and with the help of your way of expression, you can channel these processes in an optimally positive direction, act and you will succeed.

Your words are being heard, they have a wide reflection and you should keep this in mind…

Another focus is on your financial status. Now you can have a breakthrough in this direction by unleashing your potential if you decide to run your own business, negotiate your interests.

However, you may also have to spend more money increased, ideally for useful or inevitable investments…

It is useful to guard against misunderstandings relating to money, as well as to guard against fraud…

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