Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

by Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 24th to 30th

The horizons ahead of you might expand, you might get new and better prospects for development, tendencies are often related to the sudden support you get, people and circumstances that invade your life in a surprising way and in most cases have a positive, supportive effect, as a minimum, can open up some options of development for you, especially if you need them.

You may be interested in travel and/or promotions, real and contributing to your popularity, leadership positions, or ones that are contributing to your knowledge.

The period is emotional, colorful, filled with opportunities, some of which you will trigger yourself, and others will stand in your way in a spontaneous way.

Nevertheless, at this stage, many will still have some anxiety about longer-term prospects of development; the reasons for this may arise in disputes, misunderstandings that challenge personal or business contacts; in a more unpleasant form - this may be related to legal cases that you have to turn to your advantage, can also be documents with a great deal of reflection, but this requires overcoming a difficulty and to a great extent the result will manifest in the current period. You have to do your best, rely on your way of expression, the success achieved will be permanently encoded so you must act strategically...

There might also be some kind of confusion in your relationships, if there is something unfair or erosive, it will be more obvious than usual and hopefully, this would be a reason to remove it...

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June 17th to 23rd

You are in a highly transforming period that can prompt you to see your environment from a different angle, and you can actually change your environment of existence or you could at least clear your environment from influences that are considered unfavorable to you.

During the whole period, your personal or business relationships, contractual relationships would be tested for reliability, if you are interested in legal cases, then they would also go into some crucial phase.

Most of you act urgently, striving to break the limits by using a different approach and aiming for big things. You can more than usually defend your interests even if you have to go into "verbal wars." Your words in most cases are being heard, you manage to impose your authority, but this is not a mild task, it will probably also require some kind of compromise.

There may be personalities around you who are strong and able to support you, but there might also be ones who are not so good-natured, who can hinder your development at different levels. So, your ability to balance, to show communicativeness, will ensure success and turn a kind of challenge into your benefit. You would find out how you're dealing with everything through conversations, important news you would get on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then you can strengthen contacts and others might end. You should build a strategy and act, if possible, without going into conflict or making sharp turns, unless this is not inevitable...

Again you enter a period in which you have to emphasize everything to protect yourself from possible losses, in an optimal case you will spend more money on pleasure, entertainment, and loved ones.

Supporting days are Saturday and Sunday - they are suitable for relaxing and achieving more harmony...

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June 10th to 16th

Some kind of tension buffer for you may turn out to be people who are close to your heart, possible entertainment or hobbies... Many of you will have quite constructive conversations that will further deepen their relationships. In this process, intuition will help you, as well as the firm position, the sharp sense of justice...

You have tense conversations and not all of them would go smoothly, a conflict of interests is not out of the question, so you have to choose, make compromises, or just give up on some relationships and contracts that are past their time at the expense of something new and having a chance to prosper.

You should take advantage of the information you receive which would help you make the best choices.

Increased expenses are not excluded, in an optimal way they are well thought out, lead to the release of pressure and satisfaction.

However, it is worthwhile to be careful with scattering financial resources, spending too much money, you should be more careful when interacting with financial institutions, filling in payment documents, the time is not well suited for investments, lending money, getting loans, etc. because there may be some omissions, confusions, etc.

You are drowned to traveling or go beyond what you know and so you can have a breakthrough, get a promotion, achieve your goals, and so on.

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June 3rd to 9th

The week begins with a New Moon, which is highly transforming for you on various levels - material welfare or support you get from people close to you. The trend may be accompanied by some kind of rethinking- what you give, and what you get, to whom and to what extent you can count on, such analyzes will become the reason for the transformations and choices you make - in a personal or business aspect.

On different occasions, others will have a leading role in your financial stability or future plans. It is clear that you will need to orientate yourself in the direction of receiving support, clearing out misunderstandings and consolidating relationships. You will have such chances, they may be accompanied by constructive conversations that have a beneficial effect.

If this is not possible, then you can leave some people behind you and you should not regret it because it will be a sign that they are rather destabilizing you, but in a more unpleasant form - have an unfair attitude towards you.

Still, in the environment of many, there is a person who has their best interest at heart, who can become a bridge to success and a sense of happiness.

Some of you can indulge in hobbies, loved ones or entertainment that will affect the finances, but if everything is well thought out, everything should be fine...

In the second part of the week, you may get surprising suggestions, news, including from people away from you, you should decide whether to take advantage of them.

Possible trips during this time will be memorable, but they will not go according to schedule and expectations...

You need to be more careful at all times when interacting with financial institutions - tax, banks, insurance companies and if it is possible - you should postpone these events at this stage.

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May 27th to June 3rd

This week you will find strong support from people who are important to you, this might also be personal or business partners. In most cases, you enjoy the goodwill and support of others, and you can conduct rather constructive, serious, "illuminating" general and future development perspectives, or ones that change your position in a team and your environment of existence.

You impose your authority and your opinion with firmness and constructive position.

Even if there are certain people who are more demanding of you, you can now influence them and turn them into your supporters, if you want that and consciously aim for it...

You might spend more on loved ones, you might indulge in hobbies or even entertainment which would make you happy, but might drain more of your resources.

In another scenario, investments are needed, something that is expensive for you, including your own business if you have one.

Whatever it is, you should not allow purely financial priorities to stand between you and your loved ones... Everything is temporary and in the future, your success at different levels will depend exactly on the support you get...

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May 20th to 26th

You are socially active, acting in a way that extends the limits of what you can do, and this can happen by communicating with people outside of your immediate environment, traveling, raising your knowledge and skills, and/or advertising yourself. The successes you would actually achieve may be the reason to meet new and interesting people, you can expand your reach and you might even get popular.

In any case, your social activity would prove to be very useful, giving rise to unexpected and fast opportunities.

Your surroundings surprise you, in most cases pleasantly, they would be a reason for memorable bright emotions, and you enjoy goodwill and attention...

However, if someone does not meet your expectations, if they behave differently but unacceptably, this is not accidental and you must take adequate measures to prevent this process from happening in a destructive manner for you. In general, you need to be careful who you trust and who you should not.

If you are not in a relationship - you can find love, in fact, you might fall for someone head over heels, as well as the people in relationships, especially those born in the first decanate of the zodiac, but not only. This wild intrusion of a certain personality into your life is capable of transforming it directly and again so quickly and unexpectedly, but it is nice to be careful about the details which you might not notice because of all these emotions.

During the second part of the period, the flow of information is growing, the rhythm in everyday life is changing, you have options that would make you choose, and this would affect what you have "in general".

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May 13th to 19th

You are in a very important period when you can consolidate your personal or business relationships, gain popularity, increase your influence and authority through negotiations, conversations (including explanatory) that you conduct.

It is not always easy to negotiate, but your constructive and firm opinion will be an occasion to achieve successes that can be expressed in concluding long-term contracts, reaching agreements, important and long-term solutions.

Many receive support and approval from older and authoritative individuals. According to what is going on, relationships will become even stronger, but others, if they disappoint you, will remain behind your back. A peak of indicative events has been going on in recent days.

During the first part of the period, the daily life is very dynamic, busy but also effective, this may be a reason to get a bonus, a chance to get a raise if the working conditions allow it, or you would at least get some moral satisfaction.

In the second part of the period, important personalities surprise you, but generally, you can enjoy wider support, ideas, opportunities, and trips ...

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