Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

by Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

You continue to be in a good time to make more money, get a promotion due to the efforts already made, the ability to deal with competitors, the high initiative you are having.

Despite the high-profit chances, the expenses of many still remain high. This might be because of useful investment in your loved ones or a business, but it is still worthwhile to be careful with misleading and spending money which would be considered to be a loss. Be careful that such topics do not affect your relationship.

At the beginning of the week, surprises are possible to encourage you to pay more attention to your home and family, perhaps priorities that relate to real estate or place of residence. At this point, it is more useful to observe trends, they move more in inertia and according to what happened before, at least in the past year. At this stage, you are given the chance to finish what you have already started, to move it in a more positive direction - by having conversations and not only, but also by reacting "at the moment" in order to be adequate to what is happening, it is still too early for new ventures in this sector...

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January 14th to 20th 

The information flow is very intense, you get a lot of clarity on the first days of the new week on topics that concern priorities with your loved ones, people important to you, your own business, if you have one.

You are having constructive conversations, you affirm an opinion that could raise your authority, strengthen relationships, clear misunderstandings, although in this process you may cut off a part of your contacts, at least look at some of them with other eyes. If you have brothers or sisters, your relationships are transformed or some changes escalate around them, which also affect you. Keep an eye on what's happening, focus as much as possible because it has a long-lasting impact.

You are in a wonderful time to earn something meaningful, make more money, get a promotion, work approval, often not freely, but through high initiative and dealing with competition.

If this is not possible, then you can look for another and more promising place for development, or at least you might take the first steps in that direction.

During the second part of the period, there are plenty of surprises and outcomes and hopefully, they would make you happy. You hear news about old and unexplained controversial issues, you might be reminded of a person from your past reminds. Whether this would please you or not depends a lot on what is accumulated as a trend already.

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January 7th to 13th 

The daily routine of most of you may be pretty busy, more than usual, but at the same time, you are in a good time to have a positive effect on your income, and many would gain something significant by January 20th. As a minimum that would be moral satisfaction.

Nonetheless, most of you would be in an increasingly competitive environment or in one where you would have to fight for your interests, probably entering into verbal fights. A guarantee for your success, overcoming challenges from your immediate environment would be the experience, authority, sometimes a firm stance and a convincing statement.

The information flow is very intense, you can take advantage of it, knowledge is always strength and gives clarity that you can take advantage of. Now, in brighter colors, you would understand who and to what extent you can rely on. This may be a reason to attract the care of an older and authoritative figure, to reunite with an old friend and get something lost back. But there would probably be such people who would drop out of your environment, or you would at least change your opinion on them as well as your line of behavior towards them.

Interaction with relatives, including brothers or sisters, is not always easy; in another version, changes are taking place around them, which also affects you. Significant events occur at the end of the week and at the beginning of the next, and they would transform some of your relationships or contracts; in a more extreme form - they would prompt you to change your environment of existence.

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December 31th to January 6th 

There are important events that might change your environment of existence, relationships with your surroundings, including relatives /siblings if you have any/. In most cases, the changes would be positive, you would have a chance to increase your authority, thanks to constructive behavior, a way of communicating that makes people have respect for you.

In another case, transformations around other people would also affect you, and you would have to react in order to strengthen your relationships and to turn some challenges to your advantage.

Your words are being heard by others, your judgments are cool, practical, sometimes it may be a reason for your feelings and attachment to certain personalities to cool down. You might even clear your surroundings from those who hinder your path to success altogether.

Something in your way of thinking is changing, the practical assessments that make you more uncompromising are predominant. That probably does not happen without reason but as a result of conversations and meetings, of something you may have heard, which may have a wide impact.

Your everyday life will become more and more busy, but also more productive and bringing results. Use the New Moon's impulse on January 6th so that with the help of negotiation you could turn all the challenges to your advantage...

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December 24th to 30th

The information flow this week is very intense, you might have conversations, get news that has a profound impact, change important relationships for you, including ones with relatives, but not only. It might also renew your environment of existence or at least the way you perceive others.

In this process, some of your relationships would be strengthened and consolidated for the whole year, and maybe much longer, but others, and mostly those that bring you disappointment - would remain behind you in a difficult to reverse way.

You are inclined to rethink everything, to firmly defend your mind and that would be the right thing to do. The past has somehow overtaken you - with news, analyzes, etc... This may be a reason to review and negotiate contracts - written and oral.

Your expenses are still big, but if the money is spent on something you enjoyed doing and if they are still thought out, then probably everything is fine.

It is useful to protect yourself from manipulations that would destabilize your material condition.

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December 17th to 23rd

You are under the vigorous support of Venus, with greater ease you attract glances, gain sympathy and approval and you can make your dreams come true, your romantic moods are the occasion to meet love or to consolidate your present relationship if you are interested in doing that.
The leading topic for many is to start making more money, now is the time to be the most proactive in this direction, some of the chances can stand on your path in the form of suggestions and others challenges you might provoke yourself. Agreements, ideas, news - can transform your material situation and you might receive some gift from Fate...
By Friday, your daily life is dynamic, brings you surprises, and in most cases is positive if your working conditions allow you to get a promotion. If that is not possible - you get a bonus, moral encouragement, you are turning the challenges to your advantage.
In the last days of the period, the flow of information gets stronger - there are strong and weak links on your path to success, you enter a period in which you have to defend your conquered positions by standing firmly, preventing others from imposing their will, to replace your interests, and so on. It is always easier to influence the trends in the beginning, increase the positives and timely stop any provocation before they get bigger. Do not overlook anything you hear, your inner voice, some hints in that direction, and so on.

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December 10th to 16th

This week you are attracting like a magnet the things that you want. If you are discussing your feelings, negotiating your interests - this might turn into a new, more positive and long-lasting trend in your life. You can clear any misunderstandings from the recent past, you can get something lost back, you can get a highly anticipated second chance...
Constructive conversations and negotiations are more than likely, you should increase this trend with your own initiative. You might hear good news from important people and you might attract older and authoritative figures.
Something in your way of expression is changing, you are more consistent in your intentions and decisions, demonstrating your accumulated experience and knowledge, and your authority improves, causing others to comply more with you than usual.
You are in a great period to work on your income, it is advisable to concentrate in this growing field - improving your financial situation. Results might grow longer, as long as your goals are bigger and long-term. Act in this direction and this will definitely have a positive effect now and/or in the longer term.
Despite the excellent chances of making money, some people will be losing money as it is flowing between their fingers. This may be for hobbies, entertainment, loved ones, whatever it is - as long as it's well thought out, it will probably be all right. Beware, by mid-December, pure material misunderstandings not to stand between you and your loved ones...

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