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18th January to 23rd


During the first part of the week, important events concerning your financial state can escalate. In the optimal case, you will receive a kind of reward for making efforts so far, a reward or a gift, a kind of outcome to the goal you are striving for. Some of you can turn challenges into benefits that will enrich you in the same way. If the transformations or what is happening is not in your favor, then you will have to catch up with possible omissions or look for something else more suitable for you in the future. On January 18th we are under the influence of a Full Moon, so in the first days - you get a lot of knowledge on all of the above ...


During the second part of the week, your social activity will grow, it is possible in the last days of this and the beginning of the next - to have explanatory conversations, to unravel controversial cases from the past or you will once again be reminded of old and unresolved issues. Consider these events to be a second chance so that you get a better result than before. If this is not possible, then the differences are more serious and will require more time to resolve. In another case - a person from the past comes back to you, you will decide how to react...


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11th January to 17th


The leading topic for you is your financial situation, this week there might be an important event that has a wide impact, in the optimal case - the transformation will help you get something earned and deserved, sometimes - to overcome a kind of challenge. Against this background, it should be said that your daily life is more stressful than usual, it is possible that there might be permanent changes in your workplace, new requirements that you must meet. This week you can hear important news concerning future development prospects that affect your professional realization. Everything will be in your favor if you show greater adaptability, understanding an opinion that is different from yours, avoid conflicts with influential or powerful people. Possible opposition may drag on or have a wider impact than you expect, and the corresponding outcome in February. In another case - you understand what changes are coming and just take advantage of them ... There may be some tension in your home and family, but still you can rely financially and morally on your loved ones, in most cases. So it is advisable to clear up any differences through communication, understanding, etc.


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3rd January to 9th 2022


The leading focus for most of you is your financial well-being. Now you have the opportunity to influence him and direct the trends in a more positive direction for you. In this process, most of you can catch up with possible omissions from the past, some will regain something lost, others - old sources of income, something they deserve, others - will have someone to rely on, primarily their family, but not only ... You may decide to invest in your home to improve and harmonize your immediate environment, to increase your comfort of existence ...


Against this background, there may be some misunderstandings between you and your family members or in another case - issues related to real estate, home improvement put more pressure on you than usual. You can deal with all these priorities by not rushing, following causal relationships, if some of the events get out of your control. Everyday life brings you a lot of surprises, it may not be on schedule, you receive news or have conversations that can change your plans or show you in the long run - what you can count on and what to look out for, mostly at work, but not only ... Love at this stage is in the background or is cooler, more rational, filtered by the mind...


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


The leading topic for most of you is material well-being. Important transformations are taking place in this sector of your life. The time is right to negotiate your interests, you may also need to be more proactive in terms of profits, turning potential challenges in favor of your finances. The New Moon, which is on January 2nd, will provoke a kind of renewal or a new beginning, which concerns income-expenses, professional realization, what you have - in general. In most cases, it will give you sudden opportunities, but mostly those that are related to the efforts you have made in a direction that you have already set and without making any sharp turns. Just now - chances are given, the "winds of change" are incidental and you can take advantage of them, it will have a stabilizing or enriching effect, in some cases - it will be a pleasant surprise, solution, relief from possible tension. Some of the opportunities will stand in your way, but it is good that you are more proactive in this direction. Throughout the week you have very constructive dialogues that will strengthen your authority, strengthen certain relationships with people important to you, and you can create new ones, for example, new people appear in your environment who help you, influence you, and so on… In any case, social activity is very useful, you can attract a kind of guardianship, impose your opinion or approve your ideas, etc. There will be someone to rely on, and this will affect different levels - moral and material aspects ...


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20th to 26th December 


Your energy and initiative this week will be quite constructive. This will help you to have a very constructive conversation, you will be able to strengthen relationships with influential or powerful people, to impose your own authority in the team. Your words will be heard and will have a wide impact. Conducted talks, negotiations can win you new and more prestigious positions. This is an excellent period for strengthening relationships... Some of you may reach agreements or sign contracts that will be long-term and reliable... Recently, your work has been filled with more stress, unexpected events that require to be mobilized, not to allow yourself to be relaxed. Your financial situation itself is volatile or also undergoing changes that you can still influence.


Defining trends are being created that will have a broad future impact and right now, in the current period - you can influence, direct, take advantage of in an optimal way. Some of the chances will stand in your way, but others - you have to unlock with your increased initiative, and probably will be strongly encouraged to react this way. Love - at this stage is in the background or feelings are filtered by very practical moods... This can cool the passions, but can also bring you closer to a person who contributes to your well-being, among other things ...


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13th to 19th December


At the beginning of the week, Mars will move into your zodiac sign, so it will raise your adrenaline, your initiative, your ability to influence trends, people, and events more. You may have to deal with cases from the past that are catching up with you and are still unresolved. Consider what is happening as a second chance, so that you can have a more positive impact on important topics that will affect your financial situation, but not only. You may have to defend your interests more and more, your daily life may be more stressful, additional and unforeseen commitments may arise. Dealing with them - will have a broad and positive impact, but for this purpose - you need to clear up some differences between you and older and influential people, people who affect your future development. Such topics will continue to occupy you until mid-February, then a kind of outcome is possible ...


In other words, set trends will now determine your future development, which affects your social status, social status, etc. This week you can hear a lot of exciting news, get the support you need. It is advisable for you to act purposefully in this direction - to create and strengthen relationships that can contribute to your well-being, to clear up any misunderstandings with certain individuals that may destabilize you. You will have enough clues in this direction. Beware of misunderstandings in the home and family, especially at the beginning of the period, so as not to drag them on in the future and with the corresponding consequences. On December 19th there will be a Full Moon, which illuminates important for you personal and business relationships, you understand in brighter colors who and to what extent you can count on ... You should direct the events carefully, you will have such an opportunity after all the Sun is still is in your zodiac sign.


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7th to 12th December


The information flow is quite strong this week. On the one hand, through your own increased initiative, set higher and more distant goals - you will attract more attention, some kind of support, approval of your wishes, intentions. You can often be the center of attention... Conducted conversations, negotiations - become a conduit for good news, success, etc. At the same time and almost all the time - you can learn secrets, if someone is unfair to you, acts behind your back - it will be more visible than usual. You make balances - on whom and to what extent you can count. However, it is useful to beware of conflicts that can have a wide impact. Your financial situation can be transformed in a completely positive direction for you, some of you will find additional sources of profit, others - will receive a kind of reward for making efforts so far. At home and in the family - if differences have accumulated between you and your loved ones, they will now escalate and let this become an occasion to clear them.


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29th November to 5th December


This week you are still in a good period during which you can make positive changes that affect your financial situation and in this part of your life - many will be able to count on a dose of luck. The chances increase - the efforts you have made so far to materialize and bring you a kind of satisfaction. In another case - you find parallel or additional sources of profit, again as an option - you enjoy the support of a certain person who helps you, has a stabilizing or enriching effect on your income. During this week, events escalate, which can focus on new opportunities for profit for a long time ... During the first part of the week - you have very constructive conversations, you hear important news, you can initiate negotiations that will have a wide impact. In the second part of the week - one of the most important astrological events for you during the year - is a New Moon, which is with a Total Solar Eclipse, it is in your zodiac sign and is on December 4th.


Of course, this New Moon will most affect those born on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of December and to varying degrees - everyone else. For those born on the above dates, but also for everyone else - a big new beginning is coming, which can renew your income, change your positions in the team, you will get a chance to establish your authority through communication skills, experience, and knowledge. However, it will be advisable to beware of possible exaggerations at the end of this and next week, so as not to get the opposite of the desired result. It is good to remember that events are most easily influenced at the beginning, ie at the end of this and next week - it is appropriate to set more distant and significant goals, as well as to move in a direction that is with the least resistance. Eclipses act as a space switch that moves on new rails of development, which will be realized to a significant extent - in the next six months or until May 2022.


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23rd November to 28th


From the beginning of the week, the Sun will already be transiting through your zodiac sign, and Mercury will join it from November 25th. These two planets will have an extremely positive effect on your tone, mood, faith in your own strengths and abilities. During the first part of the week - you will still be under the influence of some very strong impressions, events from the past, but this can be a kind of purifying period that will give you more clarity and confidence - what to keep from the past and what to leave behind forever. It is possible for you to discuss this, to deal with old and unresolved issues, this tendency will intensify, but at the same time the chance to direct them in a more constructive and preferred direction...


The good news is, that you will be able to influence what is happening above the usual and in fact, you are entering a stage during which you will have a new energy program for your entire upcoming year... At this stage, you may have to choose in which direction to channel this powerful energy. During this week, your financial situation may improve as a result of the support, a reward for your efforts so far, because you have someone to rely on or parallel sources of profit are formed in front of you, especially if you are looking for such.


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16th to 22nd November


Your daily routine this week will be quite busy, it may be out of the usual or traditional rhythm. The reasons for this may be additional tasks that need to be addressed, including those that have accumulated over time but have not yet found a solution. Now during the current period, you can influence all of the above and benefit from it, as a minimum – you can unload any tension that has accumulated over time, to receive a reward for making efforts so far, to materialize your desires.


The stars give you a chance to act positively on your material condition in the way described above. If this is not possible, then some of you will look for new sources of profit or will convert parallel, additional income into realization. Some of you will enjoy a secret or other type of support that keeps your back, gets you out of difficult situations, and has a positive effect on your well-being. The period is suitable to harmonize and better your immediate environment, in the home and family, but not only. Some of you may need a break, slow down before turning a new page in your life. Significant events can be expected on the days of the Full Moon on November 19th and 20th, they will show you how stable you are, professionally or materially, on whom and what you can count... It's good to be more careful about your health ...


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8th to 14th November


Most of you are in a period of analysis and reassessment, which will prompt you to give different value to people and circumstances around you, to something that you consider valuable... There will probably be reasons for this, for example, you may learn secrets, you might have conversations that will affect you exactly this way ... Terminated relationships or contracts during this time will be difficult to restore, but often this will be a sign that they have no place in your future development ...


At the same time, you can make room for something new and more promising ... Some alternatives of development are forming in front of you, for now, they are only outlines, in most cases, but if you allow them as an option, they will grow in your life. You have the opportunity to get to alternative sources of profit or you will always find someone to support you morally or materially, if you need it ... Issues related to home and real estate are developing well, you can harmonize its closest environment ...


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1st to 8th November


A New Moon is coming on November 4th, which will renew your life. This New Moon will make a kind of purge in your life, will free you from everything destructive, which only hinders you, burdens you, but does not bring you satisfaction. It is also possible to rearrange your priorities in order of importance so that you are successful in the workplace, but also not to overload yourself, to remove all the barriers in front of you that hinder your success. This can happen again spontaneously or for external and independent reasons. But you can also challenge it because you feel a deep need to distance yourself from people and events for which you do not see a place in your future development. You will find out what should remain behind you this and the following week, sometimes with an element of surprise. During this time you can learn secrets, have conversations that will affect you just like that. If you end a relationship or contract as a result, you should not regret it, because this will be a clear sign that they do not correspond to a kind of predestination or do not have the energy to continue ... But from December you will be able to replace them with something more promising.


Some of you may decide to catch up with things from the past, while others will now take a well-deserved rest, move away from the routine. It will also be good to be more careful about your health, to get rid of bad habits if you have any. Surprises escalate almost throughout the week, which will show you the strengths and weaknesses to make the right decisions and take adequate measures. There is an opportunity for alternative sources of profit, you can hear good news in this direction in the second part of the period or find a kind of useful guardianship... Love goes through a kind of catharsis and reassessment of the past ...


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25th October to 31st


You are entering a period when most of what is happening is moving more by inertia or you should not press events. It will also be easier for you to achieve your intentions if you do not advertise all your desires... Analyzes related to what or who deserves to stay in your life and who to stay in the past escalate. The increased information flow will help you with this. You can hear truths, learn secrets and have conversations that will "illuminate" old and unresolved issues and bring clarity, which will guide you in the right direction. If you break up with certain people or circumstances, end relationships or contracts, then they are past their time or interpreted more as a weight you don't need to carry. If this is not quite the case, then you will have to make more and longer efforts to cope with certain challenges and the outcome will become clear in December...


Venus is still in your zodiac sign, you can count on its care, so even if there are some challenges in front of you, you will overcome them more easily, you can count on a dose of luck, you will find that there is always someone to support you, to contribute to your sense of happiness. It is possible that some misunderstandings in your family or a loved one will need more attention from you. Analyze in-depth what is happening, focus on the events, peek beyond the visible and in the long run, if you wish, you will succeed.


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18th October to 24th


You are still in a period during which you can or should strengthen your positions in a team and strengthen important connections that affect your future development. The successes achieved this week in this direction will give you the opportunity to enjoy more prestige and gained authority in the society in which you exist. At the same time, this week you can more clearly identify people who are working against your interests, so you may need to defend yourself to protect yourself from possible losses. Whether and how you cope with these tasks - you fully understand in the days of the Full Moon, which is on October 20th. Then you can have conversations that will transform your relationship, prospects for development, what is happening may reflect on your financial situation.


You will have to build a strategy so that you protect yourself from relationships that can harm you, respectively, you will have to smooth out differences or even remove such people from your path. Increased expenses this week are quite probable, but they can also be useful investments... A person appears in your environment who will support your wishes, this trend will escalate in the second part of the week. Against this background, misunderstandings that are in your home will need to be clarified, it is possible that a member of your family needs your attention more, you will receive first tips in the last days of the week, it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning, so take appropriate action. You may need more and more rest or not to neglect personal priorities, this trend will intensify in the coming days ...


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