Sagittarius Weekly

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

The information flow this week is getting stronger, new interesting, nice or useful news and conversations would color and diversify your everyday life and would provide exciting opportunities.

You become socially more active because you find "air", and "space" for your creative ideas, enthusiasm, because there is someone to support you, and so on.

At the beginning of the period, there might be surprises and outcomes that affect your environment of existence, relationships important to you, including relatives. You may get back something lost in this process or at least you get enough clarity on past priorities.

You are still under the support of "the little and the great happiness" - symbolized by Jupiter and Venus, so this week they would still find a way to make you happy, even if there are any challenges, you would overcome them more easily...

There might be some type of misunderstanding in your home, something unspoken or erosive. You should pay attention to it and deal with it. Now is the time to do that in order to not still be in your life the next few months with the corresponding consequences.

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January 14th to 20th 

This week, an important event might take place which would please you, have a beneficial effect and can make your dream come true. The end result greatly depends on the goals you have set, but it is a fact that the two planets of happiness, symbolized in astrology by Jupiter and Venus, are transiting through your zodiacal sign. So, the more specific your wishes are, you act in the same direction, the more significant the chances of realizing them are, and they transform your life for a long time.

Many feel the growth of creative potential, enthusiasm because you notice that there is someone to rely on because you manage to have a breakthrough in almost any direction which you are focused on.

If you do not have a partner during this period, you might meet love, even at first glance, in a sudden and quick way. If you are in a relationship - now is the time to consolidate your relationship. People with families can rely on the support of relatives and close ones so that the atmosphere at home can be harmonized, improved, and so on. If you need some kind of support, including a financial one, you can still rely on family and relatives. In another variation, you might make important decisions in your home that affect your well-being and might have an enriching effect. You can successfully handle case studies if you are interested in doing that.

In the second part of the week, you must beware of sudden and unreasonable spendings that might destabilize you financially. If you have any old debts - you would be reminded of them but also - you have a chance to get back something that is yours and was lost...

Partners and loved ones might surprise you in the last days of the period, hopefully, it would be a nice surprise and if that is not the case, then you should try to spot the weak links and remove them...

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January 7th to 13th 

Since January 8th, Venus would transit through your zodiac sign where Jupiter already exists and so the two planets that attract prosperity and luck are in your zodiac sign. That means you would actually have a unique chance to attract something of value to you. After all, you would act energetically to achieve what you really want.

As a minimum - you would find a way to be happy through entertainment, consolidating relationships with important people, meeting love, or having a breakthrough in your business if you have one.

The things that are considered to be a "weak link" which requires a strategy, caution, and avoiding any type of risks - is your financial condition. The period is extremely unfavorable to be in debt, if you have any debts, you would probably be reminded of them, you have to be perfect when it comes to payment documents, and so on. In an optimal way, you can invest in loved ones or a business, but in that case, everything must be carefully thought out.

The period is a good time to spot the gaps that drain your resources and fix them or to get a long-lasting, reliable income that at this stage may not be too big, but with time and experience gaining - could gradually grow.

In brighter colors, you would see what your actions bring you at the end of this and early next week - whether they bring you a stable income or the other way around.

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December 31st to January 6th 

A leading theme for most of you is your financial prosperity, you may be able to take on more responsibilities in order to stabilize this sector of your life.

In another variation, you may be doing some rethinking that helps you overcome some challenge. You may also have to try and spend less money or find a new and steady income. You should take advantage of the New Moon's impulse on January 6th, and you could actually achieve results you can rely on for a long time later this year, maybe more.

Some issues relation necessary payments might escalate - some people may owe you something or you have to pay off something you owe, it is good to cooperate in this process or many would rely on a trustworthy partner - personal or business one.

Your creative potential is gradually unfolding, your energy and self-confidence would permanently grow throughout January, show increasing independence, a breakthrough, you would separate yourself from limiting factors, and you would probably spend more time outside.

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December 24th to 30th

The leading topic for you is your material condition - this week you can make important decisions in this connection that would have an enriching effect. You may choose to invest in future and more distant projects that take time to start recovering.

Still, you identify all the weak links that financially destabilize you, this may be a reason to take measures and fix all the mistakes, build a profit strategy, and perhaps - that would be a reason for you to spend less money.

Questions that relate to what you have in common might be divided into two - by the end of this year, and the next, when what's happening and the lessons you make, the initiative you make - would become a decisive factor for your well-being.

In this process, you could identify any additional sources of income, some kind of support you can rely on...

Still, if you have unpaid and old debts, you would also be reminded of them. The period is also not so appropriate for you to be indebted...

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December 17th to 23rd

Your social activity is growing, you are often at the center of attention, debate, and so on. Interesting ideas arise, which if you realize can become a starting point for your success all throughout the new year, and maybe much longer.
You find ways to make yourself happy by having a hobby, your partners or /if you have one/ are making you happy. If that is not the case, your daily life varies with new engagements, creative projects that affirm your authority extend the horizons ahead of you.
You can also experience positive transformations in your home, a tension that has escalated in the recent weeks - now finds a suitable vent in different ways and occasions. You can increase this trend by showing more attention and concern to your loved ones.
Another major topic is your material condition. That is a complicated topic for many, hopefully, it won't become a cause for misunderstanding, you should avoid risky actions in recent days that can further destabilize you financially. Evaluate all the obstacles and remove them, you would probably focus yourself in that direction and change your approach and that would be right...

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December 10th to 16th

This week's interesting outlets for tension are forming in front of you, many of you are experiencing tension on many occasions. These may be some additional options that stand in your way and can act positively on your income and on what you have in general. You may get interesting, nice suggestions to get such care, sometimes unexpected, in other cases-secret...
Whatever it is, it will act stimulatingly, reassuringly, you have the chance to get something lost back from the past - as a source of purely material goods, but it may be of another valuable to you - including a loved one.
But the feelings of most of you are transforming - strong relationships become even stronger as a result of your assessments and decisions. If there are misunderstandings between you and personalities that are important to you, then this may be a reason for terminating these contacts, with minimum reassessments and decisions, after which nothing is the same.
If you are not in a relationship - you might find love outside your immediate environment or you might be attracted by a partner that is quite different from you. This might also relate to parallel, secret relationships, but at some price...
Much of your engagement is still related to your home and family, hopefully, it would be a good reason to deal with them and prevent unconstructive conversations and misunderstandings from having a negative effect, especially on Friday and Saturday...

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