Sagittarius Weekly

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

During this week, most events are moving almost inertia than your personal will. However, this momentum can bring you well-deserved reckoning, a chance to win something, raise your income, receive a secret or unexpected support from important personalities influencing your well-being.

Chances are emerging to harmonize the atmosphere in your home and family, all of which may require you to rethink past events, possibly change something in your views and behavior.

Many do not advertise all their thoughts and experiences, they are like an iceberg and only a small part of them is visible. Something may be bothering you, and during this week you will find an answer, solutions, a path of development.

In your immediate surroundings, a person may appear who strongly stimulates you to develop in a certain direction, this can be an energetic and proactive person with whom you are an excellent team and can go very far with them.

Alternatively, a particular goal inspires you strongly, helps you be more initiative, so you can cope with increased competition, take better leadership positions in the team, etc.

In love you may have some doubts, hesitations, you should probably first be aware of your own desires, as well as to look into the details, trust actions rather than words, etc.

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November 4th to 10th

You are permanently in a phase of increased expenses, but this week you have the chance to compensate them with additional sources of income, secret or unexpected support from loved ones, there may be parallel and unregulated profits, the options are many and enriching… You can make a dream or experience come true, or authority that you have accumulated for a long time now begins to materialize with the corresponding benefits.

Lately, there may have been an escalation of tension between you and those around you - friends, colleagues, people you interact with on a daily basis, including powerful people. During this week, such misunderstandings will be gradually cleared up and may even be in your favor in the last days of the week. However, if there are disputes - it is advisable to resolve them without conflict, which can have more serious consequences than you expect and would damage your financial status, but not only. In the best-case scenario, you other people and circumstances take on a different value, you invest in yourself or only in quality relationships and thus get out of the situation.

Venus and Jupiter are transiting now and by the end of November in your zodiac sign - you are in a unique period to fulfill your deepest desires, to achieve successes that you will rely on for years to come. Venus is like a magnet that attracts what we most want. And what do you want? Take action!

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October 28th to November 3rd

You are entering a period during which most of the trends will move more inertia and according to already set prospects for development. Under the influence of the New Moon with which we mark the new week, you may end up at the crossroads of life, rethink what you want to stay in your life and place in your future development, what you want to be left behind. Probably not everything will depend on your will, but what corresponds to your mission and predestination will turn into a dream come true, the rest will be ended, sometimes in a quick and surprising way.

Your feelings may also change, you may be hiding them, or you might only be showing a small part of what you are actually experiencing.

If you are not in a relationship or your current relationship is not satisfying, then you can start a new one that is secret or with someone who is too different from you.

It might, on different occasions have the feeling that love is at your fingertips, but somehow you can't get to it or at least not the way you want to... There's no need to rush into anything, you should take action according to what's happening, find more time for yourself, even your mental and physical health.

Daily life brings you many surprises, shows you what destabilizes you, what you can or need to upgrade and change in order to be more successful in the workplace ...

There may be some events that you think to be out of your control, ideally - this is external support, side effects that will catch your attention in the next month. As you know, it's always easier to make an impact on the events in the beginning, so you should analyze the trends and carefully target them. Your financial situation might be complicated, you might need to spend less money or eliminate people who cause losses - literally and in a more general sense.

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October 21st to 27th

The daily routine of most of you is out of the ordinary rhythm because of additional commitments that you have to reject or this might also be related to personal priorities, for example - you need to slow down, look around and choose your future direction because you feel that some options are about to end and will be replaced by others that are newer and more promising. It is not excluded that you just need more rest, pay attention to your physical health as well.

Whatever it is, the moment is not good to force events, but rather to navigate what is happening so as not to miss out on an opportunity, but also to guard against some of the challenges, sudden and unplanned situations you find yourself in.

Throughout the week, there may be some expenses that can destabilize you financially, otherwise - you have to beware of the negative impact of certain people in your immediate environment. This might be related to influential individuals on whom your well-being depends and in that case you should find a way to avoid confrontation and turn this challenge into a positive by finding support, reaching an agreement, etc.

Despite the increased expenses or the risk of losses, the stars at this stage give you a chance to compensate. You should have additional sources of profit, secret or unexpected support, alternatives of development, especially if you are looking for them. Most of you value everything that is special to them, and rightly so, only those /people, circumstances/ who have real value and who have withstood the test of time remain in your immediate environment ...

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October 14th to 20th

You are in a very strong period to win more prestigious positions in the team. The more proactive you are in this direction, the greater your chances of gaining popularity or higher social status is, as a result of your established authority. These are unique chances that will exist to a significant extent by the end of October, after which these opportunities will gradually begin to pass or lose some of their power.

At this point, most of you feel that they can greatly influence others, get support and approval from people who are important to you. There are personalities in your environment that stimulate you to grow, but there is also competition that you can usually overcome.

You are acting purposefully to improve your image by investing in yourself or in people that are important to you, this will naturally increase your expenses, but you must be careful not to go cross certain lines.

In another case, there may be individuals that cause you to lose money, you will be able to identify them, in which case your reactions towards them should be more radical.

During the first part of the week, your daily routine is quite busy, rarely scheduled and you might face some additional or unplanned commitments.

During the second part of the period you are increasingly drawn to personal priorities, you may need privacy or rest, you are going to a stage where you can get secret support, extra income, you might focus on your health and what you have - in general. If you not in a relationship, you may be very attracted to a secret crush or one that is far from you - literally or in a more general sense.

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October 7th to 13th

The support you need to get from the team in which you exist /friends, colleagues, influential people/ - is becoming an increasingly important topic. The reasons may be that some of these contacts are also able to affect your financial well-being, in order to be stable you need to get support and approval, otherwise, you need to invest in relationships so as to acquire something else that is more important to you...

A third option is also possible - some of your relationships are at a breaking point, during which you give them new value by understanding whom and to what extent you can rely on, some of the analyzes will be positive, but others may be more frustrating which might cause you to end relationships with people who have no place in your future development and are more likely to bring you harm than good - literally and in a more general sense.

Your daily routine throughout the week is sometimes burdensome and filled with extra and surprising commitments. They can show you anything that destabilizes you in the workplace and what you have to deal with, but also alternatives to development if your current job does not satisfy you. In another option, these are external causes that require change and permanently show you that this is what you need.

At the end of the week, you receive support that will make you happy and may reveal wider horizons of development for you on various occasions.

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September 30th to 6th October

Your social activity is very high, you don't lack attention and support, but not everyone is so friendly to you. There may be people who are acting against your interests, or you might face some increased competition that you need to overcome, but this may also be related to your own rethinking, revaluations that escalate as a result of what is happening and that encourage you to give new value to important to you people. In any case, it will be more realistic...

The period is appropriate to create and strengthen relationships so that you take more prestigious positions in a team or at least protect your authority. In a sense, these messages to you are imperative in order for you to avoid loses — in a broader sense.

You have a chance to influence and direct events, you can invest in yourself, focus yourself only on people who have passed the "time check", figuratively speaking, and you can eliminate the rest from your path in order to avoid damage.

During the second part of the week, you will be more and more inclined not to express everything you think, it is possible that everyday life will not be in the usual rhythm and you might have some additional engagements, but also chances.

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September 23rd to 29th

During this week your popularity grows, you will not lack attention, support, and approval. It is a good idea to make the most of the support of the stars, to be more socially active and proactive, in order to take more prestigious positions in the team with the corresponding benefits.

In fact, most of you will act in this way - they will seek to prove themselves to others and to demonstrate their qualities. The reasons may be in new requirements, increased ambitions, or because you are aware that your financial status and well-being in general, is somehow dependent on the approval you can get now.

You should act, you are under the special protection of the planet of happiness - Jupiter, now it can bring you an increase in your influence, attracting supporters, expanding your contacts, wider future prospects of development as a result of proposals, contacts, people entering your life who can turn into a bridge to success or personal happiness.

At the same time, you may spend more money. These expenses may be worthwhile investments in yourself, plans and projects, but you should still beware of the adverse effects of certain individuals that will cause losses. Probably a decisive condition for your well-being is to carefully choose who you trust, how much you spend and whether it is an appropriate expense...

If you have any accumulated debts, you would now have to pay them off.

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September 16th to 22nd

This week, the focus is still on your professional career, you have the chance to consolidate your position or gain success, which will be permanently encoded and influence you in terms of success and achievement, you will develop over the coming months, and maybe much longer /over the next two and a half years/. The aspects of the stars are such that you can transform your income and help you earn something - a raise, support that has a good impact on you...

In another case, this is a good time to stabilize your health or something that is of high priority to you, related to your safety in a more general sense. You should think and act, take chances that may stand in your way, but they also need your own initiative.

Against this background, the information flow is very intense, there are people who support you strongly, are benevolent or you can count on them, you will not lack attention, it is appropriate to negotiate your interests. Those who were born in the first decanate will feel it, but also everyone else, to a different degree, will not suffer from the lack of attention, on the contrary… If there are still some obstacles in your path and/or perhaps not everyone has your best interest in mind, then you will be able to identify weak links in the last days of this week and the beginning of the next one. In the best case - you need to invest more time or purely material goods in your prestige and social status.

Those born in the second decanate should more carefully than others choose who they trust in order to avoid possible losses.

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September 9th to 15th

This week, brighter colors will show you future prospects that address key issues such as career development and/or family relationships. All of these questions have a direct impact on your financial status, what you have in general. Your practical assessments, demonstration of high professionalism and a type of concentration will help you to win some kind of victory, sometimes on the basis of some compromise on your part.

Even if not everything goes smoothly, if you have a clear goal, a desire to raise and stabilize your income or get something valuable, individual to each of us, your efforts will not go unrecognized and approved and will be permanently encoded, will have its long-term reflection ...

You probably want things to happen faster or "differently", it's not easy for you to balance between personal desires and responsibilities that don't always fit your taste. If you do not succumb to impulsive reactions, impulses, and feelings - you will overcome the difficulties, challenges or even danger. Beware, to some extent, stars can test your objectivity and fairness. The peak of the events around September 13th will show you the direction of development for the coming months, most likely for at least the next two weeks…

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