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21st September to 27th


You will be socially more active and so it is right because it will be an important condition for your future development. Many will strive to take more prestigious positions in a team, to prove themselves to others more than usual, to receive wider support from people important to you. Indeed, you will get such care, approval, even if not everyone is so positive about you, there will definitely be those who will help you out. You can expand your influence, including by interacting with influential people, people outside your traditional environment, or ones away from you - literally and in a broader sense. Such people will be an occasion for satisfaction, a feeling of happiness, or will play the role of a bridge to your own prosperity.


However, there might be tension between you and someone close to you, especially where there is a conflict of interest. In this case, it is good to rely on communication or rely on longer-term strategies. You will see who is harming you in brighter colors... However, you should be careful that purely financial issues do not stand between you and loved ones, because it will be difficult to face such misunderstandings, they will have a lasting impact. Increased expenses are quite likely and in the optimal case - they will be useful investments in loved ones, in business, and in yourself. However, it is useful to distance yourself from influences that are a reason for losses, not to take too big risks that affect what you have - in general. Who and what can you rely on, what should you distance yourself from, or change your approach from – will be shown by the events of the second part of the period...


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14th September to 20th

Jupiter will turn direct on September 14th and by the end of the year will give you a chance to increase your income, to gain something significant or important for you, which you have been striving for a long time. Under this influence what you have in general will change and from now on it is appropriate to look at the possibilities, to build a plan that will help you improve your well-being or at least to protect yourself from some dangers that may drain your resources. At the moment, you have enough signals for the picture around you to choose the optimal right direction. If not everything develops exactly as you expect, then you can take advantage of the New Moon, which is on September 17th, so as to set a great new beginning, which will be positive for your social status, career development, even social status - in general, which includes your marital relationship ...


What can bring you happiness, satisfaction, and success is your own training, going beyond the familiar, including interacting with people far away from you if you travel... Your daily life can be accompanied by surprises because changes in your workplace are escalating, these may be renewed working conditions, new requirements, etc. These changes will be completely in your favor if you show more adaptability so that you meet the expectations of others ... If this is not possible, then you can decide to dramatically change your direction of development and look for another more suitable realization for you.


Increased costs escalate throughout the week, they can be a useful investment - in your future, even in your health. In a more unpleasant form - you can identify hidden processes that cause damage or your financial situation is dramatically transformed due to terminated contracts... In this case - you will have to build a longer-term strategy because the problem is nothing new and won’t be dealt with in just one day. Do not advertise all your intentions, so it will be easier to realize all your intentions, you will turn the challenges in your favor.


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7th September to 13th

You are in an excellent period to have a positive impact on your career development, social status, and reputation. If working conditions allow it, then now you can get a raise, which will affect your income. Bonuses, a kind of moral incentives are not excluded. In any case, the stars give you a chance to win something, to increase your well-being. However, this will not happen for free, but as a consequence of your own and purposeful initiative in this direction, which will give excellent results. If your current job does not satisfy you, then now it is appropriate to look for - find another and more profitable. However, you might feel some uncertainty and hesitation. In that case, rely on rational judgments, not vague fears ...

In another case, some differences may escalate between your own ideas about future development and those of your loved ones, your family. Let this be an occasion to clear up any differences with constructive conversations. They may require more attention, understanding, even mutual help... You should think about how you can find the golden or most favorable environment that is beneficial to all. Against this background, your social activity grows, people appear who inspire you, diversify, are an occasion to expand your horizons of development, your circle of influence ... Communicating with people far away from you, literally and figuratively - brings you happiness, satisfaction.

Possible trips or a change of environment will also be especially positive for you or will be accompanied by a dose of luck. Against this background, your costs are permanently high - for loved ones, hobbies, or business investments. This week, however, many of you will be rethinking subjects related to income and spending. It is possible to enter a stage when you re-evaluate important people for you according to what you give and what you receive. This may be an occasion to clear up misunderstandings, to regain love, or, on the contrary, to enter a phase of final ending of relationships that bring you harm, and in this case, a struggle for interests is more than likely.

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24th August to 30th


You are entering an important period regarding your career development or social status in general, including personal relationships. You could hear important news this week, in most cases, it should give you a sudden chance to improve your position in the workplace or increase your income if working conditions allow it. This is a good time to negotiate your interests, to look for a more suitable job if the current one does not satisfy you... Some opportunities will stand in your way so that you win something you are striving for, to materialize your ideas, and for others - you will have to make more efforts or you will have to give up on one thing in order to acquire another and more valuable... Again, as an option - you may have to invest in a project, a business, or loved ones ... This can be a useful or unavoidable investment.


During the second part of the week, an important event may occur that affects what you have in general. It can be related to your loved ones, with business, with financial or government institutions, which also affect your well-being. At least you understand who and to what extent you can count on, who brings you benefits or harms, literally and in a broader sense. This is an extremely unfavorable time to be in debt and to take financial risks. It is more appropriate to remove influences that are capable of "draining your resources". Your relationships can change - the direction depends a lot on how many common interests you have or if there are external causes that have accumulated but are now escalating. You can still influence and guide the events, it is always easier in the beginning, keep it in mind, and take action where necessary.


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17th August to 23rd


The New Moon on August 18th will entitle you to a second chance to go beyond the known by increasing, expanding your own influence. Travel, communication with people outside your traditional or close environment, demonstration of high qualification - will bring you benefits, will be accompanied by a dose of luck. In another case - some of you can start solving legal cases, settling documents with long-term impact... You should take advantage of the care of the stars to guide trends in the optimal direction for you. Everyday life is not normal, but in most cases, it will be accompanied by sudden chances for you, including topics related to your work, and sometimes health.


You pursue what you love... Some of you will be very focused on an idea that haunts their minds. It can be related to a loved one, but it can be a creative project, a desire to be more independent, to have your own business, and so on. However, all of this will require more time to resolve. In another case - you need to be more concentrated, to make more efforts in this direction, to be patient or just to invest purely financial resources. What you need to overcome to gain, not to lose something valuable to you, you understand this week. You must build a long-term strategy, it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning. It is also good to be more careful about your health.


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10th August to 16th


This week, the stars give you a chance to expand your opportunities and prospects for development. This can happen by communicating with influential people, demonstrating high qualifications, communicating with people outside your immediate environment. You are most successful in creative work, giving you a chance to reach your potential, also if you have your own business. Some of you can take trips, even for pleasure or a kind of vacation, but not only. In this case - you will have a very pleasant time, you will enjoy memorable and positive experiences, chances, some of which are sudden and unexpected. Cases related to contracts, legal cases, reaching agreements and more distant prospects of development are developing well if that interests you.


However, you have to be careful because you tend to spend more money than usual. You can think about what you give and what you receive, whether it is worth the price, etc. This will sometimes be an occasion to rethink important relationships for you, including heart relationships. But you should not allow purely financial issues to stand between you and your loved ones... You understand who and to what extent you can rely on, who brings you more harm and who brings you benefits. Obviously, there will be people who will contribute to your well-being - literally and in a broader sense... You receive more support, which will help you win, even surprisingly. This trend intensifies at the end of this and the next week. The daily life of many will go beyond the usual rhythm, there are commitments that are additional, but also refreshing, in most cases pleasant, giving additional chances for benefits. Many of you feel a lot of passion, let this be an occasion for pleasant experiences ...


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