Pisces Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

The week is great to make a positive impact on your income, your social status altogether. Most of the trends are moving more in inertia than your own initiative at this stage, but that does not mean you should do nothing. By mid-February, it's important that you are as focused as possible in a direction that could have an enriching effect, the results would unfold before you in stages over the coming months, even years.

An older or influential person may appear in your immediate environment, it may be a person from the past who strongly supports you, but at a price... You should consider whether you should pay it, and in another option - the requirements towards you grow, a matter of choice is how you would react to that...

Even since the beginning of the period, there would be some outcomes and indicative events that would illuminate your professional realization. Also, these may be topics that have remained unresolved at least during the past year but concern your security - mostly financial, but not only.

During this time you might get back something lost, but if it belongs to you, you might get a second chance to make your dream come true.

The stars urge you to look for alternatives and different paths to your goals. If the present ones are closed - new ones would definitely appear...

You still spend a lot of money, in an optimal way - these might be investments in your image. However, it is useful to be careful with people from your immediate environment as they may also be a cause for loses. You should be careful and you should not trust people too much...

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January 14th to 20th 

During this week, you might hear important news, have such conversations and negotiations which would give you new and more prestigious positions in a team. Perhaps this would happen as a result of your accumulated authority and experience, the ability to attract approval from older and empowered people, etc.

In any case, it is useful to be more socially active, to negotiate your interests, to associate, and so achieve steady successes that would grow at least in the coming half-year.

It is not excluded that you are reminded of a person from your past. Whether this would make you happy or not depends very much on already accumulated trends, etc.

You are in a wonderful time to have a positive impact on your social and material status, to gain something meaningful, but the level of success would be directly related to your own initiative - now and before, after all the stars would give you a "green light" in all your endeavors, but it is up to how you would deal with this support and in what direction would you guide it.

During the second part of the period, and especially in the last days, there would be some outcomes that would directly affect your stability in a more general sense or your finances in particular. As I have already said, you might get a great reward to boost your well-being, but you should not forget of possible twists and turns which could destabilize you. Keep an eye on what's going on in order to take action. You should also not take any risks in the second part of the period that are related to what you have...

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January 7th to 13th 

During this and next week you can decide on taking steps that would determine your future, probably not without reason, but because of increased ambitions and changed conditions of existence.

You may feel challenged to prove yourself to others more than usual because you have climbed the hierarchical ladder, because you have changed your environment of existence, and so on.

In this process, you can come under the powerful support of an older and influential person who has a beneficial, stabilizing effect on you for a long time. It is not excluded that an old friend, a person of the past that was important to you, to return to your life and influence you accordingly, as much as you allow them to, of course.

Not everyone in your immediate environment would be so benevolent, you may be confronted with personalities that you would argue with, you would have to vigorously defend your interests to prevent them from harming you and causing you to lose... In another option - you might spend more money on your image, prestige in a team, but then, if everything is well planned, it would probably be ok.

As some kind of compensation - by January 20th, you have a chance to get a promotion or some gift from Fate. It is helpful to be as proactive as possible when it comes to your income. The things you achieve would then become a base of development, a source of income for the next two years and perhaps more...

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December 31th to January 6th

Most of you are in a period when more than usual you have to prove yourself in a team because you take on more and more prestigious positions, you have changed your environment or the demands towards you have increased.

In this process, an older or authoritative person may appear in your immediate environment to strongly support you and have a stabilizing effect at different levels in your life, to help you with your plans.

But there would also be people who you would need to comply with more than usual, and if you manage to meet certain requirements, this would rather have a mobilizing or ambitious effect on you, then you would actually achieve successes that would affect your public position and guarantee you some peace for the whole year.

It is possible that you are reminded on an old friend or a person with whom you are connected but has remained out of your life. This may cause explanatory conversations or rethinking, it's a matter of personal choice how you would react, whether you would allow that person to yourself and so on.

Some friendships and connections would be tested for sustainability and may drop out of your life and that would be the right thing to do. They may require at least a change in approach and more firmness on your part to protect your interests, this trend would increase until mid-January.

Another leading focus would also be your material state, use the New Moon's impulse and the days after January 6th. You should be as active as possible, and what you gain would have a lasting effect but would require you to be more flexible, to look for alternatives, even a creative approach to act in several directions, sometimes to take more risks in the business, of course within the limits of the reasonable...

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December 24th to 30th

This week, you would be strongly focused on proving yourself in the team in which you exist in your workplace or among friends because you have changed your environment or your ambitions are quite high. It is possible that a person appears in your immediate environment to change your public positions. In an optimal way - it's time during which you could validate your authority and even climb the hierarchical ladder.

Most of you would be under the care of a powerful person, you would have a chance to grow a career.

In another case, you are under the strong support, but also dependence on an older or influential person who would direct your vector to development.

The direction is very much dependent on how much you are willing to take on increased responsibilities, to mobilize in order to meet the renewed requirements by important people in general.

However, you would reduce personal or business relationships so that only real and reliable ones remain.

You might be reminded of an old friend or you might get back something from the past, if you want, of course...

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December 17th to 23rd

This week, interesting ideas and suggestions can emerge which might transform your social status for the whole year. It is useful for you to be maximally proactive, to negotiate your interests, even small actions can have a wide impact.
Your actions during the current period come meet support and understanding by influential or powerful people, in another option - this is a reason to take on new and more prestigious positions in a team, to cope with increased competition in recent times.
Cases relating to documents, travel, moving, legal cases are well developed if you are interested in that sort of thing.
In the last days of the week, the requirements for you are growing, you will need to prove yourself, think of how much you can or should communicate and compromise, and where you have to show firmness in order to not allow someone to replace you, replace your interests, and etc.
You will find out who and to what extent you can count on...

December 10th to 16th

This week you can positively influence your material state, get a promotion or moral encouragement, as a result of the support you get from the team you are in. In another variation, there is an older and more authoritative person who stands on your side and acts positively on your own interests, better social positions, and so on.
You are in a period when you can or must fight for better public positions, set for yourself longer and more extensive goals, take the first steps in your chosen direction, and that would not happen without some consequences.
However, many are under the influence of a particular internal tension, you may have to cope with some internal or external struggle, something that you must overcome as a result of your initiative, including the fact that this may be increased competition, but it may be something else... What can hinder your path to success, whether you need to adjust something in your line of behavior, your chosen strategy, etc. - you will see in brighter colors in the second part of the week, mostly on Friday and Saturday. You should pay attention to what's happening...
Try to join forces with influential people, the likelihood of negotiating your interests increases, and the more active you are, the more meaningful results you will get...
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