Pisces Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 24th to 30th

Many will feel that they are in a creative upswing; there are many interesting and creative ideas that have a freeing, inspiring effect, giving you options for development, especially if you need them.

This week, you might hear some surprising news - in most cases, pleasant ones. You might also get some offers, you will decide whether or not to accept them.

But the more socially active you are, you are open to the new, different, interacting with more people, including using electronic information carriers - telephones, internet, etc., the bigger successes you can achieve or the above-described ones turn into a conductor of chances. You must act in order to ensure that you do not miss out on opportunities, create and strengthen relationships, even though certain people will stand in your way, support you, and so on.

Rising tension (from the past) or even a conflict between you and some kind of authority in your life, this may be a partner (personal or business), an influential person, a grown child, if you have any - is about to end. This trend can be accompanied by overcoming difficulties, clearing differences, disputes, etc., but if that is impossible, then you can finally end relationships, but it will still feel like a relief, and in most cases it will be for good, an incentive to prove yourself, to develop your own way, to deal with bad people and competitors...

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June 17th to 23rd

The week starts with a Full Moon, which highlights key priorities as career development, but it may also be related to your home, prosperity, or at least the support you can get.

Whatever challenges you face during this period, you would manage to intuitively and rationally turn the challenges to your advantage and gain from that.

Many will act as a stress-relieving buffer for the tension that escalates in your immediate environment, you may play the role of some kind of "peacemaker", there will probably be occasions to do so.

This week, you might be reminded of old friends may, you can get back some type of support, attract authority to your side with the corresponding benefits.

Still, it is not impossible for some tension between you and others to escalate, including friends, children, loved ones. In such a case, these misunderstandings would have been accumulating for a long time but now they will require more radical measures to cope, also to show more firmness and possibly changing your attitude.

Indicative days are Tuesday and Wednesday, they are indicative of your relationships, you could learn secrets, even if whatever you find out is not always something that makes you happy, it would still be useful, it will have a freeing effect from the negatives or help you choose the right way...

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June 10th to 16th

You may be in a creative upsurge that will stimulate you to realize your dream, to do your best, to take on more prestigious positions in a team.

Your initiative will have a wide impact, it can be quite positive for you, if you attract partners, strengthen relationships with older and authoritative individuals, it probably will not always be easy, but it will depend to a large extent on you, the goals you set, how feasible they are and whether you have a clear plan.

If part of your wishes are untenable, there is something that works against your interests and destabilizes you, it will be more prominent than usual, you will be able to identify and remove it.

You may have to pay more attention to priorities such as home, real estate, family - opportunities arise to make a positive impact on this sector of your life, even if it requires more effort, some confusion, and so on.

Everything would have a beneficial effect or at least will become an incentive to achieve even better and higher results.

What is happening now and by mid-June will determine many of the future prospects for career development and your home. It's time for the wheel of fortune to spin, you should choose a direction and act...

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June 3rd to 9th

The week begins with a New Moon, which will refresh your living environment - your home, family, and in some cases it can affect priorities that relate to real estate, even a place of residence, depending on the individual horoscope.

The transformations can be basic and significant, to what extent they will be realized in your favor, very much depends on your own realistic assessment of what is going on, whether your wishes are feasible or exaggerated. In an optimal way, you can make your dreams come true, in a less positive case - you will be breaking up with wrong ideas, and in a more unpleasant form - illusions...

It is advisable to rely on your intuition, to be more flexible in conducting conversations with your surroundings, so you can direct trends in an optimally positive direction for you, clear any misunderstandings that may escalate in the current period. They will probably not be random but accumulated over time, and there will be a need to clear them, and as I said - you can influence trends, target them, the good news is that the extent of what's happening depends on your own approach, analyzes and practical judgments.

The period is key, minor actions can have a wide impact and affect your social situation, including reputation, relationships, career development, so you must target the events carefully, do not miss out on small but substantial details, look into the more distant future in order to not miss out on the direction and the best variants that you can find.

In the second part of the period, there is a growing likelihood of attracting influential, power-driven personalities, you might have interesting suggestions, with the help of your communicative skills you could enhance this prospect with the corresponding positives.

You may also hear surprising, positive suggestions and news, this will be an excellent sign that you are moving in the right direction...

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May 27th to June 3rd

Your social activity is significant, and it will be an occasion to consolidate relationships that bring you benefits or pleasure, you can attract some kind of care of older, authoritative figures, yourself, and through your creative approach, can get prestigious positions in a team.

You hear good news, offers, you have successful conversations and negotiations. If you travel, then you will also have colorful and memorable moments. If you are not in a relationship - you can find love...

You might want to stay outside more, rather than stay home... Some misunderstandings may arise in your family, and in other cases, these are property, household cases that bring trouble to your soul, require patience, tactics, help, and understanding to deal with... It will often be just a "matter of point of view" and therefore - by changing your approach and the way you perceive the events - the situation will also change.

In another scenario - you define trends according to your own attitudes and mood - so you will have the chance to make your secret dreams come true by expression your opinions, using your intuition, tactics, but you can also cause "earthquakes" in your life - small or bigger - if the status quo does not satisfy you and you want to open a "new page". You should not rush things, wait until the next week when you will have much more clarity on topics that are relevant to you, and the things happening will look different to you... For now, you should be more focused, negotiate your interests, create and strengthen relationships, this is the key to your successes...

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May 20th to 26th

Your social activity is significant, but the bigger it is, the more meaningful and positive results you can get, especially on topics that concern purely material interest or something else that is the leading topic for you.

You would get interesting, sometimes surprising news, in most cases pleasant, from which you can take advantage.

You get support from partners, creative and inventive people; you may have good and heartfelt conversations with your kids if you have any, and if some misunderstandings have taken place, you can now turn them into a more positive direction.

During the second part of the week, you have to pay more attention to your home and family, household themes, in another option - these are issues related to property cases, place of residence, etc. It is always easier to influence the trends in the beginning, you would probably discuss the things that concern the prosperity, harmony, etc. of your home and you would be able to influence the trends, so you should take advantage of that...

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May 13th to 19th

Recently, your team positions, close relationships (personal or business) have changed and have been upgraded. If this has recently led to re-evaluations and even tension, then you have the chance to turn trends in a more positive direction for you, clear misunderstandings, impose authority, fix relationships, attract to your side some type of care from older and authoritative individuals. You might also be reminded of people from the past, you must take advantage of this in order to make a profit, perhaps get back something lost if you are interested... you will have such a chance. In the first part of the week, you can earn something, raise your income, the more proactive you are, the more opportunities you will find, especially if you include some kind of support from your relatives.

In another option - you invest in your home, in loved ones, you might also deal with real estate cases...

In the second part, the information flow is increasing, surprises are not excluded, in most cases, there will be nice news, interesting suggestions, a matter of choice is whether you will accept them.

Some new people and circumstances might invade your life who would transform what you have in general. There will be a peak of events and emotional notices in the last days of the period...

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