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21st September to 27th


Purely financial issues are becoming an increasingly important topic for you. At this stage, you can make a positive impact on these priorities by consciously seeking greater support from people who influence the well-being of your partners, influential people, and even financial institutions. An important event may occur during the current period to show who and to what extent you can count on. Try not to get into conflicts with people who can harm you or try to be perfect in documents that determine your financial situation. However, it is possible that there might be a conflict of interest…


In such situations, you have to be very careful, because the complication of some relationships will actually become an occasion for losses - literally and in a broader sense. In the optimal version – there might be some increased expenses, but they are useful investments in yourself, in loved ones, in hobbies, and health. The period is markedly transformative for you, many will have the feeling that they are at a crossroads in life, and the choice you will make will depend on who you can count on... Throughout the week you do an excellent job, even and at work and in everyday life there will be happy circumstances, and this will have a positive impact on your income. You get along with colleagues, and if you are not in a relationship - you can find love at work.


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14th September to 20th

On September 14th, Jupiter turns direct and by the end of the year will assign you new positions in a team. Until then, you have time to attract to your side wider support or a specific influential person, to gain popularity or establish your authority in the team and the relevant positives that will affect in general your future development, and in particular your incomes. Accordingly, you will have a chance to increase your income or at least to protect yourself from losses. So, this week your focus should be on the relationships that are important to you, on your partnerships, which obviously have a wide significance for your prosperity... At the same time, you will have the opportunity to influence this area of ​​your life the most, to direct the trends, and they will be encoded permanently, in the coming months or half a year. It is worth being more proactive and purposefully concentrating on strengthening or making contacts ... Some of the chances will stand in your way, respectively you will not lack attention, but it is good for you to create others.


However, if there are any weak links, they will also be more visible than usual. For example, conflicts of interest, income-expenses disputes, or you may experience some frustration with the lack of support you expect. You may need to avoid people who are harming you. Also, interacting with financial institutions is complicated, so you need to be good at paperwork. In any case, you should be vigilant where there are common resources or foreign ones... In everyday life you are quite productive, present yourself in an excellent light, enjoy goodwill, and support from colleagues. But nevertheless, surprises are not excluded, which will take you off the rails of the usual rhythm. For example, you may be subject to additional requirements that you must comply with. This can be news that changes relationships and contracts or it is sudden trips, the options are many. Whatever it is, you will gain valuable knowledge that will be indicative of future opportunities or changes that prioritize your work, income ... otherwise, the aspect of the stars suggests that you should be more careful about your health...


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7th September to 13th

You are in a positive period to heal important for you personal or business relationships. Take advantage of the care of the stars, act purposefully in this direction and you will outline for a long time better prospects for your own development, which is a consequence of the support of your loved ones. In another case - you can attract influential support to your side, your popularity grows, and with it - your influence on others, respectively - chances for more prestigious positions in the team are formed. But what is happening will not be for nothing. It may be at the expense of a certain compromise on your part, the need to pay close attention to others, maybe you may part with some misconceptions, as a result of what you have heard, consciously.

People around you will continue to play the role of a kind of sobering or faithful corrective, whether it is about benefactors or increased competition, requirements, people who challenge you to defend your interests. However, it will be useful to purposefully avoid those who harm you, you will have enough clues in this direction. You will hardly protect yourself from increased expenses, but they should also be appropriate... You will think in this direction and you will probably rethink topics related to income and expenses. Some of you are entering an important period during which they will have to defend what they have, they will go back to the past to eliminate weaknesses ...

Or you may get back something lost that is yours but taken away from you. Even if not immediately, your actions now have a strong significance and a wider impact, of which you will be reminded in late September and to a significant extent in the second part of November and December. At this stage, you are doing great in current affairs, you enjoy the support of colleagues, and this may be an occasion for an increase in income if working conditions allow it or moral satisfaction. If you are not in a relationship - you can find love at work.

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24th August to 30th


An increasingly important topic for you will be your personal or business relationships. The reasons for this can be many and varied. For example, you are entering a period during which you can or need to heal important relationships. You will have such a chance, although in the second part of the period it may seem to you that the other people are more intolerant or demanding of you. Explanatory conversations are more than probable, in most cases - they will be a true guide for you, they will show you which of your dreams are achievable and which of your projections to your future development or others - are inaccurate. You should analyze what is going on, do not ignore anything you hear, you have a unique chance to get significant clarity. In another case - your own social activity, attracting wider support from others - in general, or in particular - an influential person, will become an occasion for your own prosperity.


It is very likely that this week your popularity will grow, you will receive surprising and positive news that will form more positive prospects for development. The information flow is very strong, it brings you valuable knowledge, it is sometimes a primary source of unexpected and additional opportunities, in other cases - it will show you what you need to update, change your relationships to be more successful. Against this background, another leading topic is your finances. You can increase your income or earn well, but at the same time - the costs increase significantly, they can be a useful investment in loved ones, business, even hobbies... In a not so supportive case in the second part of the week, there might be an event, which will harm you or at least will be indicative of what you need to overcome to protect yourself from losses, what can drain your resources. It is always easier to influence the events in the beginning, try to stop any negatives in time or to go around them, avoid them, etc.


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17th August to 23rd


The New Moon on August 18th gives you the right to a second opportunity to have a positive effect on your professional realization, respectively - to increase your income. You should be more proactive in this direction in order to achieve maximum results, success, which you can then count on for a long time in the coming months. Again, the stars will show you what you need to overcome by showing more discipline, perseverance, demonstrating experience and qualifications, or it will take more time to turn this difficulty in your favor. At first, you may need to meet increased demands from people who affect your well-being, you may need to overcome some resistance on their part due to a conflict of interest. In another case - you may have to consider more influential or powerful people or changes around them will reflect on you.


You will choose the right strategy according to what is happening, it is possible that some of you will generally change the direction of your future development... Whatever it is - the events are now indicative and showing trends until the end of the year, choose your strategy to win. It is always easier to influence the events in the beginning. You receive interesting, surprising news and suggestions that will make you happy or you will be able to take advantage of them to make a wish come true. It is useful to be more socially active. At the end of the week, the partnership becomes more and more important, or the need to seek wider support in order to realize what is planned, you will have such a chance ...


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10th August to 16th


You are entering a period in which you can increase your income, but this does not happen for free, but as a result of your own increased activity, an initiative in the workplace, demonstration of relevant qualities, also the ability to negotiate your interests. Some chances will stand in your way on their own, but in that case, they will be a natural continuation and in the form of denouements of already made efforts. It is possible that not everyone is so kind to you, respectively you face a kind of resistance from older and authoritative figures or their situation hinders your own development. What is happening can mobilize you so that you can build a strategy that will show how adaptable you are to such challenges, so that you can overcome them. This can become an occasion to transform your public positions in a more positive direction or to change your living environment, to change your future plans, sources of income, etc.


You will have a choice and the end result will largely depend on you... However, increased expenses are not excluded, in the optimal case, they will be useful investments... However, you must beware of influences that will bring you mostly damage, find a way to distance yourself from them. You find time to be happy with loved ones. Many will find time for rest and entertainment. In another case - this is a good time to strengthen relationships with partners and children... If you are not in a relationship, you can now find love, this trend will continue until August 18th... You receive interesting, pleasant, surprising offers, news and the trend intensifies next week...


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