Pisces Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

The Full Moon of November 12th brings you a lot of personal and professional perspectives related to further development prospects. Your relationships and agreements are becoming more clear, they can be reviewed, you may be asked to clear up any misunderstandings, change something in your relationships or approach, a way of communicating so that the trend is in your favor, not the other way around.

You may need to demonstrate high qualification, expand your circle of influence by getting out of your comfort zone, communicating with people outside your immediate surroundings, and this will guarantee you additional opportunities for prosperity.

If you are interested in legal cases, they will also be channeled in a more positive direction for you.

You can now make lasting, quality transformations in your career development. If working conditions allow it, then you will receive a promotion, a bonus, a support that will have a positive effect on your social status for a long time.

You are at least positively influencing your reputation, your popularity is growing so you should intensify this trend consciously...

It is recommended that you be as proactive as possible in the direction you choose, you can make a breakthrough that will contribute to your well-being in the coming months, and maybe years.

You are still in a strong period of attracting support from partners and powerful people, they can become an occasion to take on more prestigious positions in the team, etc.

Love is in the background at this stage, or you are inclined to rethink your relationships and not for no reason…

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November 4th to 10th

You have the chance to transform your way of life by promoting your workplace, by demonstrating high qualifications, communicating with authority figures, including outside of your immediate environment if you are traveling.

You can increase your popularity and expand your circle of influence ...

It is appropriate to strive to attract senior and authority figures to work with you and to support your ambitious plans. The likelihood of success is more than great…

All expansions of our development prospects, which you get now and through communication and increased initiative - will have a lasting and positive effect, at the end of November can become a reason to win something significant, make a breakthrough in your career development, which you will count on for a long time, probably years.

Your attention may be obsessed with the need to arrange documents that affect your financial condition. They may be legal cases - past decisions will be rethought in this process and gaps will be filled. However, it is not appropriate to sign new contracts, but rather to just eliminate possible mistakes.

People outside of your immediate area are obsessed with you, now you can strengthen your relationship, clear controversial issues, come to an agreement if that interests you.

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October 28th to November 3rd

This week, you are concerned about issues that are related to further development prospects. You can break the status quo and the limits of what is possible and benefit from it; you will be required to negotiate with people who are influential or out of your immediate environment, perhaps traveling, as well as demonstrating your high level of competence and qualification. If you need to - you can learn new things, start now and it will have a beneficial effect on your future development.

People far from you have a very strong influence on you, they can make you focus on a subject that will catch your attention for the next month. You can receive some news, suggestions, have similar conversations that will leave a deep impression on your soul and determine your future development.

If you are dealing with legal cases, there will be some indicative events this week, in most cases - they will be to your advantage or you will minimize the negatives. However, not everything will be definitive, settlement of documents, including legal ones - will require more time, will probably be reviewed and in the optimal case - you will get a second chance to develop old and unresolved cases in your favor. What is happening is very indicative, you get enough clues on what you can count on and what to watch out for. You should evaluate it and come up with an optimal strategy. Many are surrounded by older or more authoritative figures who influence your material status. This may not be easy to deal with, if you have accumulated debts you will have to pay them off.

In the other case, you manage to clear out some misunderstandings, which will help you to stabilize your income and even improve it, to gain something, at least stability /financial and not only/... Conscious efforts in this direction will produce results...

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October 21st to 27th

The information flow is very intense and often brings you surprises, some of them are enjoyable and in the form of opportunities, but there are likely to be some that show you weak links and need to be removed accordingly. These weak links may relate to your close relationships or those that affect your social status even in the material state...

You understand in brighter colors who you can count on and to what extent, and who can become a conduit of loss, literally and in a more general sense.

You will have sufficient resources and opportunities to influence the events, you are expanding the circle of your influence.

Communication with influential individuals or ones outside your immediate area brings you success.

Possible trips will also be a reason for profit or satisfaction, as well as enjoyable experiences.

If you are pursuing legal cases, they will develop to your advantage, or at least you can direct them in the best direction for you.

You do well when dealing with paperwork, negotiation, which can have a beneficial effect...

The stars push you to go out of your comfort zone, to end the status quo in order to achieve higher and satisfying results. You should not rush, at this stage, it is appropriate to evaluate the chances, as well as to eliminate any negatives, if any, and only then to act. The best time to do that would be after the New Moon, which is on October 27th...

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October 14th to 20th

You are still at a crucial time in which you can increase your income by climbing up the hierarchical ladder, taking more prestigious positions in a team, developing a career, getting support from influential personalities. Any changes this week that are affecting all of the above-mentioned, will be interpreted as long-lasting.

You can influence and direct the events by purposefully striving to cooperate, to obtain some kind of approval, material and moral support from individuals who influence your well-being. It is possible that some relationships worsen which would cause some losses. With this picture in place, you clearly have to carefully choose the company that you trust ...

However, if there are conflicts that cannot be overcome, then you can also decide to change your environment, and this will be considered as being freed from a burden.

During the first part of the week, the information flow brings you a lot of surprises, you understand to whom and to what extent you can count on, some relationships or contracts that are past their time will be ended suddenly, but at the same time you may receive new and more interesting suggestions, to take advantage of.

During the second part of the week, topics that relate to longer-term development prospects are catching your attention, you are given the green light to pursue such long-term projects, an important or influential person appears to support you.

Alternatively, you may decide to travel and in that case, you can expect positive emotions or successes. You may get some more chances of directing legal cases in the right direction for you, turning any disputes in your favor.

In the second part of the week, your credibility grows, you stabilize your positions in the team, especially if you demonstrate high skills, seek and find ways to break the status quo and get out of your comfort zone.

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October 7th to 13th

The period is very transformative for you, many will have the feeling that they have to make a decisive choice for their future development, or they really need to make some kind of change that will have a positive effect on what you have in general.

Your financial status can be renewed in a positive direction as a result of your efforts now and in the past months. The benefits depend directly on the support you receive from partners, influential people or financial institutions. It is a good idea to focus in this direction and get them, so you will have a chance to improve your well-being and this will be a kind of victory that will affect you in the coming months, and maybe longer.

At the end of the week, with a peak of events or information received, you will find out what kind of options you can get, or if that is not possible, in which direction you need to make a sharper turn and this will help to change the environment or the team in which you exist.

It is not excluded that you have to overcome some challenges in the face of increased demands, expectations, in a more unpleasant form - confrontation with older or authoritative personalities. Using strategy, communication and even a dose of compromise will be very useful to you in this process and can protect you from losses (material or moral). Throughout the period, the information flow is very intense, but it also brings you surprises, shows you whom you can count on, which relationships you need to renew, or abruptly end, these may even be contracts, but this will be considered to be for your own good...

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September 30th to 6th October

You are in a very transformative period and now you can make the right choice that will positively affect what you have in general. But this is very much related to the moral or material support you can get from partners or influential people and the team in which you exist. In the process, some of you will have to prove yourself more than usual, but this will not be without consequences, and the challenge you will face will later win you better leadership positions among others, you will have wider support with relevant positives. This will require a dose of perseverance, patience, a clear goal, and the result will manifest itself, if not immediately, by mid-October.

However, it is not excluded that some relationships to become more tense and even cause losses. You will have enough clues in this direction, and if people or circumstances are left behind, if you decide to change your living environment, end any contacts, then in most cases this will be considered to be for your own good and act as a "fuse", which keeps you safe from other events that are not in your interest...

So, you should make friends, negotiate, attract certain people to your side, but before that, consider carefully who you should keep in your life, who you should leave behind, etc.

During the second part of the week, the information flow is very intense and brings you a lot of surprises, but knowledge is always power and brings about new opportunities…

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September 23rd to 29th

You are in an excellent period to start making more money as you grow your career and climb up the hierarchical ladder as a result of the efforts you have already made, the support you receive from influential people, etc.

If this is not possible because to your professional position, then your profits may come from other sources, for example - partner support (personal or business), settlement of inheritance cases, credit settlement, good interaction with financial institutions /banks, tax, insurance companies / etc.

In any case, this is a very good time for you to transform your social situation in a positive direction, some chances will stand in your way as a natural outcome of past actions, but others can be initiated and the level of success will be determined by that…

Some of you may be confronted with some type of obstacles and restrictions on your way up, they may be in the face of specific people /older, influential people/ with whom you enter into more intense conflict, disputes, and competition. These can also be important people to you from your past, who are now back in your life. At the moment, you are required to make a compromise, if you can't avoid this obstacle you will have to find a way to go around it...

However, it is also a matter of choice. You might sharply end a relationship, you might change your future plans and even your environment, in order to protect yourself from losses, because you have considered that there are other options and in practice that would be true...

You should think and make the best choice, you'll have enough hints for that...

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September 16th to 22nd

Relationships (personal or business) are still a leading topic for you, it is good to take advantage of the aspect of the stars and to strengthen important relationships for you, the trends that you set will affect you for a long time in the coming months, and maybe a lot longer /perhaps in the next two and a half years/.

Alternatively, if this is not a leading topic for you, then the leitmotif is to take more prestigious positions in the team, gain wider support and popularity. Your initiatives in this direction will not be without consequences and positive results, but the more socially active you are, the more opportunities you will gain, as well as popularity, which can bring you moral satisfaction, more peace of mind because there will be someone to rely on or a chance to make more money, to gain something as a result of the support you receive.

If there are any individuals who would rather hurt you (financially or morally), this will be more visible in the last days of this and early next week. Be alert during this time and be careful about whom you trust, avoid destructive conflicts; guard your interests with communication, but you should also stand your ground…

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September 9th to 15th

A leading topic for most of you is your personal or business relationships. With a peak of events, explanatory conversations, information received in the days around the Full Moon - you understand which relationships in your life are stable, prosperous, have a place in your future development and which, more likely, can cause changes, will harm your social status, image, etc.

Some of the people in your immediate environment can become an active incentive for your own development, have moral, energy support, etc. Appreciate these people, they will stay in your life for a long time and play a very stabilizing, rewarding role.

However, if there are people who are trying to take advantage of you, it will not be a case where compromises are appropriate, because this picture is not "momentary". You should analyze everything, during the Virgo period until September 14th, it is best to "clear your surroundings" of influences that are more likely to harm you.

You have a chance to increase your popularity, take more prestigious positions in a team, this can happen by choosing who to negotiate with, actively sharing your ideas, joining a partnership, attracting energetic, influential and authoritative figures on your side…

You will have enough tips to focus yourself, and at this point, it will be your key to success…

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