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18th January to 23rd


During the first days of the week, important personal and business relationships, your social status - may change. In the optimal case, you gain more popularity, impose your authority in the team, heal relationships. If during this time you notice some weak links, in this case, it is good to remove them in a timely manner, so as not to drag on misunderstandings in the future and with the corresponding consequences. Some of you may be under influential care, others will experience vivid emotional events, and let them be completely positive for you. What happens in the first days is not accidental, but a kind of culmination of trends that have escalated in recent weeks, because on January 18th we are under the influence of a Full Moon, and it always gives us a lot of knowledge ... In the second part of the week you might regain something from the past, but if you come across controversial and unresolved cases, in this case, accept that this is a second chance to unravel the topic like a complicated knot and now act differently, respectively you will find a way and you will succeed. If this is not the case, it will mean that it takes more time to deal with priorities that you consider out of control. It is possible to think about alternatives for development and they will gradually take shape in front of you ...


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11th January to 17th


You are in an excellent period, during which you can establish your authority in a team, your popularity may grow or you have a chance to get enough support from others so that you can realize your dreams. You intuitively feel the needs of others and choose the right approach to them, your impact is significant and with the corresponding positives. Against this background, the information flow is very strong and can permanently bring you some surprises. If there is something hidden, you are more likely to identify it this week. In another case - you understand to whom and to what extent you can count on the consequences of what you heard. Obviously, there will be people who will be completely well-meaning to you, they can become a conduit of positive transformations for your own future development, but there may be those who are bad for you, so the leading task for you will be careful - who you trust and to what extent.


Optimally, you understand secrets, but this becomes an occasion to take measures, to get rid of everything that has no place in your future development and has a negative effect on different levels, the end result may not be visible immediately, but in February - it will be. The period is also important for your social status and career development. You can be quite busy, even above average, and this can become an occasion to scatter your energy in different directions. It is useful to beware of deception, which will exceed your expectations. If some of your goals are unattainable or require a change of approach, it will also be visible, but it will help you take action and deal with these challenges.


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3rd January to 9th 2022


This week you will not lack attention and support, most of you will enjoy a kind of popularity ... This is a good time to establish your authority in the team, to strengthen relationships that will become a conduit of opportunities and better future development prospects. There should be people around you who will help you out if you need it, approve of your ideas, bring you good news, can make your best wishes come true... You might be reminded of a friend or people from the past. In another case, you go back to the old environment, if that interests you ... Against this background, you may be more tense due to escalating commitments, increased competition, which requires you to be more mobilized. , does not allow you to relax, requires you not to scatter in different directions. If you respond to these messages, overcome some challenges, then you will be able to surpass all the results you have achieved so far, you will be able to climb the hierarchical ladder if working conditions allow it. Otherwise - you outline in brighter colors what can hinder or what you need to change in your work to be more successful... At this stage - you receive powerful support from others, so you should take advantage ...


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


On December 29nd, Jupiter enters your zodiac sign and will remain in it until May 11th, 2022. Until then - you will definitely get a chance to transform your life in a more positive direction, some of the opportunities will stand in your way, others it is advisable to unlock yourself and through your own increased initiative in a direction that is longer, respectively - with larger successes to aim for. The more significant your ambitions, the further you can go. Against this background, you are now in an excellent period to make a breakthrough in your career development or to establish your authority in the workplace. You can achieve results that will have a wide impact in the future. Some of you will be able to establish your authority in a team, their popularity will grow, they will be able to receive a reward for their efforts so far, they will enjoy a kind of care, sometimes secret or unexpected ...


Increasingly, you may have to prove yourself to others, because the focus is on you, because you hold such positions or you are in a new place, or - changing requirements, expectations of you, rearranging layers, and you at least must not allow yourself to be replaced. Bet on communication, demonstrate the best of yourself, strengthen important relationships for yourself, negotiate your interests and you will achieve success that you will rely on long after. The New Moon on January 2nd promises you good news, offers, sudden chances or renewal of your public positions, a consequence of your efforts, high social activity on your part, support you receive, interesting, pleasant or even enriching offers ...


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20th to 26th December 


This week you have a unique opportunity to achieve success that will be long-lasting and will be a kind of reward for all your efforts, and they will affect your career development, social status, etc. Appreciate the people and circumstances that stand in your way and contribute to your well-being. You can look into the distant future and see what works for you exactly as described above, it can become a conductor of dreams come true, a kind of stabilization, a long path of development... You cope with increased competition, find options and different paths to your goals, especially if you need them. Against this background - the support to you and others is unstable, constantly changing. But this is a great time to tip the scales in your favor, to gain influential care, to impose your authority in a team, or to gain a kind of power - literally and figuratively. But for this purpose - you need to act strategically. It is possible to look at a part of your surroundings with "new eyes", to learn secrets, and to take advantage of it, even if only in terms of knowledge... Love is also transformed. This will be completely in your favor if you have common plans with your partner, discuss them, clear up any misunderstandings so as not to allow some coldness to invade your relationship...


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13th to 19th December


You are in a very important period during which you can achieve success that will have a long-term effect on your career development, social status, etc... Now you can get a kind of reward for all your efforts so far. If not everything develops exactly as you want or expect, then alternative development can be revealed to you, opportunities are formed - to make a secret wish come true or to set a longer-term and positive Development vector. Be more proactive and your efforts will be reflected. Against this background - the information flow brings you a lot of surprises, otherwise – there might be some tension, which will require you to be more careful in communication, so as not to complicate or end relationships that are important to you with people from your past. There might be some kind of differences with your immediate environment, this may be a process that will end and renew or change your relationships, if not immediately, then in February.


You might be reminded of old and unresolved cases, it is a matter of choice how you will react. In some cases - this will become a second chance, but in others - it can divide you with illusions, wrong judgments, or expectations, where they exist, it will be more visible than usual... Knowledge is always power, from which you can take advantage of as long as you want to. In any case - your public positions are being transformed, you can still direct the events in the way described above. On December 19th there will be a Full Moon, which will be accompanied by a lot of events and news, which will be indicative of strengths and weaknesses and of top achievements you can reach...


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7th to 12th December


You are in a very important period regarding your career development, social status. During this week you can receive a kind of reward for all your efforts so far, you can set more distant prospects for development regarding your professional realization, you can make a secret wish come true or you can find alternatives for development that still concern your professional realization. In any case, this is an excellent period to transform your social status or to achieve success, which will strengthen your authority in the team for a long time. The way you are perceived by others is transformed, in most cases - you will be able to expand your influence, or - some of you will fall under the support of an influential or powerful person.


If this interests you - right now is a particularly favorable time for you to show increased initiative in this direction, to consciously strengthen relationships, to negotiate your interests, etc. If some of your dreams are unrealistic, this will be quite visible this week and let it become an occasion to maybe change your tactics or distance yourself from people or circumstances that do not bring you satisfaction, in a more extreme form - they can even damage your image and not only... Communicating with people outside your immediate or traditional environment is not unambiguous and for this reason, you should be more careful. Build a strategy, don’t be too trusting, beware of conflicts that will be difficult to resolve.


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29th November to 5th December


This week, most of you enjoy the approval of the team in which they exist. You are in an excellent period during which you can expand your influence, respectively to attract more people to your side, who can contribute to your well-being and future prospects for development. Communicating with people outside your close or traditional environment, influential people, etc. - can become a strong incentive for success, which will unfold later and almost by inertia... Demonstration of high qualification, the desire to enrich your knowledge, to conclude long-term contracts - can also be crowned with success. During the first days of the week - you can hear important news, have constructive conversations that will have a positive effect on your career development and future prosperity.


You can hear interesting suggestions, have similar conversations that will help you find alternatives, different paths to desires, parallel opportunities, etc. Some of the chances will stand in your way, others it is good for you to unlock through your own actions. On December 4th, a New Moon is coming, which is with a Total Solar Eclipse, it can become a great new beginning, which will change your life - in personal and business aspects... The New Moon can renew - your professional realization respectively will give you a chance to climb the hierarchical ladder if you are moving in the right direction and you have found your right place under the Sun. If this is not the case, then the New Moon can direct you to your path and destiny. You should focus on things and people that support you ...


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23rd November to 28th


You are entering a period that is very important for your career development and social status. It is possible that this week you will have a chance to regain lost positions from the past, old topics that affect your social status - are reviving again or you may find yourself in a situation from before, but now you can act so as to get a better result. During the second part of this and the beginning of next week - the probability increases that you will receive a kind of reward for your efforts so far.


If this is not possible, then options can be formed to take advantage of... You will still have a choice ... The popularity of most of you is growing, there will always be people around you who will inspire you, will act positively on future development prospects, can become a bridge to your success or an opportunity to expand your horizons. Interacting with people outside your immediate or traditional environment - is useful and necessary ... Possible trips bring you satisfaction... Demonstration of high qualifications pushes you forward in life... Cases related to education, controversial or legal cases are developing well ...


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16th to 21st November


The information flow this week is very strong, brings you surprises, helps you look into the distant future. In most cases, you will have the opportunity to expand your influence due to the support you receive from the team in which you exist or these are specific individuals who influence your well-being. After all, interacting with influential, powerful people, people far away from you, literally and figuratively, will not always be easy and can be a conduit of tension. Beware of destructive disputes, be careful who you trust. The period is not suitable to start lawsuits, and if necessary, then you should choose excellent professionals to help you in this process.


Possible trips will also be stressful, they can develop in an unforeseen way, so it's good to pay attention to details, to be careful at almost every step. This week you can learn secrets, if there is something that works behind your back, it will be more visible than usual, but so you can protect yourself. During this week, you may suddenly end relationships or contracts that are past their time, but they will open up space for something new and more promising. You can perform a kind of cleansing of your environment, which means that you will heal contacts that contribute to your well-being and you will distance yourself from others who are unreliable or have a frankly destructive effect on you. You can expect significant or revealing news, sometimes strongly transforming your relationships and contracts in the days of the Full Moon, which is with a partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19th and 20th.


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8th to 14th November


During this week you will not miss attention, you can even expand your influence with additional support, including from people who are outside your close or traditional environment and with the relevant positives... You may receive interesting notifications, suggestions, as a result of approval, you will now be able to outline more distant and positive development horizons. It is advisable for you to be more proactive, to seek support if you need it and the probability of receiving it is more than high.


People appear in your environment who refresh, diversify your daily life, act positively on your tone and mood. If you are interested in issues related to documents, travel, settling legal cases - now you can direct them in a direction more preferred by you, to overcome any difficulty ... If there is something that affects you or reports out of your control, it will still be more visible than usual, but it will help you build a strategy to cope, in addition, there will be someone to rely on, you can expect a dose of luck that will be on your side ...


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1st to 8th November


Throughout the week the information flow is very strong, it can bring you surprises that will transform your future plans, it is possible to change relationships, contracts, they will be tested for strength, will go through a kind of test and only the healthiest and most reliable ones will survive. You will now be required to be more flexible and creative in your communication in order to defend your interests in order to turn some challenges in your favor. People far away from you, literally or figuratively, can occupy your attention and become a conduit of transformations, sometimes tension.


Alternatively, these are topics that relate to controversial or even legal cases, and you should beware of hidden or even dishonest influences. In that case – you should be perfect when it comes to documents, pay attention to details so as not to lose control over trends and events... During the second part of the week, a person appears in your environment who can strongly support you to cope more easily with all challenges ... Be careful if you have to travel...


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25th October to 31st


You are entering a period during which you will have to step out of your comfort zone, expand your horizons of development, find options, new opportunities because the status quo cannot be maintained. Your knowledge will push you forward in life. However, communicating with influential or powerful people, or those who are outside the traditional environment, will not always be easy and you will not always be able to rely on a kind of compromise and dialogue. Now you can try to meet the increased requirements.


Even if something falls out of your life, it may rather be for your own good, and other paths will lead you to your true happiness and you will feel this kind of guardianship as protection from higher powers as if someone is watching your back or there is always a way, even if it is not always obvious at first glance. Some of you may concentrate on relationships with people far away from them, literally and figuratively, or you might travel. The messages are not unambiguous, but they confront you with a kind of truth, and if not everything is to your liking, it will force you to take measures to protect yourself from future difficulties, getting into a similar situation, etc. Be careful when resolving controversial or legal cases, pay attention to details, be neat in documents ...


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18th October to 24th


During this week you will be required to strengthen relationships that affect your financial situation, as well as to be perfect when it comes to financial documents. You have to keep in mind that a conflict of interest or a kind of misunderstanding can bring you real damage. The same applies if you have poorly formed contracts, you need to be more careful when interacting with financial institutions, banks, tax, insurance companies ... "Emergency exits" can also be formed in front of you if you need those, which will be in the form of compensation, sometimes a path of development. Now is the time to turn all challenges to your advantage by interacting tactically with those that affect your well-being. Be correct, stick to the facts, do not be too trusting - and everything will be fine. Whether and how you deal with all of the above, which affects purely material issues - you understand in the days of the Full Moon, which is on October 20th ...


What happens then has a wide impact, at the same time, it is the optimal time to direct the trends in a desired and preferred direction. During the second part of the week, on various occasions you will be more focused on the distant future, perhaps because you can look into it, understand who and what you can count on, what you have to overcome. People who are far away from you may be worried if misunderstandings have accumulated between you and important people who are outside your immediate or traditional environment and will now escalate to take action. It is possible that some of you may decide to travel and face some kind of truths that will guide you. You can also focus on controversial or legal cases, they may still not be easy to resolve, so you may need to consult professionals, trusted people to help you deal with this...


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