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January 27th to February 2nd

This week we will test your objectivity - which of your dreams can come true, which ones can remain in the sphere of illusions. You may need to be more proactive to deal with increased competition and requirements to prove yourself. If you succeed - you will win some kind of victory that will influence you in the coming months, and maybe much longer ...

If not everything is going exactly as you expect, there are external factors that push you to change directions, and this affects key issues - career development, social status, then in the second part of the period you will be able to influence more and more trends by seeking and receiving support from influential personalities, protectors, benefactors, and friends.

You can take a very creative, inventive approach so you can turn any challenge into a benefit. I remind you that Venus is still transiting through your zodiac sign and protecting you. Even if there are some experiencing situations, they will be minimized, and they can be completely overcome, avoided... You can count on more charm, a dose of magic that will captivate others as long as you want that...

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January 20th to 26th

This week, especially in the last days, you will have the opportunity to decide, through events, news, some type of insights - which of your dreams are feasible, affect your better social status, or marital relationships, which will have to be rethought and taken to a new, different level. You can rely on your charm and intuition, especially if you are facing increased competition, other people who are patient or mobilizing you because a lot depends on you - your social status, or at least your reputation.

You can negotiate or take advantage of the influence of an influential person, some kind of benefactor who protects you... You can or should continue to work towards creating and strengthening relationships, gaining popularity and approval from others in general because this will allow you to make a breakthrough that will be permanently encoded, guaranteeing you prestige in a team with the corresponding positive consequences.

The information flow is very intense, it brings you useful knowledge, you can identify secret or erosive processes, if any, they will manifest themselves, sometimes with an element of surprise. Part of your environment may be unpredictable, inconsistent, but hopefully, this would be an occasion to identify who and to what extent you can rely on...

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January 13th to 19th

Your positions in the team at your job and among friends continue to change. This directly affects your social status, and in this process, it is advisable to seek the support of reputable people who can become a bridge to your successes.

Now is the time to strengthen useful relationships, be more proactive in this direction - gain popularity or associate with individuals who will determine the positive vector of development now and in the coming months.

Ended contacts are unlikely to be restored but will open up space to other and more reliable ones.

Venus enters your zodiac sign on January 14th and by February 8th will protect you, you will more easily earn sympathy and approval, and even if challenges arise, they will still be easier to overcome.

Venus acts as a magnet, thanks to this support you, again as a magnet, attract the thing you most desire, like, corresponds with the feelings that flow from your soul.

This week, all of the above can turn into a reason for pleasant news that will make you happy.

In the last days of the period, you can have debates about your material status and not only. It is possible for you to learn some secrets. If there are hidden and erosive processes behind your back, you will be able to identify them even in the form of a surprise, so as to take appropriate measures.

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December 30th to January 5th

During this week, the need to fight for more prestigious social positions that are tied to your career and teamwork will gradually increase.

The reasons may be in your own growing ambitions or this might happen due to external, independent reasons, for example - greater demands on you or relocations, joining a new team, etc.

Influential people, supporters, and even friends of the past may appear in your immediate area who will make interesting, useful suggestions.

Your future plans can get bolder given the support and even the popularity you manage to get.

Not everyone is likely to be so benevolent, beware of personalities who can create obstacles for your development.

In any case, your surroundings are dynamic, it is as if your scenery is changing, you are required to be more adaptable in order to deal with this, to reap the benefits of relying on some kind of guardianship that is now guaranteed to a certain extent and it would lead to your prosperity ...

Target specific individuals who will take on the role of stabilizer, an occasion for more profits, broadening the horizons in front of you.

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon of December 26th will renew your position in a team, you will have a chance to take more prestigious positions, to have more influence over others, to gain popularity if that interests you.

You will be able to regain influential support or you might be reminded of people from your past and they can become a bridge to your successes.

Some of the chances are going to stand in your way as a result of efforts already made, but others have to be initiated, especially after the New Moon. So you should focus on trying to attract guardianship, be more socially active, negotiate for your interests and advertise your abilities.

If you act in this manner and manage to gain some kind of support, approval from certain and important personalities in the coming weeks, then this trend will grow, guaranteeing you more success, prestige or at least peace of mind for the coming months.

You should think, focus on the right personalities, choose them. However, if some of them do not live up to your expectations and even leave your environment, you should not be sorry, they may not have a place in your future development and will soon be replaced by other and more promising people for your development.

This process may be accompanied by a change of environment and this will be considered to be a good thing.

You may decide to go back to old places, get back some past opportunities, etc.

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December 16th to 22nd

This week it is appropriate to fight for more prestigious team positions by demonstrating high qualifications, negotiating with influential personalities, including people out of your immediate environment, and maybe foreigners. Whatever it is - you can purposefully break the boundaries of what you know by expanding the circle of people you interact with in the way described above.

The period is appropriate for dealing with documents or you might have legal cases to deal with, with the help of competent personalities who support you.

If you decide to travel, this will prove to be a very useful, constructive event.

At the same time, you are still in an important period that will have a wide impact on your career development, reputation, and relationships. Understand which of your dreams are feasible and which ones are only dreams. In the process, you can identify people or circumstances that are destructive to you, in order to keep them out of your way. You should take advantage of constructive conversations that will help you see any weak links.

Your social activity is growing, by the end of the period, it is still appropriate for you to intensify the process yourself, to initiate conversations, some type of partnership, mutual assistance. This can become an occasion for development, wider horizons for prosperity, options and etc.

Don't overlook ideas and suggestions that come up as they can be the "golden ticket" for your dreams to come true.

You're changing the way you communicate, you can allow something new, quite creative to enter your life, and this will affect all other parts of your life.

Communication can transform your life, some chances will get in your way, but others you have to provoke.

You will enter a period during which you can make your secret, hidden dream come true. At the same time, you will more and more re-think your feelings, the things that are really important, valuable to you. Such analyzes will accompany you until January and may become an occasion for alternatives of development, parallel opportunities, especially if you are looking for them.

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December 9th to 15th

This week your position in the team is changing, you have a chance to take on new and more prestigious positions, to attract the support of a person in power, to expand your influence by negotiating with such people and to be more socially active.

People who are away from you - literally or more generally, support you, help you, stimulate you to develop, you climb up the hierarchical ladder.

Alternatively, you can successfully handle legal cases, settle disputes, expand your horizons of development by demonstrating high qualifications, or self-advertise.

You are still in an important, crucial period that affects your social status career development and your relationships. What is happening now, and in particular on December 11th and 12th, will show you with a lot of events and news - what new heights you can reach, what you need to adjust because it is not realistic, and probably not useful for you. All of this you will find out again during this period and mainly during the second part of the week. Analyze, be as flexible and as creative as you can…

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December 2nd to 8th December

This week there is a landmark astrological event - Jupiter will go into the zodiac sign Capricorn and give you a chance to gain more prestigious positions in a team for the next year. Your popularity will gradually increase, you can attract the support of influential or powerful people, make new friends, people who will become a bridge to your successes.

You may need to be more socially active to prove yourself to others. The reasons will be in a new team that you might end up in, new requirements or a position you occupy. Whatever it is, it is advisable for you to act in the direction outlined above to empower yourself.

During this period, the people born in February will be most strongly affected by the winds of change, but also everyone else to a different extent... New and creative ideas come up, suggestions that can come true, personalities that might help you, especially if you need this. Your popularity and influence over others are growing, and you do not miss the attention.

You might be reminded of an old friend or a person from the past, it's a matter of choice how you will react.

If you are interested in this, you are good at handling documents and legal cases.

The horizons in front of you are expanding because of new acquaintances if you are traveling, communicating with people outside your immediate area

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November 25th to 1st December

The New Moon on November 26th is one of the most important ones for you during the year, it will show top achievements that you can get thanks to the trends that you have set in the past, but also your current initiative.

You have the chance to climb up the hierarchical ladder, take more prestigious public positions. There may be some defining events regarding your social status, career or marriage.

You should take advantage of the tidal wave of the New Moon, be as active as possible in your chosen direction, to achieve successes that you will rely on for a long time to come - and maybe much longer ...

You must pay special attention to offers and chances that spontaneously get in your way.

Any tension that has recently escalated between you and your immediate surroundings, which has generated controversy, in a more unpleasant form, confrontation, can now be channeled in the most appropriate direction for you by showing greater understanding and goodwill on towards important for you people or because of the appearance of a person who supports you and still has a positive effect on you...

You continue to be in the period of surprising news, this will remain as a prospect of influence until December 3rd. These surprises will transform some of your relationships - some will become healthier, but others may suddenly be ended. Be more alert to the moods of others in order to respond to them in the best way you can. The more open you are to something new and different, the more you will turn the challenges into benefits.

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