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January 27th to February 2nd

The period gives you a chance to unleash your potential, you may have inner inspiration or corresponding support from close to you people who stimulate you to develop or are a cause for joy and raising your self-confidence.

Against this background, you still need to be socially active and sometimes engage in verbal fights to defend your rights and interests, especially in the workplace.

In another case, you persistently impose your opinion, change something in your expression and your way of thinking, this process may be provoked by your environment, increased demands, learning of new things, etc. In your daily routine, you might slightly scatter your energy on extra commitments or forced travel.

In most cases, you enjoy the benevolence of your workplace, but there are also some hidden processes that affect you in this sector of life. If these negatives escalate into more extreme forms, such as intrigues and ill will, or are they differences between your opinion and others, then you may decide to change direction sharply, end relationships and contracts. In this case, you will get rid of some kind of dishonesty, tension, misconceptions, and soon you will be able to fill the gap with something else that is more perspective.

In the best-case scenario, you use a creative, creative and inventive approach so that you can turn all the challenges into benefits, mainly in conducting debates, but without going into conflicts. It is useful to be more careful on the road, it is not a good time to buy a car, for example, especially during the first part of the week.

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January 20th to 26th

This is a time when you will feel more free, creative, even if there are some challenges ahead of you, you will be able to overcome them more easily, you will feel more in your element... Your confidence increases, as well as your chances of developing your creativity, to pursue a hidden dream, even while relying on a dose of luck.

Despite all, your daily routine, similar to the rest of the zodiac signs, will be accompanied by surprises and it's unlikely for you to be ahead of schedule. It is not excluded that the need to invest in loved ones, business, and hobbies can escalate, if everything is well planned - it would probably be okay.

In another case, you may rethink your relationships with people close to your heart, and this can happen in a surprising and quick way, depending on how much you can trust them and how much they rely on you. Also, beware of purely financial matters to not stand between you and your loved ones. In the optimal case, you understand who is bringing you more damage or benefits so as to clear your environment.

Your daily routine is also quite busy, it is possible that additional tasks or requirements arise. You may object to some of them that you think are not appropriate. This can escalate into disputes, and if you do not reach a consensus and the differences continue, then you may just end contracts or work relationships with colleagues that you believe you cannot communicate with properly. This is a challenge that should show you what you want...

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January 13th to 19th

The leading topic continues to be the home, family, place of residence, real estate, etc. There are ongoing transformations in this sector that you can still influence, or you may be more proactive in order to channel what is happening in a more positive direction, small actions have a wide impact, can lead to basic changes that are reflected to all other areas of your life, so you probably need to think carefully about your every step in a certain direction.

Part of what is happening may be out of your control, such as affecting your loved ones, so in order to achieve the best possible result, you need to be actively involved in the decisions, even if sometimes accompanied by a dose of tension, fighting for power, positions or something else…

Your protector, Venus goes into Pisces and by February 8th will make you more emotional, probably focused on your professional realization, more effective literally in your daily life, including rearranging your priorities, acting more creatively, inventively, attracting more support from others.

In fact, even at this stage, this trend can become a pretext for a sudden improvement in your working conditions, even a raise at work, if that's possible according to the positions you occupy.

Peer support will surprise you, and if you are not in a relationship, a new adventure can grow into something more.

If you entering a good period to have a good influence on your health if this is something you're interested in.

In the last few days, you may have to spend more money, ideally, these are worthwhile investments or you might spend money on hobbies, entertainment, loved ones… Still, beware of misunderstandings with loved ones for purely financial reasons or anything else that is sudden, but it clearly shows that a kind of relationship renewal is needed.

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December 30th to January 5th

You may feel anxious because you feel that the time has come for change, it may affect basic priorities that will transform your life at different levels, personal or professional, and may concern issues concerning your loved ones and relatives. Alternatively, it might also concern household, property cases.

Whatever it is, interesting, useful, workable ideas and suggestions emerge at this stage, which will be a kind of solution, a way out that will channel the recent escalating tension in an optimally positive direction for you.

The stars show you what transformations you need to perform, in what direction your chances are, do not ignore the signs of fate. If transformations are needed, you should allow them into your life, think about how to channel them in the optimum favorable direction for you.

The time is right to strengthen family relationships through longer-term projects, a common, enriching goal, or something else that will still have a positive effect not only on you but also on others…

Most of you feel more free, inspired by the support, the idea, the chance that stands in their way ...

Even if there are challenges, you are facing them with ease, creatively, inventively, finding a way to turn them into benefits.

This does not prevent you from becoming more aggressive in speaking, defending your interests. If you have to enter into verbal fights, you will manage to gain more prestigious positions.

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon on December 26th focuses on your home and family, place of residence, property or household priorities. In another case, you will have basic transformations that will affect your social status, generally.

You have a chance to make a big fresh start in the areas of influence described above through your own initiative so that you can improve your background, although some changes will be provoked by external and independent reasons - they should still be taken into account for your own good.

There are many options and you should already feel the "winds of change". For example, your family can expand with new members, and you can also harmonize relationships with your loved ones, even going back to something from your past.

Alternatively - you might focus on a property case settlement, you can recover something lost if it is yours. But if you are in debt, then you will have to pay it back.

In some cases, you may decide to move, in which case this will be long-term. Alternatively, there might be some changes around your loved ones that affect you too, and to a significant degree, will affect your development vector, future plans, etc., your social status - generally.

You should take advantage of the New Moon and you will transform your scenery of existence for a long time and in the way you want.

You have a growing need for entertainment and you will find a way to have fun, to relax with your loved ones, the feeling that you can attract happiness and dreams come true, will grow.

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December 16th to 22nd

Your social activity is very high, you are negotiating your interests and so it is right, now is the right time to influence your public positions positively by not allowing your opinion to be changed, and anything achieved to be taken away. If, however, you encounter irregularities that cannot be overcome, then you will terminate some contracts or relationships that are more destabilizing to you.

In another case, there are clarifying conversations in the workplace, new requirements that you will need to comply with if you think it is appropriate. However, it is useful to beware of improper impact, in a more unpleasant form - of intrigue, the exchange of information may not go as smoothly. In the best-case scenario, it becomes an occasion to rearrange your priorities, eliminate tasks that only take your time without corresponding benefits, scatter your energy, etc.

You can rely on your family or there might be transformations in this sector, maybe even around family members who, even though they are not always easy, still turn out to be good. Again, as an option, invest in real estate, act to improve your living conditions...

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December 9th to 15th

There might be an important event during this week that will affect living conditions in your home, loved ones, or these may be priorities that relate to real estate, residence, etc. It is highly likely that what is going on is positive, you will finally find a way out and options for complicated situations, unresolved cases, tension that have been escalating lately.

This process may be accompanied by small or more severe earthquakes, figuratively speaking, but in most cases, they will have a stabilizing effect. For example, you may decide to invest in your home, suddenly there are options to settle property, inheritance priorities, the options are many, the unifying rule is that now is the time to channel what is happening in the right direction for you.

You may feel restless, you will experience some kind of metamorphosis that should make you stronger, etc.

Throughout the week, the information flow is very intense, you will actively negotiate your interests, there are individuals in your environment, who can help you, when needed, give you interesting ideas, suggestions, etc.

At the same time, there are others who can act against your interests, especially when it comes to your professional career. Alternatively, additional requirements arise, unplanned trips that bring some chaos to your life. The important thing now is to guard against bad influences, you will be able to identify them, you should not allow them to involve you in intrigues and you should not be too trusting…

If you are careful, you rely on your own experience, authority and you are more proactive, then you will have a breakthrough, you will be able to make more money and to earn something...

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