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18th January to 23rd


During the first days of the new week, important or significant events that affect your home and family may escalate. In most cases, this will seem like a kind of catharsis or as if you have overcome difficulty and then move on to a new stage. This is not a coincidence, because on January 18th we are under the influence of the Full Moon, so these are a kind of resolution, events that show a vector of development in this sector of your life. If you notice any weak links during these days, try to remove them so that you do not drag them in the future.


On January 20th, the Sun will pass into Aquarius, and from this sector, it will support you significantly, so that in the next few weeks you will achieve your goals and desires with greater ease, you will enjoy a dose of luck. At this stage you feel only the first signals in this direction, for some it will be an inner feeling of more positivism, identifying more opportunities. Beloved partners, grown children, will increasingly occupy your attention, in the last days of this and early next week you might have some conversation with them, which will optimally clear up any misunderstandings, will direct your relationships in a more positive direction... If this is not the case, then this will be a sign that some differences are deeper and will take longer to resolve.


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11th January to 17th


During this week, some transformations in your home may escalate and in most cases they will be completely positive for you, resembling a kind of catharsis. Possible complex situations that concern family members, household and property cases or related to residence, etc. can be cleared up. Most of you will be able to rely on your loved ones in everyday life. If this is not a subject of importance to you, then you can think of other types of changes that will affect all levels of your life, including in a purely professional aspect. Against this background, it should be said that you increasingly have to defend your opinion, interests, and this can involve you in verbal duels, in more extreme cases - misunderstandings and conflicts with your colleagues. In the optimal case - you manage to defend your opinion with arguments, respectively to establish your authority. If this is not possible, then you can break relationships and contracts that are dishonest or do not correspond to your future development. Issues related to relationships - partners and grown children are also a reason for great concentration. You may need to invest more in them, be more adaptable, comply with them than usual or help them... It is impossible to have important conversations this week, which will have a wide impact, a long continuation...


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3rd January to 9th 2022


You may now be required to slow down a bit, pay more attention to your loved ones, your family, or this area of ​​your life you have the strongest influence on ... You can harmonize and improve relationships at home or take steps that will contribute to your comfort of existence ... If you are interested in this - you can successfully deal with issues related to real estate, residence, etc... Most of you can rely on your family when needed... If this is not a subject of importance, then you can decide to make transformations in your life that are basic, "from the root" and that affect different levels of your life - in personal and business aspects.


In this case, you will comment again with your loved ones, priorities related to the home will be related to your realization, one will affect the other and vice versa ... Against this background during almost the whole week the information flow is very strong, you can you have to fight to enforce your opinion, defend your interests in your workplace. Beware of conflicts with colleagues, if this is not possible, then you can end some contacts or contracts ...


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


Everything important is happening in your home and family now. Important debates are held here, decisions are made that show you the importance at different levels. The period is excellent to harmonize family relationships. It is possible that a member of your family has a strong need for your attention and if you give it, show greater adaptability to such topics, then they will turn in your favor. In another case - you make important decisions about place of residence, real estate, public works, you deal with these cases. You can take advantage of the New Moon on January 2nd, which promises you a positive update, sometimes a sudden chance or a way out, unloading from any tension in all of the above. If this does not excite you, then the update will affect all levels of your life and it should have a stabilizing effect. You have a lot of constructive conversations all the time, you are very convincing in your speech, you can fight with words... This way to fulfill your innermost desire. This is a good time to heal heart relationships with partners, grown children if you have any. During the holidays you will not miss company, attention, emotional announcements, conversations that will make you happy.


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20th to 26th December 


This week you have a very constructive conversation, sometimes you may have to use words as a weapon, but in most cases - this way you will win victories, you will impose your opinion, you will win battles, you will get a kind of satisfaction and consequence of support, approval from people important to you... Another important topic is your home and family. Transformations continue to escalate in this sector of your life. Optimally, you adjust the layers with small or larger "earthquakes", and this clears up any misunderstandings. But this is a process that will not end with a magic wand, more time will be required, but now you can still influence, direct, it is appropriate to build a longer-term strategy without losing further goals from the point of view and whether it includes harmony and understanding with family members or settlement of domestic, property cases, sometimes residence. Relationships with loved ones are accompanied by surprises and this is not from "yesterday", but now you can influence and above the usual through explanatory conversations, discussion of future development prospects ...


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13th to 19th December


Communication continues to be a conduit for many opportunities, a chance to attract attention, receive support that will make you happy, or make your wish come true. This week, you may receive news or suggestions that work for you. Most of you can rely on loved ones or are in a favorable period during which explanatory conversations are able to clear up any misunderstandings. However, if some of your relationships have crossed certain boundaries of good manners, kind of trust, etc., then this process will deepen with the corresponding resolutions on February 22nd. Until then, relationships important to you will continue to transform or you will still have the opportunity to influence and guide them... It is possible that old and unresolved issues will escalate, they will be resumed, it is possible that people that you are reminded of people from the past. Now you can react differently to get a different and better result.


However, communicating with your colleagues will not be so easy. It is advisable to follow causal relationships, to beware of intrigue, to be able to turn some challenges in your favor, not to allow them to harm you, etc. Your professional commitments may change due to the influence of others, for example, these may be new requirements, you will decide how to react. Additional, unplanned commitments to change the schedule are not excluded. From this point of view, it is advisable to be more careful in communication, maybe plan at the moment to protect yourself from challenges, but also not to miss out on any chances. Your life can be restarted, figuratively speaking, to start something from the beginning, you have already noticed this process, and the communication, the support you can get - will direct these processes in the optimal positive direction for you. Negotiate your interests, share ideas and intentions, you can expect a lot of news, a kind of outcome at the end of the week.


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7th to 12th December


The information flow this week will be quite strong, you may receive interesting proposals or you may have to defend your opinion and interests. In this process, you will find people who will support you, inspire you, become a stimulus for development or contribute to the feeling of happiness. You will do best in cases where you have more freedom of action, you can include a dose of creativity when we talk about professional realization... You go in activities where you have the opportunity to develop your potential with accumulated knowledge and experience. However, misunderstandings can escalate in your workplace. It is advisable to be careful who you trust, to beware of intrigue to avoid losses or to avoid some of your desires. After all, communication is a conductor of opportunities, so it is worth being more socially active now, looking for some kind of support from people you know can support you, that you have common goals, a vision for future development...


Now you can sign contracts, reach important agreements that affect your future prosperity, but you can also terminate those that do not correspond to your path and destiny. In any case, your living environment may change due to new positions or relocations... Increased costs are now quite likely, but they can be useful or unavoidable investments ... There are also emerging transformations in your home and family, at this stage you may feel the first signals in this direction or these may be intentions that you will realize, if not immediately, then in the next two or three months ...


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29th November to 5th December


You are still in a strong period during which you can harmonize your immediate environment - in your home and family, but not only. Many will invest in their home and this will be considered a positive circumstance, others will rely on financial or moral support from their loved ones, others will deal with domestic or property cases, all this can transform the situation around you and in a positive direction. During this week the information flow is quite strong, during the first days of the week you can have quite constructive conversations that have a stabilizing, sometimes calming effect, you find people who support your ambitious plans. This is a good time to negotiate, to strengthen your close relationships or ones with people who are from the past but influence your future development.


On December 4th there will be a New Moon with a Total Solar Eclipse, it will affect mainly your environment and your loved ones, communication, information - will become a conduit of transformation, a great new beginning ... For example, your life may invade new people, but you can decide to leave behind your connections or contracts that have been exhausted, you can decide to travel, to move, whatever it is - it is advisable to be more socially active, to negotiate your interests to attract a kind of guardianship, reach an agreement, etc. What is happening will only tell you - what and whom you can count on, respectively - in what direction to be focused, with whom to join efforts, etc. You can expect significant or indicative news in the days of the New Moon and next week, so you should take advantage ...


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23rd November to 28th


The situation around you gradually calms down, and this will contribute to your feeling of greater stability or at different levels of life. You are still in a period when you can improve your atmosphere of existence, kind of comfort, and whether it is a consequence of harmonized relationships with loved ones, family, but not only or because you are about to resolve household or real estate cases if that interests you.


Against this background, your social activity will grow, people may appear in your immediate environment who are connected to your past, you are reminded of them, it is a matter of choice whether you will allow them into your life. In another case, you can renew contracts, resolve old and unresolved disputes... A unifying rule is that you are given a chance to influence something that stands in your way again, but is not something new. Most of you are quite practical, constructive, able to defend your interests with the relevant positives.


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16th to 22nd November


The leading topic for you continues to be - your financial situation, and this week there may be surprises that in brighter colors help you understand - what you can count on to be more stable, what is potentially draining your resources. You are in a good period during which you can prove yourself at work and if working conditions allow it - to improve your income. Transformations are long-term and it's worth being more proactive. Still, your financial situation is connected to people who affect your well-being. There may be those that destabilize you, can cause you material damage. You can build a kind of strategy towards such individuals to find a compromise, balance between your interests and those of the other party, so as to find a way out and a solution. In another case, you may be required to distance yourself from them or to try to be more independent in terms of income and expenses.


In this direction, as advice, material support, or otherwise - you can rely on your family, your loved ones. You can discuss similar priorities with them and with the relevant positives. In any case, the period is suitable to harmonize and improve your immediate environment, to deal with domestic or property cases or issues related to residence. It is not recommended at the moment to borrow, to lend money, this carries a risk... Interaction with financial institutions still brings surprises... You can expect significant or significant events in the second part of the week, especially on the days of the Full Moon - November 19th and 20th. During this time, try to have a predominant income, avoid conflicts, destructive influences.



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8th to 14th November


You are entering a positive period during which you can improve your financial situation or protect your interests. Most of you will be able to rely on your family, harmonize and improve relationships at home. In the workplace, you can also make a kind of breakthrough, to prove yourself, to get enough support from people who influence your future development. However, increased costs are also very likely, in the optimal case they are useful investments in yourself, in loved ones, etc.


Do not allow material priorities to stand between you and people important to you. If there are accumulated misunderstandings between you and your partner, they will be more visible on Wednesday and Thursday, at the same time then you can most strongly influence and direct the events, even if it requires some compromise. On Saturday and Sunday, you rest actively, you can be more engaged, but also effective in what you are dealing with.


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1st to 8th November


Your material condition is becoming an increasingly important topic for you. Surprises in this sector are not excluded, sometimes they will be associated with chances for sudden profits, but in other cases, they will show a danger of material destabilization, which may be a consequence of changed revenues, new expenses, unforeseen circumstances ... You can take advantage of the new moon on November 4th to make a big new start in this sector of your life by renewing your sources of profit, for example, you can renegotiate employment contracts and you can stop resource leaks by distancing yourself from people and circumstances that may harm you. In any case, a dose of adaptability will be required so that you maintain or improve your well-being to protect yourself from losses, literally and in a broader sense.


Devise a strategy, act differently, focusing on a more distant perspective, and so you can turn all the challenges in your favor. Your protector Venus enters the zodiac sign Capricorn on November 5th and will remain there until March 6th, 2022. During this time, you can demonstrate more conservatism, sticking to established norms and rules that create a sense of security at different levels of life in your behavior, reactions, and mood. This can be a concentration on your family, on the closest and dearest people or on the need to improve your living environment by finding your most suitable place under the Sun ...


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25th October to 31st


An increasingly important topic for you is your financial situation or the need to keep what you consider most important, valuable to you. This may require some adaptability and increased effort on your part so that you turn the challenges in favor. It is possible that you might experience some increased costs that are for loved ones, home, family, etc. In another case, all the need to invest in real estate, the comfort of existence, to deal with domestic and real estate cases will grow more. Whatever it is, you will find that everything has a price, but you will analyze whether it is worth paying, and this choice can determine a lot for your future development. Your family can be in focus, if you have some differences, try to eliminate them in a timely manner.


Venus, your protector is still in Sagittarius and fills you with fiery enthusiasm, increased initiative, which you can channel in negotiations, explanatory conversations, which in most cases will be successful, especially if they relate to business ventures or relationships with loved ones. But routine work brings you tension, it is possible that there will be some chaos in your daily life, there may be some misunderstandings between you and some colleagues, which are good to avoid because they will be markedly destructive... Use the period to rearrange your priorities or to break away from cases that do not bring you satisfaction...


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18th October to 24th


Mercury this week turns in a direct movement in your zodiac sign, so if until recently you had any hesitations concerning important relationships or path of development, then you should have already made decisions that will quickly invade your life and will have their consequences... In most cases, this will help you clear up possible misunderstandings with people important to you, you will be able to attract wider support from your close environment, your words will be heard, they will meet some kind of approval, so it will be easier to impose your opinion with the appropriate positives. You are still in an excellent period, during which you can make your deepest wish come true, you can make a breakthrough in a direction of your choice, which will transform your life.


Many people enjoy excellent relationships with loved ones, this may be your partner, they may be grown children if you have any. At the same time, there may be a lack of harmony at your home and family because there are still unresolved cases with a family member, these may also be priorities related to residence, property or household cases, etc. or, inner anxiety is based on a deep personal desire for transformations that will affect all levels of your life and that can change the scenery around you. If this is to happen, then it will be fully visible this week, especially on the days of the Full Moon, but not only...


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