Libra Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 17th to 23rd

The week starts with a Full Moon, which would give you a lot of information on future prospects of development, and in fact throughout the entire period the information flow will be quite intense, it is appropriate to negotiate your interests by relying on your inherent diplomacy, you can rely on support from your close environment but also people who are away from you - literally and in a more general sense. This may be a reason to strengthen relationships that would be a bridge to your success or a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and so on.

Nonetheless, most of you exist in an objectively tense environment that may be produced by increased competition, requirements, that may be your own ambitions that prompt you to mobilize. Basic transformations in your life that affect your career development, reputation as a minimum are not excluded.

In this process, when it comes to your professional realization, you can turn the challenges to your advantage, discover hidden, additional, different paths to your goals, you could consolidate everything achieved so far or even to take advantage of what is happening. However, it is also useful to guard against some kind of broken communication at the workplace. If not everything evolves exactly the way you want or expect, then it would be a sign of more radical transformations that are about to come into your life. You should focus yourself on making choices, Tuesday and Wednesday are indicative days. Thursday and Friday are strong days, so you should take advantage of the support of the stars then.

This is an indicative period for priorities related to real estate, home, family and place of residence. You should analyze what is going on and build a longer-term trend for impact if the obstacles in this sector are bigger...

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June 10th to 16th

This week you may be required to be more organized so that you can handle multiple engagements in the workplace, but also in your home and family. A type of mobilization, redeployment of priorities will help you cope with increased competition, stabilize your environment, including by having a positive impact on subjects that relate to real estate, accumulated and unsolved issues at home, place of residence, and etc.

You will be able to cope with all this by using good communication, but you should also not believe everything you hear, you should consciously try to stay away from people who can have a negative impact on you.

The period is not very well suited for negotiating, but you should rather analyze the information and take advantage of it. It will guide you, can help you make the right choices.

Communication at this stage may not be that good, especially on topics that concern your professional realization, in a less positive form - if there are some bad people around you, then they may try to deceive you, so you should be careful!

You should double check all the details or inaccuracies if you sign contracts...

However, any victories achieved during this period that concern your image, your career development may not be easy, but they are completely possible and will have a wide, long-lasting reflection... So, you should act by relying on your own sense, communication, initiative, and gained authority...

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June 3rd to 9th

The week begins with a New Moon, which can expand the possibilities for development in front of you. The end result will very much depend on the negotiations, the conversations you will conduct, and they can transform the rhythm into your everyday life, they could set a new growth factor in your professional realization, but not only.

There is a need to review contracts, in other cases, this may be legal cases, and during this process, you must carefully monitor your interests, not miss important details that affect you. You can target trends in an optimally positive direction for you, as successes will very much depend on your own social activity, you should also not let people deceive you, you must be careful with some kind of wrongdoing and confusion that will affect you.

People away from you - literally or in a more general sense - have a strong impact on you, some of them can help you, but others will have the exact opposite effect on you and you will obviously have to reconsider your whole environment of existence, you will have enough hints in that direction and if you do not overlook them, everything will be fine...

Ideas for trips, even relocations may arise, in which case trends would last for a long time...

Whether you can consolidate your positions in the workplace and even get new and more prestigious one - becomes clearer in the second part of the period. Then sudden proposals are possible to improve your well-being. If events do not develop like that, then you will probably be focusing on something else...

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May 27th to June 3rd

Your daily life is quite busy, you may need to balance your personal and business priorities. In this process, you get a lot of support from your closest environment, or you become a stabilizing unit for your home and family.

You can successfully deal with household, property cases or invest in your comfort of being.

Your dreams become bolder, more options for development are emerging to break the status quo. It's still not the right time to initiate something new that involves some kind of upgrading, but you can find options to take advantage of during next week.

At this stage, you may have to meet some higher requirements of higher-placed individuals, people away from you - in a broader sense - that attract your attention, a matter of choice is whether you will respond and how you will react to what's happening. For now, you should analyze what is going on, from next week everything will move more gently, there will be more clarity...

You should be more careful when formulating documents, especially long-term ones, and legal cases if you are interested. In that case, seek help from professionals, mediators, trusted people, who can act as a "buffer"...

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May 20th to 26th

You support your interests volitionally, purposefully, even if you have to adapt to a significant extent to an environment that rather provokes, mobilizes you and thus you get financial or moral support from important personalities who differently and occasionally affect your financial state and prosperity at different levels that can now change in a sudden and fast way, according to your own initiative.

You may act non-specifically but strongly transform your social position, or at least your image, so as to protect or surpass what you consider to be of value to you.

Your success at different levels is determined by the support you are getting, some of the trends move more in inertia, so you may get a sudden bonus, encouragement, and if your expectations don't meet reality then in the second part of the week you will change your approach.

You would increasingly feel "in your own waters", you would breathe more freely, figuratively speaking, probably not without reason, but because of current circumstances that support you, it may even be your own assessments and way of thinking...

People away from you, as well as influential personalities - attract your attention, you might hear interesting news, suggestions which would make you happy.

Your circle of influence is expanding.

If you travel – that would be useful, rich with information to take advantage of.

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May 13th to 19th

The period is appropriate to influence positively your financial situation, which may be the prosperity and stability of your home and family. This week, there might be some conversions that are basic, affecting your immediate environment of existence, property cases, relatives, place of residence, and so on. In an optimal way, there are finally solutions to long-held issues, they may be related to investments, end-decisions, changes in relationships, which in most cases should have a stabilizing effect for you.

During the first part of the week, you have the opportunity to stabilize your personal or business relationships, travel, communicating with people outside of your surroundings, all this can have a strong and positive effect in revealing new and wider prospects of development at different levels of your life.

In the second part of the week you change your approach, your assessments and reactions become more and more practical, expedient, you can surprise others, but they could surprise you too. Your actions can trigger sudden new opportunities according to the support you receive - you will strive for one, negotiate your interests, and in most cases, you will succeed. If this is not always the case - then a leitmotif will become the need to remove people who destabilize you and turn to other people you can trust.

And maybe you have to pursue your dreams more vigorously? This impulse will grow, whether you are in the right direction or not, you will find out with the help of a peak of events in the last days, then profits or losses may prevail, according to the influence of important people for you, their reactions that affect you too, according to the guardianship, where you've gotten, and so on.

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May 6th to 12th

This week's key to your success and prosperity is to negotiate your interests, become socially more active in order to get what you want, it can be purely financial, it can also be related to love, feelings, so there will always be someone who will make you happy and give you some good news. As a minimum, you have a chance through support to turn all the challenges to your advantage by betting on the communication.

At your workplace, things also start to come into place, misunderstandings are being cleared up, or you finally manage to deal with the "chaos", you find ways to a promotion if that's impossible - you can look for and find additional sources of profit.

However, I must remind you that your well-being depends to a great extent on the support (moral, material) that you can attract.

The period is transforming, it can put you at a crossroads in life due to surprising news, suggestions, opportunities.

A weak link requiring increased attention may be relatives, your family, and it might also be case studies. Indicative or transforming days are Thursday and Friday, you should evaluate what's happening, turn the Wheel of Fate in the direction you want...

The information flow is very intense, leading to further development prospects, but also a part of the news may be exaggerated, inaccurate, leading to some tension that will change contracts and relationships. You must evaluate the situations, the good thing is that you can rely on the goodwill of other people in most cases, or you have enough chances to win verbal or other fights, as long as you play those your cards right...

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April 29th to May 5th

Throughout the week the information flow is very intense and explains priorities that may affect your professional realization or material well-being, including property, settlement, and renegotiation of documents.

Optimal good results you get in a partnership or some type of help you can get from personal or business partners, type of partnership, help from specialists if you are interested. You can come to such support in the second part of the week, then gradually the events are channeled into a positive side, especially if you are negotiating your interests.

You will not lack the attention and some kind of approval, but you can still boost this trend through your own actions, it will directly depend on your financial well-being or what you have in common.

There may be some transformations in your home and family, in other cases, they are property cases requiring consensus and explanatory conversations. You should try to calmly clear any controversial topics, this would have a releasing, reassuring effect and it would kind of resemble unburdening yourself with something.

You may have the feeling that you are at a crossroads in life, and the direction you choose would lead to basic transformations and in most cases they would act in a stabilizing way. If you don't have enough time or energy, you would be able to catch up with everything since next week and after the New Moon on Sunday.

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