Libra Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

Your social activity is now bigger, you expand your circle of influence, attract more attention, you do not lack support, especially if you are looking for it...

Many meet important people, some of whom are considered to be "non-random", long-term partners - personal or business, who could have a positive and enriching effect on their lives in a broader sense.

At the beginning of the week, an important event may occur, which is rather surprising, revealing feelings, circumstances around people close to your heart... You may find that you are suddenly in a new and renewed environment of existence and, in most cases, this would be more prestigious positions, but if someone suddenly leaves your environment, that would not be a casual act, but one that has accumulated as such a perspective at least in the past year or perhaps even longer than that.

Another leading topic is your home and family, a close person or a relative may need more attention, some escalate changes might escalate around them that would affect you as well. If there are old and unresolved cases, you would be reminded of them. You could resolve them constructively, just be careful not to cross certain lines.

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January 14th to 20th 

Your family and family member are the main focus for you on various occasions, and if that is not the case then you probably have to deal with property cases, inheritances, place of residence, etc. By the end of this week is the optimal time to influence more positively this sector of your life, you should target the events, negotiate, have conversations, hear some news that would show you who you can rely on, what you should be separated from because it is deceptive or erosive.

How do you deal with such priorities you understand in the last days of the week. During that period there are some outcomes, some of them might be quick or surprising, there might be some kind of reward for your efforts, or at least to be indicative events to identify possible weak links in this sector.

Another important topic is your relationships, and in fact, you are in a wonderful time to strengthen your relationships, meet love if you are still have not.

Your social activity is very high, it increases the popularity of most of you, you can have successful negotiations, get suggestions or conclude contracts with a broad, long-lasting impact, especially if you are more proactive in this direction and this perspective corresponds to your goals and desires.

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January 7th to 13th 

Since January 8th Venus - your protector would transit through Sagittarius and by January 26th it would create wonderful conditions to attract sympathy by expressing your opinion, your words will be heard, and they would be especially influential.

This week you would feel the support of the stars in the face of increasing attention from the others, you would receive approval with greater ease... Some of you would attract a person with whom you would experience quite romantic or wild love. Such a perspective is preserved by the beginning of February, and if you are looking for a partner, you would find it, although sometimes this would happen spontaneously due to external and independent reasons.

It is useful to be as socially active as possible and most of you would be exactly that because Venus in Sagittarius would awaken adventurous and positive attitudes within you...

However, many may feel more busy with priorities that affect the home and family. This may relate on an older relative, or circumstances surrounding real estate, family relationships, and so on. It is important to take greater responsibility, to pay attention to these basic questions and to take appropriate measures. Indicative events may escalate at the end of this and early next week.

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December 31th to January 6th 

A top priority for you is issues that concern your family, members, or real estate, as well as conditions of existence in general. These trends are not something new, but they are now escalating and require more decisive measures that would have their reflection in order to adequately cope with the challenges and turning them to your advantage.

Some of you are more engaged than usually with relatives, this may be a parent or another older or authoritative person who has a significant impact on you. You should guide the trends, remembering your own interests, asserting them practically, and not allowing yourself to fall under the shadow of someone's will, some kind of dependence, etc.

At this point, you have to change your tactics to make you more successful and adaptable, and so it is right. This would provide you with basic prosperity, from which other transformations can be brought to other levels, even affecting your social situation.

Use the days until the New Moon to clear out what hinders your feeling of happiness and what limits you... After the New Moon on January 6th, you could take the first steps towards renewal after the analyzes and conclusions reached, etc.

An energetic person appears in your immediate environment that could be very helpful to you, but this person may also seem to be more independent...

In another scenario, partners - personal or business - would show up in a different light, would require more attention and sometimes you would have to conform with them more...

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December 24th to 30th

Your attention is focused on a home, family, real estate or place of residence. This week, it is appropriate to set a background of existence that would be more positive for you by trying to clear up any misunderstandings with older and more authoritative individuals, making decisions that would be long-term and stabilizing.

It is not appropriate to start something new, but you should clear up any misunderstandings in everything described above. It is good to pay attention to what is happening now, to direct it, it might be a basis on which you would build your life on different levels - personal and professional.

All weak links that concern property, household and unsettled issues, including family and relatives, are most prominent now and next week. Evaluate what's happening in order to stop it in time, to build an optimally winning strategy that would help protect your interests.

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December 17th to 23rd 

This week, your social activity will bring you important, useful news, you might meet with non-random people who become a bridge to your successes, you can make long-lasting contracts, expand your influence, take better positions in a team. What emerges as an idea or proposal can become the starting point for future prosperity. Take advantage of the care of the stars and boost this trend.
It's a good time to cope with tension in your workplace, which was related to competition, new working conditions, and often testing your patience. You now have the chance to turn the challenges in favor, which might help you make more money, and if that is not possible according to your working conditions, then you can at least get moral satisfaction.
Another leading focus is your home and family, in this sector the layers are shifting for a long time, in the last days of the period this is an ever stronger focus, it is nice to spot the weak links, to clear any misunderstandings, to go beyond the shadow of an authoritative or older personality, outlining clear boundaries, rules, and so on. In another scenario, these are property cases that become more difficult to deal with, you should beware of misconduct, do not overlook details, even small ones, take timely measures in order to protect yourself from losing - literally or in a broader sense.

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December 10th to 16th

This week you may decide to invest in your home and family and this will prove to be very positive and harmonizing for your environment of existence.
In another scenario, there are chances for minimizing the tension, clearing misunderstandings with close people, or real estate priorities that have escalated over the past two months.
You are now given a second chance to target these topics in a more positive direction for you.
Your social activity grows as well as your ambitions, it will be a reason for you to show yourself in a different light, an opportunity to take on more prestigious positions in a team, to increase your popularity and influence. At this stage, however, all of the above will require you to deal with some competition, sometimes - even dishonesty, a tension that escalates in your everyday life and at your workplace. You have the full chances of coping with all the challenges by relying on your way of expression, and sometimes with powerful support, you can get.
If this does not happen, then you might end contracts - written or oral - and change your environment of existence so that you can find a more appropriate place for you where you can actually unleash your potential, expand your influence, and this is still yet to come...

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