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21st September to 27th


During this week you will be more inclined than usual to defend your opinion and interests. You may feel challenged in this direction, for example, you may think that the other person is behaving too temperamentally, even selfishly, without taking into account your views, but it seems that the limits of your patience are beginning to run out. Optimally, this will be an occasion for explanatory conversations between you and important people for you - partners, energetic people with whom you have common themes of future development, these may even be your competitors... The period becomes a test for your relationships - who and to what extent you can attract to your side so that you can join forces and turn all the challenges in your favor. This can also determine who destabilizes you, cause basic transformations in your life. If there are such people - it is good to build a strategy that will protect you from losses - in a broader sense.


Determining decisions, events that will channel unresolved issues that have been going on for a long time can also occur in your home and family. Indicative are Friday and Saturday for this. I remind you that at the moment - to a large extent it depends on you in which direction the "wheel of destiny" will turn and according to the compromises that you think are appropriate or rather unacceptable... Your high social activity, meetings with more people, socially active events, entertainment with friends - will be a very positive vent for possible tension or it may be an unexpected outcome, an option for complicated situations - perhaps through support, interesting, useful ideas, etc.


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14th September to 20th

On September 14th, Jupiter turns direct and by the end of the year will give you a chance to deal with property issues, such as sales, relocations, improving living conditions, also - harmonizing family relationships or increasing family members... The options are many, as diverse as life itself. In terms of what is realized in practice - a lot depends on the direction in which you put your efforts, what you individually have to overcome, etc. Gifts cannot be expected, but a kind of initiative - will give results. At least - it will help you to get out of complex situations that may have accumulated recently, respectively - to reveal to you, options, outcome, etc. These can actually appear as early as this week, it is worth working in this direction, especially after the New Moon on September 17th, and if not everything is going exactly the way you want and expect so far.


However, this process may be accompanied by explanatory conversations, disputes, and in a more unpleasant form - conflicts with family members, relatives, or friends. If such tendencies escalate, they will probably be accumulated for a long time, but right now, through your increased desire to defend your interests and opinion, you can influence the events with the relevant positives. If this is difficult, then it will require more patience and time, or it will be a sign that you need to turn a new page. But you hear or tell a lot of truths, and this is always useful, even as a guide ...


Your social activity is high, there are people in your immediate environment who support you. But their support can be unsustainable, at least for part of the team in which you exist, and this may even surprise you. This way you will be more aware of whom you can rely on. However, it is useful to beware of influences that can harm you - moral or material. It is good to be perfect when it comes to financial documents, if it is not urgent – you should, at this stage, avoid the interaction with financial institutions, risky ventures, etc.    


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7th September to 13th

Many will feel an increased desire to express their opinions, desires, this may be under the influence of external factors and necessity, for example - you need more support to prevent yourself from being replaced, so as not to fall under the influence of others so that you can more intensively influence your future development prospects. The good news is that this approach of yours will inevitably meet support and understanding so that your prospects for future development will begin to look somehow brighter, more hopeful ... Your public positions in the team will also become more harmonious and with the corresponding positives for you.

It is worthwhile now to be more socially active, to strive to create and strengthen relationships, this will be quite a useful circumstance for you. For example, you will have a chance to deal with an increased competition or to remove from your path some of your enemies or personalities who are bothering you. Eventually, they themselves will change their line of behavior towards you. But in what direction - it still depends on you, what you want, how you react, etc. In a sense, you may be faced with a dilemma - whether to overcome someone's resistance or on the contrary - to turn it in your favor, maybe - to turn the other party into an incentive for your own development, a partner, not an enemy, literally in a more broad sense.

Such a strategy, a change that you initiate - can give positive results in the second part of September, especially in the last ten days, will have a broad impact that will be even more tangible in the distant future, per se - in the second part of November and in December. For now and on different occasions you have to decide who you want to leave behind, what to leave behind, such resolutions and fluctuations on different occasions will escalate and they will lead to the transformation of your living environment ...

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24th August to 30th


You are in a highly transformative period, when you have to make a final decision for your future development and they can affect key priorities such as career development or place of residence, resolving property, household, family cases, and the two topics are very much related to one another - one affects the other and vice versa. In this process and in the lives of many there will be an energetic person, it can be a partner or another person who has a significant impact on you with their opinion and in the second part of the week will tip the scales in a certain direction... In the second part of the week decisions that are made, negotiations that take place with those individuals who influence you strongly - will have an impact by the end of the year at least. Before you make a decision - it is good to keep this in mind ...


At this stage - most of the events move more by inertia or less depends on your own will and more on external factors - specific people, circumstances... What has a place in your future - will be renewed, multiplied, will stand in your way as a spontaneous opportunity. The things that are past their time will confuse, divert your previous intentions and you will have to give it up, leave it behind or think - what should you change to keep it in your life... It is useful to avoid conflicts, to consciously strive to acquire a kind of guardianship, this will save you a lot of trouble now and until the end of the year ...


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17th August to 23rd


There is a New Moon on August 18th, which will give you the right to a second opportunity to have a positive impact on your future prospects for development, to take more prestigious positions in the team. This will obviously happen most easily if you get some kind of support from energetic and enterprising individuals, personal or business partners. However, this may require you to comply with them more, perhaps to balance between personal and other people's interests. However, the stars give you a chance to get enough support to defend public positions, if working conditions allow it – you could climb the hierarchical ladder, make positive changes in your career development or increase your income. Against this background, many may still experience some difficulties, which relate to priorities related to real estate, interaction with family members.


During this week, important events can take place in this sector - home, family, place of residence, and a certain person who influences you will play a big role in the chosen direction or emerging trends. Ideally, you will make defining decisions that will concentrate you, may require more effort in this sector, to address these issues and improve living conditions. In another case, weak links can be identified that need to be eliminated, for example - you may need to pay more attention and support a loved one, in a more unpleasant form, all this shows the basic differences between you. Choose a strategy to deal with, it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning and to allow this issue to influence you until the end of the year. What you have to overcome in this sector of your life, you understand now ... Avoid conflicts that will drag on for a long time with the corresponding consequences. In recent days, you are increasingly thinking about a kind of alternatives, workarounds for dealing with current tasks, and they will emerge in a natural way. Or you may need a break and to slow down ...


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10th August to 16th


You are entering a positive period when you have a chance to transform your social status, career development, or image at least - in a more positive direction as a result of the support you receive from people who affect your well-being. You attract people with your creativity, original approach, diplomacy, and sophistication... Your qualities are noticed from afar and valued with dignity, this trend will intensify at the end of this and the beginning of next week and will become an occasion for sudden opportunities. Your social activity is growing, you strive to prove yourself to others above the average level due to increased ambitions, chances, changes in the environment, the options are many. Opportunities are formed to receive more and more support from influential people, energetic and enterprising people, the team in which you exist. If you join forces with the right people and if you act in this direction, then you can take more prestigious and leadership positions, better prospects for development will be formed.


It is a good time to strengthen your relationship. Sometimes this may require basic transformations or making final decisions that will affect your background and reduce potential stress. In terms of family - these can be domestic, property cases, which will be channeled in the right direction through a compromise, with a vision for the distant future and discussion of controversial issues. If at the moment there are no differences in your home between you and family members, there is no escalation of a kind of power struggle, then you can count on this to continue in the future. In case of disagreement – you must find the root causes and try to eliminate them through a kind of strategy and bolder actions.


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