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21st September to 27th


You are entering one of the most important periods for you during the year when small actions will have a wide impact on your career development, social status, security, and at least your reputation. There is a high probability that you will turn all the challenges in your favor and emerge victorious in difficult situations, but this will not happen without a fight, without you showing remarkable firmness, initiative, demonstrating your qualities, experience, and authority. In any case, you will be an important or determining factor for your entire environment and you will become a generator of trends and events. At this stage, many will have to fight for their "place under the sun", it is possible to enter into sharper debates and even conflicts, but the likelihood of turning the disputes in your favor is more than high ...


However, it is useful to avoid too much stress, which, even if certain limits are exceeded, can play the opposite role, destabilize you, and so on. At the very least, you will save yourself some tension through communication. The layers are also shifting in your immediate environment - home, family, etc. In the optimal version - you can start doing repairs that are useful, you can deal with household, property cases. However, if there are misunderstandings with family members, it is good to stop them in a timely manner, because they will also have a wide impact and the corresponding consequences... It will probably be good to balance between your point of view and that of the other people. If this is not possible, some of you will reach a more serious fight... Possible investments in your home, common and enriching goals - will have a very stabilizing, refreshing effect, will channel energy in the optimal direction.


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14th September to 20th

On September 14th you will have a significant event - Jupiter will turn direct in your zodiac sign and by the end of the year, due to your own increased ambitions, high social activity you will be able to gain success, which you can then count on for years to come. You have already found that life presents you with opportunities, but also challenges that you have to overcome. By December, this will change your nature, it must make you stronger, independent, successful, but not for nothing, as it turns out, but as a result of a kind of mobilization, upgrading, and expansion of your personal qualities that will not go unnoticed and will give its positive result.


Jupiter is the planet of happiness, it will definitely give you opportunities for prosperity. But if you do not change something in yourself first which would then as a natural reflection in your lifestyle, then - the changes will invade your life from the outside, for external and independent reasons and will not always be what you want, expect. At this stage - you understand how high you can climb the hierarchical ladder or at least to establish your authority, to expand your options and development horizons. This is possible by demonstrating high qualifications, communicating with influential people, including ones outside your immediate environment, traveling, concluding long-term contracts, arranging documents important to you ...


If not everything goes exactly as you expect, then you will have the right to a second chance, a kind of "tidal wave", which you can take advantage of with the New Moon on September 17th... The stars protect you to a significant extent, without exaggeration you have a dose good luck, act so as not to miss out on any opportunities. However, your soul may still be restless on various occasions. You can cope with that through communication ... In another case - you get into sharper conflicts or a kind of power struggle. The power is on your side, so you can deal with competitors or even ill-wishers, but it will still be useful to avoid public scandals that will have their meaning, impact... Build a strategy. Surprises that show who you can count on and who drains your resources or destabilizes you financially, do not overconfidence, watch your interests, and do not take big financial risks.   


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7th September to 13th

This week you get a unique opportunity to achieve the success that will have a wide impact on your future development, they will grow, expand by the end of September, and can become a kind of reward for all the efforts you have made in recent months. You can count on a dose of luck, but the basis of your well-being is perseverance, the qualities you demonstrate, as well as high qualification, professionalism when it comes to your career development. In any case, the limits of the possible are broken in front of you, at the same time with them - more positive and more distant horizons of development. This is an optimal time to take a step forward and upward to a better social status or at least to protect your interests.

In this process - your social activity will be high, thanks to your public speaking skills you will receive a kind of approval and with the appropriate positives, you will increase your influence... But at the same time - if there are people in your environment who you consider incorrect and misleading - you will be able to identify them and remove them from your path. The information flow is intense, it gives you great clarity, you can learn secrets or part with illusions where there are any, but this is always useful. You are given a chance to make positive transformations that will affect your financial situation or image at a minimum.

Beware of possible conflicts or misunderstandings in your home and family. If you have to resolve property cases, try to do so by Tuesday or try to postpone it. In another case, you may get a second chance to get something back, to clear up misunderstandings with your loved ones, maybe not immediately, but the actions and direction you choose now will be of great importance in the future ...

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24th August to 30th


Opportunities are formed in front of you to go beyond the limits of the known, the possible, and by expanding your own influence, communicate with people outside your immediate environment, maybe influential people who will become a bridge to your own success. The more socially active you are, negotiating your interests, attracting similar people to your side, demonstrating your potential, accumulated experience, and authority, the more chances you will have to climb the hierarchical ladder, get a promotion or at least not allow yourself to be replaced. In any case, now the stars support you when it comes to your ambitious plans, career growth and you will feel it in different ways and occasions, make the most of it.


You can successfully deal with priorities that relate to settling documents, legal cases, resolving disputes... A weak link may be a topic that is related to real estate, place of residence, family relations, etc. During the second part of the week, an event that has a wide impact can occur in this sector of your life. Let this be an opportunity to improve your background, for example - by taking on repairs, clear up any misunderstandings with your loved ones. However, potential conflicts can drag on for a long time, they can include basic transformations in your life or they can affect your place of residence, your property... Avoid unconstructive disputes, try to channel some challenges in the optimal direction, and not losing sight of further development prospects. During the second part of the week, your relationships are becoming more and more important. In most cases, you enjoy goodwill, although you may feel like you need to make more compromises, and in practice, that is the case.


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17th August to 23rd


The New Moon on August 18th gives you a chance for basic transformations that will affect all levels of your life. At first, many will have to make important choices to steer change in a more positive direction for them, and also to judge who and to what extent they can trust... You may be at a crossroads in life that will determine much or all of your future development. On different occasions you will analyze - who brings you harm, respectively - benefits, sometimes literally, to strengthen some relationships and end others. However, the key to your success is increased adaptability, finding support from people important to you, sometimes - using a different approach to get a different and better result.


The priority topic for many will be the home, the family - you solve issues by investing in them or dealing with property or inheritance cases. This week an important event in this sector of your life may escalate, which will show what you have to overcome or stand till the end of the year. The end result will depend on you, you will be the leading factor. Sometimes it may seem that you need to stand your ground, and in other cases, the opposite - to be more flexible. What is happening will help you choose the optimal strategy. At the end of the week, on various occasions, your self-confidence and ability to influence trends will grow. You have someone to rely on - partners, people close to your heart, many enjoy more and more support and a kind of goodwill, which in turn will open before you sudden and additional chances ...


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10th August to 16th


Transformations in your home and family can escalate this week, they will develop completely in your favor, if you invest in your immediate environment, you can complete repairs, settle inheritance cases... There are many options. However, you will also be required to be more diplomatic, perhaps to make compromises that will find a way out and options if you have felt some tension in this sector of your life recently. It should be borne in mind that the favorable outcome largely depends on the support of people important to you, this may be your family, but may also be other individuals who affect your well-being, your future prospects for development... This week, many will receive valuable information, a kind of suggestion to take advantage of.


You may have the feeling that you have to make an important choice and in practice, it will actually be so, and this will determine a lot for the coming months and will affect your future development. In general, you have to choose who to trust, who to allow into your life, etc. There is a tendency to enjoy wider support and approval from others in general. If there were differences between you and people close to your heart, now you will be able to clear them, you can refresh and strengthen your feelings in a very original way. This perspective will grow next week as well, as long as certain limits of good tone are not exceeded. If you are not in a relationship - until August 18th you are in a wonderful period to find love.   


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