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18th January to 23rd


During the first days of the week, some of the most important events of the current year escalate, which directly affect your personality and ability - to prove yourself and gain some kind of power or to turn possible challenges in favor of proving yourself to others, impose your opinion and authority, get enough support. The reasons for this interpretation are that there is a Full Moon on January 18th, which affects your zodiac sign. You can influence the trends above the average level, if you notice weak links, try to eliminate them in a timely manner so as not to procrastinate in the future. If you need transformations in your life, this will be more visible by January 19th, let this be an occasion to strengthen the positives and to part with possible weaknesses.


In the second part of the week, an increasingly important topic is your financial situation, explanatory talks are not excluded, so as to protect your interests. It is also possible to resume old issues concerning cash flows. In the optimal case - you will receive a kind of reward for your efforts so far or you will get back your old income if you are interested. If conflicts of interest arise, but without compromises from the other party, or these are rather obligations that have accumulated over time or the need for unavoidable payments, then use this aspect so as to reassess income and expenses, who you allow into your life, etc.


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11th January to 17th


The Sun is still in your zodiac sign, so your initiative is high, too - you are in an important period during which you are building an energy program for the whole coming year, I remind you because this week - you can have very important conversations to protect your interests, to help you - to achieve your goals, intentions, desires ... In communication, you can apply a psychological approach, you can follow causal relationships and thus strongly influence others, to receive the necessary support if you need one. Against this background, however, you will unravel the secrets if there is someone who acts behind your back and has a destructive effect - this will be more obvious than usual, but it is still useful to beware of manipulation, intrigue, or deception. In most cases, you will be able to cope with this challenge, because the power is on your side and you are very grounded...


The information flow is very strong and gives you great clarity ... Another important topic for you may be your financial situation, which may now be destabilized due to increased costs or something else. This week you can make some important decisions that will have a wide impact and will help you turn such challenges in your favor, to deal with them, if not immediately, then in the coming months and as a priority - in February. At this stage, however, it is still advisable not to take too many financial risks, unless everything is well thought out and you are not in the role of "big player".


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3rd January to 9th 2022


You are in a period during which you can achieve some of the most significant results and successes, which you can count on in the coming months, which will become a starting point for expanding your opportunities - social or purely material. Most of you have a strong influence on others, your words are being heard, you can have quite interesting conversations, to impose your opinion or to get a kind of support that will give you a prestigious position. In any case, now you will enjoy more attention, goodwill, empathy from others. This is an appropriate time to negotiate your interests...


Against this background, there may be hidden malice or some dishonest personalities, even outright enemies, they may stand in your way. In the optimal case - you solve secrets, get complete information about important connections for you, about your immediate environment and this will help you build the right strategy. However, the power is on your side, you have enough resources to turn all the challenges in your favor. However, if, under the influence of what is happening, you end some relationships or contracts, this will be a clear sign that they do not have the potential to move forward, can be destructive, or just open up space for something new and more promising in your life. In terms of love - for most of you the period is very good, if there are still misunderstandings, now you can clear them.


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


The Sun is in your zodiac sign and you will often be the center of attention, you will actually indicate a significant impact on others. This week you will express opinions, ideas, desires in an impressive way that can attract something desired or dear to you - love, money, kind of approval, depending on what is a priority for each of you. But to a large extent, it can be said that power is on your side, you are directing trends above the average level, you are building an energy program for the whole coming year, so what is happening has a wide impact. There is a New Moon on January 2nd, which is one of the most important for you, because it is in your zodiac sign, and this happens once or twice a year ... This New Moon promises a great new beginning for those born on January 2nd and for all others to varying degrees, which can fulfill your deepest desire, renew or improve relationships and more. Another important topic for you may be your financial situation, at this stage, it looks stable, you can find long-term sources of profit by relying on some type of care, including from people who are far away from you, but not only ... Some of you will come across parallel, secret or unregulated sources of profit ...


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20th to 26th December 


A big part of your action will now be strategic. You will be more grounded, you will be willing to build strategies that will pave the way for the materialization of your wildest dreams. Your successes are not accidental, they are the result of long efforts and diligence and now lead to an increase in your well-being... You will find options in front of you that will enrich you, even if one door is closed, you can find another... Some of you will stabilize their income, will get to long-term ones, even if they are not too high, others - can find a huge chance in front of themselves and realize a dream. On December 22nd, the Sun will enter your zodiac sign, so you will feel a surge of energy, your self-confidence or kind of support, obvious or not, from people and circumstances will gradually increase. Venus is already retrograde in your zodiac sign - you rethink everything valuable to you, this may affect your line of behavior and future plans. You will continue to rethink - what to leave in your life, what to move forward... The good news is that you have a dose of luck and in most cases, you will still be able to turn any challenges in your favor...


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13th to 19th December


At the beginning of the week, Mercury will enter your zodiac sign, which means that you - you will take an increasingly active position, your words and opinions - will have a wider impact. Against this background, much of what is happening is moving more by inertia. On the one hand - you will have a chance to achieve results and successes that will contribute to your well-being, you can increase your income, get support or get alternative sources of income, you can find an emergency exit that to have a training effect or an occasion to turn a challenge in your favor, to get out of difficult situations and to emerge victorious. However, the past can catch up with you in some way, beware of ill-wishers, secrets, erosive processes that can harm you.


During the first part of the week, they can also identify hidden processes, but it is still useful to beware of intrigue or blows to the back. Don't be too trusting in order to save yourself any trouble. However, the information flow is very strong and gives you enough clarity to build the optimal strategy. At the end of the week, there will be a Full Moon, which will give you a lot of knowledge - what to move forward with, what to part with, because it is past its time or is unrealistic. Venus turns retrograde in your zodiac sign on December 19th and will remain retrograde until January 29th, 2022. As long as Venus is retrograde - you will re-evaluate everything valuable to you, you will have to maintain the successes you have achieved so far. At the same time - you will get a second chance to regain something lost, to catch up with possible omissions, etc.


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7th to 12th December


During this week you receive strong support from energetic personalities or those who influence your future development, can support your ambitious plans, better public positions, positive transformations in your life. It is good to consciously strengthen this positive trend through your own initiative. It can also help you deal with increased competition, requirements for you, and in a more unpleasant form - ill-wishers who can harm you, purely material or moral. Increased costs are quite likely, but they can be useful or unavoidable investments in yourself or in the brighter future. The information flow is very strong, but it requires you to be more flexible in communication to avoid misunderstandings... Throughout the week, you may also face some insincerity if certain people act behind your back or destructively, this will be more evident than usual. You can learn secrets and take advantage of them. However, it is advisable to beware of intrigue, some kind of deception, and be careful who you trust.


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29th November to 5th December


During this week you have a very constructive conversation, you can count on a dose of luck, through which to attract more attention, support, or fulfill your heart's desire. Most of you are surrounded by an energetic person who stimulates you, helps you, with whom you can cooperate, or under whose care you fall. You can also cope with increased competition, gain more prestigious public positions, your popularity can grow, and this will naturally change future prospects for development. During the first days of the week, you have the opportunity to have a positive effect on your income, enjoying the support, finding additional sources of profit, because there is someone to rely on, even in purely financial terms.


However, another parallel trend is escalating, which suggests an increase in costs, especially at the end of this and the beginning of next week, be careful and everything will be fine. It will probably be useful to beware of people who can destabilize you, such people can appear in the last days of the period ... On December 4th, there will be a New Moon, which is with a Solar Eclipse, it will show you in brighter colors - what you need to leave behind, with what you can move forward. Most trends move more by inertia, so it is advisable to go with the flow of opportunities and take advantage of them. If you are against the flow, figuratively speaking - you are unlikely to go far.


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23rd November to 28th


This week there are people who are very supportive, enthusiastic, give you direction, chances, etc. In another case - your constructive behavior, the ability to demonstrate the best of yourself becomes an occasion to take leadership positions, to attract a kind of guardianship, or to deal with increased competition, if you are interested. Against this background, you are entering a period in which resolutions and indicative events are escalating, which show you - what you should leave in the past, because it has lived its time, with what to move forward. In a sense, it can be said that you are in a period in which you are about to turn a new page in your life, but before that, you will go through relevant conclusions...


For some, it will be a big change, for others - a chance to build on what has been achieved. The past catches up with you, gives you a second opportunity to influence old and unresolved issues that have to do with your financial situation, a kind of security at different levels... This way you will be able to get something lost back, but if it is not yours, it will finally stay behind you. Most of the trends move by inertia, but whatever it is - you will always have options, opportunities, it can be said that to some extent you are protected by fate, so whatever challenges you face, there will always be a way out or a solution.


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16th to 21st November


During this week you will be significantly protected by fate, so even if there are some challenges, you will be able to overcome them or turn them to your advantage. You can expect that the attention to you will grow, you can often find yourself in the center of events, and you will play a decisive role in the team in which you exist. This will not automatically and fully protect you from the stress that has recently escalated in your life due to increased competition, increasing demands on you, sometimes surprises that show you who and to what extent you can count on, from whom you should distance yourself to protect yourself from losses, literally and in a broader sense. Nevertheless, you are in an excellent period to establish your authority in a team or to take any leadership positions. You can expect significant events that can transform your social situation and future prospects for development in the days of the Full Moon, which is on November 19th and 20th. In love at this stage, you should be fine or get a chance to consolidate your relationships...


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8th to 14th November


You are entering a strong period, during which you can strengthen your positions in a team, you can get wider support and with the corresponding positives for you ... Everything works out with greater ease, your words have are being heard, so it is advisable to be more socially active in order to fulfill your desires. Either way, most of you this week will get some chance or recognition that will bring you satisfaction, contribute to your sense of happiness, and so on. Still, it may seem to some of you that they have to sacrifice something, pay a price to get something else that is more meaningful, and in practice that is true, but you will decide how you will react, you will have a choice.


On Monday and Tuesday you will often find yourself in the center of attention, you can make a breakthrough in a direction of your choice. On Wednesday and Thursday, beware of excessive or reckless spending, of influences that can harm you. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday – there will be some important news, announcements, conversations, in most cases, they will be constructive or positive ...


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1st to 8th November


The new moon on November 4th renewed your social position or team positions. It is very likely that you will find yourself in an increasingly competitive environment or one with increased demands directed at you, so you will have to prove yourself above the average level. People around you may surprise you, but it will show you in brighter colors - who you can count on, how you need to renew, change your approach so that you get the necessary support and approval so that your future development is more stable. If this is not possible, then you can decide to change this environment of yours to find a more suitable place under the Sun, where you are valued and accepted, it will give you the opportunity to demonstrate and realize your potential. Eventually, you will distance yourself from people or circumstances that harm you, you will build a different strategy to protect your interests.


There will also be a growing need to rethink issues related to revenue and expenses. Increased costs this week and next are quite likely, they can be a useful investment in you, your future, but you will still need to be more careful. On November 5th, a significant astrological event is coming up for you - Venus will enter your zodiac sign and will remain there until March 6th, 2022. Venus is the "little happiness" according to astrology, but it should be remembered and emphasized that it is the closest planet to Earth, which acts like a magnet, through which we more easily attract what we love the most. Thus, in the coming months, you will more easily achieve your goals, you will enjoy more attention and approval from people who are the object of your attention. You can also count on a dose of luck... At this stage and this week, you will feel this influence as your words are being heard more, this can contribute to your popularity, will help you overcome some challenges more easily... Venus will change something in your values during this time, respectively - you will give new value to what you consider important in life, who you care for, who and what you want to keep, etc.


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25th October to 31st


You increasingly have to defend your interests or prove yourself in the team in which you exist. You may have to act strategically so that you can meet increased demands, deal with competition, and sometimes ill-wishers who can harm you. Otherwise, you invest in yourself, in your future. You understand who and to what extent you can count on. Some of those around you can become a source of tension, and others - of opportunity. Obviously, you will have to choose the right approach, not to oppose or confront individuals who can cause financial losses and something else. If this is not possible, then some of you will change this environment to find a more suitable place for yourself... The information flow is very strong, it gives you the opportunity to learn secrets if any. However, it is good to beware of intrigue or manipulations that can get you wrapped up if you are too trusting.


You can stabilize your income, protect your own, or find alternative, different paths to profit because you receive secret or unexpected support, and you rely on options that can be unlocked in front of you.


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18th October to 24th


You are still in a key period regarding your career development and social status. In fact, right now and during this week, significant events, some resolutions, or transformations may escalate, which will have a wide impact for the coming weeks, months, and maybe even longer. You have an excellent chance to establish your authority in a team, increase your income, to achieve success that will affect your well-being and social status. At the same time, you will be required to make some compromises, to show increased adaptability, to change something in your approach in order to protect yourself from tension, which may exceed all expectations. The good news is that the end result and outcome will largely depend on you and your own reactions and approach, at times that test your patience or adaptability.


So, if you feel that you are required to change something, to overcome a challenge, you will have such an opportunity, but it will depend on you what you are ready to do in order to achieve a certain goal. In any case, what will support you on your way up will be especially visible, as well as what stands in front of you as an obstacle that you have to overcome... Analyze what is happening in depth, because it has a long-lasting impact, and is worth it to take measures so as not to procrastinate any difficulties in the future. There are still people who help you out if you need it, show you a way out of situations if you are looking for them, and so on.


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12th October to 17th


If you do not lose sight of your interests this week, then everything will be fine. In order to achieve your goals and kind of success, it may sometimes seem to you that you have to make some compromises with yourself, to be more adaptable to the reality around you and some of the challenges you face. What you need to be more adaptable and flexible with - you understand on Tuesday and Wednesday and it is a matter of your choice how you will react, what creativity you will use to turn some difficulties in your favor, and to prevent possible discrepancies with your expectations in the future or part of your desires, etc... It should be borne in mind that you are in a key period regarding your career development and financial status. You will be able to count on the successes you are gaining now in the coming months and maybe years.


Some of the chances will stand in your way, you may even regain something lost from the past, old sources of income, a kind of promise of benefit and support, a second chance that concerns your well-being in general. Some of you will be able to access additional, sometimes parallel, opportunities for profit. You appear to be competitive, you can cope with increased competition, come out as winners, but in the manner described above. In terms of excellence or a hint of more distant prospects for development and what you can count on – you find out on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, you have emotional conversations, you can peek beyond the visible or learn secrets if there are any.


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4th October to 10th


You are in a key period regarding your career development or financial status. The aspect of the stars is such that it gives you a second chance to regain something lost that concerns your well-being, this may be a promise or a chance from the past that you missed, but now they stand in your way again. It is good to take advantage of the New Moon, which is on October 6th, to show maximum initiative so as to increase these opportunities, to sow seeds which will bear fruit, if not immediately, then by the end of October. Some of the good opportunities will catch up with you in the form of news and suggestions, but your own entrepreneurship in the direction you have chosen will still be essential.


Now you can achieve results by relying on strategy, analyzing the past, so you act differently to get a different and better result ... In any case, this week and next you can make a breakthrough that will contribute to prosperity and raising your standard of living for a long time to come... In the last days of the week, you are more and more inclined to look for detours to your goals or you have options, if you are looking for them, you will find them, you will take advantage of them and they will still enrich you or fill any gaps. In terms of love - you go through a period of reassessment, the past catches up with you again with news, your own analyzes, and attitudes, etc.


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27th September to 3rd October


You are in a very important period regarding your career development and financial condition. You may need to show the best of yourself, to be more proactive in order not to be replaced, to stabilize your income, from the solid successes you have worked for for a very long time. Much of what is happening is moving by inertia, but you can still influence and have to stabilize your income, your financial situation, to achieve success, on which you will then rely for a very long time. You will have such a chance... However, it is possible that in this process conflicts of interest will escalate, people from your environment will be a conduit for losses. In this sense, it is decisive for you who you allow to yourself and who you trust, as well as what strategy you choose in relation to those who influence your future development.


You may need to change your approach in order to get a better result than before. Despite all the excellent indicators for career growth and better social status, you may have to go through a kind of challenge, accept it as a right to a second attempt to fully fulfill your dreams and high aspirations... You lead a lot of interesting conversations through which you will be able to attract to your side more supporters or people to rely on if you need it... You will not lack friendly support ... Love may be in the background for now or the person next to you has to be in sync with your plans and support you.


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20th September to 27th September


At the beginning of the week and on September 21st, we are under the influence of a Full Moon, which will be indicative of more distant prospects for development in your life. The information flow will be very intense and will bring you a full range of knowledge on a leading issue for you. During this time, you will strengthen some relationships, but you may end others that are unreliable and unpromising. The unifying rule is that communication will be a conduit for a lot of news, you can learn truths, put together a complete picture and with the corresponding positives. If there are any illusions, you will part with them, you may end relationships or contracts that are not in your favor. Whatever it is - it is advisable to be more socially active, to negotiate your interests, to strengthen those relationships that are important to you, you will have such an opportunity...


In a sense, it can be said that you will make a kind of purge of your environment, you will fight for your rights and interests, but you will resolutely remove those that are a brake or an obstacle to your goals and desires. Almost all the time you will have the feeling that others do not behave consistently, they surprise you, but this way you will re-identify strengths and weaknesses in your contacts, and this is always useful. During the second part of the week there may be a significant event concerning your career development and social status, what is happening will mobilize you, make you more ambitious, will give you a chance to try and develop yourself in your chosen direction, to increase your income or to stabilize it, to climb the hierarchical ladder, if working conditions allow it.


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13th September to 19th


You are still in a period where you have a unique chance to expand your horizons of development, in a purely professional aspect, but not only, you can also increase your influence, attract to your side an influential or another type of guardianship, from which to take advantage of. You may have a strong need to communicate with people who are far away from you, literally and figuratively, those who are outside your traditional environment... They can become an occasion for additional chances, they can push you forward in life or will compensate for some misunderstandings or disappointments from others and people close to you.


The information flow is very strong, part of what you hear can help you see people from a different and hidden angle that affects your personal or business relationships. Knowledge is always power and is always useful, you should take advantage of it to turn some challenges in your favor. During this week you will be required to show increased adaptability so as to maintain success so far, positions won, etc. Against this background, your initiative and fighting spirit will grow so as to cope with an increased competition or to start climbing a new peak ...


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6th September to 12th


On September 7th, a New Moon is coming, which is positive for you and will give you a chance to expand your horizons of development or to make your dreams come true. This New Moon can give you the opportunity to gain power if you communicate with influential people, expand your support from people who contribute to your well-being, demonstrate high qualifications ... Possible trips will also be quite useful. If you are interested in concluding long-term contracts, now they can be realized. Controversial cases can develop in a positive direction, including legal ones...


Your relationships with loved ones - grown children or partners, are also stabilized, renewed, directed in a more positive direction. During the second part of the week - new people appear in your environment, whom you will be able to rely on. Nevertheless, to varying degrees, you will have to fight for your place under the Sun, to deal with possible increased competition, transform your reputation, and in most cases - in a positive direction.


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30th August to 5th September


You are in an excellent period, during which you demonstrate the best of yourself, it is noticed and appreciated with dignity, so in the second part of the week it can become an occasion for you to win something important for you, this at least can be a moral satisfaction, but it can also be a raise, if the working conditions allow it, it can be a new and more prestigious position, a profit - as a kind of reward for all your efforts so far. In any case, you can now influence the usual topics that are related to your financial situation and career development. Not everything will go so smoothly and calmly, on the contrary - the achievement of goals can go through a kind of catharsis, the need to change something in order to overcome the challenge, but there are great chances for you to cope with it.


You can have intense explanatory conversations or negotiations almost all week, in the process, many truths are clarified, some of them may not be to your liking, but they will still help you - to make the right choice, to strengthen relationships, which are important to you. If this is not possible, then this week you will abruptly end relationships or contracts that are hopeless. It is good to beware of manipulation and deception, although in most cases if there is any incorrectness, you will be able to identify it. In the end, you will find out who and to what extent you can count on, and this is always useful.


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23rd August to 29th


Opportunities arise to expand the boundaries of what is possible in front of you as your influence and rely on high qualifications or support from influential, powerful people, including those who are far away from you literally and in a broader sense. The more purposefully you act in this direction, the more the chances will increase to increase your opportunities for development. If you are interested in some type of training and higher education, these topics will develop well for you. In another case, you may decide to travel for pleasure or to achieve specific intentions. The information flow throughout the week is very strong, you may have to argue, if certain limits are crossed, the issue can grow into a legal case, so you should be more careful.


You can get information that reveals secrets, if any, in which case you will look at your immediate surroundings from another and seemingly invisible angle. It is useful to beware of manipulation and fraud, as a rule, they can be identified, but let this happen in a timely manner. Some of you will do a proper purge of your surroundings, you can eliminate certain people you can't trust, you can even break contracts that are obviously without perspective. Against this background - you can make tests in your career development or stabilize your income by establishing your authority in the workplace or look for and find a new and more promising area for realization.


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16th August to 21st


You are entering a period during which the demonstration of high qualification, consistency, and behavior will become an occasion for you to gain more and more sympathy and approval from people important to you. This week, you assert your authority, act positively on your social status, career development, and reputation. All this will give you a chance to stabilize your income, to improve it, or to find new and long-term sources of profit. Some of the chances may stand in your way, but others are good for you to choose. Nevertheless, against this background, your costs remain high, and you are still at risk of losses, which can be provoked by incorrect individuals who act against your interests.


Optimally, you spend more on loved ones, but everything is well-judged and therefore it is fine. The period is not suitable for being in debt and you need to be more careful when interacting with financial institutions. Keep away those that you think may harm you, if there are any, they will be visible enough. If you travel, communicate with people outside your immediate or traditional environment - this will be an additional occasion for growth, expanding the horizons of development in front of you or at least - to have fun with loved ones, to diversify your daily life ...


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9th August to 15th


Most of you are very focused on the need to receive moral or other support that will enrich you. This can become a very transformative moment, as if you are at a crossroads in life, you have to make an important choice and act exactly that way. This choice will significantly determine future development prospects, which directly reflect on what you have, which affects your well-being ... In a sense, it can be said that at this stage you have a dose of luck. Most of you manage to turn different types of challenges in your favor, your strength and opportunities are not excluded, this is not accidental, but a consequence of perseverance, consistency in actions, some type of strategy, demonstration of high qualification, and competence.


Increasingly, you have to go beyond the known or traditional by communicating with people who are influential, highly qualified, standing away from you, they can become a bridge to your success, satisfaction, happiness, etc. It is possible to have to travel and you will be accompanied by a dose of luck. In any case - going beyond the familiar and traditional, outside the immediate environment - will be a cause for enthusiasm and opportunities... Increased costs this week are still quite likely, if these are well-thought-out investments, then everything is fine. Otherwise, it is good to beware of influences that can harm you.


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2nd August to 8th


The leading topic for you is your financial situation, which now depends a lot on the support and approval you need from people who affect your well-being. You may have the feeling that you are at a crossroads in life and this is practically the case. The choices you will make, the people you will allow to yourself, you will negotiate with them or you will remove them from your path - will strongly influence your future development. Travel brings you success, it can become an occasion to unload from possible tension. Communicating with people outside your traditional environment - will bring you opportunities, a kind of satisfaction, etc.


Most of you can put together a more complete picture, peek into the more distant future, and see opportunities that were not noticed up until now. Demonstrating high qualifications will also push you forward in life. You can expect success with everything that includes education, some type of advertising, and self-promotion. Increased costs are quite probable, in the optimal case investments will be useful. People close to your heart may surprise you, let this become a reason to adjust layers, to show higher adaptability to keep up with what is happening, to be useful to loved ones, or to avoid possible misunderstandings. However, if any relationships are past their time or you need to look at them from another angle - this will happen now.


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July 26th to 1st August


You are in a very transformative period, during which you may have to make an important choice and it will be built on reassessments related to what you give and what you receive back. It should also be borne in mind that your path to future success is largely determined by the support and approval you can or should receive from people who affect your well-being. You can get such support and approval, but it will happen mainly if you are willing to compromise, rely on communication and mutual benefit, literally and in a broader sense.


Communicating with people outside your immediate or traditional environment is becoming an increasingly important topic, it can be high-ranking or highly qualified people who can pull you forward in life... Demonstrating high qualifications or enriching knowledge will also be very useful. ...


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July 19th to 25th


The leading focus for you now is the relationship with others and the need to cooperate, to receive wider support from others. For this reason, you may need to be more socially active, to communicate with more people so that you receive their approval. Without this - you will find it difficult to move forward or realize your ambitious plans, so the leading condition for your success goes through this - support and approval from people important to you... It will not always be easy, you can get involved in a conflict of interest or you may be required to be more adaptable and compromise. It is a matter of choice how you will react. As a result of your communicative, intuitive, or resourceful approach - you have the opportunity to clear any differences, to strengthen the relevant relationships that are the object of your attention. If you wish, if you consider it appropriate - your own and flexible approach of communication will give chances that are sometimes invisible at first glance. Another important topic for you can be your partnership, relationships, etc...


You are now in a period where you are setting lasting trends or ones with a wide impact. This process may be accompanied by strong emotional experiences, if there is tension – you might have to see beyond the visible and trace causal relationships. During the last days of the week and especially on July 24th, when we are under the influence of the Full Moon - you can expect a lot of news and explanatory conversations that will determine a big part of your environment, positions you occupy, so it is useful to guide the events carefully...


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July 12th to 18th


You are in an excellent period to gain more popularity, to receive wider support, including as you are more socially active, express thoughts and ideas that are valued, approved, and accepted. You use your intuition in communication or a subtle, psychological approach, you manage to trace causal relationships or learn secrets and take advantage of them. In fact, now, you can attract people who correspond to your spiritual values, temperament, future plans, etc. You can be very focused on important connections, partnerships. You can heal them or direct them in a more positive direction for you. If this is not possible, then you will end those that are past their time, sometimes in a sharper, extreme way...


However, this is the optimal time to direct your relationship, then it will have a wide impact. At this stage, your well-being, including purely financial, but it can also be a feeling of happiness, better and broader horizons for development, depend on some kind of support and approval that you can and should get. It becomes clear that this is quite possible and in most cases - it depends on your personal desire, respectively - who you will trust, who you will remove from your path, what will your approach. The probability of winning something significant or having a positive effect on what you have is more than high, accurate and a consequence of support. This is a week full of passion, because of which the relationships are transformed, in most cases - positively.


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July 5th to 11th

The leading theme for most of you is partnership and you are in a wonderful period to consolidate them. You can have important or explanatory conversations that will work for you in a similar way and clear up any misunderstandings if any. Your social activity is growing, and with it your own popularity. Take advantage of the positive aspect of the stars to negotiate, through which you will be able to impose your opinion and ideas, the impact on others is now significant, but it is a fact that you may fall under someone's influence, so be very careful whom you allow to yourself. Another important topic is your financial situation, which is related to the support and approval that you can or should get.


People who affect your well-being may not be consistent and trustworthy now, let this be a challenge that you can overcome with your own creative approach, an ingenuity that is concentrated in getting that support and approval, or remove from your path those who destabilize you financially. Increased costs are possible, in the optimal case - they are useful or unavoidable investments in loved ones or your business, if you have one, they can be for hobbies and entertainment, and in that case, everything is fine. However, it is advisable not to take too many risks when it comes to interaction with foreign resources because surprises are not excluded, including the interaction with banking institutions, etc.

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June 28th to July 4th


The leading topic for you can still be your personal or business partnership. During this week you can improve, refresh and strengthen them in an appropriate way, for example - you can find more time for yourself and for entertainment that will diversify your daily life... If misunderstandings between you and your partner escalate, they can be provoked by purely financial issues, or otherwise, it will be a sign that you are not looking in one direction, do not have common goals or there is even a conflict of interest between you... If it is impossible to cope with this challenge, then you will terminate contacts, these can also be business contacts that are hopeless and rather harm you. At this stage, your well-being in a broader sense, even in a purely material sense - directly depends on the support and approval of people important to you, you should be focused on getting them and you will succeed, you can turn some challenges into benefit and that contribute to your well-being.


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21st June to 27th


An increasingly important topic for you is personal or business relationships, important for you relationships that affect your future development. Your popularity will grow constantly, you will debate, you will negotiate your interests, you will receive proposals that will contribute to the opportunity to achieve your goals. At this stage you will hardly be able to cope with your ambitious tasks on your own, it will be much easier for you if you combine your efforts with specific people, so they will be on your side and will be useful to you, you will not have to go around them or to comply with them in vain. However, some of your relationships will go through a kind of transformation, the reasons for this may be explanatory conversations, which will optimally eliminate weaknesses and misunderstandings between you and the other party.


If this is not possible, if you do not have common goals, then you will leave behind those individuals who hinder your sense of happiness in a broader sense than contribute to it. In most cases, however, you will enjoy the goodwill and understanding of others, so you will rather have to decide whether it is not appropriate to be more tolerant or communicative, adaptive if your opinions and the ones of specific but important to you people disagree. Everyday life will gradually speed up its rhythm and some misunderstandings, a kind of ambiguity, including in your professional realization will gradually fade, but the final trends are expected in mid-July.


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14th June to 20th

For you, the leading topic is still your professional realization. This week you will significantly shape trends that will grow later in the coming weeks and months, and maybe more. Mercury is still retrograde, so some confusion, impaired communication with your colleagues, or assessments that will affect your future development are not excluded. At the moment, you can make a kind of turn by relying on your way of expression, a creative and inventive way of thinking, sometimes cunning and expedient. This way you will be able to deal with increased competition, which will not always be open, you will get opportunities that are invisible at first glance.


Even if the results are not immediate, the vector of development that you will set now will inevitably affect the future direction that will be set as a priority in your career development, keep it in mind and choose a strategy. Another leading topic can be relationships, the good news is that you are in an excellent period to heal them if necessary. Most of you will enjoy the understanding and support of a loved one. Pleasant surprises are not excluded, if you find time for entertainment, it will refresh and improve your relationship significantly. If you are not in a relationship, you can find love. Your popularity or support from others will gradually grow, even if not everyone is so benevolent, there will definitely be those who will be a conduit of your own success and prosperity, a sense of happiness - in general.


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