Capricorn Weekly

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 17th to 23rd

The week starts with a Full Moon, which would give you great clarity in terms of your professional realization, it would give you a lot of opportunities, as well as what may interfere with your plans, so you should analyze what's happening in order to build a strategy.

You may feel like at this stage not everything is up to you, or you have to take into consideration your personal or business partners important to you more than usual, but this might also be related to other energetic individuals. In an optimal way, you can take advantage of their initiative, enthusiasm, action, it is useful to attract partners, even if this is not always a mild task, but rather requires some kind of compromise. Such support will be very useful to you, minimizing any difficulties and complications, so you should think about that...

Confrontations at this stage are not advisable, the final outcome and victory are rather doubtful. You should count on communication, in fact, many would do just that - by acting intuitively, spontaneously, and will actually be able to turn the challenges to their advantage.

If this is not possible in some cases, you will probably need a more radical approach or distance, ending relationships, and so on. You must see who, and to what extent, is of prime importance to you and focus on longer-term prospects of development.

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June 10th to 16th

Your everyday life is very busy, filled with commitments, the way you deal with them will determine a lot of what positions you will occupy in the workplace, not only now, but also in the coming weeks, months. In this process, you can have defining conversations that will "illuminate" future trends, you could find hidden processes that affect you and so you can resolve them, in a more unpleasant form - you might be misled, which can actually destabilize you.

Your accumulated experience and authority will protect you heavily, cause you to get out of complicated situations, help you in any controversy, even opposing your interests, so you can turn the challenges to your advantage.

Nevertheless, you may, more than usual, have to take into account vigorous, sometimes aggressive individuals with increased expectations. In many cases, the period requires some kind of compromise, this also applies to you, you can give up on some intentions in order to achieve other and more meaningful goals. You should consider what is most precious to you, act and find options.

Through your creative approach, negotiations, etc., you will also have the chance to attract supporters who will have a mobilizing, energizing, stimulating effect on you, they could give you interesting advice and support you at different levels.

Avoid conflicts, if they arise, they will be hard to deal with, and may lead to ended relationships, contracts, and so on.

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June 3rd to 9th

The week begins with a New Moon, which will represent some kind of renovation at work. You can take advantage of the support of the stars, show initiative that will strengthen your authority in the workplace, improve your position, clear some misunderstandings. This process will require you to be more flexible in communication, you may have to be more attentive to the exchange of information that may harm your interests but in a more unpleasant form - to be protected by individuals who can destabilize you, sometimes - in a dishonest way.

Whatever it is, if you do not miss out on the details, including those that are in the form of actions, if you stay away from such personalities, or do the necessary to distance yourself from them, then everything will be fine.

In a sense, it can be said that, at this time, your adaptability, oratory abilities that can guarantee your success will be tested.

However, if some of the trends are out of your control, you do not agree with the type of information you receive, then you can end some contacts, even negotiate and replace them with new ones.

In the immediate environment of many, there are strong, energetic individuals who you can turn into your allies, and they will prove to be quite helpful with their support for you. You may need to take them more into account, but at this stage, it is a necessary condition for you to save yourself some complications, otherwise, you will find yourself in a highly competitive environment, it will increase even the next week with the corresponding consequences. You should think about it, build up your strategy and act in order to turn all the challenges to your advantage!

In the second part of the period, a person appears who can make sudden, interesting suggestions and you will decide whether you would want to accept them...

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May 20th to 26th

The stars have a positive effect on your creative potential, which is expanding, demonstrating, and is being noticed due to your supporting circumstances and some luck so that you can achieve what you have planned.

Particularly well are developing matters that are related to personal relationships, you can expect vigorous support from important people, these may be partners or kids...

Nevertheless, some of the people in your immediate environment may be challenging you, but it is better to try to take advantage of their energy and initiative in different ways than to turn them into competitors so you will get some new opportunities, or at least chances to turn potential challenges into your favor.

It is useful to delegate your responsibilities, to attract associates, supporters, so the prospects to succeed will grow.

You receive pleasant, helpful, sometimes surprising suggestions.

In the second part of the week, your daily life has gradually started moving in a more quick pace, you have to reject more matters, go into a deciding period in terms of your professional career, or your team positions at the workplace.

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May 13th to 19th

Most of you are in a creative upsurge. You are creative, resourceful, your firmness, straightforwardness, and foresight can become an occasion to make all your dreams come true, to find your "place under the sun" and to find something that makes you happy. This is unlikely to happen spontaneously; it is a process that is accompanied by analyzes, parallels of the past, parallel to a firm approach, and so on.

If there are any misunderstandings between you and your loved ones - from partners to grown-up children, you can now clear them or turn to a more positive direction for you.

In the first part of the week, the atmosphere of existence is being harmonized, including your home and family, you get support from your close ones...

In the second part of the period, there are surprises, which in most cases are pleasant. The desire to have more freedom escalates, even in your realization and you can do this by focusing on your own business or at this stage you have more time for entertainment, for loved ones, personal matters and so it is right... Emotional events and conversations may arise in the last days of the period, they show to whom and to what extent you can rely on.

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May 6th to 12th

Loved ones might be a reason for joy, excitement, uncovering new opportunities for development. If your hobby is also your job, if you deal with something you like doing, then you can achieve success or a secret dream might come true in a natural way.

In any case, it is appropriate now to focus on what you "want" and not only produce what you "need", so some of the chances will spontaneously stand in your path and open up new and long-lasting development prospects.

The period excellent to consolidate relationships with people who are close to your heart, and maybe to find time for entertainment, or to think of a way to reach more independence in your realization, such as starting your own business?

Your everyday life is very busy, but at the same time, the successes that you get at your workplace can grow over the next two and a half years. However, if there is something that prevents or confuses your preliminary plans, it will also be more prominent. The solution for all this might be found in the family - in the form of support, or a need for relocation, seeking alternatives of development that will be shaped in a spontaneous and natural way.

You are in a wonderful time to improve your background of life by clearing misunderstandings at home, coping with property cases, but it will often require compromise, different paths, a door is opening to them now, if you want to take advantage of it...

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April 29th to May 5th

The week is very dynamic, it produces strong emotional experiences, and it can be your own ambition, but also some type of concern that you would have to protect your interests in an optimally good way.

This trend may require a more vigorous defense of your interests, there may be some explanatory conversations and they would help you check in with people in your immediate environment, choose a line of conduct and a direction of development.

In this process you would strengthen relationships, others may end, but the trend is to impose your authority and to cope with growing competition, increased demands, and so on.

You can go back to the past to do some analyzing, to reevaluate old decisions, and that would be a reason for some of you to make a deliberate and planned turn in their future development...

You would be happy because of home and family, even if there is a dose of tension in the first days of the period, in the second part it is channeled due to responsible behavior, workload in everyday life or in a natural way, there might be some revelations that soothe the atmosphere around you.

You are updating your relationships with loved ones, the direction very much depends on your own wishes. If you want something to be fixed, you'll be given a second chance after Sunday's New Moon.

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