Capricorn Weekly

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

Your popularity grows, you manage to establish your authority among a group of people at work, among friends, etc. A constructive line of behavior helps you, a great deal of conviction in speaking, a combination of a creative, flexible approach, but also a firm, accumulated experience that is demonstrated in an appropriate way. So, now you can consolidate your positions in a team, you can regain old support, friendship or return to an environment of existence from your past.

Some of your immediate surroundings may seem inconsistent, but hopefully, this will be an opportunity for you to clear up any misunderstandings of the past, you will have that chance.

You are facing increased competition or your competitive nature is discovering secret, different or additional paths of influence ...

In any case, the persistence and consistency that you have been showing lately can now become a cause for breakthrough, victory, in your chosen direction.

There are also alternatives to development, especially if you are looking for them.

Travel ideas and further development prospects may emerge.

The information flow is very intense, but if there is something hidden, it will be more visible than usual.

You do not advertise your feelings too much, you revise them and it is useful at this stage to protect yourself from any negative influences.

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November 4th to 10th

You probably need more than usual to prove yourself in a team because you are taking up a new position, because your responsibilities or your ambitions have increased… Whatever it is, now is the best time for you to actually assert your authority, attract people's support that will become a bridge to your successes long.

Part of your immediate environment may be inconsistent or not too reliable, but this could turn into a reason to identify weak links in your relationship and remove them, as well as possible misunderstandings in the past ...

You will have such a chance and most of you will have a lot of constructive conversations, skillfully negotiate your interests and actually be able to impose your opinion, strengthen or build relationships with the benefits involved.

The information flow is very strong, in most cases, it brings you benefits.

You manage to cope with the increased competition that has tested or mobilized most of you. If you do not always achieve what you want right away, then you will find different or secret paths to your goals.

In fact, you are not inclined at this stage to advertise your feelings and future intentions. And that's the right thing to do, because "happiness loves silence". You should act, look for and find support, sometimes a secret or outside your immediate surroundings. When you achieve your dream or form a path to further development prospects, and this will happen, you will open a new page in your life, only then it will be appropriate for you to share your ideas… For now - you should act strategically without advertising everything.

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October 28th to November 3rd

During this week and under the influence of the New Moon you will renew your positions in the team, you will probably have to prove yourself more than usual, be as proactive as possible, so as to uphold your opinion and authority as well as already gained public prestige.

In this process- there will be people you can trust and rely on, these can be your supporters, colleagues, well-meaning personalities and friends. You can count on all of them, but you cannot afford to relax, you need to consciously strengthen this trend so that you can strengthen relationships and receive the support that will be very valuable in the future. The reason for this interpretation is that at this stage, you exist in a highly competitive, stress-filled environment, it is possible that there are people who provoke you and can have a wide impact on your social status or at least your reputation. To cope with this challenge, you will actually need the support I described above, but you may also need to be more communicative, in some cases - you would have to compromise, to avoid complications and confrontations with an unpredictable end.

It is not excluded that you may take up a new position, change your environment of existence, this can also be a positive circumstance for you, others will have a strong influence on the direction of development, this must be emphasized.

In any case, the more communicative you are, you create and strengthen relationships, the more you can hope for. It is possible that some of the people you associate with start to become unreliable, change their attitude towards you. You will decide - whether this will become a second chance to improve these contacts or you will decide to end them ...

It is also possible that a person will appear who will make a deep impression on you, attract your attention, in the optimal version - they will become a bridge to your successes, but this may also make you more dependent on them. If you are not in a relationship, a friendship can grow into love.

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October 21st to 27th

During this period you can voluntarily turn the wheel of your destiny in a new direction, it will largely depend on your own will, you may be challenged by external circumstances to act extremely or make final decisions that affect your social status and future development, but whatever it is, the important thing is that you will have a choice and you would be credible and strong enough of a factor to make others consider you.

However, there are no surprises that can dramatically turn your social status in a new direction, or at least they indicate the need for future changes that will affect career development or topics related to your place of residence, to your family, relationships with it, etc.

At this point, you can evaluate the situations and you can guide then in the right direction for you. Most of the trends are moving more inertia, from next week you will be able to refresh and set one great new beginning, according to what is happening now, respectively, by evaluating what you can count on and what destabilizes you in order to fix it as a problem.

Throughout the week you will be socially very active and can often be the center of attention, you will have someone to rely on, these can be friends, people who have your best interest in mind, colleagues with whom you negotiate successfully, help you if you need it or just unload from a busy day. The period is appropriate to gain more popularity and broader support with relevant positives.

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October 14th to 20th

You are at an important time in terms of your social and public position, and small actions can have a broad and lasting impact on your career and/or personal relationship. You can significantly steer events in an optimally positive direction for you, but in the process, you will probably feel that you have to compromise, part with stereotypes, even a status quo that is already past its time... The more versatile you are in this process, you do not advertise all your intentions and initiatives, the greater your chances will be, to make your secret or hidden dream come true, to find different paths to your desires or to overcome any difficulty, to turn it in your favor and be victorious.

However, too straightforward and unyielding behavior will have the exact opposite effect, or it may be the occasion for dramatic changes, a new beginning in key areas of life for you.

During the first part of the week, others behave quite inconsistently, some of them surprise you with their behavior, so you have to be careful not to trust them too much, to choose carefully with whom you cooperate, etc.

During the second part of the week - your authority grows, you receive more and more support, there may be people who would make you happy by giving you good news, suggestions, successful negotiations. You strengthen relationships or create relationships that benefit you in a broader sense. If you are not in a relationship, a friendship can grow into something more.

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October 7th to 13th

During this period, events will occur that will be significant to your career, social status or at least your reputation. You have the chance to steer these trends in the direction that suits you best, relying on experience gained, authority acting consistently and steadily toward your goals, but you will probably need more flexibility because too much rigidity or sharpness will cause the opposite of the desired effect, so that the determining factor for your successes and even the guarantee will be to some extent the balance between your interests and others' interests. You would probably need to step back or compromise more.

In this case, you can win successes that will affect you for a long time, transform your public position, image, etc. in a positive direction... Most of you feel that they need to be mobilized in order to cope with increased competition, not allow them to be replaced or to climb new and higher peaks in their development ...

You should act, your efforts will not be without consequences if a door is closed, then you will find different paths to your desires, a sense of satisfaction, etc.

Throughout the week, you may have the feeling that others are behaving in a more unpredictable and surprising way than usual, and that might actually be the case. This will give you an opportunity in a rapidly changing environment, to find out to whom and to what extent you can count on...

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September 30th to 6th October

You are at a key stage in your career development and the public positions you take. Now the Moon is growing and you can willingly turn some challenges into benefits, a breakthrough that you can reach this and next week in your chosen direction - will be permanently encoded in authority, image, prestige, etc.

The more important goals you set, the greater the results you can get.

In order to develop everything in the best possible way for you, you probably need to break the status quo, go beyond the known, allow some transformation to invade your life. In this way, you can make your wildest dreams come true, get power - literally or in a more general sense.

However, it may seem that you need to make more compromises to personal and business partners and influential people. It is not excluded that this is the case, but at this stage and in most cases, it has a beneficial effect for you

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September 23rd to 29th

You are at a key stage in your career development, social status and acquired public positions. In the process, many will find that they have to compromise, allow for something new to enter their life, break the status quo and achieve better results by finding different paths to their goals, focusing on a secret dream, or pursuing a hidden goal that sometimes is like an "emergency exit".

The key to your success and well-being is also the need to set a new tone for your personal or business relationships. People important to you at the moment are strongly influencing your development vector. There will definitely be some that will be helpful and support you, but in order for you to get that support, you will, first, have to give up on something…

You should consider whether it is worth the price by looking into a further development perspective.

The communication and tolerance, which you will need to focus more on - will shape new opportunities and will have a positive effect at different levels...

A solid and steady line of behavior that some of you can stick to might cause more loss. Something old must be left behind, if you don't let it go or upgrade it in any way, if you do not show more adaptability, then you will produce the opposite of the expected result…

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September 16th to 22nd

This week, you have a strong influence on issues that are related to longer-term development prospects, which may include residency, relocation, travel, or the signing of any long-term documents, contracts, including legal cases. People who are away from you (literally or more generally), influential and energetic people, maybe distant relatives – have a significant impact on you, if you reach consensus and unite efforts, then you will receive results that are significant and will develop in inertia and in the coming months, and maybe longer /perhaps in the next two and a half years/.

You get strong support from the stars, many enjoy more attention, a favorable set of circumstances, which directly affects your social status, career prospects, and better results.

Sometimes you may have a more rigorous or conservative attitude towards some type of update or towards people who have a different opinion than yours. This can create some tension in the last days of this week and the beginning of the next one. It is good to defend your opinion and interests, but also to rely on communication, because a possible "position" will have the exact opposite effect and may even cause you to miss out on a chance, so you should think and direct the events carefully...

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September 9th to 15th

The stars support your long-term plans, so it is appropriate to actually aim for further prospects. You can feel it - like a rush of energy, increasing your ambitions, increasing your opportunities, interesting offers, and maybe challenges you need to overcome.

Everything good requires going beyond what is known, for example, to communicate with people outside your immediate environment, perhaps concentrating on enriching your knowledge, qualifications and/or the need to self-advertise /in a wider sense/ by demonstrating in a clearer way your abilities, accumulated experience, and acquired authority.

The toughness, the straightforwardness with which you approach in almost every situation - are some of your strongest qualities that help you improve your lifestyle. The efforts you are making now will deliver the results you need in the coming months and will become a sound basis for prosperity in 2020 as well.

Some of you can take trips, make relocation decisions, arrange for important documents that will still have a lasting impact.

Against this background, you get valuable information to use, you may encounter some lies, manipulations, if there is something erosive and acting behind your back, you will notice it. You should be careful though, this will be very useful to you, you should rely on your own practical judgments and real actions rather than on beautiful words and empty promises.

If you find a type of dishonesty - you might abruptly end relationships or contracts in the days around the Full Moon on September 13th.

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