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January 27th to February 2nd

You are entering a period during which you need to materialize your practical ideas, the efforts made over the past month and not only. In order to respond positively to trends - in general, in particular, your financial status and what you have - it will be appropriate to allow something new and different, if necessary and to get a better result from the present one, to negotiate more your interests, be more socially active.

You can count on your eloquence, the benevolence of your environment. However, you should beware of manipulation and dishonesty, especially during the first days of the period. Then, if there is something that is working against you, it will be more visible than usual and you can take appropriate action. The trend will show you which relationships and/or contracts to end because they have a destructive effect.

In another case, you can turn such negatives into positives by using a more flexible and creative, inventive approach to communication, finding different paths to your desires, not announcing all your intentions, not trusting people too much... During the second part of the week and over the next one, you will be able to steer and influence the events more and more.

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January 20th to 26th

A leading topic that most of you are focused on is your material status. The reasons for this might be different. For example, there is a period of renewal in this sector, when you need to re-evaluate revenues and expenses, you might have to spend more money than usual and that might be related to your loved ones or your business...Alternatively, you have to fix some mistakes this week in order not to allow such priorities to last for a long time, because now there are options for influence, a chance to find alternatives for prosperity, including ones that are secret, additional and unexpected, ones that you may have neglected by now...

You can negotiate implicitly, take advantage of guardianship, including people outside your traditional environment or ideas don't advertise and in fact, that's how you succeed. The information flow throughout the week is very intense, bringing you valuable knowledge, good opportunities and news to take advantage of. At the same time, it is advisable not to trust others too much, because misleading, manipulative conversations are also not excluded, be careful about whom you trust... In the optimal case - you uncover some secrets, identify the erosive processes behind your back. A circumstance may occur that affects you, but you have neglected it so far...

You might hear something emotional that can make a lasting impression in your mind, especially during the second part of the period. Take advantage of the New Moon on January 24th so that, according to current events, you can clear your surroundings, respectively, strengthen loyal relationships, but also distance yourself from others who are apparently not good relationships in general... You will have enough tips in this direction.

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January 13th to 19th

You continue to be in a very important period, during which you need to establish your authority, pursue larger goals, and build a schedule that will help you reach your excellence and not only in the coming months, but probably also years.

Small actions have a wide impact, it is possible that there is some kind of struggle for power and dominance, in which you vigorously can and must defend your interests, power is on your side, and the stars charge you with a lot of power and energy, great concentration.

Nevertheless, if you have to leave something behind until mid-February, do not regret it, because it has no place in your great new beginning, in the prosperity that lies ahead.

During this week you can hear good news, have nice, helpful conversations, sometimes in a surprising way, which would make you happy. This may be a consequence of your past actions and your own potential or your loved ones who support you and have this effect on you…

However, you may have to spend some more money, especially in the last days of the period, otherwise, you understand who or what is having a negative effect on your well-being by eliminating it. In the best-case scenario, you might spend more on your loved ones. These are worthwhile investments but beware of purely financial issues not to stand between you and people important to you.

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December 30th to January 5th

5 planets are already transiting through your zodiac sign and each of them gives you an extra resource for the influence of future development trends, the people around you, etc.

After all, this changes you first, you discover new qualities and abilities in yourself, you unlock old ones, you mobilize and your ambitions grow.

This week your social activity is very high, especially that of those born during the first decanate, but everyone else to a different degree too. You can initiate negotiations that impose your opinion and help you reach your goals.

It is not excluded that longer-term ideas for your development will emerge, which you will voluntarily realize through your own initiative.

At this stage, you may decide what you really want and what path to take.

It is probably best to move in a direction that at this stage is accompanied by the least resistance.

If what is happening corresponds to further development prospects that match your path and predestination, then they will occur spontaneously, with considerable ease.

You can trust your intuition, it will not mislead you.

The period is great to protect your interests and to make more money.

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon on December 26th is in your zodiac sign, so it will be one of the most important ones for you throughout the coming 2020 year, maybe longer…

The reasons for this interpretation are that this New Moon also includes a Solar Eclipse and Jupiter and in itself is an extremely rare phenomenon.

Eclipses have the ability to act as a space arrowhead that transfers us to other tracks of development, helps us not to get lost in the path of our true goals, determination, a chance to unleash our potential, find our happiness.

So you must accept this New Moon - it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your ambitions, which will be strengthened at times, the opportunity to demonstrate your qualities, multiply them, advertise them, attract a similar dose of luck, the stars will support you in your ambitious plans.

This trend will have the greatest impact on those born during the first decanate of the zodiac, but also on everyone else to varying degrees.

As you know it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning and the more initiative you are after the New Moon, the more significant results you will achieve.

However, the fact is that sometimes you will feel like you are sacrificing yourself in the name of others, you might even give more than you receive.

But you will mostly be able to prosper if you get some kind support and approval of important people, partners, influential people. This can happen as described above.

You manage to cope with increased competition and to make your dreams come true.

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December 16th to 22nd

You are actively interacting with your immediate environment, and part of the surrounding community becomes a strong incentive for development. This can happen through the support you get, the ideas you take advantage of, the foreign energy that is on your side and becomes a powerful stimulus, an additional chance for better public positions. Alternatively, there is an increasing amount of competition in your environment that you have to deal with, but you have a good chance of turning such challenges into benefits, boosting your competitive edge, mobilizing you so that you can truly turn out to be victorious by dealing with all of the above.

Jupiter is already transiting through your zodiac sign, so you are undoubtedly becoming a leader, a leading factor in prosperity and success, not only for yourself but also for others. As a minimum, others need to comply with you if they want to get better results and to save themselves some complications. All of the above-mentioned is a force, but also a responsibility that must be channeled in the right direction in order to make your dream come true, sometimes in a quick, surprising way. A dose of luck will accompany all of you, but especially those born in the first decanate. The more open you are to something different, new and creative in your approach, in the pursuit of prosperity and the things that make you happy, the better the results you will achieve.

Do not neglect your inner voice, think about what transformations and longer-term goals you need to pursue in order to take your life in a positive direction for a long time.

At this stage, it is appropriate to cooperate, attract associates and not so much to start new projects. This will be recommended only after December 26th.

It is also appropriate to identify what is destructive, erosive and who acts behind your back. You will have enough tips in this direction, it is possible to find out some secrets. Everything is useful, and knowledge is always power, so you will be able to remove without regret what has lost its meaning, you will be able to part with it and not deal with it in your new personal year which promises to be a great new start, with many new features and above average.

At this stage, you should look around, analyze and build your strategy.

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December 9th to 15th

During this week you might experience some kind of transformation that will affect your way of thinking, line of behavior, future plans, even appearance. There are likely to be real reasons for this and related revaluations.

This week you might exist in an increasingly competitive environment and cope with it, win more prestigious, leadership positions. Your ambitions are growing, your initiative is significant, and the successes you gain will affect you for a long time to come in the coming months, probably more.

You can still get the feeling that some events are out of your control, are erosive and destabilizing. In fact - now you can find out some secret or it is good to beware of detractors, intrigues, you need to be more careful about who you trust ...

Anything that you hear, have analyzed and some kind of insights - will open up sudden new opportunities, especially for those born during the first decanate, but also everyone else.

If there is something you need to leave behind because it's past its time /these could be contracts, relationships, etc./, you should not try to keep them. Aditional chances will soon be revealed that will expand the horizons in front of you, they will direct you to cases that correspond with your progress and your future prosperity.

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