Capricorn Weekly

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

Increasingly important, a leading topic for you becomes purely financial priorities. During the first days of the new week, surprises are possible, which are related to outcomes, indicative events that could be a reward for already made efforts. You might get back something lost if it belongs to you. At the same time, if you have any accumulated debts, you would also be reminded of them.

In any case, it is useful to keep an eye on your interests, you should not trust people too much, and not have fast reactions or make rash decisions in order to be adequate to what is going on - not to miss out on chances, but you could also protect yourself from challenges.

Such may escalate and they may be related to your home, family, it might be priorities that concern real estate, relatives, dealing with moving away, etc.

If you have a conflict with a relative or a close one - it would go into a more "sharp" phase that would prompt you to act in order to prevent yourself from having any loses. Most of you constantly learn something new, which is also related to hidden processes, there may be details that you have ignored till now. Hopefully, this clarity helps you find alternative ways of profit, self-realization and removing from your immediate environment those who obviously do not meet your expectations...

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January 14th to 20th 

It may seem to you that happiness is at your fingertips, but first, you have to overcome some obstacle or be patient in order to achieve it, and in practice that is exactly right. The stars in this and the following year would show you that nothing is impossible, the forces are on your side, and your boldest dreams can come true, as long as you show more perseverance and persistence - you would achieve excellent results and successes that nobody could then take away from you.

At the beginning of the week, you have a lot of constructive conversations, your words are being heard, you impose your authority, or at least make others conform to you. You get enormous clarity, you separate with the illusions, if you have any, you recognize erosive processes or secrets, all the "dark corners" of your life would become more clear, and this can actually help you focus and make the right decisions for you, choose an enriching direction - in a broader sense.

However, it is useful to keep an eye on your interests if you need to be more extreme or proactive so that your expectations don't end up not being met, especially when it comes to purely material priorities or real estate. Significant events and outcomes might take place in the second part of the week, especially in the last days of the period. Until then - you define the future background of existence - in your home, with loved ones and not only. This might be an environment that is basic and affects your career development, image, and so on.

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January 7th to 13th 

Four planets already transit through your zodiac sign, some of you would feel this influence in the form of great inner strength, mobilization, increased ambition, a sense that "the world could be at your feet" as long as you want that. In fact, if you have a long-term and ambitious goal that you pursue with patience, you do not expect fast results, then there is probably no power in the world that could make your expectations not be met. Saturn is a planet that in astrology is also called the "Ruler of Time", so you would get what you deserve, you would probably get no "gifts", but rather an adequate reward according to your effort.

Besides, whatever you get under the influence of Saturn no one would be able to take away from you.

Saturn, however, may also bring you back to the past, for example - you may have a strong desire to get something back from the past, to maintain traditions, relationships with older and more authoritative individuals, or return to something old.

Saturn might divide you with people and circumstances that become an unreasonable burden.

Home and family priorities are becoming another leading topic. There may be controversies about your home improvement. In a different option - a person in your immediate environment would start to behave more intolerantly and challenging which would be a cause for debate or confrontations. A possible way out of such challenges may arise in an unexpected way, an alternative that is being discussed or just appears in your life. That, at least, may be a decision that is still a more distant perspective but nevertheless foreseeable. Look around, go back or look deep into accumulated desires, fears, experiences - in your subconsciousness, your intuition will not deceive you...

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December 31th to January 6th 

Most of you are highly mobilized, ambitious, set higher goals to establish authority to gain more prestigious positions, sometimes to cope with increased demands or challenges driven by external and unrelated reasons or from their immediate surroundings, relatives, etc.

Whatever the causes - the environment of existence with most of you is changing, the good news is that to a large extent, trends are determined by your will, you are a factor that forces others to comply with you.

In another scenario, there is an escalation of the need to deal with some kind of repairs or reforms in your home... I should remind you that you are building trends for your whole new personal year, setting goals that are fundamental and growing, but this might also relate to the challenges that you would have to eliminate. It is up to you to guide your future prospects of development, especially after the New Moon on January 6th, which is also a partial Solar Eclipse. You must act, small initiatives would have a big impact. You must be careful about details, especially ones that are behind you or ones that are past their time and you have to remove them. You would be well informed about this...

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December 24th to 30th

This week, you are willing to do some thinking, which would mobilize you strongly, you might make decisions that would turn into a turning point for your future realization throughout the year of 2019, and maybe much longer.

You identify all the weak links that you have to overcome, but at the same time, the stars give you great strength, which would help you establish your authority, to be a leader or a factor that determines trends not only in your own life but influences strongly the surrounding environment as well.

You might enjoy the favors of colleagues or friends, take up more prestigious positions in a team and take advantage of this support.

Still, you are still in a period of exposing truths in a more unpleasant form - frauds and manipulations that might have a negative impact on what you have - materially but not only.

Watch out for some kind of dishonesty or circumstances that might escalate, while knowledge is always power, and now it can "illuminate" all the dark corners, and you can take advantage of it, take measures, and so on.

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December 17th to 23rd

There are interesting ideas and opportunities that can have a positive influence on your background of existence, any tension that affects your home and family will disappear, this may also suggest priorities related to the place of residence, real estate, etc. You should benefit from the support of the stars and consciously, through your own initiative direct, you should think about emerging ideas, negotiate, this can transform your environment of existence in 2019 and for longer...
If there is anything secret or behind your back, beyond your control, it will manifest itself. In the second part of the week and especially in the last few days, you can change your approach abruptly, you might take things in your own hands, act willingly, you might have great power and it will grow. Whether you benefit from this or not very much relates to you not crossing certain limits of the good tone, show greater communication, and so on.

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December 10th to 16th

This week you will not miss attention, friendly support, especially if you need it. You are in a wonderful time to consolidate your positions in a team, you might even take on a more prestigious position.
There are people who cause you joy or can become a bridge to your success. Socially significant events, social activity can be a reason for you to be happy, protect your authority, demonstrate what you are capable of which would have a beneficial effect.
Despite this support that you can rely on, you are still at a time when it is useful to watch your back for intrigue and dishonest behavior that can actually harm you purely financially or your image.
In this process you might learn some secrets, build a strategy to cope with, especially indicative and informative are Friday and Saturday...

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