Aquarius Weekly

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

You are in a strong period to make a positive impact on your income by climbing the hierarchical ladder and working on your career development, if this is not possible and according to the position you occupy, then - you can get parallel sources of profit, you have a chance to return something lost to get support from important people, including outside of your immediate area.

It is not excluded that many think about a path of development related to professional realization or important partnerships, the stability of your social status in general.

In the process, you have the chance to fix any mistakes, fill in gaps that have a direct impact on your reputation or your social status.

Yor are expanding your circle of influence, attracting increasing support from friends, influential and energetic individuals.

The stars give you the chance to take on more prestigious positions in a team if you are more active in that direction.

People who are far from you — literally or more generally — have a strong impact on you, and in most cases, a beneficial one. They can give you interesting, useful ideas, stimulate you to develop, help you deal with competition or detractors.

If you decide to travel or show high qualifications - this can also be a reason for long-term and positive personal or professional transformations…

If you are not in a relationship, a friendship can grow into something more, but you have to be careful, not everyone is so sincere ...

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November 4th to 10th

You are in a period where you can transform your social status in a more positive direction for you by using different paths to your goals, traveling, communicating with people outside your immediate environment, acting strategically, relying on experience and authority.

It is possible to reflect on your past actions, decisions, but this will be especially good for you because it will give you a chance to catch up with possible omissions, to recover something lost, if this interests you.

Focus on something profitable and new but also well known and old…

In any case, you can make a breakthrough in your career and in the way described above.

You can increase your income, get a bonus, moral support, strengthen marital or family relationships if you are interested in this...

Your popularity is growing, you will not lack attention and support, and there are people in your immediate environment who make interesting, enjoyable suggestions.

If you are not in a relationship, a friendship can grow into a romantic relationship.

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October 28th to November 3rd

You are in a key period that affects your social status - in general. In particular - it affects your career development, relationships and at least your reputation. Because you are under the influence of the New Moon, you can have a new beginning on the subjects described above. However, this new beginning will be related to issues that are from the past and have not yet found their proper solution.

This week you can have conversations, you might hear some news or make decisions that will keep your attention and keep you focused for a long time, let's say next month, and much longer. It is clear that now and in the beginning it is always the easiest time to influence the events, small actions have a wide impact, sometimes quickly and surprisingly and hopefully they will make you happy, this is quite possible if you act according to what is happening, evaluate everything that destabilizes you and get it out of your way, you also allow something new and different into your life, such as a line of behavior, plans, a vision for the future, etc.

Mercury turns retrograde on October 31st, it will prompt you to rethink decisions you have made, in the second case - it will help you to deal with gaps and possible mistakes from the past, but ones that will be very important for your future development and leading priorities that will affect your security and prosperity.

Assess the second chance you want to take advantage of, act on, and you will succeed.

People who are far from you - literally or in a general sense - might put pressure on you, mobilize you, or act destructively. If you are a lawyer, they will not be easy for you, they will require quality professional support. However, if there are any accumulated debts, you will have to pay them off. If you have to travel, it is probably better to postpone it at this stage if possible ...

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October 21st to 27th

You are entering an increasingly important and crucial period that addresses key issues such as social status, reputation, career or marital relationships, residency, home, and family priorities ...

There might be some surprises in the process that show you what you need to change and upgrade in order to bring stabilization to all of the above-mentioned. This applies to everyone to a different degree, but especially to those born during the first decanate.

Better results than the desired or expected can always be obtained, if we do something different so as to get a different and more satisfying result from the current one... At this time, you will be able to rely on more support from colleagues, friends, authoritative personalities, your own charm, and charisma.

It is also possible to really re-evaluate everything that is valuable to you, it will affect your line of behavior that is being updated, but it has a positive and supportive effect, it helps you to deal with cases that you would otherwise consider to be out of your control.

In some cases, this tendency will be associated with a sharp turn, which will be a way out and a solution, will act unloading from the tension and destabilization that have escalated to varying degrees in recent weeks.

Possible travel, legal cases or people away from you, literally or in a general sense, may become a cause for misunderstandings and will require any compromise or tact in order to deal with them ...

You must think strategically, confrontations are now unlikely to benefit you.

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October 14th to 20th

During this period, you may be concerned with issues related to further development prospects, an opportunity to overcome accumulated difficulties, unresolved issues from your past.

In another case, these are topics related to the need to resolve legal cases, to formulate important documents for you with long-term reflection. You may have to travel or people away from you, literally or more generally - might be on your mind. You can positively influence all of the above through your own and higher initiative, but also by relying on the support of influential personalities and supporters important to you... You have a chance to attract such support, to strengthen important relationships that will become a bridge to your successes... This process will require you to be more flexible and maybe make some compromises.

If you have old debts - material and not only, you will be reminded of them and you will probably have to pay them off.

You are in a good period to have a positive effect on your career development, relationships, reputation, and social status ...

During the first part of the week, there may be some tension, uncertainty, or surprises that place you at different levels in your life. They show you what you need to upgrade, change, in a creative and original way, in order to subside any tension, find solutions, etc.

During the second part of the week the situation stabilizes, you have a chance to act positively on your material status or gain something by relying on your own charm, qualities, and skills, but also secret, unexpected or additional support, including from people away from you. Whether you can channel in an optimally positive direction for you the accumulated unresolved cases in the past, you understand to a significant extent at the end of this and the beginning of next week.

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October 7th to 13th

This week, the stars also give you the chance to direct further development prospects by relying on the support of influential personalities, expanding your circle of influence in a team.

Your attention can be very focused on people who are far away from you, literally or in a more general sense, or alternatively - the need to travel grows, as well as to arrange documents, there may also be legal cases if you are interested...

If this is not a topic you're interested in, then you need to be very careful when filling out documents, including financial ones, to protect yourself from circumstances that have a negative effect but are not apparent at first glance... You may also have learned a secret that will torment your soul, put you in a dilemma on which path to proceed, and in this case again - you must look into a further perspective of development, so as not to pick the wrong direction, figuratively speaking.

There may be some surprises throughout the week related to key issues related to your career or home, family, relationships with loved ones and relatives.

Bet on communication because the two topics are very much related - one influences the other and vice versa ...

At the end of the week, your popularity is growing and you will still find someone to make you happy, hear some news that have an enthusiastic or mobilizing effect on you...

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September 30th to 6th October

This week, issues related to "law" and "justice" in a broader sense may be of great concern to you on various occasions, these may be the moral cases you face, sometimes the hidden information you get, and in other cases, these may actually be legal cases and documents that you have to deal with.

With all of the options listed above, you can positively influence trends by seeking to see beyond the visible, look for the reasons for everything in order to avoid potential negative impacts and even losses.

Travels are great for you, they can have healing effects at different levels.

People who are far away from you have a strong impact on you and in most cases, it is supportive, favorable to you.

Stars have recently been urging you to change something in your immediate environment (home, family), relationships, etc. by, at least, changing your approach.

Whether this is an imperative message to you at this stage - you understand more and more during the second part of the week. Then surprises are possible, you are creative enough to know what to change in order for it to have a reflection, in reality, to get a more positive result that will harmonize the emotional background at home, but not only...

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September 23rd to 29th

New and more positive development prospects are emerging for you, especially if you are setting longer-term goals, communicating with more people, including outside of your immediate surroundings... It is a good time for you to discuss promotion and taking on more prestigious positions in a team, the likelihood of you getting what you want is quite large. If this is not possible because of your current job, then you will just feel wider support from the team you are in, friends, colleagues, etc. You can improve the favorable circumstances and unlock additional chances by being more proactive, creating and strengthening relationships.

This is a good period to demonstrate high skills and benefit from it.

You are successful because of travel, people away from you (literally or more generally) - they have a great impact on you and are a source of satisfaction, new and broader prospects for personal and business development.

At the same time, if there are accumulated misunderstandings and controversial issues in the past, including legal issues related to the settlement of documents, relocations, change of environment, etc. - they will enter a more acute phase, I would say critical. You need to take some adequate steps to deal with it, probably based on compromise, otherwise, you may be severely destabilized or you may have to flip through a new page in life. If not immediately, this would happen in October 2019. This applies to everyone to a different extent, but especially to those born in the first decanate. You should think about what you really want in a more distant perspective, what you are willing to give up, what the price you're willing to pay is and whether it is worth it…

You should negotiate, create and strengthen relationships. This way you will find a way out, options and solutions...

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September 16th to 22nd

This week, your interaction with financial institutions such as banks, tax, insurance companies is developing quite well. If any complications have arisen, you can now turn them into benefits by relying on alternatives, kind of implicit support, etc.

Most of you are in a very transformative period that affects their financial condition, what they have in general, which is very much related to the support you can get to.

Secret support and information will act as an 'emergency' exit, especially if you need one. The important thing is to communicate with people outside your immediate environment, probably not to talk too much about your plans…

People "far away from you" - literally or more generally, become a conduit of good news, successes, etc. This applies to everyone, but especially to those born during the first decanate.

In the last days of this week and at the beginning of the next one, you can also identify circumstances that hinder your happiness in general. Any escalating problems, in this case, will not be something new, but you will be able to deal with them with more patience... Sometimes time itself arranges everything in the best possible way, as long as you do not rush into anything.

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September 9th to 15th

A leading topic for you continues to be your financial status, which is very much related to the support that you can and should get from personal or business partners and influential personalities. In another case, you will have to settle any important financial documents, actively interact with such institutions /banks, tax, insurance companies/ and settle issues that can no be longer delayed. Your ability to turn such problematic tasks into a positive circumstance - can increase your well-being for a long time, become a starting point for conquering new peaks…

At the same time, if you have any unpaid debts, you will also be reminded of them and require you to pay them off.

You should also be very careful about expenses that may be considered inappropriate.

This week, if there are people who can do you material or moral harm - it will be especially visible, especially in the days around the Full Moon. So in order to eliminate them, you should take adequate measures to protect yourself…

At the same time, with priorities that relate exactly to revenue and expenses and the opportunity to influence them. For many, there are some alternatives for profits, hidden or additional, parallel sources of benefits, a kind of stabilization of your financial status. In the other case, you get a secret or unexpected support… The less you talk about your plans, the easier it is to go through this transformative period.

Most of you are receiving support from your family, on the last day of the week, Sunday - you may feel like you are unloading yourself from some type of burden.

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