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21st September to 27th


You are entering a period during which you can break the boundaries of what is possible in front of you. This can happen through spontaneous opportunities on your path that you can take advantage of. Demonstrating high qualification, raising your knowledge, attracting your country - influential or powerful people - will be quite useful and outlining more distant and better future prospects for development. The higher you aim, the further you can go... Throughout the week the information flow is quite intense, it is possible to have explanatory conversations, there might be disputes and let the "truth" be born in them or to clear up any misunderstandings. You can hear a lot of facts, even ones that you have not paid attention to so far... In another case, you are discussing unresolved issues from the past, looking for options to deal with them, and this will require a compromise or negotiations, and sometimes - just more time for everything to fall into place and unravel a complicated knot, so that you can, at the end of the year, leave behind everything unsatisfactory and turn a new page, as if parting with weights, take advantage of new opportunities, etc.


For now, the things you have heard and respectively the received knowledge will make you focus in the right direction. Some misunderstandings may, however, be more serious and require them to be resolved in court. In this case, in the next month or so you will take important steps that will resolve legal cases and protect your interests. This will be possible if you do not have accumulated debts in the past, otherwise, you will have to pay them off. It is possible that ideas or the need for travel may arise, it is a matter of choice how you will react. In any case, it will be useful for you to go beyond the familiar, you will choose how so as not to miss out on any additional opportunities. People appear throughout the week to support and inspire you. This is a great time to strengthen your partnerships or find love if you are not in a relationship...


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14th September to 20th

On September 14th, Jupiter turns direct, so it will show you by the end of the year - which past and important social topics will remain in your life, will be enriched and developed, and accordingly - which life stories will forever remain in the past and behind you. Everything that happens is very transformative and affects your material condition, what you have in general, and it is very much related to important people who affect your well-being. So, if not everything goes exactly as you expect, then you will be entitled to a second opportunity, which will arise with the New Moon on September 17th. It is very likely that the circumstances around you will change so that you get more support or unravel a complex knot that involves purely material priorities.


Some of you will receive secret or unexpected support, alternatives of development will be formed in front of them, which will make your dream come true. The key to your well-being is to cooperate, to create and strengthen relationships, to negotiate your interests, respectively - to take advantage of approval and help... You will have such a chance with the upcoming New Moon, even if you are required to be more adaptable... Partnerships are mostly successful, you enjoy goodwill and support. But if there are accumulated differences between you, they will manifest in a surprising way, this is true for everyone, but especially for those who are married, live with their partner. In that case, you will have to be more open to opinions different from yours, to renew, refresh in a creative way the home, family environment or to update something in your approach regarding people close to you in order to you channel this requirement to you in a positive direction.   


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7th September to 13th

Now the interaction with your partners, loved ones, including outside your immediate environment will become an occasion to relieve yourself of possible tension. You are in an auspicious period to heal relationships, harmonize them, and clear up any misunderstandings. Concentrate on more distant development prospects, build common plans for the future and this will be a very positive circumstance. You are in a transformative period that affects different levels of your life, including your well-being. Now you can have a positive effect on what you have in general - to gain something, to turn negatives into positives and again - as a consequence of some kind of support and approval you receive from people important to you.

Some of you will get secret or unexpected support, which will become a kind of "emergency exit", an alternative if you need it. This won't be an accidental circumstance, but a consequence of the efforts already made in this direction, which are now yielding results. Against this background, you can change your mind, people around you can also give back on controversial and conflicting topics. Until mid-November, you have the time to take advantage of a kind of revaluation made by you or the other people, so that you can channel them in the optimal direction for you, but in the process, you will be required to identify weaknesses, change something in the line of behavior, perhaps a statement, so that you achieve a different and better result than the current one.

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24th August to 30th


Most of you have the feeling that you are at a crossroads in life or have to make important, final decisions. The direction will depend a lot on what kind of support you receive from people important to you or those who can affect your well-being. You will often find a kind of guardianship from your family, from your loved ones, who will be a conductor of valuable ideas, sudden opportunities. In another case - this is a period during which positive transformations in your home are likely, especially if you decide to renovate it, take advantage of your creative and inventive approach, invest in your home... The options are many but still supportive. Against this background, many are having verbal battles, gathering secret information, or information that they consider to working against their interests, it has accumulated over time as an unsolved case. It may be related to your professional realization, even income, and what you have in general.


During the second part of the week, an important event can take place, which will have a wide impact by the end of the year. Ideally, you clarify and clear up controversial issues. In another case, and if that's not possible, you are ending relationships and contracts that are past their time and do more harm than good. In brighter colors, you identify what is draining your resources, who you can rely on, and to what extent. It will probably be better to consciously stop such influences and contacts... It is also useful to be more careful about your health ...


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17th August to 23rd


The New Moon on August 18th gives you the right to a second opportunity to direct for your personal or business partnerships in a more positive direction. This will largely happen through explanatory conversations, which will prove to be quite useful and constructive. It is useful to negotiate your interests, to be more socially active, to communicate with more people who will become a bridge to your own well-being, you will have such an opportunity, you will find the necessary support, as long as you seek it. Controversial issues are clarified, you can attract a kind of guardianship to your country, you can reach important agreements ...


However, you can also get information that is not that much to your liking. These will initially be topics that have arisen in the past and have not found their solution, but here they are reactivated or moving to another level. During this week you can receive notifications or identify similar processes that will require more time or effort to resolve, and in another case - to go beyond the known, to look for options and non-traditional methods of impact. Sometimes, you'll just have to end relationships or contracts that are past their time and just pull you down. You will have enough clues, look in the long run to put together a complete picture, and choose the right direction. Against this background, conditions arise that can reduce possible tension at home or renew, refresh family relationships so as to improve the close atmosphere, etc.


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10th August to 16th


You are entering a wonderful period to strengthen your partnership. Explanatory conversations are escalating, which in most cases will be an occasion to discuss more distant prospects for development, it is possible to set common goals that will have a good effect on you, to open new and better perspectives. Possible trips work well for you... If you have any differences, it is appropriate to clear them right now. In this process, you can encounter secret information, where it is available, to find the first causes of certain circumstances and, accordingly, to remove the negatives that have a destructive effect on certain relationships. In another case - unresolved cases from the past, controversial issues will reach a kind of refractive stage when they are either cleared or lead to the rupture of relations and contracts.


You will only end contacts that are past their time and complex, hopeless, and the rest - or will be transformed in a more positive direction /through a kind of strategy, probably compromises/ or will be terminated permanently. This can also affect business contacts and/or contracts... However, the more socially active you are, the more you strive to negotiate your interests, to receive wider support and approval, the more the chances of actually getting what you want will increase. People would help you if you need it ... The popularity of most of you is growing, and the key to happiness, the path to success will actually be others, those you attract to your side and become a bridge to your successes, a sense of happiness in general.


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