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18th January to 23rd


Until January 20th, most of the events move more by inertia and show you in brighter colors - what you need to leave behind, what you can move forward with. Optimally, this will help you to unload from some type of burden, to distance yourself from people or circumstances that only burden you. You may need more rest or privacy to make the right choice. In this process, you can realize or understand secrets, but knowledge is always useful and helps us to take the most appropriate measures. As the Sun enters your zodiac sign, you will gradually feel more energy, you will be able to influence trends much more and you will provoke explanatory conversations from the very beginning, you can make decisions that, even if not final, will have a wide reflection. You will have a chance to deal with old and controversial issues if you act differently to get a different and better result from the past ...


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11th January to 17th


Most of you may need to rest now or not overload yourself too much. It is advisable to pay more attention to yourself, to what you want, and it will give you very strong tips, you have a unique opportunity to touch your deepest desires and sometimes fears to get the best the right decisions to satisfy your innermost dreams. Most of the events move more by inertia and in most cases, they are positive for you, they have an enriching effect, literally and figuratively. This week you have a chance to materialize your expectations, you can receive a gift from fate or fall under someone's support. If you need alternative sources of income, you will be able to get them. Despite everything, the costs are significant, from this point of view it is advisable to be more careful in terms of income and expenses or to beware of unfair competition and people from your environment who can become a conduit for losses... Be careful who you trust ...


Mercury this week turns in retrograde in your zodiac sign on January 14th, which means that you will focus heavily on a topic that pressures you, which requires some change to feel happier and freer. Some of these priorities may affect your home and family, people who are important to you. Use the retrograde motion of Mercury, it will give you the right to a second attempt, so that you act differently and accordingly get a different and better result from the past, which also affects the closest relationships, home, family, household, and property cases. Mercury will turn direct on February 4th and what you bet now - will quickly gain speed and move more by inertia in February... Until then you have time, so you direct the events carefully...


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3rd January to 9th 2022


You may still be in a period where it is better to rest, not overload, slow down, or go with the flow... The flow can lead you to a well-deserved reward and a consequence of the efforts that you have put in so far. Thus, many can receive a gift of destiny, can increase their income, receive support - purely financial or moral, can fall under someone’s care... Whatever it is, much of what is happening is more by inertia. You understand which of your dreams can materialize and you can consciously intensify trends or circumstances that lead you forward to your happiness or prosperity. Against this background, alternatives to development can be revealed to you, mainly for profit and especially if you are looking for such... However, this is a good time to pay more attention to yourself, to your inner voice, which will not let you down. This is a good time to protect your interests ...


Mercury is already in your zodiac sign, so it will make you socially more active, ready to protect your interests, but your spontaneity in speech will grow, be careful not to practice certain limits, so you do not get different than expected or the desired result... There will probably be provocations in this direction. It is possible that increased competition will escalate around you or that a person will appear who will irritate you... Choose a strategic approach to such people, do not lose sight of distant goals and everything will be fine.


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


Most of you need to rest, slow down or indulge in personal priorities related to your own sense of happiness, which is related to loved ones or health. You can now have a positive effect on all this and direct it in a more suitable direction for you. The week does not pass in the traditional way, because you break away from routine commitments, find time to relax, you can travel or you will travel only with close and preferred people. On various occasions you go back to the past, analyze it, you can discuss old topics that have not yet found a solution, option and now it can take shape on the horizon, including learning the secrets to take advantage of, finding different paths to your goals, there will be options so you should look at the surrounding reality from another angle, still revealing more chances.


There will be a New Moon on January 2nd, which can renew, improve the family environment, help you deal with domestic or property cases, others that until recently you reported out of control, sometimes it will happen suddenly and often a pleasant way. On this day /January 2nd/ - Mercury will pass into your zodiac sign, so in the coming weeks you will express your opinion more actively, this will increase your social activity, the opportunity to attract attention and impose an opinion. You will not lack attention, support all the time, it is possible to have a person in your environment who inspires you and improves your mood. Most of you will spend the holidays in pleasant company and it will be memorable ...


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20th to 26th December 


During this week, your self-confidence, determination, and firmness in terms of behavior, intention to achieve set goals - will grow. They will support you - people, circumstances, so that you feel stronger and outline more predictable and positive future prospects for development. During this week you can and should achieve goals, desires that will stabilize your life or at least look into the distant future, see more clearly what works for you exactly like that, concentrate on it and you can achieve it. An excellent period to establish your authority in a team, to deal with increased competition. Certain people from your environment will contribute to this, they will be like a bridge to your own dreams ... Against this background, love is at your fingertips. Your intuition will tell you the right way ... Changes have been escalating in your home and family for a long time, they can affect relationships or domestic, property cases. Now you can influence them above the average level, if you wish, rely on communication, some type of support, etc.


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13th to 19th December


During this week you can get more support from others, from influential people, or from friends who can help you realize your lofty and ambitious plans. Otherwise, they will unload you, contribute to your sense of happiness and satisfaction. It is possible that a person from your past will appear in your environment, who will have a significant impact on you. They can stimulate you, but they can also put pressure on you, it depends on what has accumulated, how you will react, etc. Changes continue to take place in your home and family, they have accompanied you for a long time, now they are manifesting themselves, will continue to change the scenery around you, figuratively speaking. This process will continue to varying degrees until mid-February, you have the opportunity to significantly guide trends and the end result will depend largely on your own desires, also how much you are willing to make possible compromises, etc. Focus on the long run and you will choose the right path. At the end of the week, there will be a Full Moon, it will show you in brighter colors who and to what extent you can count on, in what direction are important personal and business relationships developing.


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7th to 12th December


This week you may have to prove yourself in a team above average. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your qualities, respectively to expand your influence, to receive support or approval from others or important people, and this will help you turn some challenges in your favor. You may now be required to defend your successes, take decisive steps, or make important decisions that will have a broad impact on your career development and social status. What is happening now will have a wide impact, be more flexible in communication, do not lose sight of distant goals, so you will always find different paths or emergency routes to your desires, future prosperity, etc. If this is impossible and according to the current path of development, then you will be presented with alternatives to take advantage of. Therefore, there will be a chance for negotiations, high social activity, communication with people, including outside your immediate or traditional environment. Be careful who you trust, in whom you invest purely material goods or time so that it does not turn out later that this was inappropriate...


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29th November to 5th December


During this week, you can enjoy supportive circumstances so that you present yourself as a leader in society, so that you get some kind of satisfaction from the efforts you have made so far, you have the opportunity to succeed or to set important trends that you will then rely on in the coming weeks, months and maybe a much longer period of time. For most of you, the rule is that if a door is closed, another will open on the way to your goals or desires ... In other words, you will not lack options if you need such, in fact, some of you will actually think about which path to take because they have a choice or are on the verge of a crossroads in life. During the first part of the week, you have a very constructive conversation, which can help you to really impose your opinion, and this can have a very stabilizing, positive effect on your social position or positions in a team.


There may be a person around you who helps you out if you need it. On December 4th, there will be a New Moon, which is with a Solar Eclipse, it can symbolize a great new beginning in your life, which will actually renew your environment, personal or business relationships, etc. It is always easier to influence the events in the beginning, you highly value people and circumstances that support you and that can become a conduit for positive changes for your future development. If, after all, certain people stay behind you at the end of this or next week, change your environment, it will probably be for a very long time or permanently...


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23rd November to 28th


Your social activity this week will intensify, probably not without reason, but because people appear in your environment who encourage you to react exactly like that. It is possible that old friends will remind you of themselves or you may regain lost positions in a team, you may regain an environment from which you broke away, if you wish, of course.


In another case, you will increasingly have to prove yourself to others because working conditions have changed because something in your environment is different, the good news is that during the second part of this and the beginning of next week, your authority and stability will intensify, you can achieve successes that are long-term. At this stage, you should rather go with the flow and be more focused. You are entering a good period in terms of your career development and social status. If not everything is to your liking, then there may be options, emergency exits, if you need them.


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16th to 21st November


During this week you can find a way out and a solution to difficult situations by using different paths to your goals, a kind of strategy, find an "emergency exit" or efforts that you have made so far, achievements that you have achieved will act as a kind of shield that helps and protects you. The period is indicative or important for key issues concerning your career development or marital relations because both topics are related to your social status. If transformations are needed in your life, then this need will now escalate, the more open you are to something new and different, the more adaptable you are, the more you will benefit, and this will become a great new beginning and renewal, which will affect you in the coming months, and maybe longer.


A person always has a choice, now you will find this in brighter colors, so if you want to turn a new page, you will have such a chance, it is good to look at a more distant perspective because what is happening has such a reflection to choose the right and right direction for you. Small actions have a wide impact, in the optimal case - light or strong earthquakes will be an occasion to shift the layers under your feet, and with the corresponding positives, there will be an opportunity that will channel trends in a direction that can make your dreams come true. However, the end result will depend on what you want and what has accumulated so far. You can expect a kind of resolution, news, and conversations in the second part of the week and especially on the days of the Full Moon, which has a partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19th and 20th.


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8th to 14th November


The ambitions of most of you are significant or you are in a period when you have to prove yourself more than usual in order not to be replaced or to climb the hierarchical ladder. It is possible that many are faced with a choice that will affect whether to maintain the status quo or - to turn a new page and what is happening will affect your social status, stability, or relationships that are a important for you and affect your future development, it can be a partnership, personal or business relationships.


The good news is that in most cases you will influence the trends above the average level, so the final version will depend on you. However, it is possible that in order to acquire something, you would have to give up something else or to make some compromise, you will decide whether it is worth it, etc. You can most strongly influence the trends on Wednesday and Thursday, and you may be challenged to react, to take important steps ... You might be reminded of old and unresolved cases and now you can act differently to get different and a better result than in the past. Almost all the time, invisible chances, development options, detours to your goals will be revealed through you, if you want to see them, they will appear on the horizon.



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1st to 8th November


You are in one of the most important periods of the year, the New Moon on October 4th can renew your life on all levels, change the scenery around you, affect your career development, but also home, family living conditions. This and next week everything may escalate with an element of surprise, but it is not accidental, you can still be warned in some way about the upcoming transformations that must occur in order to relieve any tension, to shift the layers under your feet so that you are more stable, and I would say happier in the future.


It is always easier to influence events, in the beginning, it is recommended in the days of the New Moon and after it - to act creatively, flexibly, differently, so that you get a different and better result than in the past and not losing more distant and significant goals, desired results from sight, so you will get what you want or need... Be careful though and beware of spontaneous reactions to possible external provocations... In love, you will less and less tend to express the depth of your feelings. For a long time, you will go through a period of reassessment, but this may be useful and stabilizing, at least now and in the second part of the week, it will help you focus on the events, and such an analysis is always favorable, so it will strengthen relationships that are worthwhile ...


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25th October to 31st


You are entering one of the most important periods for you during the year when you can turn the wheel of your destiny in one direction or another. The good news is that the end result will largely depend on you. In a not-so-positive aspect, you may feel challenged to take more extreme, decisive action to protect your stability and interests. It is possible that processes that will affect your career development may escalate and you may be required to be more adaptable. For example, these may be new requirements, increased competition, in a more unpleasant form, you and certain individuals might lack harmony.


As I said, the end result will largely depend on your own adaptability and ability to take advantage of any situation, even if it is stressful ... You are creative, inventive, and successful, but it can also require compromises. If you do not want or even certain priorities from the past do not correspond to your future, then you will actually leave something in your past and open a new page in your life. It can relate to long-term personal or business relationships, career development ... You will be able to rely on friends or other people who will in some way contribute to your sense of happiness, can have an enriching effect, literally and more generally speaking. But increased costs are also very likely, they may be useful or unavoidable investments.


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18th October to 24th


The information flow is very strong and gives you the opportunity to form some longer-term and more positive development horizons, as a minimum - you can look into the distant future, you can put together a complete picture of your development prospects and according to that, you can determine who and to what extent you can count on so that you choose the right strategy to achieve your goals more easily, to fulfill your desire. During the first part of the week, you can have explanatory talks or hear news that will transform important relationships or contracts. Contacts that have a positive impact on you - will become healthier, you will be able to clear any misunderstandings. During this time, you can develop a possible strategy that will transform your relationship in a more positive direction, if you wish, of course. If you do not want to - then you can abruptly terminate relationships or contracts that do not correspond to your vision of future prosperity.


People far away from you, literally and figuratively, can occupy your attention, you can learn secrets and with the corresponding consequences. The messages in this sense are not unambiguous ... But knowledge is always power ... Some of you may engage in controversial and even court cases, in which case it is advisable to pay attention to details, to be perfect when it comes to documents, it is good to avoid conflicts as much as possible. Be more careful when traveling ... There are people around you who support you, help you out if you need it, you should appreciate such people and be more focused on them ... You may have to do a kind of purge of your environment, this trend will intensify in the coming weeks.


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