Aquarius Weekly

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

At last the Sun is already transiting through your zodiac sign, so it would charge you with more power, energy, lift your tone and your self-esteem. If there is something secret, erosive or behind you, it would come up... In another option - there are processes that have put you at a crossroads in life during the past year.

This trend may be related to news, or perhaps to important decisions you make yourself as your will grows so that you free yourself from what prevents your feeling of happiness, make fewer compromises, get out of the shadow of someone's influence.

At this stage, not everything still depends on your own initiative, part of what is happening, moves more in inertia, but if something is about to leave your life - you should not stop it, it is probably time to let it go. On the other hand, the things that are yours, even if you've lost them before - you can get back...

You get strong support from the surrounding - influential people, colleagues, friends... your popularity grows! It is useful to take advantage of the care of the stars, to multiply this perspective - so you can win new and leadership positions in a team, this might have a lasting and beneficial effect on your social status...

Sometimes you have to get into verbal fights, but in most cases, your opinion prevails, and hopefully these disputes "give birth to the truth" rather than to provoke conflicts that are difficult to end...

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January 14th to 20th 

It's the last week of your personal year, so this period of time for most of you is linked to rethinking, and respectively - you might get some kind of reward for your efforts, and if something is about to get out of life you should not worry, it will only open a place for another, more promising thing, which corresponds to your own destiny, gives you a chance to prosper, and so on.

At this stage, you can enjoy support from influential personalities, friends, colleagues, or lead successful negotiations to protect your interests, to cope with increased competition or potentially some bad people in your life. Whatever it is, it's helpful to be socially more active so you would not miss out on some chances. Many might occupy new and more prestigious positions in a team or change their environment of existence and this would be considered a positive circumstance.

From the very first days of the week, you would hear important news or you might have conversations that affect your security - financial, but not only. You can influence these processes by using alternatives or by relying on facts, reasoned arguments, and directing your opinion to your advantage.

Over the last few days, there might be some surprises, outcomes, sometimes twists and turns that may again affect again your environment of existence, you may end some relationships and contracts, but you may also get back something lost if it belongs to your...

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January 7th to 13th 

Most trends in the month of Capricorn would move more in inertia, according to accumulated trends. Some types of outcomes may please you, they might be considered for a reward that you have long been waiting for, but if you need to make a sharper turn in your life, leave something behind your back, flip a new page in your life - that probably would happen in January.

This week, if there is anything secret or out of your control that has an erosive character - you would understand it and discuss it. This may cause disputes, escalation of tension, "verbal fights", but thanks to them - you would actually be able to minimize and clear out the misunderstandings. This is the best possible option.

But if the differences are too great, this would become a reason to end relationships and contracts... At the end of January and in February, you would gradually regain control over the events.

At this point, your social activity - communicating with friends, colleagues at your workplace would turn into a vent, you might meet support from influential personalities, and if you are not in a relationship - you might meet love.

The popularity of most of you grows, take advantage of the aspects of the stars in order to take on more prestigious positions in a team, expand your influence, and so on with the corresponding benefits.

If you need support - you would definitely get it during this and the next week. You must negotiate your interests...

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December 31st to January 6th 

In the Capricorn period, you have to slow the pace in order to pay more attention to personal priorities, including those that are related to your physical condition. Listen to your inner voice, appreciate the trends that have been accumulated in the past, but now they move more in inertia to prolong at a later stage what supports you, but also to eliminate anything that is past its time and causes you more troubles before you move forward.

You would find alternatives for development, even if some of the paths are not as straightforward and require time, you could take advantage of the aspects of the stars in order to negotiate your interests, but not to start something new for now, it would be advisable to do that at the end of January...

At this stage, it is advisable to be informed of all the details in order to select the optimally right direction.

It may seem to you that others are challenging you or having to argue in order to defend your mind, but hopefully, that would become a reason to attract energetic personalities to you, to turn the challenges to your advantage, rather than be in confrontation with others, especially after the New Moon on January 6th.

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December 24th to 30th

You are in a period when you think about alternatives of development, they could affect your personal life or your professional realization. In this process you may have a choice, you may be forced to make a turn in the direction you are taking, and you may have to leave something behind it to free up space for a new and more promising way into your life.

Whatever it is - most of you have new, emergency routes to your goals, people, or circumstances that support them.

However, in the period of Capricorn, most of the trends are moving in the direction already set and in inertia. It is inappropriate to start something new, just to take advantage of the current chances that stand in your way, to try to eliminate any misunderstandings and omissions from the past.

Your material state might be destabilized again by additional or unplanned expenses, you must be careful and try to reduce them.

Try to remove powerful or other personalities from your path that have a destabilizing effect on your finances or other kinds of stability at different levels.

An appropriate time to give yourself a rest, to surround yourself only with loved ones that would have a positive effect on your tone would have a beneficial, recharging effect on your energy and your health.

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December 17th to 23rd

Your popularity and support from others /is growing steadily, you have someone to rely on when you need it, in another option - you take up new and higher positions in a team, and you can change your environment and this will in most cases be considered to be a positive circumstance.
The information flow is very intense, you get interesting notifications, sometimes surprising ones and in most cases giving you sudden chances to climb to a higher social level, make more money, earn something - material or in the form of moral satisfaction.
There are also alternatives for profit, additional or unregulated income, in another case - it is a secret or unexpected care of an influential, power-possessing person, etc. You should make the most of the support of the stars, work on this trend, search for connections, support, and you will get them.
At the end of the period and in the last days, your daily life goes out of the usual rhythm, if there is something hidden or out of your control, it escalates, you must pay attention to it so you can take the needed measures and not drag it along till next month ...

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December 10th to 16th

This week, you have excellent prospects for development, especially if you negotiate with people outside your immediate circle, try to expand the circle of your influence.
People away from you - literally and in a more general sense - can become a reason for happiness, help you make a dream come true, give you alternatives for development.
Cases that are related to legal cases, document filing and possible trips are developing well. It is good to take advantage of this positive trend as you are socially active, try to break the status quo, try something different to get different or more positive results.
For most of you, it is essential to prove yourself in a team because you are in the spotlight because you have taken up new positions, have changed your environment, or the requirements towards you have increased. Whatever it is, now is the time to turn the challenges to your advantage.
There is a big risk of losing purely material benefits as a result of opposing interests with influential people or people of importance to you.
By mid-December, you might have significant expenses and often they might be unjustified. Financial speculation is completely undesirable. You should analyze in depth, try to look beyond the visible in order to identify the weak links and remove them, especially on Friday and Saturday, but not only...

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