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January 27th to February 2nd

The Sun is already transiting through your zodiac sign, the Moon is rising, so this is an optimum time during the whole new year for you to show an initiative that will form a more favorable energy program in the coming months, probably until your birthday next year.

Lately, your life has been going at a pretty fast pace, with small or larger surprises escalating in the process, this is especially true for those born in January but everyone else to varying degrees. Probably the leading topic for most of you will be to stabilize your material status, it is very much related to important people from whom you can or should receive support for the result to be enriching and not the other way around.

This week you can make a lot of effort to deal with an increased competition or these are people who can cause financial or moral damage. You can manage to come out victorious if you seek to unite with energetic people to support you if you take advantage of others, even potential detractors, by adopting a strategy that will turn their qualities into your assigned strength. In other words, you should seek collaboration and communication with those who may be useful to you, not confrontational. If this is still not possible, then you will get rid of certain people, but you may also pay the appropriate price. You should think about who you really need or the opposite and then build a strategy...

In the second part of the week and in the following one, the likelihood of compensation, secret, additional and alternative ways of influence that will make you enriching - literally and more generally - also increases.

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January 20th to 26th

The Sun is already transiting through your zodiac sign, and this is a key event for you because you will be able to start building a new energy program for the whole coming year. The things that happen depend strongly on your own initiative, to a large extent it can be said that you will be the captain of your own ship. Of course, there may be accumulated circumstances in the past that you cannot control too much, but you can turn them to your advantage through your creative approach, ingenuity, as long as you want to...

You should take advantage of the New Moon on January 24th and sow seeds that will then give "sweet fruit" or one that you will really like, expect and want... However, it's probably not easy to make a choice, because you feel anxious, it is not easy to choose a direction that will have a broader impact... I should remind you that everything that is happening now and at this stage has an inertial force, which in the near future or at the end of the year will also multiply at times, don't forget this...

Your home and family may require some type of renovation, this applies mainly to those born in the first decanate, but also to everyone else to a certain extent. The stars show you what needs to change in order to reduce the potential tension, to find a way out of such cases, including those relating to real estate. You are creative and inventive enough to change the approach and, accordingly, get a different one from the present result and thus be more positive. If not everything is evolving to your liking - another appropriate tactic may be to simply go with the flow, react instantly so that you can respond to some provocations, even surprises from your loved ones, your family, etc., but also, to not miss out on some opportunities that can still be formed suddenly...

This week, you can get involved in debates to help you deal with increased competition or detractors. Your communication skills and increased social activity will have a particularly positive effect. At the same time, you will have to avoid allowing some of your surroundings to become a conduit of loss, including those you care about. This will be a nice test... In the best-case scenario - you should invest in yourself in order to win more prestigious positions... You can find a lot of creative ways to make money, but it is useful not to be too trusting when it comes to your finances so that other people don't deceive you, mislead you, etc.

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January 13th to 19th

This week, there may be some events that make you make a decisive choice that either divides you from the past or prompts you to transform it so you can turn it into your favor and profit from it.

Alternatively, old topics, the status quo and issues that you reported out of control take on a new look and you might flip through a new page in life.

In the process, there are chances for you to suddenly gain something - materially, in the form of moral satisfaction - also changes that have escalated lately in your home and family, related to household or property cases. They can be quickly and surprisingly dealt with, you can find a way out, at least channel them in a certain direction to reduce the tension that exists.

You will be more and more active in defending your opinion and interests, you can become a conduit of explanatory conversations, you can clear out ambiguities or you could suddenly provoke changes, probably not without reason. You should only make sure that everything is well thought out further in a future perspective. The more open you are to something new and different, the more challenges will turn out to be to your advantage.

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December 30th to January 5th

In the immediate environment of most of you, an interesting, energetic person will emerge who will support, motivate you and make you more ambitious.

Venus continues to protect you actively, it helps you more easily attract what you really want or need in practice.

To a greater extent, the saying that goes: "be careful what you wish for, because it may come true", is quite true in your case.

You have a strong intuition, even above average, it clearly shows you which path to take in order to be as successful as possible, to achieve your intentions, etc.

Often, you may have to deal with some external factors, look for different paths to your goals, but if you act in a similar way, then there will be no obstacle that you cannot overcome.

You have a chance to get a protector and to ensure your peace of mind, so you should act in this direction as well.

Set yourself a longer goal so you don't lose yourself, figuratively speaking.

Communicating with people far from you brings you benefits, alternatives to development - in personal and business terms.

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon on December 26th will encourage you to look into further development prospects because this way you will not lose the right direction, you will find a way to make your dreams come true, you will make optimally good and appropriate choice when you feel that you are at a crossroads in life.

Some of you may get the feeling that they are under the particular support of a higher power, helping them turn challenges into benefits, gain something and the consequence of implicit support, protectors, benefactors, etc.

However, if something is about to stay in the past - don't regret it, then you probably don't need it in your future development.

You will need to change something in your rhythm to your daily routine more and more. Those might be your habits, priorities, you probably need to be more mobilized, and this will naturally help you achieve specific and useful goals for your future development. You will part with the ones that have a destructive effect on you, which might be certain individuals and circumstances in your life.

Changing family conditions of existence or property will motivate you in a particular direction.

This week will turn into an opportunity to earn something - financially, in the form of moral satisfaction, perhaps in the form of a payoff off of an old debt, something that weighs you down in general. You will have enough tips, it is good to follow the natural course of events. That way you will gain more rather than if you walk against the wind, you will hardly go far that way.

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December 16th to 22nd

Important processes are still running that touch on key issues related to your social status, reputation, career, or even your relationships. You will be very proactive in this direction, you will hardly afford to relax, you will fight for more prestige and this would be to deal with issues that destabilize you, people who act behind your back, or due to situations out of your control that have accumulated over time and have not found a solution.

Well, now you have the chance to act, relying on your own high initiative, firmness, tendency to pursue your goals strategically and with a lot of passion. This will help you make a breakthrough in your chosen direction.

You can benefit from secret or unexpected support, some kind protectors, strong personalities, including those who are not in your immediate area.

Alternatively, you do not advertise all your intentions, seek and find different paths to what you want, and so you actually succeed in making your dream come true.

A saying reads that when Fate closes one door, it necessarily leaves another one open or at least a window. Options and ways always exist, especially if you are looking for them purposefully, and this is fully true of you.

The important thing is to know what you want so you don't lose your direction.

You are not lacking in attention and support, nevertheless, some of your immediate surroundings might be frustrating to you, you might encounter some kind of incorrectness. Do not neglect what is happening, do not delay dealing with it, you must remove destructive influences.

After December 19th, Venus will transit through your zodiac sign and by January 13th you will more easily attract approval, support, and become a magnet for others.

Venus is the "little happiness" that will protect you, so even if you do face some kind of challenges, it will be easier for you to overcome them.

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December 9th to 15th

If working conditions allow it this week, you will have a chance to get a raise that will affect your income as well - at the very least - you can consolidate your positions, get moral satisfaction or attract something you most want.

You are in the process of revising your feelings, everything you consider to be important to you will gain new value. This will be helped by hidden information, and perhaps a deeper look, insight into your own soul - what do you really need to be happy?

Communicating with people outside your traditional environment is capable of opening up new prospects for development.

You may decide to invest more in yourself, look for alternative, different paths to goals that will have a stabilize and enriching effect on you.

However, you may have to spend more money this week. Also, you will find out who benefits you or brings you loses - sometimes literally... Hopefully, this would be a reason for you to clear your environment from negative influences ...

Love is in the background or perhaps you are rethinking some stuff. If you are not in a relationship, you could start one with someone that is different from you - this may be age or social difference, etc.

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