Aquarius Weekly

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 17th to 23rd

The week starts with a Full Moon, which will illuminate your relationships, show you to whom and to what extent you can rely on. At this stage, many enjoy support, have the chance to consolidate, improve love relationships, be happy because of children, if you have them, or find love if you have not yet. The period is appropriate to give yourself a break, if possible...

Routine work would burden you more than usual, the reasons may be in increased competition, requirements, sometimes in external and independent reasons that affect you. You are mobilized, but it can lead to exhaustion if you are not careful. It is probably not good to force the events, you must act step by step, your rational approach would have a visible effect, even if it is not immediately because at this stage it is required to overcome the challenges with the help of stubbornness and will but without being in a rush.

The right strategy will have a positive effect on your financial situation, your actions would yield profits, sometimes from hidden, additional or unclear, unexpected sources. At least you would have alternatives, especially if you are looking for them, but not only... Most of you manage to stabilize your material state or at least some increased expenses find some kind of compensation... Tuesday and Wednesday are indicative of what drains your resources, what you should be careful with and may even be hidden, act behind you, but also what kind of parallel chances you can rely on.

In the second part of the week, many achieve moral, material encouragement...

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June 10th to 16th

Your daily life is very busy, but for that, it is effective, it may be a reason to make more money, especially if you work as a freelancer, you can earn a bonus, moral satisfaction, and so on. It's also possible to open alternatives for profit, additional revenue, it will not be accidental, but as a result of a lot of efforts.

However, it is also likely to spend more money, in the optimal way they are for the relaxation you need, investing in your image, your loved ones, partners, or grown-up children if you have any.

Many will be split between what they want to do and what they have to do. Routine engagements may burden you more than usual due to increased competition, additional execution tasks, etc., there might be some obstacles you have to overcome. The successes you achieve may not be easy, they will be connected with increased tenacity, initiative, but they will be encoded permanently and will support you in the coming weeks and months ...

Favorable conditions arise to clear misunderstandings in your personal relationships, if that is impossible, then another person may get your attention.

Beware of purely material disturbances and do not allow them to stand between you and your loved ones.

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June 3rd to 9th

The week begins with a New Moon, which will refresh your relationships - your personal ones, with loved ones, but also with influential personalities that influence your positions in a team. The Gemini period is always positive for you, it gives you more energy, gives you options for development as a result of your own qualities and the ability to influence events. At the same time, this New Moon requires you to invest more in your relationship - this might represent attention, tolerance, and emptiness, and perhaps purely financial resources.

The line is very thin and you have to balance, keep track of your interests, so, on the one hand, you should not allow people to abuse your kindness and on the other hand, if you do not show some flexibility and tolerance, do not change anything in the relationships, then you might find yourself in a period of misunderstandings, etc. In an optimal way, you would reevaluate your relationships correctly and according to the analyzes, including by seeing beyond the visible and by noticing the causal relationships of what is happening and removing possible negatives.

In a less supportive case - conflicts may arise for purely financial reasons, with the corresponding consequences. I remind you that the New Moon is always associated with a new beginning that has a reflection for at least the coming month, so please target the events carefully as described above.

You can invest in your better public positions, in loved ones, you can indulge in a vacation or a hobby which would help you release the pressure of the above-described trend.

During the second part of the period, the rhythm of everyday life speeds up, you may get an unexpected suggestion or news that further diversifies your rhythm of current duties. These might be basic and refreshing conversions, a matter of choice is how you react and whether you will accept them. This will also be indicative of priorities related to home, family, even real estate...

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May 27th to June 3rd

This week, there are chances to harmonize your environment of living by investing in your home, in your loved ones and clearing up any misunderstandings.

Opportunities are created which would have a positive impact on your material state by gaining parallel, additional sources of income, taking advantage of the apparent support of influential individuals, including outside your immediate environment, sometimes it may be a good interaction with socially significant institutions.

Still, you might have to spend more money, and sometimes you will feel that money literally flows between your fingers, beware of losses due to manipulations and not only... In the optimal case, this will be a business investment or your happiness - in general, so that you can give yourself some kind of pleasure, make yourself happy and so on.

You may find time to pay more attention to close partners, grown-up children if you have them, or you can spend more time between entertainment, affairs that are more enjoyable, and others that you actually have to deal with.

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May 20th to 26th

Some of the most important transformations continue to escalate into your home and family, and would determine your background of existence for a long time, in another scenario - these are priorities related to real estate. To a greater extent, you can influence the trends by May 21st, then the trends would move more in inertia and according to accumulated prospects of development.

There are some surprising new opportunities to improve and refresh the atmosphere at home, this may be the result of your own original approach, but it may also be the result of some kind of support you get.

The daily life of most of you is very dynamic and busy, but at the same time effective, often as a result of support from your closest people.

There are some development options ahead of you that would still address the basic priorities of your security in general, you would probably be able to make choices that would lower potential tension. This is a priority for those born in the first decanate, but also for all others, to certain degrees.

In the second part of the period you are feeling more in your own waters, there will be circumstances that help you to expand your prospects of development and to make you happy.

A progressive theme becomes your relationship with loved ones, it is always easier to influence the trends in the beginning; conducted conversations, received news would help you choose the most appropriate approach to tilt the scales in your favor.

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May 13th to 19th

In recent times, the stars direct you to dealing with personal matters, including ones that concern your closest home environment, family, and maybe case studies.

The tension that has escalated recently in this sector of your life can now find a solution, this may be an alternative that stands in your way as an "emergency exit", or you may get back an old, a lost opportunity that you can now return if you like, and by conducting negotiations, explanatory conversations, analyzing the past to eliminate what is more destabilizing for you...

You should take advantage of the aspects of the stars in the first part of the week to impose your opinions, consolidate relationships (personal or business), get support if you need it.

Your words have a strong impact, and you might also hear good news...

During the second part of your period, your daily routine is becoming more and more busy, perhaps because you have to spend more time between your business and personal priorities... There is certain adaptability to a rapidly changing environment of existence, it can happen with little or bigger earthquakes, which in most cases will have a positive effect, will reduce potential tensions. Indicative and emotional are the last days of the period, they show the leading trends as a minimum and for the next two weeks, you must keep that in mind and guide them carefully.

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May 6th to 12th

You are in a wonderful time to improve your living environment by investing in your home, coping with household or property cases, clearing up any misunderstandings and controversies at home. There are debates in this sector, you might face surprising facts, but also opportunities to take advantage of. In another variation, these are basic transformations with small or larger "earthquakes" that shift the layers under your feet, and these are only the first signals of a great new beginning. You must evaluate what's going on and guide the events, now you have the opportunity, or the time is right, and the results will be permanently encoded and will influence you in the coming months...

Your social activity is increasing, friends, colleagues, influential people, people close to your heart make interesting, pleasant suggestions, you have someone to rely on... At the same time, part of your expectations may be exaggerated or your reactions are more emotional and this would have the opposite effect.

You might also hear some news that surprise you, it might be processes beyond your control or from your past, you must identify them in order to take adequate measures and eliminate them.

Thursday and Friday are indicative of leading trends as well as your general or financial stability...

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April 29th to May 5th

The period is appropriate to stabilize leading priorities such as home, family, immediate environment, and sometimes address household or property issues. If you still have not had time or opportunity to deal with the above-described matters, then you will have a second chance with the New Moon, which is on May 5th.

Initially, however, the stars show a need to engage in debates, the information flow is very intense, and you will have to vigorously defend your interests in order to prevent external factors to change them. Some power or past trends influence you strongly, especially on April 2nd and 4th, it is an optimal time to identify what can destabilize you, but also react to turn it to your advantage. You can rely on your way of expression, your words are being heard, as long as certain boundaries of the good tone are not exceeded, and if everything is past its time, then spontaneous relationships or contracts can be broken, more radical measures are taken so as to get rid of what weighs you more than the other way around. You'll get enough hints in that direction.

In the second part of the week, you feel stronger support from people close to your heart, these may be partners, children, friends, even influential people.

All the time you are at risk of increased or inappropriate expenses, sometimes also due to external interference, so you should beware...

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