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Here is a chanelled dictation from the most eleted representative of the Divine Feminine: Mother Mary. Find out what her real mission and message is.

Who is the Divine Mother

Who is the Divine Mother

This is an article taken from the website Visit that website to read all the thousands of channeled messages straight from Source! Mother Mary, March 23, 2008 My Beloved hearts, who is the Divine Mother? Who is the Divine Feminine? That is the question I endeavor to answer in this discourse. Yet, I run into the difficulty that unless you know a few things about yourself, how can you possibly understand who I AM? Thus, my beloved, I ask you to recognize that the essence of the spiritual path is that you transcend yourself, that you recognize that any aspect of your situation in this material universe is a reflection of your inner situation—because your consciousness is what creates your material reality. Thus, the essence of spiritual growth is that you come to question your current mental box. You come to recognize that through your current beliefs – your world view, your understanding or lack of understanding – you have put yourself in a mental box, which then creates the physical box that you might experience as various kinds of limitations and restrictions.

The name of the Divine Mother for Earth Therefore, the beginning of the spiritual path is when a being wakes up and recognizes the reality that you need to question your current mental box, you need to expand that box, you need to transcend that box before you will make true progress on the spiritual path, before you will be able to create the kind of life that you want for yourself or even want for others, or even your entire planet. So, my beloved, I wish you, during this discourse, to pay attention to your own reaction to the words I am giving you, and how they might limit your understanding of the reality of the Divine Mother. Thus, I will give you the name that I have been known under, for a long time on this planet, and that I do wish to use for the future, as well. It is the name “Mother Mary.” And you will know that this is the Being that was embodied as the Mother of Jesus, 2,000 years ago. And this, in itself, will cause a reaction in many people, who will think that I am associated with the Catholic religion because they do revere me as the Mother of Jesus. But you see, my beloved, the Catholic religion does not honor or recognize me as the Divine Mother. Yet, I must tell you that after my embodiment as the Mother of Jesus, I was not simply assumed into Heaven as the Catholics say. I did indeed ascend to Heaven as Jesus did. Thus, I am today a spiritual Being.

I have chosen, out of my love for the lifestreams on this Earth – and my love for the planet Earth, herself – I have chosen to remain with this planet. And thus, I have ascended to the office of the Divine Mother, which means that I represent the Feminine aspect of God to all people on this planet, regardless of their religion, or even if they have no religion, my Beloved. The Divine Mother is beyond all graven images For, this is another misconception—that as soon as you talk about something Divine, then many people are programmed to believe that that something must fit in a mental box labeled by one of the religions you see on Earth. For, surely, you will know, my beloved; that the first two commandments given to Moses was: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” and “Thou shalt not take unto thyself any graven image.” The true meaning of this is that if you create a mental image of what God is like, based on what you see in the material world, then you have created a graven image and you are thus worshipping a false god before the real God. For the true God – what we might call the Divine Masculine, the Divine Father – is beyond this world.

The Creator is beyond its creation, my beloved. This is logical when you think with the heart, instead of the linear, analytical mind. And of course, if you are not willing to think with your heart, you would not see yourself as a spiritual person. For, the linear, analytical mind has limits on what it can reveal beyond the material realm. Thus, my beloved, the reality is that God is more than any mental box that could be created on this Earth. The Creator is beyond its creation. God, the Father – as we might call it – therefore is beyond any images, any scriptures, any words whatsoever that you find in this world. The God that can be known, is not the ultimate God. For, the real God, the Living God, is beyond what can be captured by the words and images of this world. And thus, even calling that God the Divine Masculine or the Divine Father is a misnomer. For, again, when you hear the words, “Divine Father,” you project mental images upon that concept, based on your experience with what the Father represents on Earth. And this is indeed why some religions have created the image of God as a Father figure that sits up in Heaven on a big throne, looking at your every move and judging you as a strict, disciplinarian Father would do on Earth. Yet, my beloved, the reality is far beyond it.

For, the Divine Masculine, the transcendent God, is beyond any such images. You see, there is a Masculine aspect of God, as the Creator, who initiated the process that led to the creation of this world of form, in which you live. Yet, that Creator is the Infinite God and can never be anything but the Infinite God. So, in order to create a world of form, the Infinite God must manifest itself as a polarity to itself, by manifesting itself as a state of Being that can indeed take on finite form. And thus, this Being, this state of Being, of the expressed God, is indeed the polarity to the unexpressed God. And thus, if we use the traditional term for Father/Mother, the transcendent, unexpressed God is the Divine Father, and the expressed God is the Divine Mother.

Go beyond monotheistic religions Thus, you see, my beloved, in order to truly understand the Divine Feminine, you need to go beyond the traditional role, the traditional images of most religions on Earth. Especially the so-called monotheistic religions that are based on a male image of God as the remote being in the sky, the Father figure sitting on the great white throne, judging all people below. You need to realize, my beloved, that although there is a transcendent God, who is beyond your reach, as long as you are on Earth, God has another aspect, namely the Divine Feminine, who is not beyond your reach. For, you are an extension of – an expression of, an individualization of – the Divine Feminine. So is all the forms you see in this Universe. Everything is an expression of the Divine Feminine. Everything has the Divine Feminine embedded within it. And thus, my beloved, God is never separated from you.

For, indeed, as Jesus said, the Kingdom of God is within you. This means that if you want to understand the Divine Feminine, you need to challenge the mental boxes created by male-dominated religions, who will give you the impression that God is only a male figure, as you see it on Earth. And thus, you cannot reach God on your own, for you need a mediator, in the form of an outer religion. Which then means that that outer religion has the power to either give you the entry into heaven or to deny you that entry and send you to hell, for all eternity. What is salvation? Yet, the reality is that there is no outer religion that can guarantee or deny your salvation. For, what is salvation? Salvation is the ultimate recognition of who you are, leading to an acceptance of who you are, namely that you are an expression of God—the Feminine aspect of God, the expressed God. And my beloved, until you come to that realization – outpictured by the Buddha, by Krishna, by Jesus, by many other spiritual teachers sent to this Earth – well then you will be trapped in the most common illusion found on this planet, namely that God is separated from God’s creation, and thus, you – even though you are created by God – are separated from your source.

This, of course, makes no sense whatsoever—if you allow yourself to think with the heart, instead of accepting the mental boxes created by male-dominated religions. Thus, you see, my beloved, the stark reality is that any religion which promotes an image of God, in whatever form, where God is separated from you, that religion is promoting a false concept of salvation. You even have religions on Earth who portray God as a Feminine figure, but still say that that Feminine figure is separated from you. And that too, is false. I am not asking you to start picturing God as a Feminine figure. What I am asking you in this age – those of you who are the spiritual people, those of you who know you are here for a purpose, who know you are here to be the forerunners for a new awareness of God and Spirituality – I am asking you to go beyond both the image of Feminine and Masculine. I am asking you to transcend and to recognize the transcendent God that is beyond form, and the God that is expressing itself as form—but yet is still the transcendent God who cannot be trapped in any particular form. And thus, you – who are expressions of God – you too should not see yourself as being trapped in any particular form or mental box.

You should recognize and acknowledge that you are more, more than your physical body, more than the outer mind, more than the mortal sense of identity that you have been programmed to accept, both in this lifetime and beyond, by a society that wants you to follow the norm, that wants you to keep doing what people have always been doing, without questioning it, without asking why, without asking what sense it all makes. Overcome the illusion of separation from God Thus, I bid you, rethink your mental box of who you are, who God is, and what the world is. For, you see, God is All and in All.

God has expressed itself as you. God has expressed itself as the world of form. Thus, God is everywhere. God is never far from you and do not allow any force on Earth to trick you into accepting that illusion of separation—that you could ever be separated from God. This is the greatest fallacy on Earth. This is the fallacy that I challenge with this website, and which Jesus and Saint Germain have challenged with their websites. And indeed, this is the entire purpose for the existence of the Spiritual teachers of humankind—to challenge the lie of separation and all the many dualistic lies that spring from that consciousness of duality that is the product of the consciousness of separation. For God is One. God is undivided. God is indivisible.

And you can separate yourself from God only when you create the illusion of separation in your mind. For in order to create the illusion that you are separated from the one, indivisible God, you must create two opposite polarities, the division into the two dualistic extremes. And thus, you become trapped in the endless dualistic game of going from one extreme to the other, or even being caught in the middle, but still being trapped in the level of the dualistic game. Thus, I challenge that game and all of its lies. And I challenge you to recognize that if you want spiritual freedom, you must transcend the dualistic game. I will give you the tools. I will give you the teachings. We, together, will give you the truth that will make you free—if you are willing to internalize it and become one with that Spirit of Truth.

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