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Radko Hristov explains how to find out what your Tarot card is. Just by the date of birth, you can find a lot about a person by seeing their Tarot corresponding card

Which Tarot Card Are You?

Which Tarot Card Are You?

In this fun and insightful method you need to reduce your birthday data to a singular number. For example today is 23.05.2013 so a child born today will have a significator – 2+3+0+5+2+0+1+3 = 16 = 1+6 = 7 – The Chariot.

If your Birthday is reduced to 1 – Significator – The Magician. Person with skills and someone who is highly valued in society. This person can reach results and manifest magically. There is no crisis he can not cope with. This type of person is very diplomatic and he has a lot of followers. People have deep respect toward his knowledge. This person always has a plan how to deal with current obstacles and he is someone who carefully measures his risks in way that the success is almost 100% certain. This person has the discipline and the iron will to make the job done no matter how hard it is.

If your Birthday data is reduced to 2 – Significator – The High Priestess. This person is often very mysterious. He reaches conclusions intuitively and he is misunderstood in many aspects of his/her actions. This person prefers to deal with the problems by himself, aiming not to put his burdens on others’ shoulders. This person has high excitement but he is not showing it to everyone. The wisdom streaming throughout this person can help many people around him only if they are willing to open their soul for it.

If your Birthday data is reduced to 3 – Significator – The Empress. This type of person is taken always as an example of purity and sincerity in their actions and thinking. This type of person is always ready to offer his support and shoulder to cry on for people whom he cares for and even to strangers. This person is drawn toward the beauty of life and the feelings inside him/her are very strong. This person often has an artistic or literary gift. Such people are not afraid to take the burden from the shoulders of others and carry it with them towards eventual success.

If your Birthday data is reduced to 4 – Significator – The Emperor. This type of personality is highly logically orientated. He does not let emotions rule over him/her. He has a strong fighting nature and he never backs down. He is highly mature and his behavior is very powerful and demanding. He is determine to create strong and solid foundation for himself and the people he cares about. He carefully listens to others’ advises and opinions but the final call comes from his logically thinking and undisputable common sense. He has the remarkable ability to make right decisions during crisis but he allows those beneath him do the rest.

If your Birthday data is reduced to 5 – Significator – The Hierophant. This type of personality has strong system traditional believes -the old fashion way is the right way for him/her. It may be the longest one, but is the safest and most proved throughout the years. He is a excellent mentor and he is ready to teach you about every single piece of experience he’s lived through his life. His methods sometimes may be rigid and demanding but according to his point of view this is necessary for the student to gain discipline and understanding about what is out there. He is feeling very comfortable when he is a member of an organization or circle of society with established rules and order.

If your Birthday data is reduced to 6 – Significator – The Lovers. This personality has balance between his actions and emotions. He is determined to reach harmonious state in every environment he is in. He is well aware of the consequences about the choices he is making and even more, about the choices he did not make. However he wants to have his space and freedom. For this personality relationships and connections are something more than sexuality so as a romantic partner he requires a bit of time before that stage can occur. He is paying attention to his mind and logic but when he has to choose, he always is listening to his heart.

If your Birthday data is reduced to 7 – Significator – The Chariot. This personality has strong conviction of his actions and he triumphs in everything he puts effort in. He prefers to confront his problems openly instead of searching for easy ways or some sort of back doors. He has high and sometime overrated and exaggerated courage near the border of heroism. Excellent leader able to unite two fighting sides for the sake of the common goal. He always has his fate in his own hands convicted that his actions are determining his future. He is easily enraged but he has the ability to channel his anger and rage as a constructive force toward his friends and destructive force toward his foes.

If your Birthday data is reduced to 8 – Significator – Strength. This personality is very calm on the surface and beneath it. He was able to tame the beast within and he is acting always from love toward everything he encounters, even if this is an enemy. He prefer to kill his foes with love and kindness rather than embark on conflicts. This does not mean that he is a weak person, just on the contrary, you can never see him to do extreme actions and stupid behavior. He will never hurt anyone and for him the path of love and compassion is the path of strength.

If your Birthday data is reduced to 9 – Significator – The Hermit. This personality has unbelievable wisdom hidden inside. He is someone who almost always speaks with riddles and thus people often mistake his actions. He is someone who prefer to use his time in solitude to draw down the line and analyze what was achieved, was it worth it, where he is going etc. He always wants to reach the root of the problem rather than deal with the branches of it. He is someone who never wears a mask and he is always showing his true identity. He is spiritually evolved and his intuition is very active.

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