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Ask and It is Given? Well, not exactly. You need to know some spiritual and occult laws which are disliked by our preference for "quick fix" soul solutions. But Laws are Laws and order exists even when it comes to miracles. Find out what these are according to Christian Esoterica.

When are Prayers Answered?

When are Prayers Answered?

A lot of the New Age doctrines are trying to present us with a sugary and deluding ideas about spirituality and reality. It is common for them to say that whatever you ask God/the Universe/the Angels, if you believe, you will receive it. But there is a spiritual law which they forget or purposefully omit(many New Age movements and channeling’s are inspired by Luciferian beings, who are trying to mislead humanity). It says, that in order to receive, you have to give first something. You need to make a personal sacrifice.(not of the bloody type!)

People who have miraculous healing through one prayer or pilgrimage to a holy relic, have not been granted this blessing just through this action. They have deserved it in the past through their personal sacrifices or kindness to others in need, and when they ask Higher power, it s immediately granted to them. They had spiritual credit, even if they were not aware of this. Even if in the eyes of others they were not deserving. Others will be crying, praying and lighting candles for years and no answer or improvement will be coming. They are the ones who are not changing anything in their life, not giving anything back to life, nature or humanity and just expecting to receive. Usually helping for other with similar problems will give fastest results due to the law of resonance, that is the reason why support groups like AA have success.

Is poverty is your curse? Dedicate a few hours a week for helping others in even bigger financial need than you. You can spend time helping with the kids, errands, fixing something, bringing food, old clothes, or just by chatting to them and letting them know that you are there for them and the world is not so cruel. Start leaving a tip for the waiter or dropping a few cents in the charity jar, even if it feels strange to you! Start buying rather than downloading illegally your music. You will straighten the correct flow of abundance this way!

Your love life is a failure, you think you will die alone! Join an online support group of divorced, heart broken or lonely people, comfort them, give them strength with words or actions. Or you can help friends with relationship problems by being there for them and giving them a positive outlook. Take care of old people whose life partners have departed. Your husband is cheating or abusing you: go help other such women. Do not complain to them, be there for them, support them. Health problems? Then throw yourself in supporting helping or encouraging others with even bigger such problems. Or maybe you are have been looking down on or disregarding people without considerable finances or social standing and you lost your good fortunes suddenly. Examine yourattitudes and start paying genuine respect and attention to the little person. If the change within you is real, you will quickly regain even better fortunes! Or are you constantly judging others, and wondering why your life is not going well even though you are such a virtuous person?

Another way of seeing your prayers answered is by sacrificing something in your life. For example my father was praying for long that God take away his craving for smoking, He kept trying over and over and even though he had an amazing will for everything else in life, Smoking was his Achilles foot, just like almost everyone has one such irrational but overpowering weakness. Then one day he had a deep spiritual insight, that he had to sacrifice something dear in his life if he wants to be helped to overcoming his biggest weakness. On this day he swore to never fish again. A week down the line, his relentless 40 year smoking habit had dissolved in thin air! When I was starting my business and there was absolutely no outlook for its success, I knew that If I wanted hit the big time, I need to make a big personal sacrifice to give a signal to God/My Higher Self/The Angels that I meant business. I gave up my favorite unhealthy past time-drinking alcohol socially. Not that it was in affecting my work, but it was the best candidate for the sacrifice. You kind of feel it inside. It took me 3 years to fully do it-as long as it took my business to blossom and start giving fruit.

My mother had a recurring health issues she was praying for. She decided to try the sacrifice method. She gave up her only relatively unhealthy pleasure: coffee. The issue went away within a few months. A friend had a serious health issue. He decided to try and be always honest with people from then on, because he was known for being a class manipulator. Within a few months, he was healed and was a much better person. I can carry on but you get the picture. It might take you a long time and many regressions, but just keep trying!

All imbalances and suffering in life are the result of some moral or physical mistreatment we are perpetuating over and over. Deep down everyone knows what it is they have to change and do, in order to unblock the flow of health or abundance! Maybe you are hurting someone with bullying, misleading or disrespecting attitude or maybe you are being hypocritical or stingy. It will be all reflected back to you in some way! Just make a promise and stick to the sacrifice/change you decide to make! Even when it comes to your own child or another person you can effect a change in their life if you sacrifice something from yourself! You can relieve a bit of someone else’s karma, just like Jesus Christ did for the whole humanity. Now follow His example with baby steps!


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