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Gaia Earth Star-Internationally recognized astrologer and Channeller or Pleaidian wisdom, shares her deep insights on the current positions of the Karmic Nodes of the Moon and how these are shaping our destinies. 

Value Yourself and Other will Value You

Value Yourself and Other will Value You

The North Node, our Collective Destiny is still transiting the deep and transformative waters of Scorpio. The sign of TRUTH, going deep within and finding out our own truth so we can build from there and really live our Dream, not just dream about it and then live a life of self-deception. Neptune just went direct early last week and yes, the rosy glasses we liked to wear have been put back on the altar of human life. Now, you have a chance to see what is, not what you wish it could be…I have heard this saying: Life is not fair but just…You might say it is a little pessimistic though this could be a saying from Saturn, the Master Builder which would reply to you: "You say you want this but you do the exact opposite, you keep on inviting the wrong people in your life, those that won't be there when you need it the most…Saturn also in Scorpio is very compassionately showing us where we sabotage ourselves, our true happiness, to prevent future chaotic times. Time to embrace the Teacher that is Saturn and ride its wave of reality! Yes, my dear ones, we live in a 3D dimension bound by time. This is the structure of this game, and the more you want to escape it, the harder it will get. Us, lightworkers, wayshowers, however you like to call yourself, it is TIME to GET IT TOGETHER and SERVE!

In my sessions, I make it a point to remind the soul I am counseling, that the gift is to BE HERE on EARTH. We are not taking off anywhere, we have CHOOSEN to come here, we have heard the WAKE UP CALL of MOTHER EARTH, the GODDESS, and out of our compassionate heart, we have sign up for THIS MISSION! Once you understand this and choose to be fully here, all the star families, celestial realms and beyond, will be able to assist you in the best way possible, but they will not if you are still in the denial of your purpose. They will continue to patiently wait for you to remember. Does this make sense my dear ones? Again, if you have signed up, it is because you knew you would not fail, in our reality based on love, failure just does not exist, the game is about rising from the illusion of this duality consciousness and be a beacon of LOVE. Remember, Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, The Dalai Lama, Mary Magdalene, Martin Luther King, I could go on and on but you are getting my point, they were here to SHOW US THE WAY, which means we have to walk it! Now this is what the heavenly sky is conspiring to assist us with, WE ARE NOT ALONE, "As Above So Below". The new order says: "What are you doing with your life? what are you waiting for? You are the one that is responsible for your life, and the earlier you get that lesson, the better positioned you will be to satisfy the longing of your Soul which is to belong and to have a purpose. The opposition South Node in Taurus/ North Node in Scorpio, our collective destiny, is of utmost importance as it triggers our deepest core values, our truth and show us the values of others and their truth. How to stay in our truth and honor the truth of others? How to live by those values that create a sense of stability, comfort and security and live with others which might have different value system? Where do we meet? I would say in the HEART. You either will choose to remain in CONTROL MODE or you will shift your gear to ALLOWING MODE. Yes, I know it takes some strength and self-love to LET GO, but it is like everything else, with practice it will become natural, just give it time...

Then, when you are in a state of allowance, you can clearly see what works for you, you are no longer projecting your desires and expectations unto the other, you can start to see them for who they really are, you can actually start to love them. And if there is LOVE on both sides, you can start to build together as a TEAM. Here, the fear kicks in and says: "Well, if I let go of control and he/she does not do what I need, want, desire, etc, it is going to mess up everything, my sense of comfort, security, stability, pleasure…I just can't allow this!". At that moment, you are going to have to deeply breathe and reach into your HEART, the all-knowing sage, and view the situation from that space. What your heart would do in that instance? listen to the answer and DO IT! You might feel uneasy at first, as you will be in the unknown…but believe me, on the long run, you will be glad you did. Remember, we are bringing back the Divine Feminine, which has been suppressed for eons on this Planet. Its first principle is ALLOWING. Saturn is Scorpio opposing the South Node in Taurus is testing the core of who we are, what do we choose to stand for. Will we choose a sense of false security based on fear, forgetting that we belong to the One, that we do not die, EVER, we are eternal beings of pure BEINGNESS which we call LOVE, and that we are always taking care of; when you think you are alone and helpless but you find the comfort and unconditional love of your Soul which shows you the light within yourself. Will we have the courage to go beyond the bondage of the Ego-Mind prison and move from the infinite space of our Heart. Will we choose to rebirth into our authentic self, casting off the shackles of duality consciousness. Those are deep questions, that deals with time, responsibility, our relation to death, our values, our Truth. But again, how do we think we can create the NEW EARTH, if we do not go through the Dark Night of the Soul. Are you ready to live your life based on your truth, not the life your family, boss, politicians want you to live by their standards of FEAR.

Do not worry about what others do, focus on yourself, you are the creator of your reality, take your power back and build a life of true love, compassion, peace, harmony and tranquility. A life where you truly value the gift of this human life and enjoy the little luxuries that this life has to offer with a grateful heart. You have been given five senses for a reason and it is to experience the beauty and bounty of the One in a physical body. Reality is build on your perception of it. You are not born in sin, you are born imperfectly perfect and to remember this fundamental eternal truth that WE ARE ONE, with all of our differences….ha, this is the trick and this Taurus/Scorpio opposition is a chance to find you balance between your light and darkness; meet all that there is within your heart, the point of perfect equilibrium. Lastly my dear ones, with Mercury still in Scorpio use the power of the spoken word to heal and bring together not to sting! It is an Art to speak the Truth with compassion, this is a good time to practice it. I highly recommend to work with Aquamarine Crystal. And remember, you are doing your best so be gentle with yourself, there is no competition, the Soul has no deadline, it just IS.

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