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In this article I will reveal you what Soul Mates and Twin Flames are. What is the difference? What does occult and clairvoyant investigation reveal about these sacred relationships.

Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Occult View

Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Occult View

According to western and eastern occult traditions, souls are created in pairs. Once they start their long process of incarnations, they are separated. Each soul passes through 777 cardinal incarnations(the number is much higher with the non-cardinal ones) before it reaches super consciousness and merges with the Godhead/Logos again. During these 777 incarnations, only in 12, do two twin flames meet on Earth and live in a state of bliss! These are the most important incarnations of each soul, during which they have a very important mission to do and need the unconditional love and support of their twin flame here on earth to help them morally and physically.

I have never known yet such a couple personally, but what the esoteric sources say is that when two such twine flames meet in a given life-they recognise each other immediately-it is not one sides, it is not imaginary, both know they will be together till the end of their respective lives. There is no hesitation on either side! If you think someone is your twin flame, but he/she does not even notice you, you are just deluding yourself. Often twin flames will dream about each other years or months before they meet up. And once there are together, these is a sense of total fullness. Like you are whole again! Happiness and bliss, a reverent feeling of awe and incessant inner joy accompany them till the end! They never hurt or insult each other in any way! They are always loving and mutually giving. They understand each other telepathically almost and nothing can unbalance them when in each others’ presence. Is that not what we all dream and long for? All other relationships we have here on Earth are just a forgotten echo of the magic of the twin flame experience, which we always chase.

Alas, we are not allowed more than 12 such incarnations out of the 777, because the spell and bliss of the twin flame relationship will distract us from the current tasks of each incarnation. We come here on Earth to learn and you know how hard it is to study when you are in love all the time and keep day dreaming! During most of our incarnations, our twin flame is usually in the Higher dimensions, helping us spiritually, so in moments of great hardness and pain, you can turn to your Twin Flame and ask him/her for support as no one else(expect God) in the world loves you as much as they do. Often when we are down and all of a sudden feel this relief or get “magical” help, this is our Twin Soul taking care of us! Therefore a twin soul can help its counter part much better from the Higher worlds with Higher wisdom and stronger powers, than while in a physical form. But the state of happiness and feeling of wholeness, which reminds us of being in Heaven, is only possible when both Twin souls are together in Earth.

When you happen to meet your twin flame and spend a life together, the relationships is rarely very sexual and if it is, it is often confined to the needs of pro-creating! This is a divine and awe generating experience, which inspires veneration in both souls and always brings them closer to God. Sex pales in comparison to the joys of spiritual merging Twin Flames feel together. When sex happens between Twin Flames, it is tantric powerful experience which borders on the mystical and has none of the carnal desire and baseness of normal sex. Sadly, most relationships fill so empty in comparison to the real Twin Flame, that’s why so many people feel marriage is hard work, or people go chasing this feeling of completeness, through countless sexual encounters. Leaving an average relationship to hope to find the elusive Twin flame experience, is not the answer, because, let's be honest, he/she is most probably not here in this life time or a few dozen to come! So you better work with what you have and if you are blessed and lucky to be in one such incarnation now, the Twin Flame will come and you will both recognise each other, without any effort, nothing will stay in your way! It is an epic moment, like meeting God for the first time!

But do not despair because except our Twin flame we also have at least 20 or even 30 souls who are our mates! In the life between lives, the soul goes back to its family-which is a group of souls you work with for millenniums and incarnate always together with many of them: so in a life time you might meet more than 10 different soul mates whom you feel so close to-in the form of friends, parents, lovers, children and those relationships, albeit not as perfect, powerful or blissful as the twine flame relationship will also bring you much joy and growth! At the end of our incarnations on Earth, when both souls have developed super-consciousness, they merge into one and go to join the God head in co-creating new worlds. Always in the last incarnation on earth, the twine flames come together and at the end, create an alchemical unification known in western occultism as the Great Work in which they merge their consciousness and behold the Logos in all Its Glory. One such couple were Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

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