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In a series of articles I will translate for you the predictions and prophecies of the Saint Slava Sevriukova who lived in the 20th century and foresaw all the major events to come-from WW2, Man on the Moon, the Fall of the Berlin wall, the collapse of USSR, the attack on the twin towers and the war on terror. Her prophecies are recorded and documented way before all these events happened and kept archived and safe because they hold some powerful knowledge about the past and future.

The Truth About the Second Coming of Christ

The Truth About the Second Coming of Christ

Slava On the Second Coming of Christ and the meaning of Jesus’s coming to Earth. “Hear me. What I am about to tell you, you will find hard to accept. It is said in the Bible: “Christ will come again on Earth and everyone will bow to Him”. I prayed for years to be shown how this will happen, and God granted me this gift! But what a surprise! It was not what I expected! The Truth is totally different! Listen!: God’s Son is now the Logos-the Word. A Universal Spirit. He did not incarnate on Earth to be a scapegoat/redeemer! Cunning agents of untruths have been trying to show Him in this false light! He did not come to redeem anyone, but to sagaciously teach those who have “ears to hear and eyes to see”. He is our Savior through his life, personal example and words of wisdom. He will not be born in the flesh on the Earth again, as those cunning agents of material ambitions, have been trying to delude us for centuries! The Divine Design is more glorious and perfect than this! Over time, the Son of God will start inhabiting the soul of every wise human being. The Christ Spirit will merge with each soul. This will gradually change the human. This is what to be Born again means!

Christ is the New human. The human who will become such in the new Age of Aquarius. This process of the Christ Impulse merging with most Humans will take about 2100 years-the length of the Astrological Age of Aquarius, which has started already. We will be going to the Other side and coming back to re-incarnate on Earth many times, and each time, the virtues of the Christ Spirit will be growing bigger and will be implanted deeper in the soul. You will see the Christ in your brother, in your sister, and they-in you. How? Through the virtues which you will achieve after you overcome tests of multiple reincarnation. You will no longer be what you were before. You will become finer, kinder, nobler. Your brothers and sisters too. Each human will be as much Christ, as the Christ impulse is within him. This is how I see the Second Coming! Do you hear me? It WILL NOT BE like most interpret that the Savior will come a second time in the flesh on Earth to give justice with a sword of fire!

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