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Many people come to me in the month before their birthdays feeling out of sorts, less vital and more emotional. They are looking for answers...

The Month Before Your Birthday

The Month Before Your Birthday

In the 30 days preceding the birthday, one enters a strange and unusual frame of mind! Ambitions and goals, become weaker, the drive for success is ousted by a desire to relax, get away, sleep longer, day dream or just stay on one’s own. This is a normal cosmic biorhythm, which everyone goes through and those who are more self observant or sensitive are sure to have noticed this. This is so because a month before the Sun comes back to the same position it had, when you were born, you are entering a period of completion, of ending of a yearly cycle, of withdrawal of energy. It is your personal “end of year”, and after your birthday the Sun energizes you to start with new projects again and dive into the world. But the month before you birthday, you need to take it easy, end old things, wrap up projects rather than start new ones. Most people feel like the events during these 30 days before, are out of their control. As if they were put in motion before and now the results are coming, good or bad. And indeed, it is true-just go with the flow and try not to do new strenuous tasks—they will likely be delayed till after your birthday, anyway. This is the period when you feel like looking back and reassessing the previous months and your achievements, like rethinking what is worth keeping and what should be left behind-from relationships, to old behaviors, projects, etc. You know how we all make New Years Resolutions on New Year? They do not actually work. But if you make your resolution around the time of your birthday, you are 10 times more sure to stick with it! This is your personal New year! The Sun coming back to its position, strengthens the will and staying power. So the Month before your birthday is best used to think what you need to remove from your life. Or what new peaks you want to conquer! Visualize this, imagine how would feel, make a plan in the 30 days before. And once your birthday comes—start doing it! And do not be hard on yourself if you feel more sensitive, dreamy, lazy or solitary! It is how you are supposed to feel. Give yourself time to relax, contemplate, be in nature, sleep more, be alone. You have deserved a rest-take it, because very soon, you will be required to start shining again!

The best activities to recharge your batteries in this period are: contact with nature, gentle and uplifting music, beautiful art, reading, meditating, romantic get aways, gentle creative activities like painting and writing in a diary. The worst ones are: trying to work too hard/to make things happen, drinking or eating too much. All your systems need a rest now-mind, body and soul! Nurture your soul, be gentle to yourself and spend time on re-evaluating things in your life! This often turns out to be the most insightful and spiritual month of the year which can bring deep understanding.

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