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Sun Gazing-Panacea for All
Masses of people are starting to practice Sun gazing-what all teachers of Humanity mantain is the best remedy for the soul and body!

Sun Gazing- Panacea for All

Sun Gazing- Panacea for All

We have all heard of adepts who nether drink nor eat anything but insist that they feed themselves with Solar Light only! Well these people are not in some ashram in Tibet, they are starting to appear everywhere. Even in my small town in Bulgaria I know such a person-and he is for real, no cheating. Meeting the first rays of the Sun in a conscious way, is widely practiced in Bulgaria due to the resurrection of this lost solar knowledge and its miraculous effect by the 20-ties century Master Beinsa Douno. I have come to know many friends and acquaintances who have benefit from Solar Gazing. The first was my father. He was on the edge of mental break down with disturbing psychological problems from depression to hysteria. For some inexplicable reason he started waking up early every morning and watching the Sun rise. Something was intuitively telling him this will help him. Within a few weeks of doing this, he was fully stabilized in spirit and body but not only this-he became clairvoyant—all his chakras must have started spinning, and even since he has been making predictions which happen years later! Actually scientists have seen that people who watch the Sun a few minutes a day, have 2 to 3 times larger pineal gland than other people. And we know that the Pineal gland controls the 6th sense and our ability to perceive beyond the visible world.

When I witnessed this, I started researching the healing powers of the Sun and found the teachings of the Maser Beinsa Douno. He said that the first Ray of the Sun is miraculous-if you watch it connecting to the Consciousness in it, you will tap into the universal Cosmic Wisdom of the Higher Beings. According to him, Light is full of information and all the thoughts of God and the hierarchies of Creation are contained there and transmitted through it! Where there is Light, there is Life and Awareness! He was recommending meeting the Sun coupled with drinking hot water for most diseases and cured multiple cases of Cancer, Tuberculosis(it used to a deadly disease at the start of 20th century), incurable infection or degenerative diseases and mental issues. Many Bulgarians do Sun gazing and daily I am witnessing the miracles of this ritual! A guy from my town who used to have a problem with overeating and overdrinking alcohol went fruitarian after watching the sunrise for 40 days. To this day he feels little hunger for anything else but fresh natural foods.

I cured my self from depression by watching just 2 sunrises back 3 years ago when I was in the midst of my Saturn transit. Anyone who feels dejected, stuck, bereaved, hopeless, sad, most of which are states caused by Saturn transits, should lift their vibrations through meeting the Sun! Or if you need inspiration and new ideas, Beinsa Douno says to watch the first ray of the Sunrise because it will bring you Divine Inspiration sent to you from the angelic hosts connected to Sun. It is indeed true! I watched the Sunrise today and I was immediately inspired to write this article after being stuck for 2 weeks with no ideas. How do you do Sun gazing? Easy? You start around 10 minutes before the sunrise and stay quiet within yourself. I prefer to pray or sing something gently. Then watch the first rays. Some of you might be able to stay at the sun for longer, but as a start you should not be straining your eyes. They will get used over the months. You will start seeing powerful results on any diseases or difficult emotional or personal states within half or one month. Some of you will have immediate results, but for best results you need consistency. For those with more serious health issues, or who want to strengthen their immune system, the master recommends also 10 to 15 minutes solar bath on your backbone at some time from sunrise till 11 am, but not later! You can wear a thin shirt and can do it even through the window. Just turn your back and bask in the light with the consciousness that you are being healed! If any of you start doing this ancient and most powerful of healing rituals, let me know what results you get.


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