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Let us look at the karmic destiny and next incarnation of Stalin-the fearsome Soviet Despot, who killed more than 20 million of his own people! These are the visions and clairvoyant research of saint Slava Sevriukova whose insight and knowledge tresspassed all human barriers. 

Stalin's Karma

Stalin's Karma

Slava was a Christian saint living in the 20th century. Her kindness and charity were legendary. Her impeccable predictions keep happening some of which included the Second World War, fall of the Sovient Union, the attack on the twin towars and the financial collapse. Here are her words in the karma of Stalin: "The Kremlin despot, stayed in the Other World only for a short period after his death. His primitive soul went through a shortened and uneasy stay in the Heavenly Realms. Heaven seems to reject him. His impure and rough spiritual essence, is rapidly attracted back to the Earthly Purgatory in order to incarnate in a new body. He has to pay back his dark karma through a harsh and painful fate in life.

Not long after his death, Stalin was reincarnated in a poor country from the third world. He earns each piece of bread with suffering and sweat as a dock worker rejected and despised by all. He labours from dusk till down on a harbour. His soul is still pushing and yearning for power and control over others. His old habits have not died out. Full of these desires, his blood is boiling with rage! He keeps trying to control the other labourers. I see him hitting on the table his fist with fury. He is shouting, getting in a fury! This punishment is also a chance for him to work on himself. He is far from the slippery trap of power in this life. It is a very hard lesson for him! His soul needs exactly this. Deprived from any privileges, his attempts to maraud over other people are doomed in this and all his next incarnations. The Karmic law of Justice is uncompromising. In his present life, the labourer has a big family with many children. He is responsible to feed them all with inhuman and incessant efforts of hard physical work which is poorly paid. In this life he takes care of his close ones, while in his past one, blinded by his own “Greatness”, he used to haughtily ignore them all."

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