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For some of you the following prophecy will sound impossible, absurd or downright depressing. Some of you will get angry at me. But I feel obliged to translate for you the words of Saint Slava Sevriukova who lived in the last century and whose predictions have been documented and many have so far been fulfilled. From the WW2, the fall of Communism, the building and later the fall of the Berlin wall, the fall of the Twin towers, and hundreds more which keep happening to the dot each year. I pray this bitter cup will pass us though!

Prophecy for the Future of Humanity

Prophecy for the Future of Humanity

Slava on the Future of Humanity “The shapes of the continents will not remain for long the same. The Earth’s crust, will change its form and the result will be Supreme Trials for Humanity. Some of our children will overcome these. The balance between our world and the spiritual world has been disrupted, with millions and billions of people being on this side. We are overcrowded. To restore the balance, million and billions will pass in the spiritual world-quickly and in groups. These are the end times, I am being shown. Last because, too many people live on the Earth now, there are very few souls left in the beyond world. More and more incarnate to clean the weeds in them. But this is all coming to an end. That is why they are named the “last days”. I as showed terrible disasters-epidemics, famines, natural disasters. What was not destroyed by Nature will be annihilated by a war. There will be monstrous manifestations of the human spirit as has never been before. But this will be the last horror on Earth!

I see that in those time you will can travel mile upon miles before you meet a living human. Death. A lot of Death. This is will not pass humanity just like Christ had to drink the bitter cup. But do not be afraid, harmony will be restored after the disasters. But I warn you, you have to be ready for them and bear these. And I repeat, do not be afraid, the Human race will never be erased from the face of the Earth. I see unrecognizable changes. The renewed humanity will shake off its most terrible trait-it brutality and fierceness. The Christ impulse will be in the soul of each human. After the grand trials, humanity will turn towards the forgotten spirituality. Most people will see into the beyond then and have clairvoyance then. But this new gift will be a gradual process, not an once after the disasters. We will reach for new spiritual outlooks and throw out the deceptive values of the past. Once the disasters end, the long dreamed of, utopic kingdom of harmony and love is coming –the so called Heaven on Earth. The Age of Spirituality is coming after the Grand Trial!

The cards are thrown, humanity will seeming loose the game. But things will sudden turn around! Because the survivors will be more elevated spiritually through the shock of suffering. People will start living according to God’s law. Remember, there will not a complete destruction, only a temporary loss of the battle. You shall recognize the coming of these times by these signs. There will be famines, floods ,droughts, huge climate changes, local conflicts. The father will turn against the son and brother against brother. These disasters will come in a few stages over several intervals. The beginning of these ominous events will be from the end of the 3rd decade of the 3rd millennium. Some of them will be between 2025 till 2032. After the destructive changes, a time of peace and a grand elevated spiritual civilization comes! “


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