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"If you want to do a job well, sing to yourself while doing it. Music is the gate to the Heaven within us. Music will be the main educational method of the new culture." Beinsa Douno

Occult Music

Occult Music

Music appeared about 5000 years BC. The civilizations before that, like Atlantis and Lemuria, had no music like ours, only rhythms and beats. Music only became possible, when the higher feeling and thought centers in the brain of humans started developing, therefore music is a function of a more evolved consciousness. According to many spiritual teachers, the higher dimensions- the angelic and Divine realms, are the home of music, thus making music the most elevated of the arts. Many philosophers and spiritually awake people, talk about the Music of the Spheres, or even ordinary people who have had out of body travel or Near Death experiences, remember entering spheres of existence, where they could hear a Divine music emanating from everywhere. Indeed each being and object, has its own core vibration which can be heard only when one has awakened their higher senses. These core tones of each being, merge harmoniously with everything else in the world and form the so called Divine Music of the Spheres which many mystics try to describe.

The manifest and invisible worlds are made of Music-"at the beginning was the word(sound)" as the Bible says. It is very easy to prove that shapes and order is created through sound. Just watch the video below and all will be clear as day:

God/the Universe is "singing" Creation, including us, into being! The childish picture of Angels playing harps in heaven is just an allegorical representation but it is not far from the truth.In the Divine Realms, beings recognize each other through their core sound and when you hear another's core music, their Being is revealed to you in all its glory, feelings and inner experiences --this is the "love making of the Higher Realms"-the knowing/merging with another through their sound. There are two kinds of Music on Earth now: one inspired from the lower astral levels, which stimualtes the carnal and emotional passions and desires of humans-it constitutes the majority of popular music nowadays. And there is the music inspired from the Higher astral(angelic) and Divine worlds (5th and 6th dimensions). This music uplifts the soul, brings sense of meaning and awe, leaves you humbled but fulfilled, transforms you DNA. Few humans can receive inspiration from these exlated dimenstions. The vibrations there are so fast, that one needs to have very pure and finely tuned higher sense organs(which are still in an embrio stage in the average human).

But some do, like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart and other more classically sounding composers. All these composers tell the same story, that the music they wrote came to them fully formed and immeasurably more powerful and vivid than what they wrote down. They spent sleepless nights trying to make it resemble closer the glory of the original they heard. It was, as if they would tune into a Divine radio channel! Nowadays music is mostly inspired from the lower astral regions which stimulates the more sensual nature of humans, but this is as far as most artistic people can tune into the Higher Realms. The Master Beinsa Douno says that music is necessary for us to transform our energies: lower desires, painful or sad feelings and thoughts, into more positive and productive ones. You can temper your passions and desires with music (the one from the higher Divine worlds), you can regulate your hunger, thirst, anger and even physical pain with singing or listening to the Higher music. Mothers can educate and mold the character of their children into creative, loving and joyful humans by playing them the correct music. Learning to play an instrument, develops the Will power, self discipline but mostly the higher centers of the brain which hide the great gifts of the soul. Teach your children music! Do not underestimate its educational power!

Every time you feel sad or upset, start singing something calming. Or if you are like me, highly emotional, you need to learn to balance your feelings. I do it best through music. I cannot sing well, but I apply this advice from the occult teachers and it works magically! I even sing or listen to music while cooking-believe me the food tastes better! In ancient and modern Mystery school, music was/is used to help the student tame his lower passions and stimulate activity of the higher sense organs, which open the doors of consciousness for travel through the Realms of Creation. It takes many incarnation to become a good musician or play an instrument masterfully, but anyone who wants to develop virtues and gain enlightenment, must use music---singing, playing or listening to it! First one must learn to discriminate the two types of music. I will give you a couple of examples of music brought down from the Higher spheres which open up the soul. Just listen to it and sense how it makes you feel. Once you remember that feeling, you can learn to recognize the occult music from the ordinary one. EXAMPLE OCCULT MUSIC These occult songs were written by the Teacher Beinsa Douno

In the future more and more musicians will create music with such vibration, and the 6th Root Human Culture, will be entirely a civilization molded through the medium of Music. It will be the Epoch of birth of the Higher self in Humans-the birth of the Christ consciousness. If you tone yourself daily with such music, it will not be long before higher, nobler, creative and more genius impulses start awakening in your soul. Music is the gate to the Heaven within!

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