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I offer you another glimpse into the private life of the great figures of Humanity as recorded by the brilliant Slava Sevriukova--a prophet and Saint from the last century with impeccable correctness. Slava looks at the inspiration behind some of Michelangelo's best creations. Here is a little peek at his habits and inner life. 

Michelangelo's Art and Life Through the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

Michelangelo's Art and Life Through the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

"Michelangelo’s soul is every bit as astute and genius as Leonardo Da Vinci’s. He connected to Spiritual channels of Higher knowledge. His Art was brought down from Above and through Divine Inspiration. This makes him inimitable. I see that since he left the Earth, he has not been back in incarnation for the past 400 years. I see the sculptor in real life. He wakes up at the crack of dawn. He starts praying from the heart till he receives soul-shaking inspiration. It comes in waves! Only then, thrilled to his core, he throws him self into work. He has no time for sleep, rest of food…He labours as a Spartan. Success can be judged from the measure of deprivation we are willing to suffer, as well. Michelangelo is not afraid from hard work, he breaths it, burns for it and sculpts the marble with the incandescent flames of his hands… In a state of creative ecstasy, his hand is directed by a Higher Power. Let this not surprise us, the Genius works in full trance. Even he himself cannot often realize what he has created and sculpted. The Sistine Chapel in Vatican-God imparting the Spirit of Consciousness to Adam’s left forefinger with His right forefinger.

“Michelangelo used the fact that the left hand is closer to the heart. He knew: the human’s left side is connected to Spirit, his right to practical activities. According to the Genius painter, the Creator imparts the spark of the Holy Spirit and Life with His Mighty Right Hand. The “first” human receives the Divine Gift with his left hand and stores it in his Spiritual centre-his heart. Art is not an end in itself. Michelangelo suggests through his art, that we need to balance the impulses of the heart with the insights of the mind. Only the one who subdues his actions to the lucidity of the mind(which is a copy of the Divine Wisdom) can call his self, Son of God. This is the meaning, the artists encodes in his beautiful forms. The Sculpture “the Pieta” in St Peter Cathedral in Rome.

“And you think that the sculpture of the Holy Mother holding in her arms the body of Jesus is a figment of Michelangelo’s imagination?...Nothing like that! He received this image in full and ready detail straight from a Higher Intelligence. Actually the depicted scene has never happened in reality. Nowhere back in time, do I see Mary holding the mortal remains of Jesus. But this does not matter, because Spirit has deemed this scene powerful and impactful and has imparted it to Michelangelo in a flash. Highly evolved Spiritual beings inspire Michelangelo so he can inspire Humanity in turns. Therefore no other artist is equal to Michelangelo. This thrilling piece of art is a symbol of the immeasurable and incomparable mother’s Grand Tragedy of loosing a child. It depicts the suffering and the conscious sacrifice in the name of Love. “

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