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How did Jesus look? What was his life like? This and more is revealed to us through the eyes of the saint and prophet Slava Sevriukova.

Jesus Through the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

Jesus Through the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

The 20th century prophet and Saint Slava Sevriukova retuned to the time of Christ with her unrivalled clairvoyance and this is what she saw. “I see the Son of God in His human incarnation on Earth. He is with a tunic. Slender and tall. He has warm brown eyes, brown hair almost reaching the shoulders and a beard with a little reddish hue. His hands are soft and delicate. Noble traits. He is charismatic and captivatingly beautiful. The exact word is magnetic! Once you lay your eye on him you can’t stop watching him even for a moment. I looked at him in detail. The two halves of his face were ideally symmetrical. No other human being is like that. The two sides of the human face are never completely the same. Following the story of a person’s incarnations, I see that the shapes of the left side of the face is determined by the previous life of the soul. The right side is genetically inherited from the present parents. Jesus’s face was perfectly symmetrical—both sides absolutely the same. You can guess why, can’t you? Because His Mighty Spirit has never before incarnated on Earth. This incredible symmetry was giving him an irresistible charm and attractiveness. Unforgettable appearance! He attracted thousands of people listening to his words in awe. This is how the Son of God looked on Earth—the most attractive man in the Earth! Even though he was wandering teacher, I cannot see him to have been to India or Tibet, except his travel to Egypt as a child, which is also mentioned in the Bible. The rest of the time he is always on Israelite land.

His influence was powerful. There was Light around Him. His aura had a divine radiation. I saw how Jesus wrote on the sand with a stick. He was surrounded by his followers. They watched him with interest but also suspicion. They were timid and uncertain. He was doing miracles in front of their eyes, but they were doubting Him in their hearts. They had difficulty understanding Him. He was talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. While they naively expected Him to become a powerful earthly ruler of some sort and were busily preparing to become His deputies. Even His most ardent Apostle- Peter, denied Him 3 times in moments of extreme trials but later regretted this till the end of his life. Only after Jesus was crucified painfully and after that reappeared to them, did they realize that He was not a human being, but an incarnated manifestation of the Universal Spirit.

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