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Everyone has heard of the elusive prana and that it is the source of living energy for us. It is not only some mystical mumbo-jumbo, actually it has been scientifically proven that exists. Read more to find out what it is exactly where did scientist find prana the highest.

How To Get Life Energy Into You?

How To Get Life Energy Into You?

All cultures have talked about prana in one way or another. In the early scientific circles it was known as ether, and in ancient time is was the 5th invisible but most critical element which allowed the other 4 to manifest. In the 20th century scientific circles thought that prana was electromagnetic waves, but eventually they have found out that actually it is exclusively made up of negatively changed small ions. Easiest way to get prana is through the food we ingest. But when measured it turned out that only raw and uncooked food has negatively charged ions in abundance, while thermally processed food had none, because the small negative ions immediately bind to the big positive ones when temperatures are high and their energy and life giving power is gone. So we need to eat at least half of our food raw: nuts, fruits and veggies, soaked seeds. For example if you have your porridge oats cooked, it will deprive them from all the goodness in them. But if you soak these in some water for a bit and then eat them, you will get all their healing negative ions. Just making such small changes in your diet will increase your longevity and affect positive mood changes. The fruits and vegetables highest in negatively charged ions are the one freshly picked up--usually the prana is highest within 2-3 hours of the picking, and kirlian photography shows the radiation of living energy spreading far beyond the physically outlines of the fruits/veg. Also fruits and vegetables grown under artificial light possess very little of these good ions, because they come from directly the Sun. Therefore seasons produce is the wisest one to pick if you want the natural strength and happiness which living food full of prana will give.

We get this life renerating "invisible flow" also mostly through our breathing.(no wonder that somkers are less energetic and srtoppy). But if you go walking by the highway whwre many cars are passing, you will not get any of these negative ions, because they very quickly bind with the more harmful positive ones emitted from the car exhausts. Scientist have found that negative ions exists in high amount near waterfalls, the higher the better! The process of the water falling of moving fast, creatves such negatively charged ions, and that is the reason that when you go close to such a natural phenomenon, your mood starts uplifting, some kind of energizing comes over you and often even euphoria (which we thinks is due to the beauty of the scenery only, but to a big extend it comes from the life giving prana in the air). The areas around big, fast moving rivers or the sea, where the water crashes and ionizes are also full of prana, therefore so many people are drawn to these places, as they feel it does them good and makes them more joyful and at rest. Actually the bigger the waves in the sea on a given day, the more the prana. Do not miss going for a walk on the beach, when the weather is more turbulent, you will do your soul and body so much good!

The air in coniferous forests is also high in negative ions, hence many sick or weak people, were advised in the past to go to such a fir area and spend some time. most of them would come back healthier and regenerated after a week or two. Some of you are blessed to live in such an coniferous environment, and I bet people around are much longer lived, stronger and happier than people in the city. If you cannot get to a fir forest, and live in the city, then you can take advantage of another time which is much fuller of negative ions: early in the morning when the sun is rising-an hour before and an hour after this magical moment, the air is really charged up with the living giving particles. So to sum up, if you want to have naturally high energy levels and feel connected to inspiration and constant joy, to heal fast and guard off deceases, then wake up early, eat more raw, seasonal foods, go for excursions in nature next to clean water sources, go to the sea, live in a fir forest or near the sea.

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