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At 3 am on 25th of April 2013, there was a special event happening in the skies. I was awakened to witness it and connect consciously with it. Read the story of how Mother Mary played a little miracle in my life and how I know it was the Divine Feminine. You will also learn the astrology behind the Virgin Mary (and all Virgin Goddesses)

Divine Mother Healing

Divine Mother Healing

It was past midnight and I awoke with a dull and persistent pain in my stomach and liver. I have been feeling it on and off for a few weeks, but this evening it was particularly bad. It was accompanied by a feeling of doom, self-pity and panic. Esoteric science says that the liver is the mood regulator as the biggest gland in the body: if it is in a good condition, you will feel happy and inspired, if in bad, you will be depressed and disconnected. I experienced this first hand, because ever since I started feeling this pain, I had been dealing also with anxiety issues and stress. Doctors found nothing, but I was not crazy.

Anyway, when I started opening my eyes I already had the feeling of panic and quiet despair within me. My eyes immediately were blinded by an enormous full moon which was shining straight on my face from the open window. It was staggeringly beautiful but its silvery coolness increased my desolation and feeling of impending doom. I did not have tears to cry, I was so dry, and the pain even felt empty. I was thinking ”you deserve it, you brought this to yourself with your greed and weak character, so no mercy for you”.

And then a few minutes later, when the Moon was straight across my face, I was grasped with a sudden urge to pray to Mother Mary! I have never prayed to Her, as I grew up in evangelical churches which do not acknowledge Virgin Mary, so this was a very unusual impulse. I just went with it and started speaking to Her as if talking to my mom. “Mother Mary I have ignored you till now, but I have heard you make miracles and heal people. I have been turning to your Son only, but I need your motherly gentle touch, please make the pain go away, please heal my empty soul and bath me in your comfort” I carried on for a few minutes, till the Moon started hiding behind the little slit of the open window. By that moment I was feeling almost wrapped in some warmth coming from the centre of the my body and spreading everywhere, it had taken hold of me imperceptibly and had removed the pain but mostly that awful feeling of fear and panic had given place to contentment and blissful haze. I was asleep within minutes. In the morning I woke up refreshed and positive, but my first inkling was to reach for the astrology software and check the position of the Moon on the hour of the miracle healing I had last night. I was not even surprised when I saw that exactly at 3 am when the event happened, the Moon had been passing exactly in front of the star Spica-known also as the Virgin Goddess(depicted carrying a child) in ancient times and as the star of Virgin Mary in the Middle Ages!

It is one of the most beneficial stars in the sky situated in the constellation of Virgo and according to esoteric lore, radiating a powerful feminine and protective influence. I knew that Mother Mary (the Divine Feminine) had awakened and sent me this impulse to pray to Her for healing. This was not a coincidence. The Moon passes across the Star Spica, for an hour, once every month, this is one in 730 hours chance, besides it happens just once or twice a year that the Moon is full when it passes the star of Mother Mary-so once in 8760 hours! The Moon is most powerful when full and when coupled with the beneficial motherly influence of Spica, it becomes immensely more healing if you connect to it consciously!

It is also not a coincidence that at 00 AD when Christ was born on 25th of December, this star was at the Mid-heaven-the Highest place in the Sky-the Divine Virgin Mother watching over the birth of the Son of God. As above, so below! The events on Earth mirror the movements of the celestial bodies-everything in the Universe is interconnected! Not an ant dies without this being simultaneously indicated in the stars! Thank you Mother Mary for your healing and your living presence! May your love reach all burdened hearts!

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