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Why is my horoscope so difficult? My life is full of problems and failures...

Difficult Fate Versus Easy One

Difficult Fate Versus Easy One

Saying u have a bad chart is like saying u r a bad and undeserving person. Everyone is as important and deserving as the smallest fly. God has the same love for every soul, just some souls are more advanced and fearless so they choose to incarnate with more challenging fates(as seen in the horoscope) so they can move to faster awareness to God. Or some souls need awakening to the higher reality and divine love while in body, so they get a harsh shake up or difficult life to you humble them and turn them inwards when nothing outwards is working. This is the fastest way to return to inner happiness derived from intimate contact with the Divine love. Every painful experience, insult, failure, disease is actually a blessing for our soul, refining it, attuning it to Divine love., an opportunity to get closer to God. Had I not had multiple addictions, humiliating situations, abusive relationships, no career for 12 years, been homeless for half an year(literally living in a park) I was never gonna turn to God and discovered the joys of communion with the Divine-a constant flow of inspiration. Every time my life gets easier, I start slacking and focusing on outer things, then I become unhappy within, the addictive pained, negative mentally comes back.

What I want to say is that those with difficult charts/fates have a better and bigger chance to discover God and this space of inner joy independent from any outer sources, than those with easy and comfortable lives. They have very little stimulus for inner growth, so sooner or later this means spiritual regression, which leads to physical and moral degradation, diseases, death. And when you are in a prayerful communion with God, humbled, kind hearted and forgiving towards yrself and others, the miracles starts happening in yr outer life. Talents develop, material success comes, loving relationships. And these r lasting, not short lived as those who have easier fates and get these things without self work, but sooner or later loose them and their whole life and mental stability unravels. All material and worldly successes and passions should be used as a means to get closer to God and generate more love. Otherwise they become our undoing and ultimately death. Read the bios of some saints--they all became saints because they had very difficult and challenging life(drunkards, prostitutes, killers, persecuted, rejected, disdained, hated) and because of this they found God-they went inwards(nothing outwards was welcoming) and out of the deepest darkness Divine love and a higher state of consciousness was discovered.

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