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Here is another one of those stories of small but powerfully meaningful moments of Divine communication and signs from above.

Daily Miracles: the Angel and Saturn

Daily Miracles: the Angel and Saturn

A few days ago I had my exact Saturn opposition natal Venus transit. For those of you who do not understand astrological lingo, this is a period when Saturn brings all the fears, sadness, negative thoughts and doubts connected to your self worth, love and relationships(Venus ruled things) It can go on for about a year, and you are forced to reassess your relationship commitments, how you approach love, who you let in and how you allow others to treat you. Needless to say this can be a painful process during which you can eliminate people from your life, unhealthy relationship patterns and sorrows can come up to the surface so you can confront them and deal with them. The last time Saturn hit Venus I was in Paris with friends touring around the city on bicycles. I have been looking forward to this day, but the moment we went out, the heavy energy of Saturn started to crush me-self pitying thoughts, regrets from past loves, sadness from loss of old relationships, depressing outlook on the future of partnerships, etc etc -all the typical Saturn manifestations when it aspects Venus.

Saturn gives doubts and negativity and disconnects you from the Light and Love of Source so you start feeling helpless, weak, unloved, etc etc. I was familiar with the process and how negative this can get because this transit started a year ago, so I knew that if I let these thoughts take sway over me, my whole holiday would be ruined. Tears would well up, lump would appear in my throat, and I would isolate from the others for at least 24 hours! I could not allow that--but I knew I had little control over those heavy Saturn mood swings, once they took over. If anything I have been indulging in those self pitying and socially isolating moments for months. It had become a pattern. It is not so easy to be socially graceful and enjoy your self much when Saturn Aspects Venus-how could you-with such thoughts running around your head!! Anyway, back to the story, I started to panic, I could feel my throat closing, the lump forming, I would ruin the holiday! In a moment of desperation, I knew that only my Higher Power could help me because I could not weather this attack from Satan (Satan is represented by the planet Saturn in mythology). I usually pray to Jesus or Mother Mary, but in that moment, I turned to Archangel Michael, because I felt somehow drawn to Him--I must have remembered subconsciously that Michael is the warrior of Heaven who protects against Satan/Saturn. But it was so unusual for me to call to Archangel Michael, that for a second I even wondered why.

While I was still uttering calls for help to Him and riding my bicycle half aware, my partner who knew Paris and was taking us around, stopped, saying we would take a break of one minute. I stopped absent minded, still self-absorbed in my prayer. And then came the miracle! I lifted my eyes upwards and I could not believe what I saw! In front of me was an impressive 10 meter fountain statue of Archangel Michael stepping on the body of Satan(Saturn)! In that second my whole soul opened up, the dark cloud lifted, tears welled up in my eyes but tears of gratitude and bliss! Archangel Michael cut through the poison and pain of Satan(Saturn) and cleared away all the negative astral influences, at once-I never felt a tinge of sadness after that till the end of our holiday. Esoterically, Archangel Michael's energy is of the Solar Realm--and in Astrology and mythology the Sun is the mortal enemy of Saturn-God Versus Satan. Saturn/Satan brings sadness and disconnection, it chains the heart and soul. The Sun/ all the Solar beings like Archangel, Angels and Christ, warm up the heart, break the bondage of Saturn and connect you to joy and Light. This is what happened in an instant for me, and so that I do not harbor any doubts about who helped me, my Higher Power led me to the fountain of Archangel Michael in the precise moment of my prayer for help to Him! Angels hear us and speak back to us!

Fully recovered and joyous in front of the fountain of St Michael


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