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God communicates with us every day and even minute, but what matters is whether we are receptive and aware enough to hear Him/Her. I want to share with you now one little such moment of Divine perfection and omen from God, and I want to make a habit of giving you such little daily testimonies of miracles and to the fact that the Lord/Your Guide is always with you.

Daily Miracles and Signs from Above

Daily Miracles and Signs from Above

Yesterday my friends and I were driving in the deep countryside of France, trying to find a bucolic restaurant. We had a GPS but somehow we got carried away laughing and must have missed the little lane. A few minutes later we realized we were lost because the Navigation System went blank. It was almost sunset, rainy and miserable, plus the little country side lanes started getting narrower and narrower. We didn't even remember what way we came from. We were lost! We stopped the car on a little crossroad and went out to look around. In that precise moment Nature became alive and made a spectacular show for us! The rain stopped all of a sudden, in the distance, the dark low clouds opened up enough to display the setting sun only, which was skimming the faraway valleys. All became gold, but a very eerie and surreal gold: like from a fantasy fairytale. All the dark clouds covering fully the sky became a glowing, breathing, warming dome around us.

The fields turned dark gold too and it looked like all the nature was turned towards the setting sun, saying farewell and paying respect to the setting God. In the next second, one of us shouted and we all turned--in the west we saw the most intense and awe inspiring rainbow ever, pulsating its rays at us on the background of the dark vilolate clouds. Remember how children draw rainbows as a half circle? All of the rainbows I have seen were only quarter of a circle: this one was a proper 180 degree of a circle-with the purity and luminosity of unearthly vision. We started screaming with joy and unbelieving eyes, but what was even more shocking was that right underneath that rainbow, was the statue of Jesus blessing us lovingly and being enlivened by the golden hues of the setting Sun. Even the biggest agnostic would feel the sense of holiness and solemnity we experienced in this moment. Pictures do very little credit to the real colors and atmosphere of this Divine moment, lasting no longer than 3 minutes. It felt like it was orchestrated especially for us by an invisible director so that all parts fitted perfectly like a Holiwood production. So even when you get lost somewhere down the path of your life, do not despair, God might have a surprise for you at the end of the road! A spectacular one at that! I knew that day God made a promise to me about something I have been praying for a long time about. The Promise was sealed with this rainbow just like in the story about Noah and the Ark! :) That same night I opened a random lecture from the Master Beinsa Douno. In it, the first line I read said: "One can only start experiencing and feeling Divine Love, when Nature becomes alive for them." It did!


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