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I have long wanted to share my research on healing and mystery places, which started with the old megalith structures close to my home town in the Thracian Valley. Above the ruins of an ancient civilization dating back to 4-5000 BC and the mythic town of Kabile, is a pyramidal mound which culminates with a man made megalithic complex for astrological and astronomical observations and occult ceremonies. It points towards the 4 cardinal directions within the minute, and the sun rises in-between the small openings of the huge slabs of stones, during the equinoxes and solstices.

A Healing, Mystical Place

A Healing, Mystical Place

So far nothing unusual except the folk legends that the place is magical and can heal you and testimonies of such occurrences. I would not have given it much thought, but for the scientific research which was made there a few years ago. The electromagnetic field was measured just in the middle of the artificial rock alignment and it turned out that it was 8Hz-Schumann resonance-the most soothing, natural and healing vibration for the human body-which has been also measured in the Pyramids in Bosnia and Egypt. When the human body stays for a few minutes within this vibration, any dis-balance within it starts to disappear.

The scientists tested low and high blood pressure which was equalized in 10 minutes, painful wounds and chronic conditions which would stop hurting within 15 to 20 minutes and even hangovers, which would fully subside! It turned out that the folk tales were based on truth! Even though modern history is trying to convince us that the pyramids, mounds and other such megalithic constructions were used as tombs, recent research shows that their original purpose was to be places of healing, life prolongation and tapping, with still unknown building technologies, into the living powers of the Earth! Magic and mystery ceremonies would be performed there by the priest kings, to draw on the mighty trans-formative energy generated and direct it towards fertility of the lands around, health of the people, raising of the consciousness etc. I have, on multiple occasions, climbed the mound in order to sit on the peak in between the stones, so I can transform some negative emotional state or painful physical condition. And it works like magic, within 10 to 20 minutes, I would find a solution to my problem, gain some clarity, improve my emotional state or directly have organs or parts stop hurting in my body! Such an experience can only be tried for oneself and not described. Often I would easily slip into meditative and altered states of consciousness while there, which are usually impossible for me to achieve on purpose- to be honest I suck at meditations and have no patience for it! ( at the megalith temple with my mom)

I have known a few world famous healers and Spirit workers who come there occasionally to recharge and rejuvenate, as they are drawn by the powerful ray of energy, from thousands of miles through their third eye. A few years ago, some x-file documents from the past USSR military were released, which had investigated the place in the 80-ties and seen though special devices which record finer vibrations, a huge ray emitted from the peak of the mound towards the sky, which goes into the ionosphere! The also had sonar maps of huge geometrical cavities beneath the hill which look like tunnels and chambers like in the pyramids. Of course it was all shushed up and dismissed! Indeed, our ancient ancestors had knowledge we are only now starting to get an inkling of! For 5000 years during the Kali yuga(the darkest age of Human evolution) we had lost all ancient and Divine wisdom as we needed to descend into matter deeply and fully, but with the ending of the Dark age of humanity, from 20th century, we will be not only rediscovering ancient sources of energy and knowledge but also taking these a few notches higher.

Next week I will tell you about the biggest pyramids discovered in the world-in Bosnia-almost twice as big as the Giza pyramids and fully preserved under a meter high soil. I have discovered some amazing scientific and esoteric data which will blow your minds away!

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