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Dear Lada,I have been trying to have kids for past 8 years.Do you see children in my future?

Will I Get Pregnant?

Will I Get Pregnant?

To do an astrological analysis for pregnancy I will need both of yours times of births. But it is a lengthy though the most precise tool for seeing if there will be any children, I am currently too busy with new work to do this for free. But I drew a tarot card after a short prayer to the Divine Mother and I got the Hanged Man for your answer. The hanged man depicts a person that is hanging upside down suspended from a tree. The Legend behind him is that he hanged liked that for 9 days till he received enlightenment(he was ready to move to the next stage) For me this immediately resembles the upside-down suspended baby in the womb and the gestation period. This is also a card of waiting, something is suspended but it is not denied, there is a higher reason behind the delay but it is far from over. After a period of waiting, the matter will be released and will come to fruition, in your case getting pregnant. The suspended person also has a saintly light around his head- this waiting has given him some higher moral and spiritual qualities which he could not have acquired without this painful suspension. It is also a sign, that praying to God/Your Higher Self/Christ will bless you with the desired outcome.

I also got the 9 of Pentacles which is a card showing a woman in a very abundant garden. It is a sign of fertility. After the long wait, fruitfulness comes! You will have a Baby!

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