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Will I ever find love?

Will I ever find love?

Will I ever find love?

I had a quick draw on the tarots for your question and I got the following message.

First, you need to start expecting a positive outcome and get excited about the future partner coming into your life before he comes. The first card is Three of Clubs which is a card of being optimistic, expectant--it shows a trader waiting relaxingly on a hill to oversee his ships coming back from a long voyage.This card can mean that you will have to wait a bit just like he is waiting, but also that you have to become positively expectant of the future and hopeful because just like his ships are supposed to arrive any moment now, so is your man on his way and due to be in your life shortly. Also this can mean that the man coming to your life will be from overseas, a foreigner.

The next card describes him better: It is the King of Pentacles, who is affluent, businessman, practical, respected in society, well to do and very reliable. You can expect someone with these qualities in your life. He might be an earth sign, like Taurus.

And the last card is the Knight of Swords, this can indicate another younger man, who will be more impetuous, direct and more daring than the older and more traditional man. Two candidates! But in a combination with the King, it can also mean that you will meet the more mature Man represented by the previous card-the King, in a very sudden and unexpected way(feel the energy of surprise and swiftness in the card) and he can literally sweep you off your feel in a matter of days! A whirlwind romance! So the news are really really positive, full of male figures in your future, just brighten up now and become expectant as he is on his way to you!

Kind regards Astrolada

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