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It says on my Horoscope that I have to be feeling better this month, but I feel so bad, I ended up communications with a man I was in love with for 4 years. Why is astrology not working for me?

Why Is Not My Sign Prediction Right?

Why Is Not My Sign Prediction Right?

Dear friend,

These prognosis based just on the sun sign are to be honest a kind of "yellow press "porn" astrology". Real astrology is way more complicated and one has to study for minimum 7 years before he can can give astrological advice. You might be going through a hard transit to your relationship/self identity Axis, which way more personal and strongly felt than the sun sign good effect you are supposed to be profiting from. You can have a challenging aspect or an Eclipse happening to your Venus(planet of love) or Moon(emotional states) or you can be going through a very demanding big planetary lord period which is a few months or years long...astrology is extremely complex and knowing your Sun sign is less than 1% of the whole story! Sorry for what you are going through! Remember, prayer and belief in your Higher Self and expecting guidance from the Light/God will ease any planetary challenge!

Kind regards Astrolada

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