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I have Sun- Aquarius, Gemini rising and Moon in Libra. I am unemployed and have not been in a relationship for over 10 years. What is wrong with me?

What Is Wrong With Me?

What Is Wrong With Me?
Lots of Air in your Horoscope! Right now Saturn is in the sign of your Moon and will stay there till next summer,which is considered some of the hardest time in 30 years. Saturn constricts and breaks up our security and support systems: weather emotional or financial, so the feeling of loneliness and the material tightness increase. But from next Spring/Summer 2012, Jupiter-the great benefactor, is going into an air sign and will stay there for a whole year helping you a lot and giving a much needed pick up! Jupiter will be in the sign of your Ascendant and bring you positive opportunities, increased confidence, new love prospects! So next year from the Spring/Summer will be your time, especially if you have any of your Ascendant, Moon or Sun between 6 and 17 degrees in their respective sign, because Jupiter will be sending positive rays three times over these particular degrees.

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