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Question: Can you please explain what it means to have 5 planets in one sign? Myself in particular, I have Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio and I want to know what this means. Thank you!!

What does it mean to have 5 planets in one sign?

What does it mean to have 5 planets in one sign?

Dear Friend,

Five planets in one sign is something very rare! When someone has such combination, there is an exceeding focus and intensity in his life. He will be an intense single minded person. If he sets his mind to something might be like a horse with blinkers and go straight for the aim no matter what. It gives a strong concentration of power and focus but also some narrowness of vision and almost obsessive tendency. Nothing wrong with that if you ask me through! The events of the house where these planets will have a tremendous importance in the life of the person. He will have a mission to develop and work on the issues and topics rules by that house. For example if these planets are in the 7th house from the Ascendant sign,(this is how you find the house--counting from the Ascendant house as the first sign) then your life will be mostly focused on relationships as this is what 7th sign from the Rising sign rules. So you will have either many of them or a big karma with another person to resolve from a past life, and most of your energy will be going in that direction. Or maybe in a previous life you were a loner and now you are born with so many planets, so you can develop relationships skills. However you try not to get involved in relationships with others, they will keep finding you and you will have to face these lessons and experiences in life connected to marriage, partner and contractual relationships. Or you can be a personal consultant and work with other people on a daily basis--whatever it is you will have a lot events in your life connected to the house these planets are. Just find out your Ascendant and count from there, once you have the number read on line what experiences it represents!But always ever this will make the person quite intense and focused! Also when a difficult planet transits this sign with the five planets and activates them one after another--it will be event after event of stressful experiences. But when good planet comes it will also bring concentrated positive events in a short space of time. These people can have big falls and big rises.

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