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My friend doesn't know what time she was born, how can she still get an accurate reading?

Time of Birth Unknown: Is There a Way to Find It?

Time of Birth Unknown: Is There a Way to Find It?

There are a two or three ways to find one's time of birth: through hypno regression: she needs to find a good hypnotist and if she is susceptible(85% of people can fall into hypnosis) she can be brought back to the moment of her birth and asked what times exactly it is: the subconscious mind stores this information! Another method is through a Kynesiologist: this is a muscle therapy specialist, who can test the muscles of the person. The cell have memory too which will make the muscles react to the right time of birth! The Body is an amazing, magical system! And the third known to me method is through a dowser. These are people who can use invisible energetic fields around us with easy devices like a crystal dowse and derive knowledge by tuning into to those ethereal wavelengths.

Others more advanced people can find their time of birth by asking their Guides in a mediation which is similar to a self induced hypnotherapy, but even if you cannot mediate and visualize, you can ask your Higher Self/God to show you the exact time: and after that you should only wait for a signal-maybe a dream or meeting a psychic who can tell you. Maybe you can ask for a specific signal: like the moment I get a call from my Mother during the day: it will mean it was my time of birth. If it was during the night: ask God to wake you up at the precise moment at some point in the near future and mark down the time it happened. For this to work you need to have more faith in your ability to communicate through signals and inspiration with Spirit, otherwise you might not be fully aware or believe when you get your signal and discard it just as a sort of coincidence. There are ways to find what you are looking for: as the saying goes: where there is a will there is always a way! If she really wants to, she will! Of course the most reliable way to find your precise time of birth is through rectification. An Astrologer looks at the most important moments of your life and finds your exact time based on these events. If you would like to order Rectification of your time of birth, I can recommend you an amazing astrologer with 20 years exprience in rectification.

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