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This was such an amazing reading. I have never known my time of birth and have always wondered how it would be possible. Tzvetemira was able to narrow it down to the very second, based on major past life events. This is a must have reading for everyone. The accompanying natal report, was just so spot on, I knew the time was accurate. Thank you so much Tzvetemira, you have handed me the keys to unlock my own universe!

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Tzetemira is an incredible person and AMAZING astrologer, her reports are in a league of their own, she gives practical, solid, wise advise. She was recommended to me by Lada when I was experiencing difficulty in figuring out my career. I couldn't find much information about Tzvetemira online and so I had to trust Lada. I did the rectification process and then took a yearly report. and WOW! I was amazed. she answered all of my question, in a very discerning way. She gave me a month- by- month, analysis of the year to come, highlighting important days for me, and practical ways to achieve development. In the past year I have used the service of several psychics and astrologers. I don't know which ...

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I asked for a birth time rectification. She asked for very specific additional details like "when did you meet this specific person" or even better. You can feel her meticulous attention. Love it... Ordering all...

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Hello, I would like a general astrological reading from Tzvetemira. Which selection would be best for me?

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Tzvetemira Astrologer

Master Astrologer
One of the Top 10 Astrologers in the World!!!
Astrolada About Tzvetemira. "Tzvetemira is my mentor, who is also one of the leading astrologers on Ancient and Traditional Astrology. She is considered to be one of the 10 top astrologers in the world and I would boldly say that I have never met anywhere a Master astrologer so precise and exact with their work and especially predictions! Mrs Borisova is my ideal for perfection in work-I have never heard a wrong prognosis from her and many of her clients are celebrities and high flying businessmen! I am still in the clouds with joy that Mrs Borisova agreed to collaborate with!
Tzvetemira offers only written Horoscopes. It is best that you email first for personal directions which reading is best for you and how to proceed.
Tzvetemira always requires a birth time rectification before starting work with a new client.
Rectification is finding the exact time of your birth breath-within the second. It is compulsory for anyone who wants to order personal or business horoscopes with Tzvetemira after that. Rectification is done even if you are sure of your birth time, because it helps the astrologer see how past events trigger your horoscope and to judge better for the future. Once complete, you can use it with all services below.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

NEW 6 month prognosis $148

Rectification of Birth time within 2 hours $128

This service helps you find your exact time birth within the second, if it is within 2 hours of approximate time. For 2 to 4 hours, the price is double, 4-6 hours triple, etc. The Astrologer finds your exact of birth by looking at important past events in your life. 
If you are a new client and would like to order any other service from Tzvetemira, you will have to first order a recitification of your birth time, even if you know your time of birth. Tzvetemira uses the most refined the high level rectification techniques, finding your birth time to the very second. 
To contact her, write to her from the form below. 

1 Year Personal Horoscope $295

Month by month look at the important life developments in your personal life-career, money, love, relationships, health, etc. plus guidance about specific questions. 
Once you order, you can contact Tzvetemira from the form below. 

NEW Prognostic table for 12 months $115

This is for everyone who would like to understand the astrology behind their astrological influences for the next 12 months. It is a great tool to learn astrology through. The table includes the aspects all transits, progressions, retro-progressions, primary directions and solar arc directions which the planets make to the natal chart and the events they signify. Transits to all primary directions, progressions, retroprogressions and solar arc directions 

NEW Answer to one question $115

You can email Mrs Borisova, any question you might have. She will also provide a short natal chart report for free for any new client

NEW rectification table $115

This is for someone who would like to know how Mrs Borisova has calculated and rectified their time of birth to the second. It includes a table of all the aspects which the planets form on the date of the given past life events. It is a great tool to learn rectification through. It includes all the aspects of the transiting planets, primary directions to natal, progressions and retroprogressions to natal, symbolic arc directions to natal and transits to primary, progressed and solar arc planets. A short natal report 

Relationship Horoscope $199

Tzvetemira looks at your separate horoscopes and then your mutual horoscope, focusing on the dynamics of the relationship and how promising it looks, how compatible you are and the way to strengthen the relationship. 
Once you order you can leave the detail of the 2 people in the form below, plus any relevant current information regarding the relationship 

2 Year Personal Predictive Horoscope $497

Month by month look at the important life developments in your personal life-career, money, love, relationships, health, etc. plus guidance about specific questions. 
Once you order, you can contact Tzvetemira from the form below. 

1 Year Business Horoscope $388

A Month by month prognosis for the important business and financial developments and decisions. Advice on the best business strategy for your company.
You can email Tzvetemira from the contact form

2 Year Professional Business Horoscope $720

A month of by month business and financial prognosis, based on the particular business you have. Suggestions about the best direction to take. 
You can contact Tzvetemira with your details and business questions from the form below. 

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