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i am scorpio sun, libra ascendant, and libra moon.
what does this mean? i would like to better understand my self

Scorpio Sun with Libra Moon and Ascendant

Scorpio Sun with Libra Moon and Ascendant

You have a very strong Libra presence in your horoscope> Both your Ascendant and the Moon are there. Which is considered to be very auspicious for interpersonal relationships--you will have a very strong emotional intelligence, being able to notice how others are feeling, and respond accordingly. You will have a easy and soft, very pleasant approach in life. The Moon in your ascendant will make you very nurturing and caring person-with a strong parental maternal instincts. Your Moon rules your 10th house of career and social reputation and being so strongly positioned in your first house of the self (Ascendant sign is the first house of the self) so it will give you a very strong identification with your vocation/social responsibilities and public life. In this life career will be very important to you and you will feel emotionally identified with what you to and it should also make you successful in career.(it will not be so easy if your moon is afflicted by Saturn, or another malefic planet but for this the whole horoscope should be seen).

The career can be also associated in some ways with things ruled by the Moon(nurturing, feeding,food, caring, properties, hotels, beverages, water, maternity) but it is not a must, other factors should also be taken into account Your Sun is in the second house(sign) from your Ascendant(everything in astrology is measured from the Ascendant point). This is the house of finances, wealth, objects of possesion, resources, preservation,you can be quite good at financial careers as well( banking, stock trading, money management, accumulation and preservation of movable assets and other valuable resources like art, collections, etc. This is also the house of what comes through the mouth--so people who have cooking skills or gain from foods, and other movable goods also have this position. But the Sun has very outward ebergy ad you might tend to spend easily as well. You in this life you are learning to manage resources(usually financial and material) and you can be quite gainful and have a very good income if other negative planets do not harm this 2nd house.

Kind regards Astrolada

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