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You've spoken about the sun sign, the rising, and moon...but I was wondering what venus represents? I have my venus in pisces, what does that mean exactly?

Planet Venus-the Seducer of the Horoscope

Planet Venus-the Seducer of the Horoscope

Venus represents how we are in relationships and what we enjoy to do for pleasure. For a male it will show the type of woman he is attract to, her qualities and generally what kind of woman he is most likely to end of with. For a woman it show how she employs he feminine qualities and how much of these she possesses(like magnetism, ability to attract males, to seduce with charm. It will also show how easy we give and receive pleasure, hence how happy we are in relationships. Venus is also our ability to attract material values, so a strong Venus will contribute a lot for a good financial situation in life. Venus is said to give best results in the following signs: Pisces, Taurus and Libra as she is really feminine, loving and understanding there. A real charmer and seductress! If you are a Male then you will attract such feminine and sweet women. In Aries and Scorpio(both signs of the masculine planet Mars), Venus will make the person way more directly sexual and forceful in his affections. A male will be excited by stronger, more energised women. But it also depends if there is another planet with Venus. If Saturn is close to Venus, then the person will be withholding affections of he will be attracting partners that are older than him(Saturn shows age) and more mature emotionally or who are not showing too much love, but they will be really loyal and there for the long run--all Saturnine qualities. There are just some of the possibilities. In your case Venus in Pisces is a really good, place, where you can give love almost unconditionally, you can love the weak and the underdog, be very compassionate and care for others.

You can be a charmer yourself! Just be careful not to idealise the partner or fall for unattainable lovers. You will be always looking for romantic love and the fairy tale partner, who might be dreamy, poetic,impractical and spacey but very romantic and sweet. You can have unrealistic expectation from a partner and end up hurt from this, but you will stay quite idealic ad evetually attract someone who fits. Sometimes can give excess love for all things Venusian: bed pleasures, rich foods, sensual enjoyments, beautiful women and surroundings as Pisces is a sign where Venus is exalted, meaning all the things she rules are a bit exaggerated and put on a pedestal but this is still better than Venus is most other signs. All these tendencies of Venus in Pisces will be considerably tempered if she receives an aspect from Saturn-the planet of restriction which can dry her up. Venus is the fist thing to look at when considering how easy one will attract and express love in his /her life
Kind regards Astrolada

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