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Now that my children have left home I am devoting my energy to fulfil a dream to work in a career in the creative arts as a writer. Is this the right way to go?

Life Long Dream

Life Long Dream

I do not have your birth chart but I took three tarot cards for your questions which were all really positive. I first got Justice which is a card of doing what has to be, fulfilling old responsibilities and karma that you came to do. It seems this writing was a duty for your soul that you have been putting off and now is time to take it on! Then I got the Sun which is a card of worldly success, of ambition and achieving this ambition. It shows thatonce on the path you will be feeling confident in your ability and that actually you w ill be shining forth brilliantly in this sphere and you can even achieve prominence. I also got the Knight of wands who is a young passionate individual moving forwards with enthusiasm, enjoyment and ease! You will be feeling like him and will be attacking your work with much passion and impulse. The work will make you feel excited, stronger and younger!

I think your Guides want to encourage you in your endeavour and give you confidence to move forward!

Kind regards Astrolada

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