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Qiestion: Hi Lada.I m libra sun with capricorn as ascendent an moon as well interested in a girl who is aquarius sun with taurus rising and capricorn moon.What's ur take thanks.

Example Love Comaprision

Example Love Comaprision

Male: Female: Ascendant: Cappy Taurus Moon: Cappy Cappy Sun: Libra Aquarius

Dear friend, This is an example of very good compatibility. You both have predominance of earth signs and one air sign. You should understand each other quite smoothly. With your Ascendant being in Capricorn together with your Moon, it means that her Moon(softest, most intimate and emotional side of a person) is in your first house(you, your body, your self image) meaning she will strongly identify emotionally with you as a person and because your Moons are in the same sign, you must have a very similar emotional reactions, habits, and way of behaving in private, which is perfect for living together. Her Sun falls in your 5th house of creativity, fun and romance, so she will be activating this side of you quite potently. In the long run she will inspire and stimulate you to be more self expressive, more creative, playful and full of sparkle. At the same time your Ascendant and Moon in Cappy stimulates the 9th house(sign) from her Ascendant, which is the domain of mind expansion, optimism, good luck, connection to your Higher Self and inner faith! Another position full of positive karma! You can be almost like guru to her, expanding her horizons and faith in her self, helping her gain a higher perspective on life.

You can also stimulate her adventurous side a lot because 9th house is the place of travel and faith that everything will be just fine. You can be a trigger for her to get in touch and to increase her spiritual awareness and growth. It will be very easy for you to feel comfortable and safe with each other considering the same sign of your Moons and the many signs of Earth you share. Your Suns(deeper goals in life, masculine, rational and most conscious side of a person) are also very compatible: both being in air, you will have this mercurial and intellectual side to you that likes observing detachedly and dispassionately without going too much into each other's space ad supporting each other's mode of ego expression. You can be helpful for her career and life plans as her Sun is in her 10th house of career and public image, and your sun is sending a very beneficial and supportive aspect to hers in the 10th house of Career, hence if you end up in a relationship you can either work together on projects or you can be very helpful for her ambitions and social status. If you find out the exact degrees of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant and hers and see that some of the degrees between you and her are close to each other(within 5-6 degrees on each side) then you can really expect to have a great energetic link together.

The further apart are the degrees, the less intense, more diluted the connection will be. But then again these lovely potentials will manifest only if you end up together! This is kind of comparing is good only once you are in a committed relationship and want to see how the energies between you will be running. To find out if you will end of together, then astrologer uses another technique, called Horary: You ask a precise question that is important for you without withholding any truth or information and then the astrologer erects a chart for the stars at the moment the question is received and watches how they will move forward based on the given info. This service costs 22 Pounds on my website and might take up to a day or two to answer.

Best wishes AstroLada

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