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I feel so confused about my life. I feel like I'm going no where. I have love, but financially, I feel so lost :( If you helped me that would be one of the BEST birthday gifts ever for me. I always get the short end of the stick in life, but my Sag moon always makes me optimistic 

Am I Doomed Financially?

Am I Doomed Financially?

I looked at your chart and you have Saturn on the cusp of your second house of finances and resources. Saturn is where we learn slowly and with delays--after trial and error, by taking the long and hard road, no shortcuts-if you try shortcuts you will be taken back to the beginning-Saturn is not mocked-he is a harsh task master. Some of the most growing and learning you have to is in this direction--becoming financially independent and mature--with relying on anyone else. 2nd house is s house of all material and physical responsibilities which with age and after a few hardship you will become more and more masterful over. Saturn matures at 36 and by that age your difficulties in this area of life will be finally resolved. Before that you are still a student in that area and often students feel lost, get tests and make mistakes, but once they graduate, they can become masters better than anyone else. When you are approaching 36, Saturn in the second house will have helped you gain really great ability to manage and fulfill your financial responsibilities.

Actually your whole life will get much easier after that age ad more successful because your Moon is also with Saturn--and in the first part of their life there people feel like they get the short stick of everything in life, but once Saturn matures, they realize how better Saturn's trials have prepared them for life than most other people. You are also experiencing right now Solar eclipses over the the degree of you Second cusp-and as I keep explaining, each year and a half the Eclipses happen over different signs(areas of our lives) and they put pressure and big focus on this area of life for a year and a bit more. Usually, Eclipses draw the attention through personal crisis. They hide the light from the area where they are passing, hence the feeling of confusion and being lost. This new Eclipses will have lasting influences for 4 to 6 moths after its exact date now in November'11. During this period you should find a solution out of the chaos.

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