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Mars is finally leaving Libra! Let's look back at the last 6-7 months and observe what it brought to each sign.

The Lessons Mars in LIBRA taught each Sign in 2014

The Lessons Mars in LIBRA taught each Sign in 2014

(Check your Ascendant and Sun signs).

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ARIES: High passions in relationships, tension and conflicts with others, but also learning how to react better to such provocations. Did you learn to control your temper towards others when provoked or challenged, a bit better? There certainly were more than enough such situations in the past few months.

TAURUS: Having to deal with certain practical matters(repairs, solving of material problems, fixing things) Some more acute health issues might have come up, and hopefully lead to better health practices. Increased productivity at work.

GEMINI: Competitive or sporting spirit. Possible conflicts or much dynamism in the life of your children. Ideally you would have cultivated more initiative and courage in creative pursuits or such regarding matters of heart.

CANCER: Domestic tension and conflict or having to repair or fix things at home. Property, place of living and home focus and changes(some of it stressful, but hopefully it has taught you how to better handle with such issues).

LEO: Active communications, conflicts in communications or travel, strong opinions and having to resolve such matters. Having to handle tenser relationships with teammates, associates, neighbours of siblings. More courage and initiative in undertaking difficult tasks. Learning some new skills.

VIRGO: Financial stress, expenses, loss of assets/possessions and learning to deal with such situations. Also more initiative in financial matters.

LIBRA: Mars was in your sign for half a year--it might have stressed many of you, pushed you to the bring of nervous break down, challenged you into combative mode and conflicting situations or such in which you had to defend/fight for your rights or some idea/goal of yours. The optimal results if this influence is to make you more initiative, direct, active, combative and teach how to take matters in your hands and fight for what is important for you!

SCOPRIO: Mars was in your 12th house for 6 months-this could have brought you more expenses or hidden enemies or undermining influences(gossip, backstabbing, behind the scenes manoeuvring) . Also a lot of your efforts might have been thwarted by outside influence which you had no control over. This transit wanted to teach you, that someone it is best not fight and resist with your will, but to let go, accept and let God.

SAGITTARIUS: Mars was in your 11th house-it might have brought you some issues and conflicts or problems to solve with friends, acquaintances or changes in your your social circle. But it must have been more activating in regards to your goals and dreams, so many of you came a step closer, through personal efforts.

CAPRICORN: Possible challenges or problems with bosses, authority figures, parental figures. More competitive or hostile career environment but also personal initiative in new career plans and hopefully a breakthrough in some of these.

AQUARIUS: Mars was triggering your 9th house of higher ideals and believe systems for 7 months-many of you might have acquires a more proactive attitude towards your fortune and path in life-sth in the line of "God helps those who help themselves" or you might have had to fight for/ defend your views and gone through powerful clash of belief systems with others. There might have been provocations from paternal/Mentor/teacher figures, but also much dynamism in those relationships.

PISCES: Mars was activating your 8th house of mutual finances in the past half year--your material circumstances might have been somewhat shaken, having more expenses or sudden payments to make, etc. Usually these might have been connected to partner's finances too, or to finances which depend on others in some way. The goal of this transit was to teach to handle better such more critical situation and to learn to fix mistakes in regards to finances(mutual most likely) and find new such sources.

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