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The Age of Pisces is ending, the Age of Aquarius is Dawning! What to expect.

The Age of Pisces is ending, the Age of Aquarius is Dawning! What to expect.

The Age of Pisces is ending, the Age of Aquarius is Dawning! What to expect.

How is the age of Aquarius different than the last 2000 years of the Age of Pisces?
Pisces is the last sign in astrology and carries the karma (the consequences) of the previous actions of humanity or an individual. So it is extremely hard for humanity to be happy in the age of Pisces while it is paying off difficult karma.

Jesus Christ initiated the age of Pisces with His sacrifice (Pisces) and the start of a 2100 year period for humanity when our “sins” are being washed away: Pisces rules “sins” but also the release from these through suffering and sacrifice.

The Pisces age which we are about to fully end in 100-200 years, has been a hard time for humanity: suffering, paying off our debt, collective washing off of built up sins from the previous 24 000 years (Pisces started a new 24 000 year cycle which is how long the 12 constellations take to precess a full circle).

Hence the avatar Christ came to initiate the “washing of the sins” period and to prepare people to accept the pain, loss and suffering for the age, with humility and love. When you are paying off a debt and being highly unhappy about it, this creates a lot of suffering... We are almost out of this Pisces age, since 100 years we have entered the dawn of the age of Aquarius.

It takes about 200-300 years from one age to transition gradually into another.

The age of Aquarius’ ultimate goal for humanity is freedom. Having liberated ourselves from the collective karma of humanity (through suffering) during the Pisces epoch, we are gradually starting to have more and more individual freedom and free will(Aquarius).

In the developed world more and more people are concerned how they can realize their potential, fulfill their goals and dreams (Aquarius) in a way which contributes to society (Aquarius). People are being given the tools and means to realize their wishes and dreams, to have freedom to work what they love, to love who they want, to live wherever they want. Freedom freedom freedom...gained by constant learning.

And advances in science(Aquarius) are helping us with this freedom.


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