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I donate 10% of the youtube and webinars proceeds to Lightsourcecharity, which is run by my dear friend and Light Worker Albena Spurling, who is transforming the lives of thousands of children through their School environment! 

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I was born in rural Balkan Bulgaria, where abundant mystical phenomenons, archaic folkloric tradition and ancient lore, weaved a magical tapestry and became fertile grounds for my soul. I was engulfed in an atmosphere of  fairy tales, mythical stories, psychic phenomenons, old grannies who did white magic, white bearded prophets who painted wondrous pictures of the future, gypsies who read your fortune, cigarette smoking healers who removed tumors with their hands, little children who moved objects with their eyes and talked of past lives...or at least stories about such miracles!

At 23-during a massive low point, a book hit me on the head-literally and figuratively-the esoteric christian teachings of Master Beinsa Douno - the first sentence I read was: "If anyone is going through a dark night of the soul, they should study astrology and their horoscope to gain clarity and see when it will end." I had no idea what astrology was-but at that moment I knew I would study it! Whole heartedly, with abandon! To this day I believe that Astrology chose me. One cannot escape their destiny! I resisted working astrology professionally for 7 years, but God literally pushed me into it when the time was ripe - kicking and screaming and not believing I could make it! 

Over the years I studied with London School of Astrology and some of my tutors were the famous Sue Tompkins and Frank Clifford. I became an apprentice to a most exclusive Bulgarian astrologer - Tsvetemira Borisova, who taught me Hellenistic, Medieval and other traditional techniques which are used only by a handful of other professionals in the world.

Through Tsvetemira, I was introduced to Rumen Kolev, the astrologer/scholar/mathematician who single handedly revived Babylonian astrology by translating the Babylonian clays, which were a mystery to scientists because they were not familiar with the astrological meaning of them!

I also study and incorporate Vedic Astrology - it is more than 5,000 year old-the oldest and most preserved divinatory system given to the Seers straight from the Universal Mind.

I had the amazing "chance" to discover the work of Ernst Wilhelm who is considered one of the most prolific Vedic astrologers and researchers, translating and decoding the forgotten Sanskrit sacred books! I feel so privileged to have been allowed by Providence to have such brilliant Gurus.

I am constantly taking new classes and working with thousand of clients yearly, developing astrology reports, software, making webinars, workshops, radio shows, courses and lectures, thousands of astrology youtube videos, answering personally up to 200 emails a day! As a typical Aries Sun, I am always hectic with new ideas, activities and multiple exciting projects!

I have scouted some of the most amazing astrologers/researchers on the science of astrology, psychologists, healers, psychics , coaches from around the world and gave collaborated with them of multiple international educational projects, seminars, webinars, lectures, products. 

I am married to the most amazing husband, Matthew, who is the CEO of our company and we run the business together while raising our two young children Kyler and Mila, being in love, traveling the world for events, learning as we go!

Our family is as conventional as it gets and as unusual as it gets. We work from home, while the babies run around, pulling our laptops and throwing toys at us! But we make it work somehow and run a team of 35 people, including my beloved 22 year old brother who is your first email responder and admin!! 

Welcome to the magical world of astrology! 

Thank you for choosing me to be your guide! 


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