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Humanity waking up: 2020-2040. Astrology predictions

Humanity waking up: 2020-2040. Astrology predictions

Humanity waking up: 2020-2040. Astrology predictions

The BIGGEST JUMP in Consciousness for HUMANITY begins... you will not be able to recognize life on EARTH in 20-30 years! In a GOOD WAY! 

The last 240 years of Saturn Jupiter Conjucntions in earth sign and especially the last 20 years from the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, have been all about ownership, gathering, a frantic race for who can get more, leading to the most unequal distribution of wealth and resources in the history of humanity. 
Consumerism peaked, BUT this state of consciousness is about to gradually die off and transition into the Aquarian principle of equal distribution. 
Despite the desperate attempts of the old consciousness elites to keep this paradigm of 100 richest people owning more than half the wealth on the earth, this will not stay, the cosmic clock and influences are more powerful than human plotting...
How long can you paddle against the tide... eventually the tide of the Divine plan will sweep the old ways. It is starting... 
We will not wake up to suddenly have all resources distributed more equally, it will be a gradual process, the next 20 years are pivotal and by extension the whole 2100 years of the age of Aquarius just starting is going to make this a reality for us.
Gathering and possession driven approach to life will be replaced by distribution. Ownership will be seen as guardianship of things and people you love (your children, partner, land). The Aquarius era will pour its blessings from the urn, through knowledge, equality, freedom, universal brotherhood feeling towards every human being. 

A new wave of Divine love will activate this, the hearts of people will open up and they will start feeling like one organism. Selfishness will be transformed into a burning desire to contribute and distribute your internal and external blessings towards society and our fellow humans on this journey. Again, it will not happen overnight, but it will be like a trickle, which builds up into a massive down-pouring. 

Aquarius rules the beehive mind, where everyone feels and understands that for the colony to thrive, we have to all work together, and no one is more important than the other, everyone plays a unique role. 
There will be a push to plug us into this beehive consciousness via artificial means (think connecting our nervous system to a central computer, AI) and that is the lower manifestation of Aquarius. 
The dark powers always have to work with the current cosmic energies too, but they try to do it in a way which will disempower the human from unfolding the gifts of the natural evolution of the spirit, soul and body. So a sinister intervention has been in the plan to introduce this collective mentality.

But the natural (Divine plan) is that the higher vibrational waves starting to pour to us now from Aquarius, will allow us to plug in a totally organic way to one other and the collective mind of humanity. 

Not through technology but through our nervous system which is getting more and more refined and has been prepared by divine forces for this time for millennia. No wonder we are seeing more and more nervous states and conditions in people in the last few decades because our nervous system is way more sensitive and refined in preparing of the downpour of the higher vibrations, but the forces trying to stop this are targeting specifically the nervous system with toxins of all sorts)

If our nervous system is balanced ( the body mind and feelings have to be harmonized: any spiritual, health practices help us do this) over the coming decades we will naturally start feeling the love and brotherhood/ sisterhood towards other living beings. We would start feeling and doing what is for the best out society and fellow humans, because we will not have peace of heart while seeing the pain and suffering of the less fortunate. A starving child in Africa will feel like your own child is starving, an injustice towards someone you have never met will feel like an injustice to you ... this is what it means to have a natural beehive/ collective mentality! 
This is where the coming Divine energies will take us, do not fear! It has been decided for humanity that the Atlantean fiasco will not be allowed because humans have come to a higher stage and are ready for the outpouring of blessings. 
Yes there will be trials before we get fully there, but keep your eye on the beautiful plan ahead which is unfolding.

The last 250 years of earth sign conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter were not all greed and ownership race. Their ultimate goal was for humanity to master the resources of the earth, and we did! In that period we had the Industrial revolution and learned to do amazing creations with the building materials blocks of the earth. 

But now is time to have a mind and consciousness revolution (Aquarius rules the mind and level of consciousness of society) and it will be mind boggling, so fast, so will not recognize humanity and the earth after 20 years...

We are ready...

Join me on YouTube (Lada Duncheva) to learn more about the coming age 

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