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Everyone goes through a very importnat psychological and outer process of maturation around the age of 28 till 30. What triggers this remarkable change of attitude and outlook in us? What does it want from us and how can we facilitate the inner changes? Find out here!  

Saturn Return-an Initiation into Adulthood

Saturn Return-an Initiation into Adulthood

This week is my first ever Saturn return, and the old master Saturn himself has made me a channel for his wisdom! What better time and place to unravel and observe the lessons of this life changing influence than from inside the eye of the storm! Saturn return is when the planet Saturn makes a full circle around the sun and gets back to the same position that it was in at the moment you were born. For every person it is different but it occurs somewhere between the 27th and the 30th year.

You do not have to be a an astrologer to notice that at some moment during this age, young people's life attitude and life as a whole totally changes. Why is this?The planet Saturn is the one that guides all maturation process. Thanks to it we become responsible, grown up and realistic. We learn the material laws of our physical world- if we want to achieve we need to put personal effort. Up till around 28 we are still allowed to fool around and be carefree. We can experiment with careers, relationships, lifestyles and personal philosophy. We are allowed to dream of making it big somehow, sometime in the future even if we are drifting aimlessly and enjoying the dauntless passions of youth. It does not bother us, we feel protected in a way and think it will all sort itself out somehow.

But when Saturn comes we suddenly wake up! The planet evokes in us an inner state of alarm. We are no longer blaze about the future, we feel that time is running out and we are nowhere near to the planned destination. There comes a sense of urgency to act now! To tie all loose ends and get our act together. We realize we are on the threshold of maturity and there will be no more compromises from above. Only we are accountable for our failure or success. Then we might get very hard on our selves. Self criticism and despair are not uncommon at the beginning stages of this maturation process. But the more proactive ones of us will quickly gather their senses and get down to work to make things happen. Get that degree, stop smoking, stop drinking, start a healthy regime, start that dream business, get married etc. And believe me, it is the best time as you will be full of determination and serious attitude to be productive. It is no time for play! You will be pushed to overcome your fears or laziness and move out of your comfort zone on the path to achievement and responsibility.

saturn return

Some of you may have always been very mature and hard working but if you`ve been following paths which are not really making you happy, then this transit will give you the strength to cut the dead wood and start afresh on a much more authentic journey. If you are resisting the change, then it will be forced from outside. Many dissatisfying relationships or unfulfilling careers end at this period. However painful the process, it is a blessing in disguise. Saturn is a loving but hard teacher that wants to reconnect us with our real selves and purpose in life. You might loose a highly paid job today, only to resurrect your love of gardening and start your own landscaping business in the future. And then there is a third group of people who are neither still recklessly carefree, nor stuck in the wrong path. Those lucky ones are naturally responsible, have searched their soul through and through and found their meaning in life.

This period will bring them the fruits of their effort-they will be crowned and bask in contentment. But how few are those?! But whoever you are do not forget one thing--that whatever you build and change during your Saturn return, this will be the base of your behavior for the next 28-30 years till the next return! So get organized and serious! For me personally it has been a most wonderful albeit emotionally hard Saturn return. After inner discontent and outer, unpleasant pushes, I stopped smoking and drinking, got serious about my career, quit the late nights, made my self write every day and be more productive on all levels. I have always wanted to do all these things but never found the resolve before. So Thank you, Saturn!!I know it sounds boring but there is nothing as hard and as pleasing as taking control of your life, at least for a while! What did Saturn bring to you?

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