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To the Valley of Death and Back

Pluto Transits, Death and Rebirth

Pluto Transits, Death and Rebirth


Pluto Transits. The Toughest but Most Important Periods in Life


It is funny how all good things come in three and all bad things come in 3 (or more).


When it rains it pours, they say! 

Like when my husband had Pluto transiting opposite his Sun in 2014.


Pluto being the planet of death, 4 major endings happened in his life within a few months!


His then wife left, the company he was working for closed down, his dog died and his beloved aunt passed too.


Now I don’t want to scare you that this will happen to you if you are having a Pluto transit, most often it will be a more psychological and symbolic death, but in his case this extreme development was needed to kick start the most positive transformation in his life! Sometimes we are so stuck that only such a huge push from outside will dislodge us into making a change.

After the initial shock and depression of all these events, he realized a big change was needed. He could not carry on in that unbearable pain. So he started researching spirituality, healthy living, positive thinking and all those “hippy dippy” things which most men usually avoid. 

A year and a half later, after cleansing his lifestyle, mind and body of toxins and negative habits and thoughts, he became a new man, even his appears was dramatically improved. 

While before the big crisis of Pluto he was kind of subsisting, no big dramas but no big joys in life, no vision, unsatisfying relationship, years of low grade depression were his default settings. After a year of what he felt excruciating life shocks (career, marriage, health crisis, deaths) he thought it was the end. He told me he would walk down the street secretly hoping a car would hit him and get it over with. 

But a miracle happened. It was like he tapped into his SUPER Human Resources, and found the strength to pull himself out of the swamp by his own collar! Pluto transits can crush us at first but also give us this SUPER WIL: to turn things around!

So with last strength he started eating healthy, making his own fermented foods, working out, quit all prescription medications he’d been on for years, quit drinking and smoking, started praying and practicing gratitude, looking for signs from God, soul searching all his shadowy behaviors and eliminating them! Questioning what he did wrong and how to never repeat it.

A year and a half after the crisis, I met him, he was the most humble, deep, loving and at the same time  inwardly powerful man I had met! He was vibrant, optimistic and healthy. I saw so much Internal (not to mention external) beauty in him and I am still riveted by him. 

I remember spying on his Facebook the day I met him. He had not posted there since his Pluto crisis started, so all the pictures were from before his butterfly transformation! I thought I had the wrong account...! I saw a shadow of a man, a different person. But in front of me was standing a veritable Apollon, full of joy and wonder! I swear I thought I could see rays of light shining from him! How could anyone change so much in a year or so?!?!? 

I don’t know why I even started writing this article. I guess I was just thinking about sharing this story of transformation after a big life crisis. Maybe it will reach someone who is going through their own personal Golgotha and is about to give up. And maybe they should give up. Because then God takes over, then the Cocoon can start cracking open and your prison sentence comes to an end!
And you start living in wonder, a quantum jump happens as a result of all this pain and trial. You get spun into a higher vibrational level of existence and unimaginable blessings start pouring your way!
I am not just trying to make you feel better. It is what I have witnessed over and over. After a dark night of the soul, the Sun shines brighter than ever! The darker and deeper the crisis and suffering, the higher the Natural high after! The bigger the Blessings. 

One thing you have to remember though while you are still In the gutter:


 Don’t become hateful, don’t hurt others! You probably can’t help others much, but at least don’t become so dark as to start hurting others. Then God will pick and lift you up and take you to the promised land! Even better than the promised land!
While my husband was in his “dark” hour, he stayed a good person, he turned to God and even did some volunteer work as he had heard this helps with depression and grief. 
So a year and a Half later, I turned up, the biggest gift he could have ever dreamt of! ;) 

Everything has a purpose and God is taking you to the right place. Just stay a good person in your heart during the trials! 

There are about 60 life transforming transits which happen for everyone of us. Some easy and positive, some more turbulent. I have compiled for you 60 recordings with an in-depth description of what they mean, how to handle them best and what does the Universe want from you (always good things of course)! 

The transit course is $150. But you can have it for just $104 till the end of June!! 

You don’t have to know any astrology to get the 60 most important transits. My free software will calculate for you all your most important transits for the next 3 years and you can listen to the videos from the course. It will be like having me make a personal recording for your every major transit and listening whenever you need.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps someone! 


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