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Are you feeling spaced out, dreamy, demotivated, out of touch with reality, more spiritual? Then maybe you have a rare and long Neptune transit! Here is the story of my personal experiece!

Neptune Transits

Neptune Transits

Traditional astrologers say that the outer planets do not produce events and everything that happens can be explained by the seven visible ones. I respect and use the old systems but how can you deny something when it hits you personally and you feel its mighty presence with every fibre in your body! This is what happened when Neptune came to oppose my natal Moon. I had been expecting it eagerly as I thought it will bring me closer to God and spirituality-I thought I was going to experience its most elevated and refined expression-as divine inspiration and depth of emotional experience. I thought I had evolved beyond Neptune`s more mundane faces.


Well all of the above happened but accompanied by Neptune`s vilest qualities as well. I was in the heights of heaven and the pits of hell simultaneously! And it started a year and a half before the exact aspect. This is something I have noticed with the slower moving planets-Pluto and Neptune-they affect you strongly at the beginning of the transit-while you are still getting used to their foreign vibration, after a year or so of their influence you are so soaked and penetrated with a feeling of the planet that it becomes a second nature to you-something like a background and you feel like it`s always been there. So, a year and a half before the exact opposition, just a degree away from the Moon, Neptune`s waves started slowing but surely to flood into my life. First, I got super dreamy(I am natally with a strong Neptune-it has to be in the natal chat first in order to manifest some day), started dreaming of my future imaginary man, of a great, epic love, someone to sweep me off my feet like never before, I just wanted to be in love in a dramatic way. Pretty innocent and typical Neptunian influence so far! I was feeling really happy in my own world, I got much more sensitve and would see beauty and mysticism in the most mundane things. I became much more feminine and wanted to project a vulnerable image-So I got my self lacy dresses, pinks, whites, frills, flower patterns, flowing silks! I was praying a lot more with real emotion in my heart and was feeling triumphant that I am attracting only the spiritual and elevating influences of the planet.


One day it all got upside down! Talking about dramatic love,self delusion, sacrifice and blindness! Yep, all was there. Text books say that during Neptune transits one is prone to self deception and is willing to play the victim or sacrifice even if he/she sees it is all hopeless. Most commonly it happens when you fall for someone unavailable or dream of something unrealistic or unattainable. People often get themselves in messy and uneven relationships during a difficult Neptune transit--one gives more than the other, one uses the other or leads them on, one acts like the victim or savior--there are different possibiities! I kind of went for all all of them overthe 2 year Neptune transit, even though I was aware of it, but no one can avoid the lessons of the planets! And then came the other Neptunian `fun` activities-partying for days, not living in the reality, wearing rose coloured glasses and thinking all was perfect, lack of regime, crying on love music(so not me normally)forgetting all responsibilities, but pretty much very glamorous times on the surface-booze, music, poetry, hopeless love affair, glamour, bohemian star studded nights-all Neptune affairs--good, bad, superficial, profound, the exalted the depraved,on all levels, I could feel it in every cell of my body!

Till the day of the exact aspect came--I was nervous of what to expect-having gone through such intense symptoms before the "real thing"...I thought I might get food poisoned or overdose on a glass of wine! Instead i was buzzing the whole night with happiness-the type that makes you feel you r in the presence of God and you can't thank Him enough. A state of bliss that was overflowing, a very intimate and mystical experience. So all the ups and downs of Neptune were there! Only after the end of the transit one can evaluate soberly the illusions and challenges that this elusive planet has instigated. While it is still dancing on your Moon, it is hard to be objective, reasonable or practical. In fact all you want to do is merge with everyone, dissolve all barriers between you and others and float blissfully. There is a feeling of a divine orchestration of events and the best place to put your trust is in the heavenly Providence as nothing in the tangible world is wholly reliable during a Neptune transit.

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