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Mercury Retrograde Break Ups!

Mercury Retrograde Break Ups!

Mercury Retrograde Couple Problems!

When Mercury goes retrograde, I get showered with relationship break up reading requests! It is happening again. And as a clockwork, the orders for relationship problems started coming in! Why is this period more stressful for couples? Because Mercury is the planet of communications. Nothing in relationships is more important that communication!

When Mercury is retro-it becomes super strong! We get too much of Mercury-an overflow! So all of a sudden many unsaid, unspoken and buried problems, a couple has not talked about, get said! Often like an eruption! Things which bother us, which we should have talked about with our significant other, as soon as they started upsetting us, get dumped on the other all at once, when Mercury is retro and so powerful!!

We say things that we might later regret, but things which could no longer be postponed, things which have been bugging us from before, things from the past, years old hurts!

Like the Virgo lady client who said that she finally gave ultimatum to her husband to stop drinking or she would leave! 

Or the Pisces ascendant man who just got the courage to say to his Girlfriend that he cannot tolerate her messy ways and that if anything breaks them up it would be be her poor home keeping skills.

Or the Aries housewife who broke down in front of her husband and told him how unhappy she has been just staying at home and taking care of kids while he goes around taking over the world!

Or the wife who brought up all her pain about an affair her husband had 7 years ago , and said that she was leaving..finally. But she just got Mercury retrograde on her Sun, Venus and 7th house cusp-of relationships! She finally got the courage to confess that she has never been able to forgive and this has been eating her for years and is time now to leave...

There are as many possibilities as they are couples but you get the main point! Mercury retrograde forces us to confront the unsaid, to break the seal of silence on things we have been bottling! Because of that many couples break up suddenly when Mercury is retro....often to come back together once it starts moving forwards again, but that is another topic.

Actually Mercury retro can be one of the best things to improve your couple--by talking, by making the other aware what is bothering you, by trying find a different way to be together, by becoming aware what is not working in the relationship...and making a plan B, even C...

If a couple is strong, Mercury retro periods makes them even stronger(after the initial confrontation and plan of compromise to make both sides happier). Couples with serious issues, which they have been sweeping under the carpet for months or years, will have a quite intense time, clearing all these piled up secrets or issues! It is all for the best eventually!

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